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Top hospitals in Hong Kong best read

chibueze uchegbu | September 16th, 2021

There are many hospitals in Hong Kong that called our attention to know more about what they have to offer.

In our list of top hospitals in Hong Kong, these amazing hospitals will be made known with their contact addresses.

Hong Kong is a tourist attraction centre that welcomes thousands of individuals annually from different walks of life.

Introduction to Top Hospitals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been working toward being one of the healthiest places in the world and these hospitals contribute immensely towards upholding this decision.

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Hong Kong’s health system was established within the framework of a perfect market-oriented economic matrix, where there are wide-ranging social security and medical service systems.

Top hospitals in Hong Kong

Below are the top hospitals in Hong Kong that everyone ought to know;

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital

Address: 11號 Chuen On Rd, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2689 2000

Bradbury Hospice

Address: 17號 A Kung Kok Shan Rd, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2636 0163

hospitals in Hong Kong

Canossa Hospital

Address: (Caritas) 1 Old Peak Road, Hong Kong.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (852) 2522 2181

Fax: (852) 2840 1986

Website: see here

Caritas Medical Centre

Address: Caritas Medical Centre Wai Shun Block, 111號 Wing Hong St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3408 5678

Castle Peak Hospital

Address: 15 Tsing Chung Koon Road, Tuen M…

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 2455 9330

Tel: +852 2456 7111

Cheshire Home, Chung Hom Kok

Address: 128 Chung Hom Kok Rd, Chung Hom Kok, Hong Kong

Tel: 2899 1300

Fax: 2813 8980

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit here

Cheshire Home, Shatin

Address: 30 A Kung Kok Shan Rd, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2636 7288

Website: Visit here

CUHK Medical Centre

Address: 9號 Chak Cheung St, 沙田 Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3946 6888

Evangel Hospital

Address: 222 Argyle Street, Kowloon City District, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Website:  www.evangel.org.hk

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

Address: 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong     Mainline

Tel: +852 3153 9000


Tel: +852  2122 1333

Fax: +852 2528 0081


[email protected]

[email protected]

Gleneagles Medical Clinic Central, Hong Kong

Address: Unit 2008B, 20/F, New World Tower 1, 16-18 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Appointment / Enquiry

Tel: +852 2810 9188

Fax: +852 2810 9968

Grantham Hospital

Address: 125號 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2518 2111

Haven of Hope Hospital

Address: 8 Haven of Hope Road, Tseung Kwan …

Tel: 2703 8888/2409 5868

Email: [email protected]

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Address: Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, 40 Stubbs Road, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3651 8888

4001 206 016 (China Toll-Free)

Fax: (852) 3651 8800

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit here

Hong Kong Buddhist Hospital

Address: 10 Heng Lam Street, Lok Fu, KLN

Tel: 2339 6111

Fax: 2338 3445

Email: [email protected]

Service Enquiry

Tel: 2339 6111 / 23396100

Request for Medical Record

Tel: 2339 6126

Patient Relations Officer

Tel: 2339 6124

Fax: 2215 1157

Hong Kong Children’s Hospital

Address: 1號 Shing Cheong Rd, Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3513 3888

Hong Kong Eye Hospital

Address: 147K Argyle Street, KLN Hong Kong

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 2762 3007

Fax: 2768 7058

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Address: 2 Village Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2572 0211

Kowloon Hospital

Address: 147A Argyle Street, Kowloon City District, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Website: Visit here

Kwai Chung Hospital

Address: Kwai Chung Hospital Block L, 3-15 Kwai Chung Hospital Rd, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2959 8111

Kwong Wah Hospital

Address: 25 Waterloo Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2332 2311

MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Address: Maclehose Medical Rehabilitation, Sha Wan Dr, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2817 0018

Matilda International Hospital

Address: 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, Hong Kong

Tel: 2849 0111

Email: [email protected]

Matilda Orthopaedic and Spine Centre

Tel: 5501 6699

Email: [email protected]

Matilda Medical Centre (Central)

Address: 3/F, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2537 8500

Email: [email protected]

Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital

Address: 118號 Shatin Pass Rd, Chuk Un, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2320 2121

Website: see here

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Address: Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Main Block, Lok Man Rd, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2595 6111

Pok Oi Hospital

Address: 博愛醫院, Au Tau, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2486 8000

Precious Blood Hospital

Address: 113 Castle Peak Rd, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3971 9900

Prince of Wales Hospital

Address: Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building (Professorial Block), Ngan Shing St, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Tel: 3505 2211

Fax: 2637 8244

Email: [email protected]

Prince Philip Dental Hospital

Address: 34 Hospital Rd, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2859 0238

Princess Margaret Hospital

Address: 2-10 Princess Margaret Hospital Road

Tel: 2990 1111

Fax: 2786 3629

Email: [email protected]

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Address: 2-10 Princess Margaret Hospital Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon

Tel: 2990 1111

Fax: 2786 3629

Email: [email protected]

Queen Mary Hospital

Address: Queen Mary Hospital Main Block, Pok Fu Lam Rd, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2255 3838

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 2817 5496

Ruttonjee Hospital

Address: 266 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2291 2000

Fax: 2647 7850

Shatin Hospital

Address: 33號 A Kung Kok St, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3919 7500

Siu Lam Hospital

Address: 15號 Tsing Chung Koon Rd, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2456 7111

Fax: 2455 9330

Email: [email protected]

St. John Hospital

Address: Cheung Chau Hospital Road, Tung Wan, Cheung Chau.

Tel: 2986 2100

Fax: 2981 9050

Email: [email protected]

St. Paul’s Hospital

Address: 2 Eastern Hospital Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2890 6008

St. Teresa’s Hospital

Address: St. Teresa’s Hospital 327 Prince Edward Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2200 3434

Fax: (852) 2711 9779

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit here

Tai Po Hospital

Address: 9 Chuen On Road, Tai Po, NT

Tel: 2607 6111

Fax: 2665 0034

Email: [email protected]

Tang Shiu Kin Hospital

Address: 282 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, HK

Tel: 2291 2000

Fax: 2591 6886

Email: [email protected]

Website:Visit here

Tin Shui Wai Hospital

Address: 11 Tin Tan St, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3513 5000

Tsan Yuk Hospital

Address: 30 Hospital Road, Sai Ying Pun, HK

Tel: 2589 2100

Fax: 2858 0952

Email: [email protected]

Tseung Kwan O Hospital

Address: 2, Po Ning Lane, Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon

Tel: 2208 0111

Fax: 2177 0161

Email: [email protected]

Tuen Mun Hospital

Address: 23 Tsing Chung Koon Road, Tuen Mun, N.T. (Map) Hong Kong

Tel: 2468 5111

Fax: 2455 1911

Email: [email protected]

Tung Wah Eastern Hospital

Address: 19 Eastern Hospital Road, Causeway Bay, HK

Tel: 2162 6888

Fax: 2162 6333

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit here

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Fung Yiu King Hospital

Address: Sandy Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2855 6111

Union Hospital

Address: 18 Fu Kin St, Tai Wai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2608 3388

United Christian Hospital

Address: 130 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, KLN

Tel: 2379 9611

Fax: 2772 7098

Email: [email protected]

Wong Chuk Hang Hospital

Address: 2 Wong Chuk Hang Path, Wong Chuk Hang, HK

Tel: 2873 7222

Fax: 2554 7318

Email: [email protected]

Yan Chai Hospital

Tel: 2417 8383

Fax: 2414 8562

Email: [email protected]

Address: 7-11 Yan Chai Street, Tsuen Wan, NT (查看地圖 Open in google map)

Yan Chai Hospital Board

Tel: 2416 8396

Fax: 2439 9560

Email: [email protected]

Address: 10/F., Block C, Yan Chai Hospital, 7-11 Yan Chai Street, Tsuen Wan, NT Hong Kong

Yan Chai Hospital Board – Media Enquiries

Tel: 3467 2101

Fax: 2614 7173

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit here

Private hospitals in hong kong

In the above list of top hospitals in Hong Kong, some of these wonderful private hospitals in Hong Kong also made the list. According to a 2019 report from a reliable source, there are about 13 private hospitals in Hong Kong.

The private hospitals in Hong Kong include but are not limited to these ones below;

  • Canossa Hospital
  • CUHK Medical Centre
  • Evangel Hospital
  • Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
  • Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
  • Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
  • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
  • Matilda International Hospital
  • People’s Liberation Army Garrison Hospital
  • Precious Blood Hospital
  • St. Paul’s Hospital
  • St. Teresa’s Hospital
  • Union Hospital

Conclusion on hospitals in Hong Kong

The lists of top hospitals in Hong Kong are worth knowing, owing to the fact that they contribute to the development of the nation and also strive to make sure that indeed people cruise in the pool of ideal health.

These hospitals are listed in alphabetical order with their individual contact addresses for easy access. Kindly follow the official websites provided for appointments and other related health inquiries.

We are open to recommendations and suggestions kindly reach out through the comment section. 


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does Medicare cover hospice

Does Medicare Cover Hospice?

Pharm. Somtochukwu | September 2nd, 2021

Does Medicare cover hospice? This question is a big concern to many, however, clarification on does medicare cover hospice is made for better understanding.

Hospice care costs are covered by Medicare and most private insurance programs. This is one of the benefits patients are offered by medicare.

This lifts financial burdens and gives patients an amazing and comfortable end of life.

This care also stands to affirm life and make one live as long as possible. I am confident you understand what hospice is although more light will be thrown to give you a better view. Hospice is mostly on a home base however, there are equally health facilities to promote this care.

Introduction to does medicare cover hospice

This question on does medicare cover hospice had been answered however, it is of utmost importance you understand the things involved in hospice and medicare and how they operate.

does medicare cover hospice for 2021

Hospice is special care that provides compassionate care for people in the last phases of incurable disease so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible.

This care focuses on the improvement of the quality of life of the patients and their caregivers.

Medicare is a US government-funded health insurance program that provides medical coverage for people over the age of 65.

Some requirements are to be met in order to be eligible for hospice care coverage by Medicare. Let’s take look at some of the requirements below.

Medicare hospice eligibility criteria 2021

Requirements in does medicare cover hospice

does medicare cover hospice

There should be certification by your doctor and a hospice medical director indicating that a patient has limited time to live usually 6 months or less.

The patient must sign a document that indicates he or she chooses hospice over curative treatment for the terminal disease however, one can stop hospice and return to curative treatment at any time.

The patient receives care from a Medicare-approved hospice program.

A patient must be eligible for medicare type A. Medicare Part A always covers hospice services, even for patients with a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan. Hospice services for patients and their families are covered by medicare.

You are strongly advised in this article on does medicare cover hospice to visit your health care provider and know the right thing to do and also check what the medicare program covers in your locality and their benefits.

does medicare cover hospice

On a general view hospice services are not limited to the one below:

  • Home medical equipment and personal supplies
  • Around-the-clock access to care
  • Management of complex pain and other symptoms
  • Hospice aide for personal care and light homemaking
  • Medical social services
  • Spiritual care and support
  • Physical, occupational, dietary, and speech therapies
  • Support from volunteers
  • Short-term inpatient respite care (relief) for family caregivers
  • Ongoing Grief counseling for the patient, family, and friends

Important things to note on does medicare cover hospice?

Hospice care is usually given in your home but may also be covered in a hospice inpatient facility.

When you choose hospice care, you decide you no longer want care to cure your terminal illness, and/or your doctor determines that efforts to cure your illness aren’t working.

Hospice benefits will usually cover everything you need

It does not cover expenses associated with room and board.

Does medicare pay for hospice in a skilled nursing facility?

Does medicare pay for hospice in a skilled nursing facility is another question of concern, just as earlier stated medicare covers everything you need in hospice care provided the patient is eligible to receive such services.

Yes, Medicare pays for hospice in a skilled nursing facility. In a nursing facility, a hospice helps patients, families, and nursing home staff by providing end-of-life resources and support.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit covers services, medications, supplies, and equipment that are related to terminal illness.

