Accredited Pharmacy Schools in Montana; Requirements

Were you expecting a list? Well, the University of Montana College of Health Skaggs School of Pharmacy (PharmD) is the only pharmacy school in Montana.

The possibilities for Pharmacy Schools in Montana are excellent. This article provides the data you need to make the best choice.

Whether you live in Montana or are considering moving to the mid-West for the greatest education.

Also, the options for entering a PharmD program are numerous. For instance, there is a dual degree program (Ph.D., M.P.H., and MBA) and regular 4-year Pharm.D. school in Montana. This school  is now taking applications.

The next section talks about the pharmacy schools in Montana( Although there’s just one). Keep reading.


University of Montana College of Health Skaggs School of Pharmacy (PharmD)

You think there are numerous pharmacy schools in Montana, and you were expecting a list. Well, the University of Montana College of Health Skaggs School of Pharmacy (PharmD) is the only pharmacy school in Montana.

Website: Visit here

Address: 32 Campus Dr, Missoula, MT 59812, United States

Phone: +1 406-243-0211


Because this changing world requires creativity, UM approach everything with it. They are stewards of Montana, its history and future. You should know that they are not much pharmacy schools in Montana.

Additionally, together, they are moving forward and bringing about the change that is best for the community and its residents. We can think of no better location to have a long-lasting positive impact on society than Montana and its universities.

Furthermore, they hold themselves to a high standard for academic research, artistic accomplishments, and scientific investigation.  All these benefits students, the community, and the entire world.

This University is Montana’s flagship institution. Also, with over 80,000 residents, Missoula is the second-largest city in the state.  It is home to the University, which attracts a broad, international population and fosters the development of a lively, educated society.

In a wide range of courses, students receive a top-notch education.  Including the arts, sciences, trades, graduate and postdoctoral studies, and professional training.

Furthermore, the main campus is comprised of the park-like Oval at the university’s center. It has more than 60 architecturally distinctive buildings, a 25,200-seat football stadium. It also encompasses 56 acres at the base of Mount Sentinel and along the Clark Fork River in western Montana.

Additionally, the 180-acre South Campus of the University of Michigan has accommodation for students. It also has a golf course, soccer fields, and an outdoor track.

Also, both the main campus and a second location on the southwest part of Missoula are home to Missoula College.

Program Description

Though people think there are so many Pharmacy schools in Montana, this is the only pharmacy school.

The Skaggs School of Pharmacy offers a six-year curriculum that leads to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree.

However, the basic physical and biological sciences are studied in depth during the pre-professional component of the program.  As well as general education courses required by the university.

Additionally, students in the Pharm.D. program spend their first three professional years studying pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences. Biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, social administrative pharmacy, and therapeutics are among the disciplines studied.

Furthermore, located in Missoula, the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy is a public institution of higher learning. In-state tuition for the first year is $5,352, while out-of-state tuition is $24,216.

In addition to the MBA, M.P.H., M.S., or Ph.D., the program can be finished in 4 years. It also offers a dual degree option.

However, both a bachelor’s degree and participation in the Early Assurance Program are optional at the University of Montana.

Montana State Pharmacy School Accreditation

The national ACPE(Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education) accreditation is accepted by the state of Montana as the benchmark.

Also, there are initial and subsequent periodic examinations. Through these exams, a professional degree program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree is determined to meet defined criteria.

It is also determined to meet educational standards, and this is known as ACPE accreditation.

Additionally, all of the programs that ACPE accredits must adhere to all 25 of its accreditation standards.  University of Montana College of Health Skaggs School of Pharmacy (PharmD) is ACPE-accredited.

Doctor Of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Degree

In Montana, the University of Skaggs School of Pharmacy is situated in Montana’s lovely Missoula.

There are many sporting and outdoor activities available in Missoula. This offers a tranquil, welcoming, culturally fascinating setting and plenty of chances to unwind and decompress.

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program at Skaggs School of Pharmacy is well-known throughout the country. It is known for its high standard of patient-centered care. It is also known for its inter-professional training and activities.

Also, it is known for its outreach initiatives,. It’s also known for students’ success in passing national pharmacy licensing exams, job placement, and matches for postgraduate pharmacy education residencies.

The classroom setting guarantees a low faculty-to-student ratio. It offers individualized attention to every single students.

It also fosters the development of supportive, lifelong relationships between classmates in classes as well as with teachers and administrators.

Additionally, the PharmD students commonly mention how much they value having small classrooms. This’ because it allows them to get to know one another well and promotes collaborative learning rather than intense rivalry.

However, the development of professional pharmacy leaders are involved in lifelong learning, patient advocacy, community service, and outreach. This is the primary goal of the PharmD curriculum.

This integrates fundamental biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, clinical, behavioral, social, and administrative sciences, and inter-professional education throughout all four years.

Furthermore, as vital members of the inter-professional health care teams, students are trained as medication experts. They are trained to advance the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Additionally, they offer dual degrees in:

  • PharmD/MBA
  • PharmD/MPH
  • PharmD/MS
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • and PharmD/PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

It all depends on your professional objectives and areas of interest.

Prerequisites for Pharmacy School

You should take a few crucial actions to improve your chances of getting accepted into pharmacy schools in Montana. Although there is just one Pharmacy school in Montana. The following  factors are crucial to your admissions process :

Finish required training

You must pass a few courses before graduating, just like in other health care programs. Science and math expertise are essential for the area of pharmacy.

As a result, you must enroll in the relevant courses to meet the requirements for pharmacy school.

Comply with university regulations

The path to a PharmD degree is distinct from other medical careers. Before applying to a pharmacy school, a bachelor’s degree is not necessary. But you must have completed at least two years of undergraduate education.

Develop patient-care experience

Because there are so many applicants, you might think about volunteering or taking a part-time job that gives you practical experience. This experience looks fantastic on a resume and demonstrates that you made the decision to become well-versed in the field.

Watch pharmacists at work

Job shadowing is the ideal technique to gain practical experience. It makes sense to work shadow a pharmacist if you wish to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Amass recommendation letters

The procedure of applying includes requesting letters of recommendation. It’s usually a good idea to use at least three letters. But it’s always a good idea to verify with the pharmacy school.

Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

For admission to pharmacy school, this test is necessary. To get an idea of the minimal GPA requirements and acceptable test results, investigate the websites of the institutions.

Conclusion on the pharmacy schools in Montana

Now we’ve seen that there are no much pharmacy schools in Montana, in fact, there’s only one.

Also, students should consider coming to Montana for the Ph.D. and M.S. programs in the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The department’s atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation enables instructors and students to focus on instruction and research.

Finally, the graduate programs place a strong emphasis on one-on-one faculty-student contacts. It offers various ways for students to get support and feedback, and give them many chances to present their research findings.


See below for the answers to some of the most asked questions about the pharmacy schools in Montana;

  • Is PharmD a good degree?

Models indicated that throughout their careers (up to age 67), PharmD graduates may accumulate net career earnings. Earnings of $5.66 million to $6.29 million.

This is roughly 3.15 times more than high school graduates. And 1.57 to 1.73 times more than those with bachelor’s degrees in biology or chemistry.

  • Is a PharmD hard to get?

With required topics such as pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, and pharmacokinetics, there can be no doubt that pharmacy school is hard.

Also, according to the American Associations of Colleges of Pharmacy it is estimated that 10% of people  who make it into pharmacy school do not make it through to graduation day.

  • Is PharmD an undergraduate degree?

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) for Practicing Pharmacists degree is an undergraduate post-professional doctorate that provides advanced education in patient care.

Unlike the PhD that focuses on research, the PharmD degree is an undergraduate professional doctorate.


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