Review of Regions stroke and Neuroscience hospital

Reviews of healthcare institutions are essential in bringing outstanding healthcare facilities closer to the general public and also, helping in decision making.

When you hear that people perish because of a lack of knowledge, it is never an overstatement. Most of the deaths and complications people suffer are a result of inadequate healthcare facilities or delays in visiting the right ones.

There are hospitals devoted to delivering excellent healthcare services of international standards, but unfortunately, most people are not aware of these healthcare institutions. Thus, the birth of this review.

Today, I bring to you the good news. News of hope for the suffering people of Imo State, Nigeria, West Africa, and Africa at large. Worry no more, the right answer to your healthcare call is here, at Mgbirichi Imo State Nigeria.

Do you know about REGIONS STROKE AND NEUROSCIENCE HOSPITAL? Before we delve in let’s check out its contact details;

Address: Km 17, Owerri-PortHarcourt Express Road, Mgbirichi Ohaji, Imo State.

Telephone: +234 704 700 0013/+234 704 7000 014

Email: [email protected]

Website: Visit Now

Started Operation: 2019

Number of Staff: 60

Visitation Hours: 12pm-4pm everyday

Overview of Regions stroke and Neuroscience hospital

As earlier stated, Regions Stroke and Neuroscience Hospital is devoted to providing high-quality care in Neurosciences in Nigeria.

However, considering the undying importance of other specialties, it now spreads its wings to accommodate invaluable sectors such as cardiology, pediatrics, and urology.

This outstanding hospital has many medical practitioners that are grounded in different specialties of medicine, applying the knowledge and experience gathered over the years from world-class health institutions from within and around the globe.

Furthermore, the hospital offers its services on the platforms listed below;

  • In-patient specialties
  • Out-patient clinic
  • Diagnostic services

Regions was built on three core capabilities namely; State of art facilities, a Pool of skilled healthcare professionals, and Respect for patients’ healthcare needs and preferences.

review of reions stroke and neuroscience hospital

Features of Regions stroke and Neuroscience hospital

  1. Top-notch medical equipment
  2. Devoted, cultured, and skilled workforce
  3. Serene environment
  4. Efficient communication between staff to staff and staff to patients
  5. Safety of patients and caregivers
  6. Verse specialties
  7. Effective emergency/ Ambulance services
  8. Privacy respected and Spacious wards
  9. 24/7 power supply
  10. Chaplain services
  11. Collaboration in practice
  12. In partnership with top insurance companies
  13. Family accommodation
  14. Rehabilitation center
  15. Only approved meals are given to patients

Top-notch medical equipment

Think of a technologically advanced hospital, think of Regions hospital. In regions, the machines you see in world-class health institutions are present.

Below is a brief overview of the different medical equipment available in Regions stroke and Neuroscience hospital. However, it is essential to note that the equipment is not limited to the below.

  • Mobile x-ray machines
  • operating Microscope and a C-arm
  • Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Continuous Video EEG
  • vascular ultrasound machine
  • Ventilator
  • Patient monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • CT scan and CT angiogram machines
  • MRI and MRA machines
  • Telemetry

Devoted, cultured, and skilled workforce

Among the things that make an organization stand out, is its workforce. An establishment of such having over 100 devoted and skilled workers remains a clever approach to improve output facilitating division of labor and specialization.

Also, this healthcare institution goes the extra mile in empowering its worker through different training programs.

Serene environment

Regions has a peaceful, clean and quiet environment surrounded by flowers and trees which enhances the natural and healthy gaseous exchange.

Efficient communication between staff to staff and staff to patients

As we all know effective communication within a workplace would Enhance the patient experience; Reduce complaints; Improve professional standing, career prospects, and job satisfaction and reduce stress.

Safety of patients and caregivers

Every organization is faced a unique set of workplace dangers. However, having the necessary tips and practices will help reduce these dangers to their minimum and I must tell you, this hospital understands this concept and put the necessary tips to use.

From the surrounding of the hospital to the entrance, security and safety remain of high priority. Below are some of the safety tips practiced in the hospital;

  • Clean up spills and hazards immediately
  • Foster a culture of safety
  • Use safe lifting practices
  • Use the right tools for the job
  • Wear appropriate clothing

Verse specialties

Below are the top specialty units available in Regions stroke and neuroscience hospital;

  • 10-bed stroke unit
  • Brain and spine
  • Cardiology
  • General neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • VNS interrogation
  • 13-bed intensive care unit
  • Neuro-rehabilitation center
  • Nephrology and dialysis center
  • Epilepsy monitoring Unit(Video EEG)

Effective emergency/ Ambulance services

There are available ambulance services including vehicles and personnel available 24/7 for your best experience.

Emergency number: 07047000013

Privacy respected and Spacious wards

At regions, your utmost privacy is respected and the consent of the patients and the relatives must be sought for any action taken.

24/7 power supply

Since most of the machines used in this healthcare institution use electricity, the hospital made the provision of electricity to be available all around the day.

Chaplain services

Spirituality, Positive beliefs, comfort, and strength gained from religion, meditation, and prayer can contribute to well-being.

In order to complement this, the hospital made provision for such religious activities open to all religions.

Collaboration in practice

For your best experience in the hospital, they work in collaboration with one of the best Laboratories in the Eastern part of Nigeria known as Lab Rad which offers quality reliable diagnostics and screening laboratory tests.

In partnership with top insurance companies

The advantages of health insurance cannot be overestimated. Being open to insurance policies makes it easier for persons with health insurance to get their health properly taken care of in the healthcare facility.

Family accommodation

Patients are provided with total care in the hospital ranging from bathing, cleaning, feeding and what have you. So the presence of the patient’s relative is majorly for discussion.

However, well-furnished accommodations are available in case a relative wishes to stay or a patient wishes to talk to a relative.

Some of the patients’ rooms have a couch for patients’ relatives.

Only approved meals are given to patients

Taking good meals will promote healing and knowing the right meal for the patients will help and prevent crises like food-drug interaction and allergy.

Therefore, Food from outside the hospital is not allowed for the patients. The hospital has cooks, nutritionists, and dieticians whose primary duty is to make sure the patient gets the needed meal for healthy living.


Regions stroke and neuroscience hospital offers the most complete and comprehensive care for patients with disorders such as stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, memory disorders, Alzheimer’s, tremors, neuropathy, brain tumors, snd aneurysm.

The most advanced technology and innovative treatment options, similar to what they offer their patients in the western world are what you get in Regions.

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