These skilled nursing facility room-and-board expenses are often covered by Medicaid when the patient meets the state’s financial eligibility requirements.

How much does hospice cost?

If you are interested in knowing how much hospice costs the value provided below will guide you however, it is important you note that are variations depending on different factors like the state of the patients, type of illness, and other economic determinants of cost.

Medicare covers hospice care costs once a patient reaches all the criteria. These costs might be up to $10,000 per month, depending on the nature of the disease and the level of care required.

However, on average, it is usually around $200 for home care and up to $1000 for general inpatient care per day.

According to the HOA, the average costs for Hospice Care as of October 1, 2010, were $147/day for routine home care, $856/day for the continuous care of 24 hours, or $36/hour if a nurse is in the homeless than 24 hours; and $152/day for respite care.

Who pays for hospice care at home?

If you are interested in knowing who pays for hospice, below are some of the programs or ways to get financial relief for hospice care.

  • Individuals
  • Medicare or Medicaid
  • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Health Insurance Coverage

Conclusion on does medicare cover hospice

A lot has been said on does medicare cover hospice, to which the answer is given as “YES” however, this article is not to interfere in any way, with any health insurance policy or determine the cost of healthcare. Kindly make your individual research to know what works for you and your family and the appropriate step to take. This article is for reference purposes.


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Biggest hospital in the world

10 Biggest hospital in the world

chibueze uchegbu | August 31st, 2021

The capacities of some hospitals can be unbelievable however, knowing the biggest hospital in the world is worthwhile.

The attributes of the biggest hospital in the world may range from the number of facilities, hospital beds, size, and the number of patients inflow on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Considering the advancement in the medical and health sector globally, knowing these hospitals of unique and amazing management, structure size and staff is commendable.

Introduction to the biggest hospital in the world

The biggest hospitals in the world are situated in different continents of the world from Asia, Africa, the United States, and Europe. However, these hospitals are mostly treated as national assets.

The quest for better medical education and care has been an important part of human life since the dawn of civilization.

Medical centers provide essential health care to people in need and often provide teaching and learning opportunities to educate the next generation of medical professionals.

In this list, the biggest hospital in the world will be organized by size according to the number of hospital beds that can accept patients. This is a list of large hospitals ranked by bed capacity and staffing within a single campus.

List of the biggest hospital in the world

The list of the biggest hospital in the world in this article is in no order of ranking. We choose 10 among the biggest hospitals in the world and all, a link to read more about the hospitals is provided.

  • Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
  • West China Medical Center of Sichuan University
  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
  • Clinical Center of Serbia
  • Ahmedabad Civil Hospital
  • Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Presbyterian Hospital
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • St. George’s Hospital
  • Helsinki University Central Hospital
  • Government Rajaji Hospital
  • Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo
  • Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Motol University Hospital
  • National Taiwan University Hospital

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Address: No. 5 fu Hsing Street, Kuei Shan, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, 333 Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Phone+886 3 328 1200
website: click here

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital offers the largest and most comprehensive health care services in Taiwan, comprised of a network of 7 hospital branches located in Linkou, Taipei, Taoyuan, Keelung, Yunlin, Chiayi, and Kaohsiung.

This hospital has over 10,000 hospital network beds and receives an average of 8.2 million outpatients annually also receives an average of 167,460 surgical patients annually.

It is estimated that a third of the Taiwanese population have sought treatment at Chang Gung.

Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) is a JCI accredited, multi-specialty hospital situated amidst the flourishing district of Linkou, Taiwan.

It was founded in 1978, CGMH has been listed among one of Taiwan’s largest, most prestigious, medical and educational centers, containing nearly 4,000 beds and a total of 29 specialty centers. Up to date, the hospital has trained more than 1,700 practicing physicians from 75 different countries in the last decade.

Today, CGMH has been recognized as a powerhouse and pioneer in remedial innovation, research, and teaching. It is also the largest academic center ever accredited by the Joint Commission International [JCI (2014-2017)].

West China Medical Center of Sichuan University

Address: 17 Renmin South Rd 3rd Section, Xiaotianzhu, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610041

PresidentYanrong Li 李言荣
EstablishedMarch 11, 1910

The West China Medical Center of Sichuan University, formerly West China University of Medical Sciences, is administered by the Ministry of Education. The Center was founded in 1914 and it merged with Sichuan University in 2000.

It has 3 campuses, including the main campus has over 4000 beds, and Wenjiang campus with 200 beds, and the Shangjin campus has over 1100 hospital beds.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

Address: 26 Chris Hani Rd, Diepkloof 319-Iq, Johannesburg, 1864, South Africa

Phone+27 11 933 0967

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is an accredited Level one trauma center having approximately 70% of all admissions are emergencies, including approximately 160 victims of gunshot wounds per month.

the biggest hospital in the world

It is the biggest hospital in Africa comprising 3,200 hospital beds with a space of over 173 acres. It is also essential you note that these amazing hospital facilities are housed in 429 buildings.

Clinical Center of Serbia

Address: Pasterova 2, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone+381 11 3609999

The University Clinical Centre of Serbia is an academic health science center located in Belgrade, Serbia. It serves as the main medical center for both Belgrade and the rest of Serbia and is among the biggest hospitals in the world.

It contains 41 organizational units, of which 23 are clinics, 9 centers, polyclinics, and other service units. The complex also houses the Belgrade School of Medicine and the Medical High School.

Clinical Centre spreads over 34 hectares on the territory of Savski Venac, and it consists of about 50 buildings, with a total floor space of 280,000 square meters (3,113,000 square ft).

The University Clinical Centre of Serbia has 3,150 beds, considered to be the highest number in Europe, and among the highest in the world.

Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

Address: D Block Asarwa, Haripura, 380016 IN, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380016, India

Phone: +91 79 2268 3721

The hospital started in 1858 when it was founded with the help of donations given by Shri Hutheesing, Shri Premabhai, and Surgeon General D Wyllie, for a total cost of 96,000.

It had rooms for 92 inpatients. Every year, the hospital admits around 70,000 patients, conducts 26,000 surgeries, and performs an average of 6,500 deliveries

It is a public hospital located in Ahmedabad, India, with facilities for specialized diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative patient care.

The hospital campus spans 110 acres (45 ha) of land and houses the Gujarat Medical Council and Gujarat Nursing Council. It is affiliated to B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad.

Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Address: 23 Meishuguan Back St, Beijing, Dongcheng District, China

Phone+86 10 5217 6677
Number of beds: 2,500

This hospital network was founded in 1956 focusing on Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is a hospital network headquartered in the region of Beijing, China.

biggest hospital in the world

It has approximately 2,500 beds and has three institutes and centers, the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhao Bingnan’s Medical Center of Dermatosis, Beijing International Training Center for Acupuncture as well as an additional 26 clinical departments.

Beijing hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine is among the biggest hospital in the world.

Presbyterian Hospital

Address: New York metropolitan area, New York, United States

Number of beds: 2,678
Headquarters: New York, New York, United States
Founded: 1 January 1998

New York-Presbyterian is one of the nation’s most comprehensive, integrated academic health care delivery systems, dedicated to providing the highest quality, most compassionate care and service to patients in the New York metropolitan area, nationally, and throughout the globe.

the biggest hospital in the world

It is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive hospitals and a leading provider of inpatient, ambulatory, and preventive care in all areas of medicine.

With an average of 2,600 beds and more than 6,500 affiliated physicians and 20,000 employees, New York-Presbyterian sees more than 2 million visits annually, including close to 15,000 infant deliveries and more than 310,000 emergency department visits.

Jackson Memorial Hospital

Address: 1611 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33136, United States

Phone: +1 305-585-1111
Number of beds: 1,550
website: visit

Jackson Memorial Hospital is a non-profit, tertiary care teaching hospital and the major teaching hospital of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. It currently has around 1,550 licensed beds.

Their vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognized world-class academic medical system and to be the provider of choice for quality care.

St. George’s Hospital

Address: Blackshaw Road London SW17 0QT

Outpatient appointments

020 8725 0007

Access Your Health Records

Bereavement services

020 8725 3410

020 8725 3411

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

020 8725 2453

[email protected]

Complaints and compliments

[email protected]

Job vacancy enquiries

020 8725 3591


[email protected]

Overseas Patients 

020 8725 4693

020 8725 3439

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves a population of 1.3 million across southwest London.

A large number of services, such as cardiothoracic medicine and surgery, neurosciences, and renal transplantation, also cover significant populations from Surrey and Sussex, totaling around 3.5 million people.

With over 9,000 dedicated staff caring for patients around the clock, they are the largest healthcare provider in southwest London.

Helsinki University Central Hospital

Address: Tenholantie 10, 00280 Helsinki, Finland

Phone+358 10 3281900

Helsinki University Central Hospital is a hospital network in Finland. It is one of the largest hospitals in Europe. It encompasses 17 hospitals in Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa, and has all major medical specialties represented.

biggest hospital in the world

HUS is Finland’s largest hospital district. On this website, you will find information on HUS administration and decision-making, on our development projects, on our strategy, and our responsibility principles.

Government Rajaji Hospital

Address: Alwarpuram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625009, India

It is among the biggest hospital in the world. The hospital provides tertiary care to more than twenty million people in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.

The hospital was formerly known as Erskines Hospital and was established in 1842 and was taken over by the municipality of Madurai in 1872 and the state administration took over in 1918 and became a teaching hospital in 1954.

Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo

Address: Rua, Av. Dr. Enéas Carvalho de Aguiar, 255 – Cerqueira César, São Paulo – SP, 05403-000, Brazil

Phone+55 11 2661-0000
Number of beds: 2,200

It was founded on April 19, 1944, it occupies a total area of 600,000 square meters and offers 2,400 beds, distributed among its eight specialized institutes and two assisting hospitals.

The Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo Faculty of Medicine Clinics Hospital) is a complex of health institutions, located in various regions of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Address23 Meishuguan Back St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China
Phone+86 10 5217 6677
Number of beds: 2,500

This is among the biggest hospital in the world established in 1956 with over 2,500 hospital beds.

biggest hospital in the world

The hospital network is listed as one of the largest hospital networks in the world in terms of available beds.

Motol University Hospital

Address: V Úvalu 84, 150 06 Praha 5, Czechia

Phone+420 224 431 111
Number of beds2,410

In 1933, the Professor’s Committee of the Prague Medical Faculty decided to build an independent, separate clinic outside of the complex then known as the General Hospital.

biggest hospital in the world

The hospital had to be located in an area with easy public transportation access to the city center. The tendering process was announced in 1937 or 1938. Preparation work started right away, and the initial plan was to build a hospital with 1300 beds.

National Taiwan University Hospital

Address: No. 7號, Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Phone+886 2 2312 3456
Number of beds2,400
website: click here

The National Taiwan University Hospital started operations under Japanese rule in Daitōtei on 18 June 1895 and moved to its present location in 1898.

It was later annexed to the Medical School of Taihoku Imperial University in 1937 and in 1945 the present name was adopted.

The medical team, led by Prof. Wuh-Liang Hwu from NTUH’s Department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics, won the 17th National Innovation Award.


The list of the best hospitals in the list are worth visiting and you are recommended to visit the hospitals through the link provided for your individual research.


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ENT hospitals in Lagos

Top ENT hospitals in Lagos

chibueze uchegbu | August 30th, 2021

The ENT hospitals in Lagos Nigeria are worth knowing. ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat.

The study of ENT is known as otolaryngology and one that studies it is known as Otolaryngologists.

Otolaryngologists are doctors who specialize in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck.

Introduction to ENT hospitals in Lagos

The ENT hospitals in Lagos medical and health services specialized in taking care of cases not limited to ear, nose, and throat. Millions of people suffer ENT-related diseases annually, however, Lagos state is not an exception.

ENT doctors take care of the sinuses and management of the nasal area which might include allergies and sense of smell.

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Relating to the throat, communicating (speech and singing), and eating a meal all involve this vital area of specialty.

