12 Top Dermatologists in London

The top rated dermatologists in London are devoted to delivering easily accessible, personally personalized treatment of the highest caliber helps promote healthy skin.

Communication is a crucial component of treatment, and when you visit a dermatologist, they do all in their power to completely explain everything to you and make sure your time with them is as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

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Dermatologists in London

These are the dermatologists in London;

1. The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic

A skin, hair, and nail problem specialist is the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic. When you are dealing with issues of this nature, it is their intention to offer you all the care you require.

They wish to make it simple for you to get the top care and assistance in London. If you need to see a dermatologist, it’s simple to come to the clinic because of its prime location in the heart of London.

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You’ll discover yourself in a pleasant and cozy setting. You will receive the finest caliber of care in their tranquil setting. Their team of skilled skin specialists is capable of identifying and managing a wide range of disorders. All the tools are available in their cutting-edge clinic to address your skin issues.

They can also offer specialized services like iontophoresis, phototherapy, and psychological assistance. Make an appointment at Harley Street skin clinic if you have any worries about your skin, hair, or nails.

Dr. Adam Friedmann, MBBS, FRCP, founded the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic with the vision of making it a premier supplier of services in the London area for private dermatology.

The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, one of the three founding clinics, joined The Dermatology Partnership in 2018. The partnership’s goal is to create the UK’s premier dermatology organization, distinguished by its commitment to cutting-edge dermatological care and clinical excellence.

Since its founding, the Dermatology Partnership has grown to include seven clinics and more than 40 doctors. The Dermatology Partnership’s Clinical Director is Dr. Adam Friedmann.

Address: 35 Devonshire Pl, London W1G 6JP, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3322 7852

2. The Dermatology Clinic London

Leading dermatologist Dr. Daniel Glass created The Dermatology Clinic London in 2015. Expert Consultant Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Psychodermatologists, and Histopathologists on staff at the facility offer patients highly individualized care.

In the center of London’s medical sector, Harley Street, their skin specialists provide superior dermatological care for kids and adults of all ages utilizing a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment methods.

The goal is to handle your skin concerns in a compassionate and all-encompassing manner. Since the skin and the psyche are closely related, they collaborate with a psychodermatologist to treat the psychological factors that contribute to skin illness.

By approaching skin care from both medical and psychological perspectives, they can both improve the patient’s skin and arm them with the knowledge and skills they need to deal with psychological stressors, thus enhancing their quality of life.

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer are just a few of the many skin diseases that The Dermatology Clinic London treats and manages. In addition to removing unwelcome moles and skin tags for aesthetic reasons, they can examine your moles for skin cancer symptoms.

In the UK, the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise, so they regularly inspect moles for those who are concerned or at high risk. The most prevalent skin condition, acne, affects practically everyone to some degree, especially in adolescence.

The late onset of acne has increased in frequency during the past 30 years. Psoriasis and eczema are both extremely prevalent.

They also provide assistance with a vast array of other skin issues, such as hair loss, skin infections, and lumps and bumps that require surgical removal. The clinic offers a variety of treatments, including lotions, pills, cryotherapy, phototherapy, and surgery.

Address: 55 Harley St, London W1G 8QR, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3733 3227

3. London Dermatology Clinic (Monument/Bank)

Leading skin clinic The London Dermatology Clinic offers professional guidance and care for all kinds of skin issues.

At their skin center in London, they go above and beyond to put patients at rest while offering the best possible care for a variety of dermatological disorders.

Their skilled team of dermatologists and skin surgeons takes the time to go above and beyond what patients anticipate and can offer you the most recent therapies to alleviate your discomfort.

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The skin clinic, which is conveniently located in Central London and close to Monument and Bank, is the best place to get treatment if you reside in or work in the city because they are open on weekdays, weekends, and late evenings.

Dermatologist Dr. Karatolias practices at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and has held numerous positions both in the UK and Greece. He is well-respected and has more than 20 years of medical expertise.

Address: Peek House, 20 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1EB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7112 4924

4. Dr Justine Kluk – Consultant Dermatologist London

Dr Justine Kluk graduated with honors from the University of Birmingham medical school before completing the rigorous specialisation process to become a Consultant Dermatologist.

She was selected for a prestigious fellowship in cutaneous oncology at the world-renowned St John’s Institute of Dermatology after being trained by some of the country’s most eminent dermatologists at leading centres such as the Royal Free Hospital and Royal London Hospital.

The GMC specialist register contains information about her qualifications and dermatology specialisation.

Dr Justine worked as a Consultant Dermatologist in the NHS at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust and St Georges’ Hospital before opening her private practice. She was also in charge of teaching and training medical students and junior doctors.

Her articles have appeared in prestigious dermatology journals, and she has spoken at national and international scientific conferences.

She has co-authored dermatology textbook chapters and is a spokesperson for the British Association of Dermatologists, and she is sought after by the media for her expertise on all things skin.

