Best Medical Laboratory Equipment List and their Uses

The medical laboratory equipment list and their uses cannot be overemphasized for they aid in effective and efficient health care service delivery.

Medical Laboratory Equipment refers to diverse equipment utilized in a laboratory to carry out awesome medical activities like research, diagnoses, and treatment.

List of medical laboratory equipment and their uses

While performing any experiment, you want to be careful to keep away from getting damaged. To ensure protection and punctiliously perform a check, it is vital to recognize the names of lab tool and their uses.


An autoclave is used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials that can be found in a laboratory setting.

Blood gas analyzers

Blood gas analyzers are used to measure combinations of pH, blood gas (i.e. pCO2 and pO2), electrolytes, and metabolites parameters from whole blood samples. Blood conservation is an important initiative in every clinical diagnostic lab

Chemistry analyzers

Chemistry analyzers are medical laboratory devices used to calculate the concentration of certain substances within samples of serum, plasma, urine, and/or other body fluids.

Differential counters

These are among the essential devices found in the medical lab. The Digital Differential Counter uses modern technology and microprocessor-controlled electronics for accurate cell counts

DNA analyzers

A DNA analyzer is a device used to determine the characteristics of a person’s genetic makeup. For example, Genetic fingerprinting can be conducted with a portable DNA analyzer.

Gamma counters

Gamma counters are used in radio binding assays, radioimmunoassays (RIA), and Nuclear Medicine measurements such as GFR and hematocrit.

Hematology analyzers

Hematology analyzers are used to run tests on blood samples. They are used in the medical field to do white blood cell counts, complete blood counts, reticulocyte analysis, and coagulation tests.


A hot plate is a self-contained electronic warmer that uses heating elements to control temperatures. They fit conveniently on laboratory table-tops and feature a small footprint.

Immunoassay analyzers

An immunoassay analyzer is used in hospital and clinical laboratories to run automated biochemical tests to detect the presence and concentration of substances in the samples.


  • Incubators are used to grow microbial cultures or cell cultures.
  • Incubators can also be used to maintain the culture of organisms to be used later.
  • Some incubators are used to increase the growth rate of organisms, having a prolonged growth rate in the natural environment.

Microplate readers

Microplate readers are designed to scan, analyze and obtain numerical results from chemical reactions conducted in microplates.

Petri dish

Medical Laboratory Equipment List and their Uses

A Petri dish is a shallow transparent lidded dish that biologists use to hold a growth medium in which cells can be cultured.


Syringes are frequently used in clinical medicine to administer injections, infuse intravenous therapy into the bloodstream, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and draw/measure liquids.


Tourniquets are tight bands used to completely stop the blood flow to a wound. To control bleeding after an injury to a limb, tourniquets should ideally only be used by first responders trained in emergency first aid.

Urinalysis analyzers

A urine analyser is a device used in the clinical setting to perform automatic urine testing. The units can detect and quantify a number of analytes including bilirubin, protein, glucose, and red blood cells.


A microscope is a very fundamental and requisite equipment for a biology laboratory. An easy mild microscope (compound microscope) is the one, that’s typically used in faculties and colleges and it makes use of natural light and a chain of magnifying lenses to look at a tiny specimen.

A microscope is a famous lab apparatus used to check topics that may be too tiny to be determined via using the bare human eye.

There are many unique types of microscopes. A moderate microscope uses lighting fixtures and a sequence of magnifying lenses to test a tiny specimen. On the opposite hand, an electron microscope makes use of a beam of electrons to shape a magnified picture and, for that reason, is greater effective.

Biologists, medical employees, and students love to apply microscopes in their projects. This not-unusual piece of device is found in almost every laboratory.

It is used to magnify something that is tiny for our eyes to one thousand instances of its normal duration. It also can display the slightest information of an issue, even the invisible cells of flora and skin.

Test tubes

The next very not unusual apparatus is the test tubes. They are generally cylindrical pipes made up of glass, with a circular beginning on one side and a rounded backside on the opposite side. They come in one-of-a-kind sizes but the maximum not unusual general length is 18*a hundred and fifty mm.

Test tubes are one of the maximum important apparatuses as they’re purposeful for storing to blending reagents in any chemical or organic reactions.

These are famous glass tubes designed to maintain liquid and chemical substances. Most of those tubes are up to 15 centimeters lengthy.

They haven’t any marks. But they are obvious and make it clear to view what you have got poured into everyone, shipping beverages, and every so often even degree chemical compounds.

This is a common form of lab vessel used to hold and mix liquid substances. A take a look at the tube is finger-like and open on one give up.