The ENT hospitals in Nigeria, take care of the Head and Neck. In the head and neck area, ENT doctors can treat infectious diseases, tumors, facial trauma, and deformities of the face and also can perform plastic and reconstructive surgery.

List of ENT hospitals in Lagos Nigeria

Below is the list of ENT hospitals in Lagos Nigeria, is essential you note the list is in no order of ranking.

  • BSA Hearing and Speech Centre
  • Subol Hospital
  • A-Ilupeju Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital
  • Royal Saints Hospital
  • Jentoscopes Specialist ENT Clinics
  • Tent of Life Specialist Clinics
  • Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)
  • Royan Hospital

BSA Hearing and Speech Centre

Address: Off Amore Local Government, 49B, Oluwaleyimu Street, Off Toyin St, Allen, Ikeja.

Phone0802 311 8446

website: visit

BSA Hearing and Speech Centre is among the ENT hospitals in Lagos state.  They are driven by the passion to help individuals with hearing loss overcome challenges and setbacks hearing loss poses on patients.

ENT hospitals in Lagos

It is among the leading Hearing and Speech Pathology rehabilitation centres in Lagos, providing quality and reliable diagnoses for children and adults.

Subol Hospital

Address:  16/17 Oba Amusa Ave, Idimu, Lagos

Phone0814 001 2802

Email: [email protected]

website: click here

This is a private hospital registered in 1987 and commenced operation fully in 1992. It was registered as a healthcare facility by the Lagos State Government Medical Examination Board and National Health Insurance Scheme in 2006.

ENT hospitals in Lagos

Subol hospital was enlisted in SafeCare program in 2011 from level 0 and moved progressively to level 4 in 2016 under the supervision of PharmAccess, Netherlands. She is also among the ENT hospitals in Lagos state.

A-Ilupeju ENT Hospital

Address:  20 Ilaka Street off Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone0816 921 7564

This Started out as a clinic in 1996 then located on 8, Johnson Street, Ilupeju Lagos. Over the years, they have developed in-house state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories which are capable of carrying out a comprehensive hearing evaluation, balance voice, nasal airway, allergy, and sleep investigation.

Currently, they are widely regarded as one of the most advanced one-stop ENT diagnostics and treatment Centre in Lagos.

Royal Saints Hospital

Address: 200B Muri Okunola St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Phone0806 283 0211

Royal Saints Hospital, Ear Nose and Throat Surgery were established in January 2007. This is a pragmatic, comprehensive, and general Ear Nose and Throat specialist adult and pediatric clinic with a special interest in Rhinology and Otology.

ENT hospitals in Lagos

They do hearing assessments and hearing aid provision for patients with hearing loss and also have a charity caring for patients with hearing disabilities. It is among the outstanding ENT hospitals in Lagos.

Jentoscopes Specialist ENT Clinics

Address:   21, Okunola Aina street, off Sunmola Street, Mende, Maryland 100211, Lagos

Phone0803 430 8565

website: click here

Jentoscopes Clinics is staffed with well-trained health care workers in the pursuit of world-class specialist health care. It is a super sub-specialty centre that has ENT Clinic, Head and Neck.

It is one of the very few super-specialty private health care centres or ENT hospitals in Lagos. Jentoscopes Specialist Clinics is known for its excellent standards and the high quality of services and ENT care we provide.

Tent of Life Specialist Clinics

Address: 19, Yinusa Adeniji Street, off Muslim Avenue of Unity Road, Ikeja Lagos.


+234817 190 9910,
+234816 793 2314,

+234 706 371 9162

This Specialist Clinic is a leading private clinic operator in Nigeria, Africa, and primarily serves the market for private and corporate individuals and provides Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) services.

Tent of Life ENT Specialist Clinic strives to provide an intimate and relaxed environment for those who desire a personalized and private healthcare setting for themselves or their families.

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

Address: Ishaga Rd, Idi-Araba, Lagos

Phone0807 059 1395
Number of beds761

LUTH is the hospital in Nigeria with the highest concentration of skilled medical and paramedical staff in different areas of medicine including ENT.

ENT hospitals in Lagos

This teaching Hospital in Nigeria has 761 beds and with the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos in the training of hundreds of Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, and other Science Students. It is no doubt one of the best ENT hospitals in Lagos.

Royan Hospital

Address: 72 Aina Street, Ojodu, Ojodu Berger

Phone0802 332 3130

This is a 23 bedded multi-specialist hospital with a focus on all matters of men, women, children, and family health was established in November 1985.

ENT hospitals in Lagos

Royan Hospital boasts of seasoned specialists abreast of all the modern trends in their various specialties and provides care in all aspects of Family and Internal Medicine, including its special expertise in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

It also provides Internal Medicine, Paediatrics and neonatal care, Surgery, Urology (including Endoscopy and Day-case Surgery, ENT surgery, Radiology, and Psychiatry amongst others.


The list of ENT hospitals in Lagos is for reference purposes, kindly visit the links provided on each of them and do your personal research on the hospitals that are suitable for your health care.

However, the priority of any patient is to get the best healthcare services from any health institution he or she visits.


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biggest hospital in Africa for 2021

Best read on the biggest hospital in Africa

chibueze uchegbu | August 30th, 2021

The biggest hospital in Africa can proudly be said to be Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

The biggest hospital in Africa is the world’s 3rd biggest hospital comprising 3,200 hospital beds with a space of over 173 acres.

It is also essential you note that these amazing hospital facilities are housed in 429 buildings.

Introduction to the biggest hospital in Africa

The biggest hospital in Africa is worth visiting considering the amazing sights and outstanding facilities.

It is a teaching hospital for the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School, along with the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Helen Joseph Hospital, and the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital. 

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is an accredited Level One trauma center having approximately 70% of all admissions are emergencies, including approximately 160 victims of gunshot wounds per month.

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There are different departments in the hospital, among them is the Department of Ophthalmology, the St John Eye Hospital, which has 111 beds and counts about 50,000 patients per year.

The hospital is in the Soweto area of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is one of the 40 Gauteng provincial hospitals and is financed and run by the Gauteng Provincial Health Authorities.

History of the biggest hospital in Africa

The Second World War brought about worldwide disruption and destruction, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth had to change rapidly from appeasement politics to war effort sacrifice.

biggest hospital in Africa

In South Africa, the outbreak resulted in political upheaval, a change of Government, and equally Baragwanath Hospital.

In September 1940, with hostilities escalating, and with the need for hospital and convalescent facilities becoming urgent, the Secretary of State in London formally asked the South African Government if it would provide healthcare facilities for Imperial troops of the Middle East Command.

In November 1941 construction started on the ground bought from the Corner House mining group, at the 8th milestone on the Potchefstroom road.

After experimenting with various names, it was finally agreed that this hospital would be “The Imperial Military Hospital, Baragwanath”.

On 23 September 1942, Field Marshall Smuts officially opened the hospital. He used the opportunity to indicate the post-war plan, which was that the Government would use the hospital for the Black population of the Witwatersrand. 

The South African Government then bought the hospital for one million pounds. On 1 April 1948, the black section of Johannesburg Hospital was transferred to Bara, and the hospital opened with 480 beds.

Following the murder of Chris Hani, an activist, and communist, in 1993 in his honor, his name was added to the biggest hospital in Africa which gives it its current name “Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital”

The vision of the biggest hospital in Africa

As a civilian hospital, its main contribution has been towards the training of health professionals. Since 1948 doctors graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand have benefited significantly from the experience gained here.

Likewise, as a training school for nurses, Bara has contributed widely. The graduate nurses not only fulfill an important task at Bara but also in Africa. Baragwanath trained staff work in many areas of the world today and do so with distinction.

The Bara experience also contributes to research. Soweto is a community in flux, neither first nor third world. By recording and documenting the change in disease, and pathology, Baragwanath gives guidance to all who face similar situations, worldwide.

  • Achieve the highest level of patient care based on sound scientific principles and administered with empathy and insight.
  • Train their work corps to be the best equipped and motivated to serve the sick and injured.
  • Maintain and defend truth, integrity, and justice for all, at all times, to the benefit of patients, staff, and the community.

The biggest hospital in West Africa

We have given a better light on the biggest hospital in Africa now let’s take a look at the biggest hospital in West Africa.
biggest hospital in west africa
For over 9 decades, an important national hospital came into operation as the first real attempt at providing healthcare for the indigenous population of the Gold Coast.
Korle Bu is the biggest hospital in West Africa established in 1923.

Introduction to the biggest hospital in West Africa

After it was commissioned on October 9, 1923, Korle Bu has contributed immensely on several fronts to the health sector.

The contribution it has made and continues to make has earned it various accolades such as ‘the last stop’, ‘the ultimate’, ‘the best’, among others.  Millions of lives have been saved through the exceptional skills and hard work of its doctors, nurses, and other crucial workers in its over 90 years of service.

biggest hospital in Africa
Now on average, 400,000 patients receive care in Korle Bu annually and this is beside the numerous patients who are referred for different investigations and medications by other hospitals. 

The vision of the biggest hospital in West Africa

Right from 1923, Korle Bu served as the bedrock for the training of different health professionals such as nurses, dispensary assistants, radiographers, laboratory scientists, and doctors when the Ghana Medical School was established in 1962.

Now, about 250 doctors are churned out of the School of Medicine and Dentistry and as many as 400 nurses and midwives are produced annually.

Korle Bu provides the platform for the practical training of these professionals and has, on several occasions, been adjudged as the best training institution by the West African College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the Ghana College.  


The biggest hospital in Africa and the biggest hospital in west Africa are national assets and must be encouraged and funded by people who aspire for better health in Africa.


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hospitals in Canada

Top 20 best hospitals in Canada

chibueze uchegbu | August 23rd, 2021

The best hospitals in Canada and why they are rated higher than others are made known in this article.

In this article we will be considering the 20 best hospitals in Canada, however, the listing is on no specific rating.

Introduction to the best hospitals in Canada

Generally, a hospital is considered as a health care body providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment.

The best-known type of hospital is the general hospital, which typically has an emergency department that takes care of emergency cases.

Currently, hospitals are largely staffed by professional physicians, surgeons, nurses, and allied health practitioners, whereas in the past, this work was usually performed by the members of founding religious orders or by volunteers.

Have you ever wondered how the best hospitals in Canada are rated? Newsweek recently collaborated with Statista Inc., a global market research and consumer data company, to compile a ranking of the Best Hospitals in Canada and the world at large.

Tens of thousands of doctors, hospital managers, and healthcare professionals took part in an online survey that evaluated factors like patient experience, quality of treatment, cleanliness, response time, equipment availability, and many more.

Best hospitals in Canada

The list of the best hospital is bound to change and therefore, you are recommended to make further research or contact the hospitals directly before the conclusion.

Also, the best hospitals in Canada ratings information were sought by hospitals as reported by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Therefore, as earlier mentioned the best hospitals in Canada list will be in no specific order.

List of 20 best hospitals in Canada

Below is a comprehensive list of the 20 best hospitals in Canada that you must know with their contact addresses and a description of each of the listed hospitals.