Dr. Justine’s membership in key dermatology organizations, as well as her regular participation in clinical and academic meetings, ensure that she continues to be involved with some of the most challenging and complex dermatology cases, ensuring that her knowledge and skills are constantly honed and that she is always up to date with the latest dermatology research and advances.

Address: 25 Harley St, London W1G 9QW, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3733 3225

5. Belgravia Dermatology

In 1992, Dr. Judodihardjo MB BCh BAO, MSc, PhD, DCH, DipGum, DDSc graduated from The Queen’s University of Belfast. After gaining hospital experience in Clinical Dermatology, he conducted dermatology research and received MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Wales.

Dr. Judodihardjo was one of the first UK physicians to offer injectable aesthetic treatments, and he has personally performed over 20,000 botulinum toxin and filler treatments.

He served as the UK medical director for Teoxane (Teosyal), one of the world’s largest filler companies, and was involved in several filler clinical trials. He has been a Key Opinion Leader and invited lecturer for Galderma (Restylane and Azzalure), Contura (Aquamid), Alma lasers, Lutronic lasers, and Novoxel (Tixel).

Dr. Judodihardjo has extensive experience in laser and energy-based therapies, having previously served as the national trainer for DEKA, Lutronic, and Alma Lasers. He is currently the UK clinical trainer for Tixel, a revolutionary treatment for acne scarring and rejuvenation.

Address: 9A Wilbraham Pl, London SW1X 9AE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7112 8622

6. De Felipe Dermatology Clinic London

Their team’s efforts are focused on providing a timely diagnosis so that the most appropriate treatment can be initiated and thus further complications can be avoided.

The clinic is equipped with cutting-edge dermatology technology, and their doctors receive ongoing training to successfully treat pathologies.

Furthermore, at De Felipe Dermatology Centres, they collaborate with medical professionals from various fields to supplement our procedures. Their goal is to ensure that any treatment the patient receives improves. Satisfaction rates attest to the efficacy of their treatments.

Iigo de Felipe y Gárate was born into an intellectual family in Guipzcoa. Even as a child, he aspired to be a doctor, despite his great passion for music and the piano, with which he performed several recitals and studied at the Yves Nat French school under maestro Juan Padrosa.

He studied medicine at the University of Navarra, where he also served as a course delegate. He completed his academic training at Harvard University and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, which awards the Nobel Prize in medicine, and graduated in 1992.

Later, he specialized in dermatology at the University Clinic of Pamplona under the direction of Professor Quintanilla, and he was quickly trained in the use of lasers and other skin technologies.

Address: 2a Highgate Rd, London NW5 1NR, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7871 328069

7. Dr Firas Al-Niaimi

Professor of dermatology with over 230 scientific publications in medical journals, 10 book chapters (including his own book), and over 500 scientific lectures in 58 countries around the world.

Professor Firas Al-Niaimi is a well-known international laser dermatologist who is prolific and well-published in the UK. Professor Firas Al-Niaimi has over 20 years of medical experience and is a highly experienced and respected consultant dermatologist.

He trained in some of the UK’s top hospitals, including the world-renowned St. John’s Institute of Dermatology at St.

Thomas’ hospital, where he completed a prestigious laser and Mohs surgical fellowship and worked as an honorary consultant for several years, as well as further advanced training in several laser centers.

Address: 152 Harley St, London W1G 7LH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7494 764201

8. The Devonshire Clinic

Their highly experienced London dermatologists offer specialized treatment options in our three core specialties: skin cancer, medical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. We understand that managing skin conditions can be stressful for some people.

Dr. Conal Perrett is the founder of The Devonshire Clinic and a leading Consultant Dermatologist & Dermatological Surgeon. Expert in all skin conditions, with a special interest in skin cancer, using cutting-edge techniques such as Mohs micrographic surgery and photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Also, Dr. Perrett has many years of experience at the top of his field and continues to play a key role in the NHS’s skin cancer and dermatology services. Dr. Perrett also serves as the Dermatologist for The London Sarcoma Service at UCLH, where he treats patients with cutaneous sarcomas.

The London Sarcoma Service (www.londonsarcoma.org) is one of Europe’s largest Sarcoma centers, receiving tertiary referrals from all over the country.

He has also served as the London Cancer Skin Pathway Board’s Mohs surgery lead, and he is an Associate Clinical Professor at University College London (UCL), one of the UK’s most prestigious academic institutions.

Dr. Perrett has also trained many doctors and attracted clinical fellows from other countries seeking specialist training in skin cancer and surgery over the years.

Address: 16 Devonshire St, London W1G 7AF, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7034 8057

9. Dr. Shaaira Nasir

Dr. Shaaira Nasir is a Consultant Dermatologist trained in the United Kingdom. She graduated from the National University of Ireland (UCD) in 2007 and then went on to complete her higher specialty training at some of London’s most prestigious teaching hospitals.

