Best hospitals in Belize

There are different hospitals in Belize that work towards creating an ideal living for the Belize City population.

These hospitals offer quality healthcare with experienced doctors providing specialist clinics.

Most of the hospitals in Belize are sophisticated with modern facilities and the adoption of technology in their healthcare system makes them worth discussing on this platform.

Belize is a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west.

A comprehensive list of the hospitals in Belize is unveiled below. Let’s dive in without hesitation;

List of hospitals in Belize

See below;

  • Baby hospital

It is a hospital-based specialty and is usually practiced in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). The principal patients of neonatologists are newborns.

Address: 5GQ2+XXH, Bocotora, Belize

  • Belize American hospital & medical supply

Addressed: 2118 Guava St, Belize City, Belize,

Tel: +501 620-5689

  • Belize Healthcare partners

Address: Corner Blue Marlin &, Chancellor Ave, Belize City, Belize

Tele: +501 280-5000

Belize Health Care Partners Ltd is one of the finest healthcare facilities in Belize, that provides many medical services like cardiology, general surgery and so.

  • Belize integral healthcare

Address: Corner of and Curassow Street, Gibnut St, Belize City, Belize

Tel: +501 227-6722

Belize Integral Health Centre is a Primary/Secondary Care Clinic under the National Health Insurance (NHI) Scheme since the commencement of a pilot project in 2001.

Under NHI we address minor trauma and chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Asthma.

They also do general check-ups such as PSA’s, Pap Smears, Mammograms, and Child Immunization. On certain days of the week, they have an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and a Pediatrician on staff.

  • Belmopan medical center

Address: Haulover Creek Street, Belmopan, Belize,

Telephone: +501 822-3179

  • Buttonwood Bay medical center

Address: Buttonwood Bay Blvd, Belize City, Belize,

Tel: +501 223-1901.

  • Corozal community hospital

Address: 9JX4+CHG, Corozal, Belize,

Telephone: +501 422-3909

  • Dr.OHO Rodriguez San Pedro poly clinic

Address: W28M+58F, San Pedro, Belize,

Telephone:+501 226-2536

  • Eve gynecology& maternity clinic

Address: Booganvillia Ave, Orange Walk, Belize,

Tel: +501 608-0756 ext. 3220899.

  • Eve specialty clinic

Address: Orange Walk town, O/W District, #2 Ketz Lagoon St, Belize,

Telephone: +501 322-0899.

  • Garden City medical center

Address: 762F+H34, Belmopan, Belize

Telephone: +501 674-7259

At Garden City Medical Center we are dedicated to our patient’s good health and well-being.

  • Independence poly clinic

Address: GHJP+X2G, Independence and Mango Creek, Belize,

Telephone: +501 503-2167.

  • Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital

Address: GR43+VVW, Belize City, Belize

Tele: +501 223-1548

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital was established in 1820 and was named old Belize City hospital. The new Belize City hospital opened its doors on 18 sep 1995 and have renamed after Dr Karl Heusner.

  • Lo Loma Luz advertist hospital

Address: Western Hwy, Santa Elena, Belize

Tel: +501 824-2087

Website: visit here

Lol Loma Luz advertist hospital is a private nonprofit hospital making quality healthcare affordable. They provide a wide range of medical services including Urgent care 24/7, gynecological/obstetric, and general surgeries.

The hospital provides quality Christian healthcare to our patients in a caring, safe, cost-effective, and accessible manner.

  • National health services

Address: Rectory Ln, Belize City, Belize

Telephone: +501 227-0644

  • Placencia medical services

Address: GJHP+78G, Placencia, Belize,

Telephone: +501 622-7648

  • Southern Belize medical clinic

Address: Happy Avenue, Independence and Mango Creek, Belize,

Tele: +501 523-2460

Website: visit here

Southern Belize Medical Clinic (SBMC) is a private clinic owned and operated by Dr. Hailu and Dr. Ayres Mae Hurrissa.

We are situated in Independence and Mango Creek…it’s located in the southernmost of Belize.

  • Southern Regional hospital

Address: Hummingbird Hwy, Dangriga, Belize

Telephone: +501 522-3834

The Southern Regional Hospital is a new facility, which has replaced the old Dangriga Hospital.

It has two main Wards; the General Ward and the Maternity Ward. The General Ward services include care for children and adult patients, care for pre/post general surgical patients, and an Intensive Care Unit.

Maternity services include care for pregnant mothers, care of newborns, postpartum care, care for gynecological patients, and pre-and post-operation care for C-section and gynecological surgeries.

The hospital also provides both Primary and Secondary Care services in new, purpose-built facilities, with some useful equipment.

It has two operating theatres and a small emergency room, in addition to offering four basic medical specialties; Gynecology, Surgical, Pediatric, and Internal Medicine.

In an effort to enhance coverage in the area of Mental Health, a new Acute Psychiatric Unit has recently been opened and a Voluntary and Counseling Testing Centre (VCT) was established.

  • St luke hospital

Address: Mountain View Blvd., Belmopan, Belize,

Telephone: +501 822-2379

Website: visit here

  • St. Gabriel Medical Center

Address: 5W4H+4GH, San Ignacio, Belize,

Tel: +501 824-2566.

Saint Gabriel offers great quality health care in different fields of medicine in an environment.

  • The hope clinic

Address: Havana Rd, Dangriga, Belize,

Telephone: +501 522-3160

The Hope Clinic is said to be a coaching floor for doctors, nurse practitioners, and joined overall health professionals of Dangriga

  • Western Regional hospital

The Western Regional Hospital is one of only three hospitals in Belize with a working operating theatre. There are two respected surgeons (Dr. Ken and Dr. Godoy) at the hospital, in addition to two gynaecologists (Dr. Howe and Dr. Ayala) who are well pracitised in caring for women and expectant mothers.

The Gynaecologists, in particular, are well-respected in Belize and for this reason; complicated deliveries from Cayo Community Hospital or the Southern Regional Hospital (Dangriga) are often transferred to The Western Regional Hospital.

They serve a population of approximately 66,000 people and cover a large geographical catchment area.

As with most hospitals in this developing country, supplies can be difficult to maintain and because of this, doctors work with fluctuating facility standards.

However, some of the hospitals are well-equipped and can offer an excellent insight into medical practice in a developing country.

Address: Floriana Ave, Belmopan, Belize,

Telephone: +501 822-2263.

Final thoughts

The above list of hospitals in Belize is in no order of ranking, every hospital listed has the necessary operational licenses and accreditations.

we are open to suggestions, kindly air your view in the comment box below.


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