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Address: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Website: click here

Established: 1995

Foothills Medical Centre

Address: 1403 29 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2T9, Canada

Tel: +1 403-944-1110

Grace Hospital

Address: 300 Booth Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3M7, Canada

Tel: +1 204-837-0111

Website: click here

Established: 1890

Humber River Hospital

Address: 300 Booth Drive Winnipeg, MB R3J 3M7 204-837-0111

Email: [email protected]

Tel:  204-837-0790
Fax: 204-837-0791

Website: click here

Jewish General Hospital

Address: 3755 Chem. de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3T 1E2, Canada

Tel: +1 514-340-8222

Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Address: St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, 50 Charlton Ave E, Hamilton, ON L8N 4A6, Canada

Established: 1991

Tel: +1 905-522-1155

Number of beds: 777

Website: visit

Lachine Hospital (McGill University Health Centre)

Address: 1001 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3J1, Canada

Tel: +1 514-934-1934

Montreal General Hospital (McGill University Health Centre)

Glen site

Address: 1001 boul. Décarie  Montreal, QC  H4A 3J1

Montreal Neurological Hospital

Address: 3801 rue University Montreal, QC  H3A 2B4

Lachine Hospital

Address: 650 16e avenue Montreal,QC  H8S 3N5

Mount Sinai Hospital

Main Switchboard: 416-596-4200

Patient Inquiry Line: 416-586-8300

Human Resources: 416-586-4800 ext. 5040

Email: [email protected]

Patient Relations: 416-586-4800 ext. 5066

Email: [email protected]

Sinai Health Foundation: 416-586-8203  or 1-877-565-8555

North York General Hospital

Address: 4001 Leslie St, North York, ON M2K 1E1, Canada

Tel: +1 416-756-6000

NYGH Outpatient Community Services Centre

Address: 2 Champagne Drive, Toronto ON M3J 0K2

NYGH Minor Surgical Procedures and Elder Care Centre

Address: 243 Consumers Road, Toronto ON M2J 4W8 Suite 300

Paul’s Hospital

Address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Tel: +1 604-806-9090

Established:  1894

Rockyview General Hospital

Address: 7007 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T2V 1P9, Canada

Tel: +1 403-943-3000

Toll-free: 1-888-342-2471

Fax: 780-342-2060

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Address: 10240 Kingsway NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3V9, Canada

Tel: +1 780-735-4111

Fax: 780-735-4777

Website: visit

Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH)

Address: 1952 Bay St, Victoria, BC V8R 1J8, Canada

Tel: +1 250-370-8000

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Address: 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5, Canada

Tel: +1 416-480-6100

Established: 1943

Bayview Campus

Address: 2075 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON Canada M4N 3M5

Address: 416-480-6100

Holland Centre

Address: 43 Wellesley St. East Toronto, ON Canada M4Y 1H1

Tel: 416-967-8500

St. John’s Rehab

Address: 285 Cummer Avenue Toronto, ON Canada M2M 2G1

Tel: 416-226-6780/416-226-6265

The Ottawa Hospital

Civic: 613-798-5555 ext.17412

General: 613-737-8899 ext.78520

Fax: 613-761-4462

Toronto General Hospital

Address: 200 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 2C4, Canada

Tel: +1 416-340-3131

Established: 1812

Toronto Western Hospital

Address: 399 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5T 2S8, Canada

Tel: +1 416-603-2581

Website: visit

General Inquiries

Tel: 416 603 2581

Patient Relations

Tel: 416 340 4907​

Lost Articles/Security

Tel: 416 340 4111

University of Alberta Hospital

Address: 8440 112 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2B7, Canada

Tel: +1 780-407-8822

Number of beds: 885

Established: 1906

Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)

Address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Tel: +1 604-875-4111

Victoria General Hospital

Address: 2340 Pembina Highway Winnipeg, MB R3T 2E8 204-269-3570

Website: https://vgh.mb.ca

Tel: 204-269-3570

Overview of the hospitals in Canada

Here is the description of some top hospitals in Canada;

Toronto General Hospital

The Toronto General Hospital (TGH) is a major teaching hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the flagship campus of University Health Network (UHN) with over 400 hospital beds.

University Health Network encompasses the Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and The Michener Institute of Education at UHN.

best hospitals in Canada

In 2019, Toronto General Hospital was named among the world’s Top 10 Hospitals by Newsweek magazine and was ranked the best hospital in Canada also first on Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals list for 2018, and have been consistently ranked at the top since the rankings began by Research Infosource Inc. in 2011.

Governance – A voluntary board of 13 elected members govern UHN, as well as three members appointed by the University of Toronto, and representatives from various areas of the hospital.

Funding – Primary funding for UHN comes from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Other funding sources include patient services, grants, and donations from individuals and corporations. University Health Network is a research hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.

The emergency department now treats 28,065 persons each year, while the hospital also houses the major transplantation service for Ontario, performing heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, and small intestine, amongst others, for patients referred from all over Canada. The hospital is the largest organ transplant center in North America, performing 639 transplants in 2017.

Contact address: 200 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 2C4, Canada

Rockyview General Hospital

Rockyview General Hospital is a large hospital located in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on the shores of the Glenmore Reservoir and is administered by Alberta Health Services and formerly by the Calgary Health Region.

Its services make it rank among the best hospitals in Canada, caring for nearly 220,000 patients every year, Rockyview General Hospital (RGH) offers a full range of acute and outpatient care, including Emergency, Critical Care, Urology, and Ophthalmology.

Contact address: 7007 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T2V 1P9, Canada

North York General Hospital

North York General Hospital, affiliated with the University of Toronto, is one of Canada’s leading community academic hospitals that offer our culturally diverse community a wide range of acute care, ambulatory, and long-term care services across multiple sites.

Through partnerships, collaboration, and academic endeavors, they seek to set new standards for patient- and family-centered care.

Contact address: 4001 Leslie St, North York, ON M2K 1E1, Canada

Jewish General Hospital

The Jewish General Hospital, known officially as the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital since 1978, is an acute-care teaching hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The hospital is affiliated with McGill University and has 637 beds.

best hospitals in Canada

It is rated among the best hospitals in Canada following its commitment in delivering health care services. JGH admits more than 23,000 patients a year while handling at least 300,000 outpatient visits, 67,000 emergency visits, and more than 4,000 births on an annual basis.

Contact address: 3755 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3T 1E2, Canada

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, simply known as Sunnybrook Hospital or Sunnybrook, is an academic health science center located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

From the beginning as a hospital for Canadian veterans, Sunnybrook has flourished into a fully affiliated teaching hospital of the University of Toronto, evolving to meet the needs of our growing community. Today, with 1.3 million patient visits each year, Sunnybrook has established itself across three campuses and is home to Canada’s largest trauma center.

Sunnybrook’s groundbreaking research changes the way patients are treated around the world. Our over 200 scientists and clinician-scientists conduct more than $100 million of breakthrough research each year. Tomorrow, we will discover ways to treat the untreatable.

Contact address: 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5, Canada

Montreal General Hospital

The Montreal General Hospital is a hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada was established in the years 1818-1820. The hospital received its charter in 1823. It is currently part of the McGill University Health Centre

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is a bilingual academic health network, and one of the largest and most modern in North America.

Contact address: 1650 Cedar Ave, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1A4, Canada

Royal Jubilee Hospital

The Royal Jubilee Hospital is a 500-bed general hospital in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada also known as island health.

Island Health provides health care services through a network of hospitals, clinics, centers, health units, and long-term care locations. We serve more than 850,000 people on Vancouver Island, the islands in the Salish Sea and the Johnstone Strait, and the mainland communities north of Powell River and south of Rivers Inlet.

Contact address: 1952 Bay St, Victoria, BC V8R 1J8, Canada

Vancouver General Hospital

It is the largest facility in the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre group of medical facilities. VGH is Canada’s third-largest hospital, after Hamilton General Hospital, and Foothills Medical Centre.

Contact address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Foothills Medical Centre

Foothills Medical Centre (FMC), is one of the largest and best hospitals in Canada that provides advanced healthcare services to more than two million people from Calgary, southern Alberta, southeastern British Columbia, and southern Saskatchewan.

Contact address: 1403 29 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2T9, Canada

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

Hôpital Saint-Luc was a hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at the intersection of Saint-Denis Street and René Lévesque Boulevard in the borough of Ville-Marie.

It was named in honor of Luke the Evangelist, who is the patron saint of doctors in the Roman Catholic religion.

Contact address: 1051 Rue Sanguinet, Montréal, QC H2X 3E4, Canada

Victoria General Hospital

Victoria General Hospital, as a health care institution, has been in existence since 1911. In November 1911 Dr. Thomas Beath, in conjunction with a number of other physicians, established Victoria Hospital Limited.

Best hospitals in Canada

In April 2013 the Victoria General Hospital became owned and operated by the WRHA and joined South Winnipeg Integrated Health and Social Services. This involves a partnership with the community health and social services for Fort Garry/River Heights that are offered at ACCESS Fort Garry.

Contact address: 2340 Pembina Highway Winnipeg, MB R3T 2E8

Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital is located in the vibrant heart of the downtown communities of South Annex, College, Queen, and King Street West. It is a 272-bed academic health science center dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care, providing a breadth of services from emergency care to sophisticated brain surgery.

As a world leader in neuroscience, TWH is constantly pushing the boundaries of research, offering pioneering treatments, and using state-of-the-art technology.

This health institution is no doubt one of the best hospitals in Canada.

The hospital also has a strong community focus, providing innovative programs for and information to children, seniors, diabetes patients, and many multicultural groups.

With expertise in musculoskeletal health and arthritis, the hospital’s programs also include orthopedics, rheumatology, and the hand program as well as a busy Emergency Department that sees more than 60,000 patients yearly.

Contact address: 399 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5T 2S8, Canada

University of Alberta Hospital

The University of Alberta Hospital is a research and teaching hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Alberta and run by Alberta Health Services, the health authority for Alberta.

Contact address: 8440 112 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2B7, Canada

Mount Sinai Hospital

The Mount Sinai Health System is an integrated health care system providing exceptional medical care to local and global communities.

Encompassing the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and eight hospital campuses in the New York metropolitan area, as well as a large, regional ambulatory footprint, Mount Sinai is internationally acclaimed for its excellence in research, patient care, and education across a range of specialties. The Mount Sinai Health System was created from the combination of the Mount Sinai Medical Center and Continuum Health Partners, which both agreed unanimously to combine the two entities in July 2013.

The Health System is designed to increase efficiencies and economies of scale; improve quality and outcomes; and expand access to advanced primary, specialty, and ambulatory care services throughout a wide clinical network. The Health System includes more than 7,200 physicians, including general practitioners and specialists, and 13 free-standing joint-venture centers.

Mount Sinai also features a robust and continually expanding network of multispecialty services, including more than 400 ambulatory practice locations throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Westchester, and Long Island. With an extraordinary array of resources for the provision of compassionate, state-of-the-art care, the Mount Sinai Health System is poised to identify and respond to the health-related needs of the diverse populations we serve.

St Paul’s hospital

St. Paul’s Hospital is an acute care hospital located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

It is the oldest of the seven health care facilities operated by Providence Health Care, a Roman Catholic faith-based care provider.

It is home to many world-class medical and surgical programs, including heart and lung services, HIV/AIDS, mental health, emergency, critical care, kidney care, elder care, and numerous surgical specialties.

Contact address: 1081 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6, Canada

Grace Hospital

Grace Hospital is and has been a place where many of life’s most important moments take place. The Grace Hospital plays an integral role in the delivery of health care services in Winnipeg, and has done so since 1904. Our job is to address your individual health care needs as effectively as possible.

This amazing hospital is rated among the best hospitals in Canada.

The Grace is a 251–bed facility that supports patients from all areas of Winnipeg and surrounding communities and is the cornerstone of the Grace Health Campus, which also includes Grace Hospice and Access Winnipeg West.

Contact address: 300 Booth Dr, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3M7

Lachine Hospital (McGill University Health Centre)

Since its founding in 1913, Lachine Hospital has had a rich history of providing excellent healthcare services to the community.

As part of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) since 2008, Lachine Hospital patients experience the comfort of a community-based hospital environment, while benefiting from the resources of one of the world’s foremost academic health centres.

With specialty mandates in geriatric medicine, bariatric, and ophthalmology, Lachine is also connected to the Camille Lefebvre long-term-care pavilion, which offers 134 single-patient rooms including 20 long-term-respiratory patient beds.

Contact address: 650 16th Avenue Lachine, Quebec  H8S 3N5

Humber River Hospital

Humber River Hospital is a major acute care hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the former city of North York. It is a teaching hospital with emergency and intensive care services, maternity and other services.