Also, Dr. Nasir is a Consultant Dermatologist at the BMI London Independent Hospital, Skin55 Harley Street, and Sk:n and is on the GMC’s specialist register. She has given numerous presentations at international and national conferences and has numerous publications in high-impact medical journals.

In 2016, she received a travel fellowship from the British Association of Dermatology. She is actively involved in the education of medical students and doctors, and she has organized and examined final year and postgraduate students.

She treats a wide variety of adult skin conditions with medical and surgical treatments. She is interested in Cosmetic Dermatology and received a Distinction in her MSc in Skin Ageing and Aesthetics. She is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists, the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group, and the Royal College of Physicians.

Address: 1 Beaumont Square, London E1 4NL, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1273 782982

10. Dr Edward Seaton

Londerma, the London Dermatologist, is a collaboration of skilled Consultant Dermatologists.

Their doctors will always make time for you to fully discuss your concerns. There will never be a rush. They will promise to carefully listen to you and guide and support you through your chosen treatment.

Dr Seaton and Dr Ismail have extensive experience and have worked at prestigious hospitals in London and the United Kingdom.

They are GMC-certified Dermatology Specialists, which means they have received the most advanced professional training available in the UK. He received his dermatology training at Imperial College and University College Hospitals in London.

He earned a DM (similar to a PhD) from Imperial College in London. He worked as a Consultant Dermatologist at the Royal Free Hospital in London for twelve years and as the Clinical Lead of the Royal Free Dermatology Department for seven years.

Also, he is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists and the British Society of Dermatological Surgery, as well as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

Contact: +44 20 3283 8788

Address: 1 Welbeck St, London W1G 0AR, United Kingdom

11. The Marylebone Clinic

The Marylebone Clinic, located on Harley Street in the heart of London, provides patients with access to the expertise of leading Dermatologist, Dr Benedetta Brazzini, who has many years of experience practicing in Italy and the UK.

Personal and consistent care, as well as achieving the best possible outcomes for all of their patients, are top priorities at the Marylebone Clinic.

Dr. Benedetta Brazzini has been consulting in private practice in both Florence and London since 2004, and in May 2008, she began working at the Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals’ Dermatology Department.

She works at Ealing Hospital in West London as an Associate Specialist in Dermatology. Dr. Brazzini provides general dermatology consultations and is an experienced Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatologist with a special interest in aging, Acne, melasma, and acne scarring She has extensive experience with dermal fillers, anti-aging injectables, laser skin disorders treatment, and chemical peels.

She completed her studies at the University of Florence in Italy in 1998. She began her training in Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Florence in 1998 and graduated in 2002, remaining in the department as a researcher until July 2004.

Dr. Brazzini is a member of the International Society of Dermatology, the Women’s Dermatologic Society, and the European Society of Laser and Aesthetic Surgery.

Address: 10 Harley St, London W1G 9PF, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7834 722282

12. Dr Nicola D’ippolito Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. D’ippolito received his initial medical education in Italy and began working for the NHS as a Consultant in 2007.

He is a ‘dual board certified’ dermatologist who holds both the EU and UK equivalent Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training and is listed on the GMC Specialist Register of Dermatology.

His European CCST also includes Venereology, which adds a new dimension to his work with male genital skin problems.

He is a key member of a well-respected team at Frimley Park Hospital, the only hospital in the UK to have received the Care Quality Commission’s Outstanding rating – standards that are upheld through rigorous and regular peer review.

At Frimley Park, he collaborates closely with many specialties (general surgeons, ENT surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists) to develop treatment plans for patients suffering from skin diseases such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

One of his special interests is skin cancer. Dr. D’ippolito is the Director of Skin Cancer Services at Frimley Park Hospital, as well as the Lead Clinician for Male Genital Dermatoses and the Director of Skin Allergy Services (patch test)

Address: 152 Harley St, London W1G 7LH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7809 442942

A final thought on the Dermatologists in London

A healthy skin speaks volume of a person’s general health. It will only be nice to take good care of your skin.

If you are having skin, hair or nail challenges, visit a dermatologist today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the dermatologists in London;

  1. Is it free to see a dermatologist in the UK?

You won’t have to pay for your care, but getting an appointment this way can take a long time.

In London, the waiting list for dermatology appointments can be up to 18 weeks (unless it is for suspected skin cancer), which is a long time if you are in pain or irritated.

  1. So, how much does a Dermatologist visit cost?

In general, an initial consultation with a private Dermatologist in London will cost between £260 and £350, with a follow-up consultation with the same Dermatologist costing between £200 and £240.

  1. . In London, where am i able to find a dermatologist?

Dermatologists in London are often Found

If your GP refers you, you’ll see a dermatologist on the NHS, but you’ll have to wait several weeks for an appointment in London.

You’ll also miss out on some of the additional services available from a private dermatologist, like cosmetic mole removal.


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