Best Medical Device Companies Georgia

There are different Medical Device Companies in Georgia that are devoted to facilitating the production of standard health and medical devices for efficiency in healthcare.

Medical devices, from the simplest syringe to the most complex pacemaker, are heavily regulated and must meet market-specific quality, safety, and performance standards.

Medical equipment is used for the specific purposes of disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as disease or injury rehabilitation; it can be used alone or in conjunction with any accessory, consumable, or other pieces of medical equipment. Implantable, disposable, or single-use medical devices are not considered medical equipment.

A device, instrument, apparatus, or machine used in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of illness or disease, or for detecting, measuring, restoring, correcting, or modifying the structure or function of the body for a medical purpose. A medical device’s purpose is typically not achieved through pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic means.

Therefore a medical devices company is an industry that produces medical devices and this article is to aid your search for companies producing medical devices in Georgia.

Medical Device Companies Georgia

See  below for the top 10 medical device companies in Georgia;

  • 1. BiTech Medical

BiTech Medical is a group of like-minded and determined individuals who share a common goal of success.

Their sophisticated biomedical technology, we believe, has the potential to become an industry sensation. BiTech Medical is a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a game-changing idea that will help shape the future.

BiTech Medical provides smart solutions for businesses of all sizes and takes pride in providing unrivaled, dedicated service.

At BiTech Medical, they believe that the right understanding and technological edge can propel businesses into the future.

BiTech Medical’s comprehensive technological solutions assist industry leaders and individuals in achieving greater success.

  • 2. Theragenics Corporation

Theragenics was founded in 1981 and quickly rose to prominence as a global leader in the production of radioactive brachytherapy seeds for the treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer.

Also, Theragenics Corporation began diversifying operations in 2005 with the acquisition of CP Medical, Inc., and has since added Galt Medical Corp., NeedleTech Products, Inc., Concert Medical, and Arrotek.

Theragenics was founded in 1981 as Nuclear Medicine, Inc. by a group of physicists from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The company’s mission was to develop and market radiological pharmaceuticals and devices for cancer treatment.

This company’s early development strategy was to identify cancers whose cure rates had not improved significantly in the previous two decades, that was consistently diagnosed as inoperable, or that had claimed an increasing number of lives, and then develop products to treat them.

As a result, Theragenics identified three cancers: prostate, liver, and brain cancer, and began developing products for each. This strategy was refined in 1988, and Theragenics focused on prostate and liver cancer treatments

  • 3. MedShape, Inc. – acquired by DJO

DJO® is a dynamic, innovative global company that is constantly expanding. DJO has evolved into an international market leader through a history of unique product development, strategic acquisitions, and mergers.

Furthermore, DJO began as DonJoy, a small company founded in 1978 in a Carlsbad, California garage by Mark Nordquist, the offensive line captain for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Ken Reed, a local lawyer.

DonJoy’s management team arranged a leveraged buyout in 1999, changed the name to DJ Orthopedics, and re-listed the company in 2001. Over the next few years, the company experienced unprecedented growth, acquiring all or part of seven new businesses.

Colfax Corporation, a publicly-traded, diversified technology company, acquired DJO in the first quarter of 2019 as the foundation of their new strategic growth platform in the healthcare space. DJO has grown from its humble beginnings in a California garage to become a global provider of high-quality orthopedic devices with divisions such as Bracing & Support, Surgical, Footcare, Healthcare Solutions, Recovery, and Consumer.

They believe in Powering MotionTM – the company’s philosophy of “getting and keeping people moving” is based on the idea that activity is the key to a healthier lifestyle, better treatment outcomes, and improved health economics for all.

This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive Orthopedic Continuum of Care, ranging from performance and mobility to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation.

  • 4. Technical Products, Inc. of Georgia

Technical Products Inc. of Georgia is your one-stop-shop for the vast majority of silicone medical products. Since 1967, Technical Products, Inc. of Georgia has provided hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and medical practitioners with custom medical device development and a wide range of medical and surgical products.

When it comes to silicone medical devices, you need a design and manufacturing partner who can help you meet aggressive timelines and rising quality standards, and Technical Products, Inc. of Georgia is that shop for you.

  • 5. Stradis Healthcare

Stradis Healthcare is a medical device manufacturing and packaging solutions company. Their ISO 13485:2016 certified facility and team of industry experts make them an ideal partner for delivering products to market safely and effectively.

Stradis Healthcare is committed to bringing your ideas to life, from product design and development to commercialization and packaging solutions. Stradis Healthcare is a medical device packaging company that also creates custom procedure kits/trays.

Their expert team understands the significance of providing safe and high-quality products to the medical community. They collaborate effectively with their clients to provide solutions that will help them grow their businesses.

Stradis has entered into a new business relationship with HealthFirst and they choose HealthFirst as their partner because they share Stradis Healthcare’s expertise in custom medical device packaging and a commitment to ensuring procedure readiness and patient safety. HealthFirst also offers one-of-a-kind technology and expertise in unit dose pharmaceutical repackaging and relabeling.

  • 6. Crosslink Life Sciences

CrossLink has established a world-class specialty sales organization, formed long-term partnerships with the world’s leading medical device innovators, and provided superior service to world-renowned healthcare providers, all with the overarching goal of improving patient outcomes. CrossLink, founded in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia, has evolved from its origins in orthopedic sales and distribution to an organization whose sales force and national network of distributors are market leaders in each of the regional markets it serves.

