10 Best Dermatologists in Tennessee

Dermatology is concerned with conditions affecting your nails, hair, and the lining of your eyelids, nose, and mouth, in addition to your skin.

A dermatologist is a highly trained physician who can help diagnose and treat skin, hair, and nail conditions.

These physicians employ a variety of procedures, treatments, and medications to treat specific skin conditions or to improve the appearance of your skin.


Dermatologists in Tennessee

Here are a few dermatologists and their practice in Tennessee.

  • 1. REN Dermatology and Laser Center

REN Dermatology & Laser Center is a full-service skin care facility in Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee, in the heart of Williamson County.

Its mission is to provide expert dermatologic care to patients in a comfortable and welcoming office setting.

From their lasers and treatment devices to the most recent electronic health record systems and online patient portals, REN Dermatology & Laser Center employs cutting-edge technology.

They accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Aetna, United, Cigna, Humana, TriCare, and Medicare insurances and are in-network with them.

Dr. Jennifer Lee, their medical director, is a board-certified dermatologist and a graduate of Harvard Medical School, as well as a former faculty member at both Harvard and Vanderbilt.

The Division of Dermatology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center named her “Teacher of the Year” in 2013.

Dr. Lee is an expert in cosmetic and laser dermatology, as well as all aspects of general dermatology.

Contact: +1 615-835-3220

Address: 155 Covey Dr #200, Franklin, TN 37067, United States

  • 2. Pinnacle Dermatology- Nashville

Pinnacle Dermatology in Nashville, TN provides medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin care services. The clinic in Nashville.

Same-day appointments for Mohs surgery or Superficial Radiation therapy for skin cancer, treatment of chronic skin conditions, BOTOX®, and other procedures are frequently available.

Dr. Lapinski worked to improve Pinnacle Dermatology’s care by standardizing their patients’ access to surgical and general medical dermatology.

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Pinnacle Dermatology founder Dr. Lapinski laid the groundwork for who they are today thanks to her vision for a dermatology model that provided higher standards of patient care. Dr. Paula Lapinski, a dermatologist, and Mohs surgeon is the proud founder of Pinnacle Dermatology.

Contact: +1 615-352-0011

Address: 24 White Bridge Rd, Nashville, TN 37205, United States

  • 3. Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates

It is the Mid-premier South’s dermatology and skin care clinic, with locations in Germantown, Arlington, and Olive Branch.

Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates, founded in 2008, specializes in Mohs surgery, dermatology, aesthetics, and a variety of other skin care services.

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The American Board of Dermatology has certified Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates. Dr. Purvisha Patel and Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates have been dedicated to providing the best dermatological care to patients in Germantown, TN, Arlington, TN, and Olive Branch, MS since 2008.

Their dermatology experience is complemented by genuine concern for their patients. Their staff is committed to your comfort and prompt attention. Their goal is to assist you in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.

Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates’ mission is to collaborate in order to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in dermatology.

To provide quality care to each patient, Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates employs a skilled team of doctors, nurses, aestheticians, and physician assistants.

Contact: +1 901-759-2322

Address: 7658 Poplar Pike, Germantown, TN 38138, United States

  • 4. Cumberland Skin Surgery & Dermatology – Lebanon

It is the mission of Cumberland Skin Surgery and Dermatology to provide you and your family with comprehensive, quality skincare in a compassionate, comfortable environment.

They are committed to addressing your skincare and aesthetic concerns using best practices and proven state-of-the-art technologies.

Cumberland Skin Surgery and Dermatology doctors are board-certified dermatologists. This means they have completed a three-year residency in Dermatology, focusing solely on skin, hair, and nails, and have passed the American Board of Dermatology’s rigorous two-part exam.

Contact: +1 615-449-5771

Address: 107 Glidepath Way, Lebanon, TN37090, United States

  • 5. East Tennessee Dermatology Group

East Tennessee Dermatology Group serves the greater Knoxville area with comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic skin care.

Its mission is to provide the highest level of medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology to its patients in a professional and caring manner.

They strive to help you achieve your skincare objectives and to exceed your expectations in meeting all of your dermatologic and cosmetic skin care needs.