Beakers are some other cylindrical utensils made from glass, with a flat backside and the top beginning having a spout. They are of various sizes and are used to preserve warmness or mix materials to the right degree.

When you need to diploma liquid to carry out a test or chemical response, you can use unique boxes known as beakers. They are wider and larger than ordinary take a look at tubes, and they have got a flat bottom. Used to hold, combo, and heat drinks.

Magnifying glass

A magnifying glass is one of the first delivered lab systems by some of the students. As the call shows, it’s far used to view enlarged or magnified images of items or read the small calibrations marked on many equipment. It has a convex lens for object enlargement and typically has a wood cope to keep it.

Microscopes can frequently be replaced with a magnifying glass. Such commonplace laboratory apparatuses are famous in many houses. The glass may be used for studying directions written in tiny letters, viewing the smallest gadgets, and so forth.

Volumetric flask

This is one of the most critical devices of any lab, that’s made of glass and is calibrated to maintain a particular extent of liquids at any precise temperature.

Different sizes of volumetric flasks are available, every one calibrated for the genuine dimensions of beverages and solutions. In chemistry labs, it is ordinarily used within the guidance of preferred solutions.

It is a well-known kind of laboratory system utilized in chemistry. Whenever you need to degree a specific amount of liquid (and the amount subjects plenty), you must choose the unique volumetric flask that is designed to hold an exceptional completely unique amount and no extra.

It is a kind of glassware calibrated to maintain actual volumes of a liquid at a unique temperature. In chemistry, it’s miles used to prepare desired solutions and for proper dilutions.

There are first-rate sizes of this flask, and the extent is usually indicated. Depending on what quantity of solution you want to put together, you can use a 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, or 1000ml volumetric flask.

Bunsen burner

This equipment produces an unmarried open flame and its miles are used for heating and sterilization purposes within the various experiments performed in labs.

Bunsen burners are the maximum not unusual types of equipment that carry out more than one capability.

It not handiest heats diverse chemical materials to create a specific reaction but also works as a sterilizer.

It is used for sterilizing objects and heating. The gas used can be natural gasoline or liquified petroleum fuel like methane.


The dropper, additionally referred to as Pasteur pipette, is a commonplace small piece of equipment, typically made from plastic or glass cylinders, having a small nozzle on one aspect and a rubber holder on the opposite.

It is used to place the liquids or answers in any medium dropwise, that is, one drop at a time, a piece of important equipment when any reagent is needed in a really small amount in a solution.

This precise tool enables the addition of drinks or exceptional answers drop-smart, leaving no room for errors.

A dropper is a brief glass or plastic pipe with rubber on one aspect. It is used to supply small quantities of beverages an unmarried drop at a time.


Every lab is equipped with a simple thermometer as regularly, positive chemical or organic reactions may be completed in any precise temperature variety most effective, and in an effort to proceed, the thermometer becomes very important to degree the temperature of the specified answer earlier than shifting forward with further reaction technique.

This commonplace laboratory equipment is famous in every circle of relatives. However, thermometers that may be used for engaging in exams and experiments are not home-like quantities despite the fact that they may be notably utilized to degree temperature.

Thermometers utilized in laboratories are almost similar as they also degree the temperature of materials (not frame temperature) and have an immoderate degree of precision.


When working in a laboratory, you regularly have to deal with chemical compounds, warmth, and other hazardous substances.

Tongs are used to apprehend dangerous items and additionally hold heat vessels and used to select up beakers.

Each kind of tongs is designed for a particular use. Typical examples are beaker, software, and crucible tongs.

Tongs, even though now not a great deal in use, are commonplace and primary apparatus in any lab. They are used to comprehend and lift hot vessels and harmful substances during any sort of response-taking region in the lab.


Every tube needs to be wiped smooth after preserving chemical substances and substances. These tubes are skinny so the use of a normal piece of fabric obtained artwork. Test tube brushes are additional laboratory systems that resolve cleaning problems.

A laboratory device list cannot be entire without bringing up a tool used for cleansing. Brushes for test tubes are used to clean containers which include flasks, beakers, and check tubes. After use, equipment should usually be wiped clean and correctly placed away.

Brushes function as the cleaning apparatus of the check tubes, as they may be the handiest things that may get matched into the slender-mouthed test tubes and different cylindrical and slender objects.

Weighing machines

When we perform experiments in the laboratories, we cope with very small portions of reagents typically within the units of micro or mini grams.

With a trendy bodily balance, it’s miles difficult to get the preferred and actual quantities of the reagents and so those weighing machines come in the photo. These machines help in measuring very small devices of substances in terms of weight.