Contact address: 1235 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M3M 0B2, Canada

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Combining patient-centered care, cutting-edge medical technologies, innovative research, and advanced education, the expert teams at the RAH, including the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, the C.K. Hui Heart Centre, and the Eye Institute of Alberta, care for thousands of patients who require complex and specialized treatment.

Contact address: 10240 Kingsway Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3V9

The Ottawa Hospital

In keeping with the Ontario Government’s Excellent Care for All Act, The Ottawa Hospital is pleased to share its patient declaration of values.  The patient declaration of values will help the hospital continue to put patients first and move toward patient-centered care by clarifying what our community can expect from us as their hospital.

best hospitals in Canada

We, the employees, physicians, and volunteers of The Ottawa Hospital, are committed to providing each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service, and compassion that we would want for our loved ones.

They hold themselves accountable to high standards that are observable, measurable, and apply to all departments and each and every role across the hospital. Is not by accident that this prestigious health institution is rated among the best hospitals in Canada.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a 777-bed academic and research hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that is affiliated with the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine of McMaster University as well as Mohawk College.

Contact address: St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, 50 Charlton Ave E, Hamilton, ON L8N 4A6, Canada

The list of the top 20 best hospitals in Canada is an essential piece for anyone who wishes to choose a suitable health institution in the future. However, you are advised to make further research about any of the best hospitals in Canada as the various links to the wonderful hospitals are provided in this article.

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hospital jobs in canada

Top 15 hospital jobs in Canada

chibueze uchegbu | July 18th, 2021

The hospital jobs in Canada are many, with the health care sector dominating over 20 percent.

A career in Healthcare could be the avenue to a successful and rewarding career in Canada.

A better qualification will give you a better ground in obtaining a position in some of the hospital jobs in Canada.

Introduction to top hospital jobs in Canada

If you are a qualified healthcare practitioner wishing to know about some of the hospital jobs in Canada or if you can practice in Canada, you are lucky to have encountered this piece.

Although it is essential for everyone to know of the hospital jobs in Canada opportunities so as to be equipped with the right information.

It is also of utmost importance to note that most medical jobs require you to be experienced and certified by the appropriate body before you can offer your services or practice in Canada.

List of best hospital jobs in Canada

  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Dispensing Optician
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Dental Hygienists and Therapists
  • Data Scientist
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Health Policy Specialist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Health Care Manager
  • Patient Care Support
  • Physicians
  • Medical researcher
  • Audiology, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Medical Sales representative
  • Medical laboratory scientist


A physiotherapist is a highly-educated healthcare professional focusing on both the management and prevention of pain, injury, disability, and impairment.

They see people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, with a focus on improving their health and achieving their goals through evidence-based treatment.

hospital jobs in canada

Physiotherapy is the treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness. Physiotherapists get you involved in your own recovery.

There is a large focus on empowering people to be healthy through education, exercise, and lifestyle modification. A Physiotherapist will help you to better help yourself, by teaching you lifelong healthy habits.

To become a physiotherapist, you need to have completed a Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctorate degree at an accredited university, which will have taken at least four years to complete and register with the country health physiotherapy board.


A person who specializes in the study of mind and behavior or in the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

A psychologist studies normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by experimenting with, observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments.

To become a psychologist, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Prerequisite courses include general psychology, experimental and developmental psychology, and statistics.

Learn about the various programs to find the psychology master’s degree that’s best for you. The school you choose will depend on your interests and the specialties of the faculty at the schools you’re considering. You can further your studies in psychology if you wish and get licensed to practice psychology in Canada.

Registered Nurse

The demand for nurses in the Canadian health system cannot be over-emphasized, nursing jobs are one of the hospital jobs in Canada and the world at large.

If you are a nurse there are many opportunities in the hospital for you once you are qualified to practice in Canada.

Dispensing Optician

A dispensing optician advises on, fits, and supplies the most appropriate spectacles after taking account of each patient’s visual, lifestyle, and vocational needs.

Dispensing opticians also play an important role in advising and dispensing low vision aids to those who are partially sighted as well as advising on and dispensing to children where appropriate.

They are also able to fit and provide aftercare for contact lenses after undergoing further specialist training. On completion, practitioners are placed onto a specialty register. Career opportunities also exist to develop business skills in marketing and practice management.

Dietitians and Nutritionists

Dietitians and nutritionists plan, implement and oversee nutrition and foodservice programs. As a dietitian, you perform the services of developing and supervising nutrition and food service programs in hospitals, schools, company cafeterias, or similar settings.

Dental Hygienists and Therapists

The dental hygienist job is in high demand in Canada since its adoption from New Zealand which is why listed among the hospital jobs in Canada which everyone is meant to know.

Below is the list of some of the works of a dental therapist in Canada:

  • Intra and extraoral assessment
  • Record indices and monitor disease
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Apply materials to teeth such as fluoride and fissure sealants
  • Take Dental Radiographs
  • Provide dental health education on a one to one basis or in a group situation
  • Routine restorations (Fillings) in both deciduous and permanent teeth, on adults and children, from Class 1-V cavity preparations
  • Treat adults as well as children
  • Extract deciduous (Baby) teeth under local analgesia
  • Pulp therapy treatment of deciduous teeth
  • Placement of preformed crowns on deciduous teeth
  • Administration of Inferior Dental Nerve Block analgesia and Infiltration analgesia (dental Injections)
  • Emergency temporary replacement of crowns and fillings
  • Take impressions

Data Scientist

This is a very crucial profession and therefore stands a better ground among the hospital jobs in Canada.

Since the world is adopting technological innovations in the healthcare system, it becomes of utmost importance you know the role of a data scientist and why it is listed among the hospital jobs in Canada. Healthcare data scientists develop forecasting and modeling programs designed to form analyses of medical records or other forms of healthcare information.

Sometimes you use the models themselves while in other instances you develop these models so that healthcare workers can use them in their daily practices.

Nursing supervisor

As administrators, nurse supervisors develop policies and guidelines for nursing staff, promote proper maintenance of patient records, and ensure nursing staff adhere to hospital and government requirements. Nurse supervisors also manage budgets for their departments.

Beyond the supervisory job he/she can restore patients’ health by developing conducive management and long-term planning of the patient care area; directing and developing staff; collaborating with physicians and multidisciplinary professional staffs; providing physical and psychological support for patients, friends, and families.

Health Policy Specialist

As the nursing supervisor, a health policy specialist is a broader aspect of policymaking in a given healthcare system.

Their primary objectives are to understand how current health policies affect the hospital, community, and the potential outcomes of future policies.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists work under the direction of doctors and treat a range of patients, from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly people with lung disease.

They give patients oxygen, manage ventilators, and administer drugs to the lungs. It is a wonderful auxiliary hospital job in Canada.

Health Care Manager

Health care managers plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services. They might manage an entire facility, specialize in managing a specific clinical area or department, or manage a medical practice for a group of physicians.

Patient Care Support

Patient care supports also known as medical assistants help patients turn and reposition themselves in bed as needed and help them move between the bed and a wheelchair if they use one.

Although, the job description is not limited to tasks such as bathing, dressing, and eating. They also assist with taking patients’ temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration.

Additionally, they assist with preparing and administering medications, collecting specimens for lab tests, monitoring patients, and recording treatment.


A physician is a general term for a doctor who has earned a medical degree. Physicians work to maintain, promote, and restore health by studying, diagnosing, and treating injuries and diseases.

Below is the list of major skills a physician must possess

  • Patient care
  • Medical knowledge
  • Practice-based learning and improvement
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-based practice

Medical researcher

Being a medical researcher in any health institution is an amazing profession.

Medical scientists typically do the following: Design and conduct studies that investigate both human diseases and methods to prevent and treat them.

Prepare and analyze medical samples and data to investigate causes and treatment of toxicity, pathogens, or chronic diseases. It is one of the amazing hospital jobs in Canada.

Audiology, Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists assess, diagnose, treat, and help to prevent speech and hearing problems caused by accidents, diseases, and genetic disorders.

Speech-language problems are not limited to social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

Social communication disorders occur when a person has trouble with the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication.

Medical Sales representative

As a medical sales representative, you take the responsibility of selling your company’s products, which include medicines, prescription drugs, and medical equipment, to a variety of customers including hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, and nurses.

Medical laboratory scientist

This group of professionals is also known as medical laboratory technologists or clinical laboratory scientists, is a health care expert who performs tests on body fluids, tissues, and cells samples to help diagnose, treat, manage, or prevent diseases.

The list of hospital jobs in Canada is not limited to the ones above, there are numerous job opportunities one can find in different hospitals in Canada.

Also if you are in search of any of the hospital jobs in Canada, kindly follow any of these platforms: JOBS,  Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed

Hopefully, the job of your choice awaits you.


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cost of studying dentistry in Poland

Best Cost of studying dentistry in Poland

chibueze uchegbu | July 10th, 2021

If you are interested in knowing the cost of studying dentistry in Poland, don’t worry, this write-up is for you.

Oftentimes, we are faced with the curiosity of knowing what it takes to pursue a career in dentistry or medicine.

The average cost of studying dentistry in Poland range on average from 10,000-16,000 euros in a year for tuition fee.

This article on the cost of studying dentistry is an essential one for all to know; it guides and gives a clearer insight into the general financial requirements in Poland.

Dentistry in Poland and other nations of the world is a great course to study. As we all know, medicine and dentistry are long courses, and as a result, the cost of studying dentistry in Poland can be higher than in other courses.

Is also essential you note that dentistry is a competitive course therefore, you need a good grade in other to be admitted and also strive throughout your career.

To most people, the cost is not the cardinal challenging factor, because there are opportunities and programs that help in cutting the costs of study.

Introduction to the cost of studying dentistry in Poland

The cost of studying dentistry in Poland is dependent on different factors ranging from but not limited to school, country of residence, nature of school, and medium of study.

The education system in Poland has been ranked the tenth best in the world and boasts some of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The government has invested a great fortune in making sure that indeed Polish universities stand out.

Compared to other European countries, the cost of studying dentistry in Poland is significantly lower. Also, the cost of living is equally lower for especially for students.

cost of studying dentistry in Poland

The duration it takes to complete your degree in dentistry ranges from 5-6 years for undergraduates and 3-4 years for graduates. That means an average of 4-5 years of expenses. This is not to scare you, it is achievable.

Over 7000 students are studying medicine and dentistry in Poland, a figure which is predicted to rise, year on year.

Cost of studying dentistry in Poland

The Bachelor of Dentistry is the field of medicine that studies oral diseases, through diagnosis and research, which includes exploring the possibilities of treatment.

To become a dentist, you need to master the techniques of treatment and prevention specialized in dentistry medicine.

The cost of studying dentistry as earlier mentioned is dependent on;

  • Nationality
  • Medium of study
  • Nature of the university
  • Location of the university


In considering the cost of studying dentistry in Poland, nationality is a determining factor of cost.

For instance, foreign students spend more than local students, and some universities give priority to their home students cost-wise than the international students.

International students tend to spend more because of the cost of the things put in place to give them an accommodating environment.

Medium of study

Like in other nations of the world that their primary language is of study is not English, the cost of study tends to be higher when you wish to study in English.

This is so because these universities spend a huge amount of money on sustaining their employees that speak English and also welcoming some from foreign English-speaking countries.

Nature of the university

There is no doubt that public schools tend to be cheaper than private schools. The cost of studying dentistry in Poland is dependent on the nature of the university you are applying for your studies.

cost of studying dentistry in poland

If it is a public school, you can pay nothing or less. However, the competition is usually higher than the private universities.

Location of the university

Universities located in rural areas spend less than the universities in urban settings. This is so because the standard of living is significantly different between urban settings and rural settings.

Therefore, prospective students are required to put into consideration the location of a university on analyzing the cost of studying dentistry in Poland.


Don’t get it twisted; a student’s personality is a determining factor of the cost of studying dentistry in Poland. Some students spend more than others therefore as a student always make your plans based on your lifestyle.

cost of studying dentistry in Poland best read

For students that live extravagant lifestyles, the cost in our article should be raised in other not to get you stuck in the middle of the sea.

