Top 7 Dental Practice Management Software

Gone are the days when you had to store dental records in cupboards or when you had to stockpile your desk with files and folders, consisting of data related to your practice.

With the increased patient flow in dental services, rising competition in the profession, and advancement of technology; not only have the services, treatment, and instruments improved, there has been observed a great improvement in management as well.

Management tools are computer-run programs that facilitate streamlining your operations like storing, organizing, and sustaining a patient’s dental records.

The dental practice management software allows you to fetch patient information instantaneously, perform various clerical or administrative tasks, and most importantly, enables you to provide faster services, thereby improving customer satisfaction and keeping your office running smoothly.

There are numerous benefits offered by management software. To name a few- save money, keep track of your inventory, maintain accurate records, provide important reminders, access to the online marketplace, automated billing, stellar organization, and so on.

Today; the high demand for dental practice management software has resulted in the formulation of many such software solutions.

Dental Practice Management Software

Here we shall talk about the Top 7 Dental Practice Management Software In 2022!

1. Membersy

The Membersy software is already being used by thousands of dental practices. It is a user-friendly dental membership software that streamlines workflow and offers several stunning features. It allows you to manage member records, helps you promote your membership plan, facilitates member subscription payments from any location, and so on.

It also helps you analyze enrolment trends, and monthly member retention rates and reconcile all member payments activity.

You might be a start-up or an established dental practice; Membersy has everything you need. All you have to do is set up an account and onboard your practices. You can request pricing estimates and a demo to get a fair idea of how exactly Membersy works.

2. tab32

tab32 is an all-in-one cloud dental software that offers solutions for Enterprise DSO practices, mobile dental practices, or solo practices.

It is a cohesive platform that has a comprehensive module working together to provide a seamless experience. With this integrated tool by your side, you can take up all the challenges that the dental world brings to you.

A free demo is provided and pricing varies from location to location. You will be trained by an onboard agent who will guide you through the software and set it up according to the requirements of your practice.


MOGO cloud; the software introduced by Microsoft is cloud-based dental software that offers all-in-one practice management.

This saves you from paying extra fees for add-ons or special capabilities. It comes with customizable forms, a full imaging suite, automatic e-reminders, and so on; which makes your practice tasks easier.

The software has constant pricing, which starts at $250 per feature, per month; no matter where you stay.  A free trial can be availed and videos on how to operate the software are easily accessible on their website.

4. Dovetail

A dovetail is software with a sleek interface that was designed primarily for tablets. However, with its compatibility, it can be used on any other device as well. It allows you to take notes, simplifies your billing process and helps manage treatment plans and patient records.

It is easily portable as it can be used on mobile and is not restricted to bulky devices. Dovetail software is available in the market starting at $399 per practice, per month, has no hidden fees and poses no restrictions on the number of users. A ‘success coach” that accompanies it, provides your team with 1:1 training.

5. Dentisoft

Dentisoft doesn’t offer robust services like other software solutions, however; it focuses on the most essential clinical and administrative features thereby serving its purpose well.

It is easy to use web-based tool that easily integrates with other programs and apps so you can pair it up with your existing software. It is known to serve best when gathering patient information, messaging, and taking forward appointment requests.

6. Open dental

Open dental is a hosted software and not cloud-based, which is why it needs to be installed on every device you want to use it on. It can be interoperated with more than 100 other dental programs.

It dispenses E-services that make communication with patients easier, has tooth charts, electronic prescriptions and so on. You need to sign a 6-month contract and the price is roughly $169 per month. Pre-recorded and live webinars can be accessed to get trained on how to use the software.

7. Denticon

Denticon was the first cloud-based dental office management software that was introduced in 2003. It not only has tools for business and clinical functionalities but also consists of modules for effective patient management. The prices of Denticon are not publicized so you must contact the sales for a quote.

All these software solutions possess components that ease up management and can help you to transform your business positively by making it completely paperless.

Therefore, with simplified management, you can focus on the more important prospects of your business like staff, patients, and your life!


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