Wash bottles

The wash bottles are laboratory consumables used for cleansing and sterilization purposes. These bottles are made from plastic, which serves as a squeezy box with a protracted nozzle.

They frequently contain distilled water, ethanol, or deionized water.

It is used to rinse portions of glassware and to function in small quantities of water.

The awash bottle is a squeeze area with a prolonged nozzle. It is used to rinse glassware and for sterilization. Wash bottles are normally crafted from polyethylene.

Depending on the assignment you choose to carry out, you can fill it with some other solvent, for instance, ethanol or deionized water.


These laboratory spatulas are a great deal similar to the kitchen-like spatulas determined in our home but they are simply very small in length in contrast.

The spatulas are normally proven against heat and acids, for this reason, making them suitable for a huge variety of uses in laboratory experiments.

Spatulas are small handheld tools used to scoop and transfer solids. They can also be used to use paste-like treatments. Most spatulas are evidence against acids and warmth, making them suitable to be used with quite a number of materials.

Spring balance

Spring balance also called the Newton meter, is another device useful in measuring the weight of an object with the aid of the usage of the anxiety of a spring.

This apparatus includes a spring and a hook and it really works on the precept of Hooke’s regulation, according to which, the force applied to an item is immediately proportional to the extension, supplied that the elastic restriction is not reached.


It is commonly used in titration reactions and is a handful in delivering a known quantity of any substance to another device.

This equipment is a protracted-graduated tube, with a stopcock gift on the decrease stop. It generally comes in sizes of 10ml, 25ml or 50ml.

This commonplace lab system is also very correct at the same time as it adds liquid to the test. The device comes with a stopcock which may be adjusted consistently together with your mission. It helps to slow down the quantity of liquid that is launched at a time and to make sure that the check will no longer fail because of the inaccurate addition of factors.

Watch glass

This equipment is greater commonly observed in chemistry laboratories and is made of a concave piece of glass.

It is typically used to preserve solids, evaporate drinks, and warm small quantities of different materials as in step with the need of the experiment.

These portions of the laboratory systems are used for chemical assessments and in clinical organizations. A watch glass is a square or spherical floor that can preserve samples of substance required for tests, weighing, heating, and many others

A watchglass is a well-known form of chemistry lab device. It’s a concave piece of glass usually used to keep solids, evaporate beverages, and warmth small quantities of a substance


Funnels are vital equipment to pour substances and solutions in slim-mouthed test tubes and conical flasks.

These funnels work with chemical substances and make certain you spill nothing while pouring the substance into a test tube or a one-of-a-kind field, placing apart beverages, filtering materials, and lots of others.

They are used to supply materials into vessels with small openings. There are numerous kinds, each with a unique characteristic, including clear out, thistle, and dropping funnels. Büchner and Hirsch’s funnels are genuine examples of a natural chemistry laboratory device.


Crucibles are made up of porcelain and are used to shop and warmth substances while required to be heated at high temperatures considering that glassware is not constantly appropriate for such excessive heat involving experiments.

Not all laboratory glassware is appropriate for heating as a few can get damaged or wrecked. However, a crucible is warmth-resistant and is proper for containing compounds whilst heated to high temperatures. In addition, it has a lid that is supposed to include debris of smoke.

Used for containing chemical compounds at some point of heating to very excessive temperatures.


This small glassware with a rubber end is used in treatment and laboratories. It measures a liquid substance and lets one switch beverages from bottles with small necks right into a present-day subject. Used to attract liquids into a pipe

Stirring rod

Liquids are often mixed in chemistry, however, you can not stir them collectively with your finger. Special stirring rods can assist with mixing several liquids or heating them in the lecture room or a workroom.

A Tripod

Humans cannot convey the heated wire gauze in their arms. Thus, they need a chunk of extra gadgets that can perform this assignment. A tripod is a stand with 3 legs that could help the heating cord gauze at some point in experiments.

Evaporating Dish

Used to warm temperature beverages for evaporation.


Used to pick out or maintain small gadgets

Measuring or graduated cylinder

This not-unusual type of laboratory apparatus is used to degree the particular amount or the extent of a liquid.

It is graduated, and each marking suggests the quantity of a reagent. Just because the decision suggests, this glassware is cylindrical and is likewise slender.


Solids are regularly weighed earlier than used, as a few experiments require specific quantities of substances. A balance is used to weigh gadgets and measure mass. Analytical and toploading balances are the most normally used sorts. Types of balances are triple beam balance or virtual balance.

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