The general cost of studying dentistry in Poland

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Medicals
  • Utility bills
  • Foods
  • sports

Tuition fees

The cost of studying dentistry in Poland tuition fee is the most expensive and the range varies depending on the school;

Below is the average range of tuition fees;

8,000-16,000 euros per year


Among the expenses involved in the course of study is accommodation, which is dependent on the personality and the choice of whether a hostel or a personal apartment;

Below is the average range of accommodation;

100-600 euros per month


Depending on the proximity to the dental school, individual lifestyle, and pass, the transportation cost is dependent on these factors.

cost of studying dentistry in Poland

Below is the average range of transportation cost;

10-60 euros per month


The cost of medicals as a student in Poland also depends on the school and on your nationality.

Below is the average range of medicals;

100-300 euros per year

Utility bills

In the consideration of the cost of studying dentistry in Poland, utility bills are also essential to make plans for. This may include electricity, heating, water, and garbage.

Below is the average range of utility bills;

200-400 euros per month


When you are tired what keeps you going? you have already known the answer so we can give the cost of studying dentistry in Poland without considering food. Although, also depends on individual lifestyle and location.

Below is the average range for food cost;

100-200 euros per month


The importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized, so we include the cost of gym among the essential cost to be considered in lieu to study dentistry in Poland.

cost of studying dentistry in poland

Below is the average range cost for sports;

10-50 euros per month

Conclusion on the cost of studying dentistry in Poland

The tuition fee is the most prominent cost to be considered and it takes more than all other budgets. This may cost an average of 10,000-16,000 euros per year as earlier stated.

It is also important you know that these costs vary from time to time, therefore, we recommend you make your individual research on the particular medical school you aspire to attend and check their current tuition fees and other necessary expenses.


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best hospitals in Bahrain

10 Best hospitals in Bahrain

Pharm. Somtochukwu | June 30th, 2021

The best hospitals in Bahrain are worth knowing and in this article, we are going to unveil the amazing things that make these hospitals outstanding.

Health must be cared for at all costs and with proper medical and health equipment, you get the best of every hospital when accompanied by devoted health personnel.

There are many hospitals in Bahrain however, the ones that we choose as the best have outstanding potentials which is seen in the manner they handle cases and the level of patient satisfaction.

Everyone desires better health and knowing where you will be guided properly and professionally to obtain a certain height of ideal living is essential.

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Having a place you trust and can run to in case of health emergencies and other health-related issues is also a clever approach.

If you are in Bahrain or an expatriate in Bahrain, you are among the lucky ones who come across this article on the best hospitals in Bahrain.

Introduction to the best hospitals in Bahrain

The knowledge about the best hospitals in Bahrain is worthwhile and everybody’s desire because one of the greatest things one needs to take care of is health. A good hospital will make this desire seamless.

Having a hospital that can properly diagnose, counsel, and treat you is a blessing that most people neglect and if you find one be thankful.

This article on the best hospitals in Bahrain is precipitated by people’s curiosity to know where they would be properly taken care of and that medical cases are handled with utmost carefulness and professionalism.

If you are among those curious ones and you are reading this, we say congratulations because we have the perfect answer on the best hospitals in Bahrain.

Best hospitals in Bahrain

Below is the list of the best hospitals in Bahrain; the list includes public and private hospitals with sophisticated medical equipment, devoted health and medical practitioners, and outstanding reviews from patients.

All hospitals listed among the best hospitals in Bahrain are accredited by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), an independent regulatory body established in 2010

  • Royal Bahrain Hospital
  • Bahrain Specialist Hospital
  • International Hospital of Bahrain
  • KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre
  • American Mission Hospital
  • Salmaniya Medical Complex
  • King Hamad University Hospital
  • Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
  • Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Hospital
  • Al Hilal Hospital

Royal Bahrain Hospital

Royal Bahrain Hospital is a 70-bed hospital that delivers state-of-the-art medical care having a devoted professional team of health and medical practitioners with high-end facilities and equipment from abroad.  Furthermore, the hospital has a modern Hospital Information System (HIS), which connects our medical institutions together and allows operations to be digital.

best hospital in Bahrain

In addition, Royal Bahrain Hospital and RBH Medical Center have raised the bar in healthcare quality standards by achieving the Diamond Status in the NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority) Accreditation making it one of the best hospitals in Bahrain.

The Diamond Status is the highest level of accreditation that is awarded by the NHRA. With this accreditation, both RBH and RBHMC have become the first hospitals and Medical centers, respectively in the Kingdom to achieve this Quality milestone.

This accreditation demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the people of Bahrain and the region in providing the highest quality of healthcare.

The main attribute of quality comes from the KIMS group. As Royal Bahrain Hospital is the fifth healthcare institution of the KIMS group in the gulf region, patients can expect a high level of quality care and expertise to be provided within RBH.

Address: 29, Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain Specialist Hospital

Bahrain Specialist Hospital was inaugurated on Wednesday the 26th of February, 2003 Under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa The King of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

It is one of the best hospitals in the Arabian Gulf with a highly specialized Medical Center that provides up-to-date medical services by experienced Consultants and Specialists, using the latest technologies.

best hospitals in Bahrain

It is the first hospital in Bahrain that availed the Joint Commission International accreditation (JCI) and the only private healthcare facility that was inaugurated by HM King Hamad Bin Salman Al Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital is committed to providing healthcare of the highest standards with honesty and fairness; upholding and respecting the rights, beliefs, safety, and need for confidentiality of the patients, staff, and visitors.

Address: Rd No 2447, Manama, Bahrain

International Hospital of Bahrain

The International Hospital of Bahrain is the kingdom´s first private medical center. It was dedicated to the service of the Community and is proud to have received its support since 1978.

It offers a wide range of services and Specialties which include Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Reproductive and IVF Centre, Dental and Orthodontics, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Bariatric Medicine, Neonatology and Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, ENT, General Surgery, Physiotherapy, Urology, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Plastic Surgery, and Dermatology.

best hospitals in Bahrain

And also, a 24-hour Accident and Emergency Department and a Pharmacy complement its services.

Address: Budaiya Hwy, Jidhafs, Bahrain

KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre

KIMSHEALTH Bahrain Medical Centre (KBMC) is the first private venture in Bahrain, which began its operations in 2004. It is one of the best hospitals in Bahrain.

best hospitals in Bahrain

KBMC has three institutions in Bahrain located at Umm Al Hassam and the recently opened one Muharraq. KBMC is a multi-specialty outpatient center with diagnostic facilities and a pharmacy which has gained instant popularity due to the accessibility, affordability, and quality of service.

Launched in May 2019, KBMC Muharraq has specialties such as – Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, ENT, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dental, and General Medicine. Our services also include Physiotherapy, Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy.

KBMC belongs to the India-based KIMSHEALTH Group, which already has a strong foothold in Southern India.

The Group has a total of 18 institutions in India and the Gulf comprising hospitals and medical centers. In GCC, KIMSHEALTH has its presence in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE.

Address: Rd No 3709, Manama, Bahrain

American Mission Hospital

American Mission Hospital (AMH) is the first and the oldest medical facility not only in Bahrain but perhaps all across the Arabian Gulf.

best hospitals in Bahrain

It is also the youngest when it comes to the way it embraces and adapts to the latest advances in the field of medical technology.

When the facility first opened its doors to the Bahraini community in 1903, it was called the Mason Memorial Hospital. It was the first choice, if not the only choice until formal government healthcare facilities opened up sometime around the 1940s.

From acquiring the first X-ray machine in the entire region in the 1940s to now constructing the most eco-friendly state-of-the-art hospital which is set to open in 2022; AMH continues to be at the forefront of the medical field using human expertise and the latest scientific technology to benefit patients.

As the only not-for-profit private hospital here for nearly 120 years, it continues to offer high-quality, affordable, healthcare to the people of Bahrain and is one of the best hospitals in Bahrain.

Address: Manama, Bahrain

Salmaniya Medical Complex

Salmaniya Medical Complex is a public hospital established in 1957 and has a bed capacity of approximately 1,200 beds; it is the largest tertiary hospital in the country and one of the best hospitals in Bahrain.

2021 best hospitals in Bahrain

The hospital receives an average of 900-1000 patients a day and employs more than 2,000 physicians, nurses, and workers and its emergency department receive more than 300,000 patients per year.

Address: Rd No 2904, Manama, Bahrain

King Hamad University Hospital

King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) was established by Royal Decree No. 31 of 2010, which stated that the Hospital will be affiliated with the Bahrain Defense Force,

President of the Supreme Council for Health supervised its affairs in conjunction with the General Command of the Bahrain Defense Force, led by Major General (Dr.) Shaikh Salman Bin Ateyatalla Al Khalifa, King Hamad University Hospital Chief Executive Officer, and administered by an executive team who managed the project until the official opening day.

best hospitals in Bahrain

It has a capacity of about 311 beds and 1952 employees. This medical facility is one hundred and twenty-seven thousand square meters, characterized by its prestigious and elegant design. It is no doubt among the best hospitals in Bahrain.

Address: Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Causeway, Al Sayh, Bahrain

Al Kindi Specialised Hospital

Al Kindi Hospital has focused its efforts on developing people-orientated services that enrich the quality of life and strengthen our community and was established in 2008.

They have more than 22 specialties under one roof with a group of renowned Consultants and Specialists working as a team. The hospital is proud to be accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) and NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority).

The hospital is fully equipped to deliver excellent medical, surgical and extensive inpatient and outpatient high-standard services in a warm and friendly environment.

Address: Building 960، Hwy 35, Manama 330, Bahrain

Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Hospital

The Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services (BDF-RMS) commenced in 1968 as a small clinic. In 1979 it grew from a small operation into a 120-bed hospital.

They have since continuously grown and expanded our services, becoming the second-largest hospital in Bahrain with 481 beds to date.

2022 best hospitals in Bahrain

The three 3 major components of the BDF-RMS include; The Military Hospital, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa Cardiac Center, and the Field Military Battalion.

Address: Bahrain Defence Force Hospital Main Building, Riffa, Bahrain

Al Hilal Hospital

Al Hilal Hospital Company was established on 16th November 2005 with the objective of providing quality healthcare at an affordable price.

The Hospital is a Secondary Level Healthcare Provider with a range of specialties and Out-Patient and In-Patient Facilities. It is one of the best hospitals in Bahrain.

Address: Al Hilal Hospital، Rd No 1129, Muharraq 202, Bahrain

Conclusion on the best hospitals in Bahrain

The best hospitals in Bahrain on our list are all accredited and are worth visiting. Follow the links provided on each of the hospitals for individual research and know a suitable one for you.

We are open to modification and suggestions kindly write to us if you feel we are missing any hospital that qualifies to be on the list of the best hospitals in Bahrain.

It is equally essential you note that these hospitals are in no specific order of ranking.


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hospital problems and solutions

10 hospital problems and solutions

chibueze uchegbu | April 16th, 2021

Hospital problems and solutions are to be explained in this article. Have you ever wondered about the difficulties faced by these healthcare institutions?

Hospitals face many challenges from within and outside of the health sector which indirectly affect the patients and staff.

In this article on hospital problems and solutions, we give a breakdown of the major hospital problems and solutions.

Introduction on hospital problems and solutions

The top hospital problems and solutions were extracted from data gotten from experts and general reviews and questionnaires, these problems are what most hospitals face daily and make the operation of the health institutions unbearable.

hospital problems and solutions

However, the good news is amidst these problems lies a solution kindly read through for possible solutions which are the way forward.

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Challenges often present opportunities to do things differently and better. To find out more about current hospital problems and solutions we compile this article for easy digestion and as an opinion other than a suggestion.