As “crosslinking” refers to the interconnection of molecules, spinal rods, or other materials to make the new combination stronger, CrossLink has similarly interconnected with distributors across the country to create the United States’ largest and most integrated network of leading medical device distributors.

A strong Leadership Team at CrossLink forges the path to success and inspires others by taking the first steps. Our leaders believe that respect and trust must be earned on a daily basis.

  • 7. Remington Medical

Remington Medical, a medical product manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, is committed to quality control.

As a result, the majority of their medical device manufacturing processes are carried out in-house.. Remington Medical develops superior, high-quality medical products that reduce end-user costs, improve patient care, and ensure safety and reliability by controlling every aspect of their in-house medical manufacturing processes.

Remington, a leading medical supply manufacturer, designs, manufactures, and distributes medical device supplies that enhance procedures and patient safety. Their products have improved healthcare facilities all over the world, and they’ve saved many organizations money on sterilization and inventory control by using disposable medical supplies.

Because they are committed to quality control, their medical supplies are manufactured and tested in-house before being shipped out. As a result, you can be confident that when you buy a Remington product, you’re getting the best medical device supplies on the market.

  • 8. RADiant by Xstrahl Inc.

Xstrahl is a medical technology firm that creates radiation delivery devices to aid clinical teams and cancer researchers. Xstrahl has been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy and advancing preclinical radiation research for over 25 years. Xstrahl systems are used in over 700 treatment and research facilities around the world. Xstrahl is well-versed in radiation.

They implore the same rigorous R&D process that they would in a clinical setting. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to increase the use of radiation therapy to treat chronic disease while improving patient care and outcomes.

Inspiring science and advancing healthcare. Surface radiation therapy is provided by RADiant for a variety of superficial skin conditions, including basal and squamous cell carcinoma.

Dr. Davis has performed over 25,000 skin cancer operations and chose the RADiant system from Xstrahl to expand his practice.

  • 9. Elekta, Inc.

At Elekta, they share a common PURPOSE that drives them as a company and as individuals: hope for everyone affected by cancer.

It fuels their VISION – a world in which everyone has access to the best cancer care. And they intend to get there by following their MISSION – We improve patient lives by collaborating with our customers and partners.

Elekta, a pioneer in precision radiation therapy solutions, is dedicated to ensuring that every patient has access to the best cancer care available. With value-creating innovations in solutions and AI-supported service based on a global network, their offering enables clinicians to treat more patients with higher quality towards a world where everyone has access to the best cancer treatment available.

For nearly a half-century, Elekta has been working openly and proactively with clinicians and partners to develop outcome-driven and cost-effective solutions that meet evolving patient needs around the world.

It’s personal to them, and their global team of 4,700 employees combines passion, science, and imagination to profoundly change cancer care, improve patient care, and give hope to everyone affected by cancer.

  • 10. Avanos Medical, Inc.

Avanos is a  device company dedicated to providing clinically superior breakthrough solutions that allow patients to get back to what matters. Avanos Medical, Inc.

Is committed to developing the next generation of innovative healthcare solutions that will address people’s most pressing healthcare needs, such as reducing opioid use and assisting patients in transitioning from surgery to recovery. Avanos’ extensive product line is the result of constant thought, testing, and iteration.

Avanos Medical, Inc. products represent the difference they strive to instill in everything they do, from digestive health to pain management and IV therapy. Avanos Medical, Inc. will stop at nothing to develop better solutions that will return patients to the things that matter.

Avanos Medical, Inc. believes that a difference in their products, combined with a difference in how they work, communicate, and collaborate, has the potential to change the world. Avanos Medical, Inc. creates, manufactures, and markets well-known brands in over 90 countries.

A final thought about Medical Device Companies in Georgia

Access to high-quality, affordable, and appropriate health products is critical for progressing toward universal health coverage, responding to public health emergencies, and promoting healthier populations.

Medical devices are used for prevention, screening, and palliative care in a variety of settings, including at home by laypeople, in remote clinics by paramedics and clinicians, by opticians and dentists, and in advanced medical facilities by healthcare professionals.

Georgia’s concentrated medical device industry includes a wealth of resources for designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing new products. Georgia exported more than $1.9 billion in medical devices, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals in 2019.

Contact lenses and sutures, as well as implants and imaging devices, are manufactured in Georgia. Because of Georgia’s innovative culture and highly skilled workforce, some companies have chosen to establish their headquarters in Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Medical Device Companies Georgia

Here are the perfect answers to the most asked questions about the Medical Device Companies Georgia;

  1. What exactly are medical device companies?

Medical device companies make doctors’ and patients’ lives easier by providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Medical device companies contribute significantly to the life science industry by developing new technologies to address unmet medical needs in both established and emerging healthcare markets.

  1. How many medical device manufacturers are there?

In the United States, there are over 6,500 medical device companies, the majority of which are small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

More than 80% of medical device companies employ fewer than 50 people, and many (particularly innovative start-ups) have little or no sales revenue.

  1. What is the largest medical device company in the world?

Medtronic is the world’s largest medical device company once again, topping the list. Medtronic is at the forefront of medical technology, employing over 90,000 people and operating in 150 countries.

  1. What industry is the medical device?

Medical devices are a critical component of the healthcare industry. It primarily includes medical devices that aid in disease and illness prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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