Radiology equipment list

As medical radiology has progressed over the years, it has benefitted a number of fields in medicine and improved the accuracy of the diagnosis.


In this radiology equipment list, you will find the most common radiology imaging equipment, devices, and machines used for diagnosis or treatment.

Radiology equipment list

Radiology equipment lists are as follows:

  1.  Ultrasound Machine
  2. Endoscope
  3.  Computed Tomography (C T) Scan device
  4.  X-Ray machine
  5. Echocardiography Machine
  6. Linear Accelerator

Equipment radiology and their uses

Echocardiography is a type of medical imaging of the heart, using standard ultrasound or Doppler ultrasound.

radiology equipment list

Computer axial tomography scan is used to visualize the interior of the body in slices

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) alias Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) excessive energy is used to excite protons that produce the file results (like CT test). It can show precise tissues more surely than CT.


The linear accelerator is utilized in radiotherapy for cancer.

Radio-isotope test or nuclear scintigraphy: These radioactive compounds are administered so that precise tissues take them up. The quantity and anatomical element of the uptake produces the test result.

CT scan

A computed Tomography test generally referred to as a CT scan is a large ring-formed gadget. It makes use of X-Rays to generate clean and precise photographs of the interior of a human frame.


CT test is used for getting a clean attitude of the interiors of the frame earlier than surgical treatment. One of the maximum common uses of CT tests is for the mind to decide the cause of a stroke to evaluate head injuries.

The CT scan is likewise completed as a good way to diagnose and deal with cancer in the lungs, liver, pancreas, and other components of the body; it determines the presence, length, and place of a tumor.

X-Ray Machine

An X-Ray device uses penetrating and electromagnetic waves to take pics of dense tissues along with enamel and bones.

Use: X-Rays hit upon fracture or other injuries in bones, presence of tumor, infection in lungs, kidneys, and different organs.

Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound gadget which is also called sonography gadget uses imaging strategies based on the software of ultrasound. An ultrasound system operates inside the frequency variety of 1 to 18 megahertz.


An ultrasound is used in an effort to view inner body shapes such as tendons, muscular tissues, vessels, joints, and different inner organs.

Ultrasounds are captured in actual time; they can show the shape and motion of the frame’s internal organs.


An endoscope is a bendy tube connected with a mild camera. It is a system that is inserted into the frame to offer a detailed view of internal parts.

It is typically inserted into the frame thru the mouth, anus, or a small surgical reduce.

Use: An endoscope is a non-surgical procedure used to peer the digestive tract of the body. It may be used in instances of gastritis, ulcers, digestive tract bleeding to determine its root cause

List of Radiology Manufacturer’s Equipment parts

  • MRI systems
  • MRI coils
  • MRI metallic detector
  • CT scanners
  • PET/CT scanners
  • Gamma cameras
  • Gamma probes
  • Contrast media injectors
  • Radiopharmaceutical injectors
  • Radiography structures
  • Radio-fluoroscopy structures
  • Fluoroscopy structures
  • Dental radiography systems
  • Radiography acquisition systems
  • Mobile radiography units
  • C-arms
  • Mammography devices
  • Bone densitometers
  • Mobile radiology rooms
  • Flat-panel detectors
  • Potter-Buckies
  • Angiography tables
  • X-ray tables
  • X-ray tube stands
  • X-ray tubes
  • X-ray turbines
  • Phosphor display screen scanners
  • X-ray movie scanners
  • X-ray film printers
  • X-ray film processors
  • X-ray movie visitors
  • Medical imaging displays
  • Medical imaging software
  • Surgical navigation structures

List of Radiology Equipment Manufacturers in China

Here is a comprehensive list of the top radiology equipment manufacturers in China;


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Precautions to be taken by Radiologists

X-ray machines can be in a set radiology lab, or they can be transportable machines used in medical and surgical settings.

Either way, the patients receiving the X-rays may be injured or undergoing medical and/or surgical techniques that can involve publicity to blood and other frame fluids.

Make sure that you take frequent precautions when working with patients. Wear gloves at all times and goggles, a mask, and a robe while essential.

Wash and sterilize gadgets after each use to practice infection management; this protects you and the sufferers.

To get exceptional excellent x-ray movies, X-Ray Technicians are required to govern the equipment and the affected person for perfect alignment. When shifting x-ray equipment, make certain to apply appropriate ergonomic techniques.

Avoid static postures and don’t over-attain or over-enlarge your body to transport the system. Be conscious that sufferers who have been injured or are in ache might also act unpredictably.

Get assistance from other employees when transporting and helping sufferers.

Use excellent lifting strategies with directly returned and smooth knees to shield your returned.

Developing x-ray movies requires the use of diverse chemical substances and film processing systems.

Read the material protection statistics sheets (MSDS) for the growing chemical substances and ensure that you understand a way to perform the system nicely.

Know and understand the mix ratios and fill levels for all of the chemical substances.

Wear chemical-resistant gloves and splash goggles whilst running with most chemicals.


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