Contact: 133 Associates Blvd, Alcoa, TN 37701, United States

Address: +1 865-770-3359

  • 6. Franklin Dermatology Group

Franklin Dermatology Group, founded in 1982, was the first in Williamson County to specialize in skin diseases and is now one of the largest independent clinical dermatology practices in Middle Tennessee.

As dermatologic surgeons, their board-certified dermatologists can diagnose and treat all types of growths.

They routinely diagnose skin cancers and treat the vast majority of them ourselves. They can provide you with information on alternative treatments, medications, Mohs surgery, and plastic surgery.

Franklin Dermatology Group is a well-known dermatology practice in Middle Tennessee. Franklin Dermatology Group, founded in 1982, has become known for competent, thorough, and compassionate dermatologic care, Mohs surgery, and aesthetics.

Contact: +1 615-771-1881

Address: 740 Cool Springs Blvd #200, Franklin, TN 37067, United States

  • 7. Stones River Dermatology

Your skin care is Stones River Dermatology and Aesthetics top priority. Dr. Ronald “Junior” Nelson, MD, and his dedicated team of health care professionals are committed to assisting others in achieving optimum skin health by utilizing the most advanced dermatological and aesthetics strategies and treatments available in Middle Tennessee.

One visit to their beautifully decorated, cutting-edge facility in the heart of Murfreesboro’s Medical Gateway or near StoneCrest Hospital in Smyrna, TN will give you the trust you seek in a dermatology and aesthetics provider.

Dr. Ronald “Junior” Nelson and his team of caring professionals provide Stones River Dermatology clients with timely, innovative, comprehensive, and caring dermatology services.

Contact: +1 615-904-2010

Address: 1608 Williams Dr #200, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, United States

  • 8. UT Dermatology

UT Dermatology specializes in skin conditions, diseases, and management. Their doctors have a lot of experience guiding patients through proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Dermatologists at University Clinical Health provide skin treatment and surgery, as well as education on proper skin care and skin disease prevention.

They treat various types of skin cancer, acne, moles, warts, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), skin infections, rashes, and other skin conditions and diseases.

University Clinical Health physicians provide primary and specialty care throughout the Midsouth, from nephrology care in hospitals and dialysis centers to the highest quality family practice, addiction medicine, and dermatology at their own clinical practice offices.

Many of their doctors have received national recognition for their contributions to their fields from publications such as Best Doctors in America® and America’s Top Doctors. Their doctors are all recognized experts in their fields as well as respected educators.

Contact: +1 901-866-8805

Address: 930 Madison Ave # 801, Memphis, TN 38104, United States

  • 9. Nashville Skin: Comprehensive Dermatology Center

Nashville Skin combines integrity, compassion, and excellence to provide its patients with the best experience possible.

Their board-certified dermatologists are always available for your needs, with 5 locations throughout Middle Tennessee. Their physicians have over 150 years of combined experience and are all certified by the American Board of Dermatology and have completed fellowships for sub-specialty training.

They take pride in being professional, approachable, and patient. With 13 dermatologists on staff, they can meet all of your dermatology needs, from skin cancer and Mohs surgery to general dermatology and cosmetic procedures.

Nashville Skin’s professionals all maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay up to date on the most recent advances in dermatology.

Contact: +1 615-327-9797

Address: 397 Wallace Road Building C, Suite 402, Nashville, TN 37211, United States

Conclusion on the Dermatologists in Tennessee

People who do not require hospitalization but cannot be cared for at home use nursing homes.

Nursing home facility nurses are responsible for caring for the medical needs of the patients as well as being in charge of other employees, depending on their rank. Most nursing homes have nursing aides and skilled nurses available 24 hours a day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we will be looking at the answers to the most asked questions about dermatologists in Tennessee;

  1. When should you consult a dermatologist?

If you’re looking for the best time to start seeing a dermatologist, most experts agree that your mid-20s are a good place to start.

It is at this point in your life that your skin begins to show signs of aging and may require a little more assistance than it did previously.

  1. Are dermatologists covered by health insurance?

Even if you have comprehensive medical insurance, there is no guarantee that you will be covered for all dermatological services and procedures. Most medical aid programs do not cover cosmetic or non-essential procedures or services.

  1. Are dermatologists covered by health insurance?

Even if you have comprehensive medical insurance, there is no guarantee that you will be covered for all dermatological services and procedures. Most medical aid programs do not cover cosmetic or non-essential procedures or services.


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