Best Canadian Recruitment Agencies for International Nurses

Are you interested in knowing the top Canadian Recruitment Agencies for International Nurses? Worry no more, this article is for you.

With a GDP considered one of the highest in the world, Canada has gone on to become one of the choicest destinations for many looking for an improved standard of living.

Like many other professions, Canada also opens its door to Nurses wishing to relocate to the European nation.

Our update today is focused on those wishing to secure a nursing job in Canada as well as an insight on Canadian Recruitment Agencies to International Nurses.

Canadian Recruitment Agencies for International Nurses

As a migrant nurse coming to Canada for the first time, the best way to make your migration and job hiring process easier is to connect and engage the services Canadian recruitment agencies for International Nurses.

They provide all the resources, experts, tips, culture adaptation tips, recruitment requirements as well as how to engage with recruiting hospitals and health centers.

Why Choose a Canadian Recruitment Agency for International Nurses?

The choice of opting for a Canadian recruitment agency is for many reasons which we talked about a bit. There is no better way to settle in perfectly as a nurse without the help of these staffing agencies in Canada.

Below are some of the reasons you should endeavor to reach out to a Canadian recruitment agency while planning to secure a nursing job in Canada.

  • Improved pay.
  • Better working conditions.
  • Job Security.
  • Faster Network of Job Opportunities.

Among all we listed above, the most desired by international nurses is improved pay and job security. This and many more benefits are what Canadian recruitment agencies for international nurses ensure you get while planning your job hunt in Canada with them.

List of top Canadian Recruitment Agency for International Nurses

Our list was based on expert recommendations and reviews obtained from clients and industry analysts.

  • Greenstaff Medical Canada

Greenstaff among many other things ensures international nurses are adequately set up for life in Canada. Greenstaff is on our list of Canadian Recruitment Agency for International Nurses because they link up nurses based on their specialties to hospitals that need their services.

They are verified, resilient with vast experience in assisting nurses to get jobs that fit their description.

Click here to visit.

  • Solutions Staffing

If you are looking at networking with hospitals that requires you nursing skills. Then solutions staffing is your surest agency. They help you minimize hidden costs in the nurse recruitment process.

They help negotiate improved working conditions as well as what to know as an international nurse working in Canada for the first time.

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  • UMS Staffing Agency

UMS is one of the best agencies currently assisting in profiling and matching international nurses with hospitals and firms that require their skills.

The UMS Staffing Agency recruitment process is the one that assists in eliminating the issue of middlemen and their exploitation.

Visit here

  • Nurse Relief Inc

Nurse Relief Inc was established in 2001 and has gone on to provide support and assistance to international nurse that engages their services in securing nursing jobs in Canada.

Whether temporary or permanent basis, Nurse Relief Inc has all you need to scale up your nursing career in Canada as an international Nurse.

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How to Become a Nurse in Canada

In addition to securing a nursing job in Canada as a foreign nurse, Canada equally provides an opportunity for unqualified applicants to secure a nursing license and degree in Canada.

For clarity and ease of understanding, we have highlighted step by step process of how to become a nurse in Canada as a foreigner.

  • Secure a Nursing Degree

Canada invests a lot in its healthcare. Therefore, a good number of the provinces and regions in the state don’t settle for anything less than a Nursing Degree.

Canada has a service assessment platform that helps international nurses gain licenses to practice after passing the test. The platform is  NNAS is the National Nursing Assessment Service . You will need to apply then provide the necessary requirements and documents.

The NNAS assessment is mandatory for all international nurses wishing to study in Canada. Except for Quebec and its territories.


  • Identification Documents (Passport, Birth Certificate, National ID card)
  • Attestation from previous workplace or Institution.
  • Acquired Nursing certifications.

Application Fee: CAD765

After you register with the NNAS, you have one year to return all the required documents. Once you return all your documents, you should be approved by the NNAS, though it can take up to one year to complete. Once you receive permission to apply for licensure, you can begin the application process.

The NNAS provides an initial assessment of your credentials and matches these with comparable Canadian standards. There is an online guide available for you to learn more about the NNAS.

You are required to take an English exam as well as the NNAS if you don’t provide proof of fluency in the English language.

If you are hoping to work in Quebec, you must also take a French exam. The NCLEX exams are used to determine your ability to speak the English language.