10 hospital problems and solutions 

Below is the list of 10 hospital problems and solutions everyone is expected to know:

  • Lack of internal communication
  • Financial instability
  • Deficiency of health workers
  • Government policy
  • Population management issue
  • Technological issues
  • Staff to a staff issue
  • Work overload
  • Inadequate facilities
  • Security

Ineffective internal communication

Internal communication is an essential factor in every organization, once there is a delay or lack of active media in conveying relevant information to the audience there is usually a breach of information which will be about the decapitation of any organization.

hospital problems and solutions

Ineffective internal communication is not limited within the hospital settings, for instance, how to communicate with patients outside the hospital environment is a clever approach.

Financial instability

Most problems hospitals face lie in financial issues, which are not limited to budget cuts from government funding, medicare reimbursement delays, increase or the attempt to decrease operational costs, insufficient funds to improve the facilities, and competition from other healthcare facilities offering the same services.

Deficiency of health workers

In this article on hospital problems and solutions, the deficiency of health workers in the hospital should be of utmost consideration. This problem in most hospitals had been there without anyone considering it. When there is a lack of health workers automatically, the patients suffer the impact.

hospital problems and solutions
equipment and medical devices in a modern operating room

This will be bringing about increased wait time, overstress of the few available workers, lack of specialization, and other detrimental impacts on the health system at large.

Unfavorable Government policy

Good policy by the governing bodies will lead to massive improvement of the health care system. When the policies are not favorable, the health system equally suffers the impact. Government policies like increased taxation on the hospital will in turn affect the operation of growing hospitals struggling with finances.

Population management issue

How a hospital manages the population it faces on daily basis becomes a big issue when the hospital fails to recognize the fact that a good management system will go a long way for the hospital’s growth.

An inadequate population management system will affect the authenticity of data compilation of the hospital.

Technological issues

With the advancement in technology, many health issues are curbed seamlessly however, when a hospital lacks technological standing it becomes an issue for such a hospital. Technology helps in so many sectors in the hospital from management, diagnoses to treatment.

hospital problems and solutions

Another issue relating to technology is the exposure of patient’s data, when all data are in a system it can be hacked once there is a breach in the security of the hospital.

Staff to a staff issue

In this article on hospital problems and solutions, staff issue is recognized here as an issue because when the health workers are not on good terms, the entire system becomes chaos. Issues that are meant to be discussed and deliberated upon by health workers for better evaluation and solution become very difficult to tackle because the staff-to-staff relation is unhealthy.

Work overload

This can be seen in hospitals without good management and sufficient staff. Work that for 10 persons is reserved for 5 making it difficult to deliver an efficient service. Work overload affects the total of the hospital operation.

Inadequate facilities

This issue is mostly caused by financial issues, as listed in this article of hospital problems and solutions, inadequate facilities are not limited to hospital equipment, it includes the structure of the hospital and the level of information communication technology.


This is an issue in most hospitals, when the security architecture is faulty, the entire hospital suffers the impact.

Data security is also an essential tool that affects most hospitals, when the security is vulnerable the patients and entire staff of the hospital is vulnerable too.

Solutions to the above hospital problems

In this article on hospital problems and solutions, we point out the major issues hospitals face generally and the possible solutions to curb these problems.

Unity among health workers:

When health workers are united, they help in solving problems the hospital faces from time to time. The cardinal concern is how this unity could be achieved? When individuals with a common goal work together, get a better result.

Health workers should be evaluated properly to know they are fit for medical works keeping their differences behind in order to achieve excellence in their place.

Hospital policies to guide the actions of health workers are also an essential tool in achieving unity among health workers.

This will also go a long way in tackling government policies that are not favorable to the health care system.

High standard security architecture:

An outstanding security system can be achieved with proper management of the hospital also hospitals should consider trustworthy organizations in building up their security database and handpicking security personals in the course of employment.

High-security technologies should be made a priority in securing data and the entire hospital.

Fund sourcing:

Since the financial issue is one of the major challenges faced by hospitals, it is of utmost importance hospitals source a fund from other organizations, NGO,s and individuals. Hospitals should also consider going into partnership with higher organizations for financial relief.

The creation of monetary channels to finance a hospital is also a clever approach in curbing these problems hospitals face.

Adequate management body:

A hospital should make provision for assessment of the entire hospital’s growth looking into the managerial affairs of the hospital.

There should be no autonomy in the management of the hospital as such everything about a hospital can be accounted for. This will make individuals more responsible for their actions.

Specialization encouragement:

Specialization in every organization brings about the effectiveness of action. In the hospital, there is no exemption. Specialization can be encouraged by employing enough staff in the hospital which will be about the division of labor and will reduce work overload on the staff of the hospitals both clinical and non-clinical workers.

This is an essential approach in solving most of the problems faced by different hospitals globally.

Online doctors’ collaboration:

When hospitals collaborate to work with some firms that provide digital health services ranging from consultation to treatment and management, it will help reduce hospital time wait and work overload as such helping to solve some of these hospital problems.

Healthcare management problems and solutions

Let’s take a brief look at healthcare management problems and solutions. Healthcare management problems can be seen among the general hospital problems and solutions.

Healthcare management problems

  • The increased cost of management in the healthcare system
  • Inadequate healthcare management facilities
  • Few devoted personnel in the healthcare management sector
  • Vulnerability of data of the healthcare system

The increased cost of management in the healthcare system

A 2019 study by Deloitte showed that healthcare expenditure globally would rise to 10 trillion US dollars from 7.7 by 2022. This increasing cost of management in the healthcare system is the result of the increasing aging population globally.

When there is an increased financial need in the management system of any healthcare and there is not enough fund for these needs it becomes a great problem faced in managing the healthcare.

Inadequate healthcare management facilities

This is a healthcare management issue that needs urgent attention. Most healthcare lacks the standard facilities for management.

This also might lead to displacement and loss of data and information in the management system. However, one ought to know that healthcare management is a versatile one and requires advanced technologies and setups for effective operation although that will be seen in the solutions to these problems below.

Few devoted personnel in the healthcare management sector

When people in the management system are not devoted to their services, the whole system becomes faulty. Having the right people on board is key to better management in the healthcare system.

Vulnerability of data of the healthcare system

Most healthcare facilities are faced with the problem of being prone to attackers either cyber or other related attacks. Vulnerable healthcare is faced with many setbacks in its management.

Solutions to healthcare management problems

Below are some of the top solutions to hospital problems;

Firm support of the healthcare system

Considering the above-listed problems, different approaches for different problems is of our opinion to say that every healthcare should be supported in all ramifications both financially and otherwise by NGOs and other caring interested organizations.

Healthcare should also seek partnerships with other helpful organizations for effective management and running of the health care system.

Management data protection

In the same vein, information about the health system should be protected at all costs using advanced technologies and having the right security organizations working directly under health care management.

Let people’s opinions count

Healthcare management should be open to reviews and other necessary ways to monitor the advancement of and process of management. When you know that people that depend on you are watching you give your best in your services.

hospital problems and solutions
Healthcare managers

Division of labour

Division of labour should be encouraged in the healthcare management system at all courses and the qualified persons selected in the employment process. Healthcare managers are also to be thoroughly checked and deem fit for the service.

Conclusion on the 10 hospital problems and solutions

There are many hospital problems and solutions however, we selected the most trending ones different hospitals face globally.

It is also important to note that this article on hospital problems and solutions is for reference purposes and the solutions are not to be considered as adaptable except otherwise well researched considering your location and hospital.


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best hospital in Delhi India

5 best hospital in South India

Pharm. Somtochukwu | April 2nd, 2021

The best hospitals in South India can be found in different states of the country.

States Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Telangana as well as other territories are where the biggest hospital in south India can be found.

Some of the southern states namely: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala are outstanding innovations of excellent health and medical hub in India.

South India states are said to be some of the best  Indian healthcare achievements.

Introduction to the best hospital in south India

South India is home to the world’s biggest chain of hospitals,  annually, people from different parts of the world come to South India for medical tourism or to get a low-cost treatment, innovative surgical procedures like first ‘awake surgery’ and provision of free medical care for the less privilege.

Covering the southern part of the peninsular Deccan Plateau, South India is bounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the south.

Bangalore, Hyderabad,   Kozhikode,  Warangal, and others are some of the major cities where the best hospital in south India are situated.

The medical hubs in the region are renowned in some of the medical disciplines or specialties like Pediatric Neurosurgery, cardiology and Cardio-thoracic surgery, In-Vitro Fertilization, Orthopedic Treatment, Neurology, Hematology, and other distinct areas.

In this article, some of the best hospitals in south India are discussed and why they are considered as the best hospital in south India.

Is no doubt that some hospitals are rated higher than or are considered more reputable than others for some factors which may include: technological advancement, qualities of doctors and other health care personnel, cost-friendly treatments, social health, and others like the once below.

Best hospitals in south India

Below are some of the factors in rating a hospital in India

  • Level of management
  • Physician integration
  • Market characteristics
  • Financial health

Narayana Health

best heart hospital in india
Best hospitals in India

Narayana Health, which was formerly called Narayana Hrudyalaya, is a multi-specialty health hub, heart centers, and primary care facilities in south India. And one of the best hospitals in south India and the world at large.

It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India. It was founded by Dr. Devi Shetty in the year 2000 with a heart hospital in Bangalore.

In 2013, Narayana Hrudyalaya officially changed its identity to Narayana Health

The facilities offer medical care in over 30 medical specialties and three of its hospitals – Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bangalore, and Health City Cayman Islands – are JCI accredited.

It now operates several hospitals and heart centres across India, making it the second-largest hospital network in India (based on operational bed count). Since 2014, the group operates Health City Cayman Islands in Grand Caymen.

The Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences is a JCI and NABH accredited heart hospital situated in NH Health city Bangalore.

This super specialty flagship cardiac hospital of Narayana Health is one of the largest in the world and is equipped with 16 dedicated Cardiac Operation Theatres and 6 Digital Cath Labs of which one is a Hybrid, capable of performing both interventional cardiac procedures as well as complex heart surgeries.

This Institute of Cardiac Sciences performs heart surgeries both on adults & children.

This cardiac centre has dedicated critical care beds for post-operative care and performs Cath Lab procedures routinely. It also has an 80 bed dedicated pediatric cardiac ICU, the largest in the world.

Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences specializes in complex cardiac surgeries & other cardiac procedures such as Pulmonary Endarterectomy for chronic pulmonary embolism, Aneurysm repairs, Electrophysiology, Endovascular interventions for aneurysms and radiofrequency ablations, Valve repairs and ROSS procedures, Left Ventricular remodeling / Dor’s procedure, device closure for ASD and VSD and Tetralogy of Fallot.

Thrombosis Research Institute in the hospital campus is a notable unit for research and has a number of scientists working in collaboration with TRI, London to develop a vaccine to prevent heart attacks.

Address: 258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Anekal Taluk, Hosur Road
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560099

Email: [email protected]

Helpline: 186 0208 0208

Wockhardt Hospitals

best hospital in india
best hospital in south India

Wockhardt Hospital is among the biggest hospital in India, and one of the renowned specialty healthcare networks in India offering healthcare services. It also is among the best hospitals in south India.

The chain of hospitals is owned by the parent company Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd., India’s 5th largest Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company with a presence in 20 countries across the globe.

Wockhardt hospitals, originally called First hospitals and Heart Institute, were one of the early movers among corporate healthcare chains in India.

The company was established in 1989 and it started its first operations with a medical center in Kolkata, 1989 and a heart hospital in Bangalore two years later.

Today the company has its presence across India with 9 multi-specialty hospital networks.

Within a short period since its inception, Wockhardt Hospitals has become a leading health service provider.

This group of 9 hospitals fulfills the need of the community in its chosen field of super specialties like Cardiology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Aesthetics, and Minimal Access Surgery.

With state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary capabilities and world-class infrastructure and technology, Wockhardt Hospitals enrich the quality of life of every patient in a caring and nurturing environment and the greatest respect for human dignity and life.

Many of the Wockhardt group of hospitals has accreditation of the NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals & Healthcare), the highest and the most stringent quality standards institution in India and the National authority in healthcare accreditation.