  • Obtain an NCLEX License

In other parts of the country, this test is available as the NCLEX-RN exam, provided by NCSBN, or National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

The purpose of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is to ensure that you are fit to practice nursing.

As a foreigner looking for nursing jobs in Canada, you need to know that any nurse trained in North America has to pass this exam. It is a computerized, multiple-choice intuitive exam. To prepare for the exam, there are several online tutoring options.

One interesting aspect of NCLEX is that you can repeat the exam if you didn’t scale in the first sitting.

NCLEX is valid and can be used to secure a nursing job across North America. According to experts, it is best you process your NCLEX and other application from your home country. It eliminates the stress of processing it from abroad.

We have equally listed some of the platforms you can register and gain resources from.

  • College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia
  • College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta
  • Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association
  • College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
  • College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec
  • Nurses Association of New Brunswick
  • College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia
  • Association of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island
  • College of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Registered Nurses Association of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut
  • Yukon Registered Nurses Association

Benefits of Working in Canada as a Nurse

From staff shortages to lack of public health services, Canada is presenting a rare form of opportunity for healthcare professionals, especially nurses to cue into the gap and be gainfully employed.

Competitive Salary: Canadian healthcare professionals are among the highest-paid workers in the country. With 30-60 hours of work in a week, entry-level nurses in Canada earn up to $59,000CAD which can rise as they gain more experience and certifications.

Excellent Working Conditions: Nurses are presented with one of the best working conditions. Healthcare packages, housing, moderate working hours, statutory vacation, and health hazard bonuses.

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse

In addition to the explanations we gave above, we have equally drafted some clues on how to immigrate and become a nurse in Canada. We got the clues from Canadian recruitment agencies for International Nurses.

  • Get your Documents Accessed

Before you can have a work permit issued to you, you must have your documents and credentials accessed to determine your legibility to work in the country.

  • Register Within the Area You Wish to Work

As soon as your credentials are assessed, you must register with either the Canadian Nurses Association (CAN) or the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR). The registration process varies by territory or province.

  • Apply for a Nursing job and a work permit

Once registered to work, you will have to apply for a work permit. If you are processing with any Canadian recruitment agency for International Nurses, you will probably find it easier than when you are doing it alone.

Best Canadian Provinces to Apply for a Job

There is a rise in demand for Nurses in Canada. However, we have narrowed our search to provinces where the surge is high and also goes hand in hand with competitive wages.

  • Manitoba

Manitoba is one of the central provinces in Canada, with a reported surge in demand for Nurses. A good number of job opportunities emanate from vacant positions in Manitoba.

This is also complemented with the high salary nurses enjoy in the province with registered Nurses earning as high as CAD37.11 per hour. Becoming a nurse in Manitoba is not easy and will require you to obtain some advanced certificates including an NCLEX.

  • New Brunswick

Another province in Canada where you can apply for nursing jobs is New Brunswick. Like Manitoba, New Brunswick was already facing a nurse shortage before the pandemic started. In June 2019, the board chair of Horizon, the province’s largest regional center, spoke out about the shortage.

New Brunswick also developed the Nursing Resource Strategy, which provides nursing jobs to foreign and immigrant nurses. It’s a 10-year program that actively recruits internationally educated nurses.

Because the province has a low migration rate, New Brunswick welcomes immigrant workers much faster than other Canadian provinces. If you’re on the lookout for nursing jobs in Canada, New Brunswick is a good place to start.

Nurses earn an average of CAD28.12 per hour in the province which actually depends on your area of expertise.

  • Nova Scotia

Similar to other provinces, Novia Scotia in Canada has been experiencing a shortage of nurses in the area. Nova Scotia is among the provinces where nurses earn the most and even above the average of the regular pay.

Bachelor’s Degree holders earn an average of $38.10 per hour. Your work experience and professional certifications create lots of chances of getting hired as a migrant nurse in Nova Scotia Canada.


Canada is giving immigrants the opportunity to migrate easily and legally to the country. There has been a recent increase in economic activities and a rise in the economy of the country which as a result has led to the need to have more hands working to meet up with the booming economy.

Healthcare is among the aspects that the Canadian government invests lots of money and resources into. With the sector witnessing staff shortages, now is the right time for international nurses to apply and scale their careers with the Canadian healthcare system.


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