Wockhardt group of hospitals in India is a preferred destination for patients from Europe, the USA, Africa, Middle East, and South Asia.

Most of the doctors/surgeons have been trained or worked extensively at some of the best medical institutions in the US, Europe, and other advanced countries.

Wockhardt Hospital’s mission and vision

The core values of excellence, respect, teamwork, integrity, and caring are essential for the wellbeing of our staff and our patients and this is evident in the vision and mission of our hospitals.

“Wockhardt Hospitals will strive with excellence to fulfill the needs of the community in its chosen field of medical treatment” Their MISSION is

“To serve and enrich the quality of life of patients suffering from diseases, through the efficient deployment of technology and human expertise, in a caring and nurturing environment with the greatest respect for human dignity and life.” No wonder it appears to be one of the best hospitals in south India.

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Manipal Hospitals is a chain of multi-specialty hospitals in India. It is founded by Dr. Tonse Madhav Ananth Pai in 1953, It is part of the Manipal Education System and Medical Group.  

Its network is spread across 15 locations in India and it also holds an international presence through a branch in Malaysia named Manipal Hospitals Klang.

In the year 2018, Manipal Hospitals and TPG Capital acquired Fortis Healthcare as part of a deal for Rs 3900 crore, including a 20 percent stake in SRL.

In 1953 Dr. Tonse Madhav Ananth Pai founded Manipal Hospital. Dr. Pai was an Indian doctor, educationist, and philanthropist awarded by Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1972.

He also founded the Manipal Education System and Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

The first branch of Manipal Hospitals was started in 1991 in Bengaluru. The branch is a 600-bed quaternary care facility and houses over 60 specialties.

In 1997, Manipal Hospitals Mangalore was established, this 251-bed tertiary care hospital is named Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Hospital, which is India’s first self-financing medical college.

In 2018, Former Indian cricketer, Rahul Dravid became the brand ambassador of Manipal Hospitals.

Manipal Hospitals used IBM Watson for Oncology in 2016. Watson is the first commercially available cognitive computing cloud platform that analyzes high volumes of data understands complex queries and proposes evidence-based answers for them.

Manipal Hospitals have become the first in the country and the second in the world to implement IBM Watson for Oncology, an AI technology for diagnosis and treatment of cancer making it among the biggest hospital in south India and the world at large. I wouldn’t be mistaken to rate it among the best hospitals in south India.

Manipal Hospitals is one of India’s foremost multi-specialty healthcare providers catering to both Indian and international patients.

With more than 5000 operational beds, they are committed to the overall well-being of an individual is at the core of everything we do.

Manipal Hospitals Core Values

They are devoted to clinical excellence, patient-centricity, and ethical practices, and are committed to clinical excellence is palpable in the high caliber of our team of medical practitioners.

The nursing staff and paramedical professionals are highly competent and provide great support to their clinical team and healthcare services are aligned towards patients’ needs.

Creating a compassionate and supportive environment for patients and their caregivers is of utmost importance to us.

Manipal has one of the latest technological breakthroughs in medical science and equips its hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities on par with global standards.

From the simplest to the most complex medical problems, they deliver the most cutting-edge treatment.

Address: 98, HAL Old Airport Rd, Kodihalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017, India

Phone: +91 80 2502 4444

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

This multi-specialty hospital was established in 1988. It was built with a mission to bring world-class healthcare to the people with a firm belief in the values of excellence, expertise, empathy, and innovation.

Today, after nearly 3 decades, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has emerged as the most renowned and trusted integrated Health City in Asia, specializing in the entire spectrum from illness to wellness and holistic therapy.

Apollo Hyderabad takes pride in its hospitality and its commitment to deliver the best services from the heart.

The hospital is one of the best hospitals in south India driven by an engaged workforce who extend themselves beyond boundaries to provide outstanding medical care; the medical team at Apollo Hospitals embodies a humanized approach that alleviates any sense of stress and anxiety in the patients about their treatment.

Apollo Group was the first to invest in pre-requisites for international quality accreditations such as the JCI and other initiatives including the ACE@25 and TASSC, conveying a commitment to global benchmarks and clinical excellence.

Also, the centers of excellence at Apollo Hospitals are the brainchild of their Founder Chairman, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy. He believed that the emergence of new therapies, technologies, and improved diagnostics was pivotal for delivering quality treatment.

Additionally, multi-specialty group practices with a combination of super specialists trained in different modalities of treatment provide patients with greater benefits and clinical outcomes.

This patient-centric approach has driven greater collaboration and peer review among physicians and caregivers, leading to higher success rates.

Major specialties including Heart, Cancer, Bones, Joints & Spine, Organ Transplants, Neurology, Gastro & Colorectal, Bariatric Surgery, Gynaecology & Infertility, and Ophthalmology are some of the Centres of Excellence available, which offer exceptional group practice programs.

Phone: 18605001066
EMail: [email protected]

Address: Rd Number 72, opp. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033, India

Christian Medical College Vellore

An American missionary, Dr. Ida S. Scudder, founded Christian Medical College Vellore in 1900.

CMC Vellore has brought many significant achievements to Indian health care and medical history including:

  • Started the first College of Nursing in 1946
  • Performed the first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the world (1948)
  • Performing the first successful open-heart surgery in India (1961)
  • Did the first kidney transplant in India (1971)
  • Involved in the first bone marrow transplantation (1986) in India
  • Performed the first successful ABO-incompatible kidney transplant in India (2009).

CMC is one of the biggest hospitals in India. Every day, over 900 patients choose to come here for their treatment, because of Committed doctors and staff, renowned for compassion and excellence, putting the patient first.

They are active in cutting-edge research, keeping abreast of the latest developments and Latest medical technologies.

This Institute includes a network of primary, secondary, and tertiary care hospitals in and around Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

The institute, constituent college is affiliated with the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University.

Address: Christian Medical College Ida Scudder Road, Vellore – 632004 Tamil Nadu, India

Numbers: 0416-2281000, 3070000

Conclusion on the best hospitals in South India

The hospitals listed above are worth entrusting your healthcare services. These hospitals are remarkable with devoted physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.

The best hospitals in south India have world-class innovative medical equipment for seamless healthcare delivery.


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best hospital in Delhi India

Top biggest Hospital in India

chibueze uchegbu | December 30th, 2020

The biggest hospital in India plays a major role in the health care sector of the Country.

Is no doubt that there are variations in people’s understandings of the biggest hospital in  India, but in this blog post, you will learn why some hospitals are considered bigger and better than others.

Over the years, Indian hospitals have gained a global reputation as medical hubs, where patients get excellent healthcare facilities and treatments at affordable prices.

Overview of the biggest hospitals in India

Most big hospitals in India are bestowed with the newest and wonderful technologies, which make them, stand out in taking care of patients.

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For a hospital to be rated higher than the other, or recognized before another hospital, there are essential factors or features that are to be considered. It will be worthwhile we look at some of the factors in the list of the biggest hospitals in India.

7 biggest hospitals in India


biggest hospital in india by idealmedhealth.com

  • AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi
  • РGІМЕR (Роѕtgrаduаtе Іnѕtіtutе оf Меdісаl Еduсаtіоn & Rеѕеаrсh), Сhаndіgаrh
  • Fortis Hospital, Kolkata
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  • СМС (Сhrіѕtіаn Меdісаl Соllеgе), Vеllоrе
  • Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

AIIMS (All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi through its efforts in improving health is presented as the biggest hospital in India. AIIMS was established in 1956 and is currently the leading medical institute in India with over 1700 hospital beds.

Іt hаѕ rаnkеd first in Іndіаn hospital rаnkіngs for different articles, there is no doubt that All India institute of medical sciences is the best and biggest hospital in India. The technological advancement, patients care and amazing departments in AIIMS makes it stand out as the biggest hospital in India.

AIIMS Address: Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110029

Phone Number: 011 2658 8500

AIIMS Website: www.aiims.edu

РGІМЕR (Роѕtgrаduаtе Іnѕtіtutе оf Меdісаl Еduсаtіоn & Rеѕеаrсh), Сhаndіgаrh

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) was established in 1962 with over 280 hospital beds.

This hospital provides high-quality health services to all sections of the people and has attained self-sufficiency regarding post-graduate medical research in India.

Іn late 2014, РGІМЕR іntrоduсеd Rоbоtіс Аѕѕіѕtеd Ѕurgеrу іn Іndіа fоr раtіеntѕ ѕuffеring frоm urіnаrу tract infections and diseases.

РGІМЕR Address: Madhya Marg, Sector 12, Chandigarh, 160012, India

Phone: 0172 274 7585

best hospital in india

Fortis Hospital, Kolkata

Fortis Hospital, Kolkata was established in the year 1999 with over 300 hospital beds and is endowed with the latest medical equipment in the medical field.

It offers excellent infrastructure to the patients and provides 24 hours emergency services to critical patients. Also, fortis has over 30 medical doctors.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) includes Coronary Care Unit, Medical Intensive Care Unit and is furnished with over 70 beds.

The hospital offers treatment facilities for foetal medicine, internal medicine, radiology, oncology, rheumatology, dermatology, endocrinology, paediatrics and neonatology among other specialities

Fortis Hospital Address: 730, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Anandapur, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107, India

website: fortishealthcare.com

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Apollo Hospital was Established in 1983 with 710 hospital beds, it is believed to have pioneered the integrated healthcare service in Asia.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has maintained excellence in research, education and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

Being а brаnсh оf Ароllо Grоuр, соnѕіdеrеd аѕ thе lаrgеѕt tеlеmеdісіnе рrоvіdеr іn Іndіа. Тhіѕ ѕuреr ѕресіаltу hоѕріtаl соvеrѕ оvеr 50 ѕurgісаl аnd mеdісаl dіѕсірlіnеѕ аlоng wіth іtѕ mоdеrn tесhnоlоgies.

The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is characterized by a warm patient-centric approach, technological superiority and research facilities. It specializes in Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Cancer, Cardiac Sciences and Organ Transplantation.

Address: Delhi Highway, Mathura Rd, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110076, India.

СМС (Сhrіѕtіаn Меdісаl Соllеgе), Vеllоrе

Сhrіѕtіаn Меdісаl Соllеgе іѕ а lеаdіng nаmе іn mеdісаl in Indian medical field, rеѕеаrсh, аnd еduсаtіоn. It was established in 1990 with over 2000 hospital beds.

It is sophisticated with thе lаtеѕt tесhnоlоgіеѕ, ѕаnіtаrу mеаѕurеѕ, аnd соѕt еffесtіvе mеthоdѕ, СМС gеt thе tаg fоr mеdісаl rеѕеаrсh аѕ wеll having 15 Іntеnѕіvе саrе unіtѕ.

It offers advanced therapeutic services. CMC specializes in Gastroenterology, Neurosciences, and Haematology.

Address: IDA Scudder Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004, India

Motto:  To bring world-class healthcare service within the reach of the poor

Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai

Lilavati Hospital is a multispecialty hospital in India established in 1997 with 323 hospital beds currently. This hospital is dedicated to providing quality care with a human touch.

The hospital is built on values such as trust, guidance, and expert medical care and that is why it is touted as one of the best hospitals in India, treating patients from all sectors of life; international and national.

Also, it has the Largest ICU’s in the country and is managed by Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust.

Address: Lilavati Hospital, A-791, Bandra Reclamation Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India

Lilavati Hospital Phone Number:022 2656 8000

Lilavati Hospital Website: lilavatihospital.com

best hospital in india

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital is a public hospital in Mumbai recognized for its cancer treatment and research capability. It was established in 1941 with a total of hospital beds of about 600.

The hospital has a P.E.T scanner and other sophisticated machines for diagnosis. The hospital latest technologies and excellent treatment have brought national awards and recognition to this hospital.

Address: Dr E Borges Road, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

Phone: 022 2417 7000

Below are some of the factors in rating a hospital in India

  • Level of management
  • Physician integration
  • Market characteristics
  •  Financial health


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