Cost of hair transplant in India

The cost of hair transplant in India ranges from as low as $1,500 to $9,000 depending on various factors that we will explore in this blog post.

Suppose you’re estimating the cost of hair transplants in India, it is essential to note down that it fluctuates, and there is no precise cost.

Again, the cost of a hair transplant in India varies as earlier stated. That is according to the city and the clinic where you do the procedure. You also have to consider the grafts of hair you wish to transplant.

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Some people go for their hair transplant and take a loan because of money constraints or lack of adequate cost information.

Therefore, before you have a substantial cost of hair transplant in India, there are lots of things you must watch out for and decide upon. This article will give you all the information to make your budget achievable.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a medical procedure where a doctor takes hair follicles from one part of the head and implants them where needed.

Also, a plastic surgeon carries out this procedure under local anesthesia. There are different methods of hair transplant: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit strip surgery (FUT).

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This hair transplant method requires the surgeon to shave off the scalp at the back of the head. From there, the surgeon picks out hairs one after another.

They also create tiny holes on the site and implant the follicular units. Generally, the procedure takes seven hours to complete, but the best part is that it does not leave scars.

Follicular Unit Transplant Surgery

This surgery starts with removing a six to ten-inch strip of skin at the back of your head. After that, the doctor will suture back the scalp.

Also, this procedure is done to cover larger areas affected by hair loss. The surgeon divides the hair into grafts before transplanting begins.

Robotic transplant

This procedure is called robotic hair transplant because robots are used to extract hair grafts. Interestingly, robots do accurate jobs and in less time in this procedure.

But during the implant, surgeons take over from the robots and handle the implants themselves.

Follicular Unit Extraction plus Follicular Unit Transplant

This procedure combines FUE and FUT to get a more satisfying result. Here, the process helps to carry larger amounts of grafts in only one procedure to cover the extensive baldness. As it stands, this process helps not to lose the scalp blood supply.

The advantage of combining these methods are:

It allows grafting of at least 6000 hair follicles in a single procedure.

The patient enjoys fuller hair after the surgery.

In cases of a poor donor area, this procedure works best.

Are hair transplants safe?

Generally, hair transplants can be termed safe. That is if it is done by a professional.

However, you must follow it up strictly to avoid extra complications with infection until it’s properly healed.

Who needs a hair transplant?

Hairs beautify and enhance our facial features. Lack of hair can affect your self-confidence and causes you to doubt your look.

Because of this, people opt for hair transplants to help enhance their self-confidence. Most of the time, hair loss, like baldness, causes people to lose their hair. So, when there’s hair loss, people seek out hair transplants as a solution.

Hair transplants in India

Hair transplants in India may be expensive if your pockets are not deep and heavy.

Most people who would love to get a hair transplant in India do not have their wishes met because of the high cost. Moreover, insurance does not cover such a procedure, except if you go for a loan.

For foreign nationals, paying with currencies higher than the Rupee, theirs is an exception. As costly as it is in western hospitals, coming to India for the same procedure makes it less expensive.

Again, hair transplants are mostly priced according to how many grafts you want and per graft contains about three hair follicles. Nevertheless, India remains the best place to get a hair transplant, and the reason is apparent.

But if you do not know, doctors in India, especially surgeons, are blessed with their hands. India has the surgeons and the technical know-how to handle most health issues, and the hair transplant is part of them.

So, though the cost may be so high, this country remains your best bet.

Factors that determine the cost of hair transplant

The cost of a hair transplant supersedes knowing what a clinic charges and the number of grafts you need.

Before you make your final estimate and knock on the doctor’s door, you must have more facts available.

Check out:

  • The experience of the surgeon

Surgeons with decades of experience under their sleeves cost a lot. However, you will get the best out of them, and your recovery is assured.

  • Location of the clinic

Clinics in highbrow areas are more expensive than clinics in rural areas.

  • Technology available

Clinics with high and modern technology charge high treatment costs. Technology makes the job neat and easier, but they are costly to maintain.

  • Type of transplant

Transplants done with a robot will never be in the same cost bracket as the ones done manually.

  • Number of grafts

You can not stress this enough. The bulk of the cost of your transplant tilts to this point. Your graft number takes up a chunk of the cost of your transplant.

What is the cost of a hair transplant in India?

To transplant hairs in India, you must check different clinics and compare their procedure prices per follicle.

Minus your doctor’s consultation fee, after-care, and medications, hair implants cost around 350 dollars ($350). But when you include your doctor’s consultation fee, it increases to about $1,334.

In India, Follicular Unit Stripe costs differently according to the number of grafts.

  • 500 grafts of hair cost about $235
  • 1000 grafts of hair transplant cost about $467
  • 1550 grafts cost about $8000
  • 2000 graft costs about $9000
  • 3000 grafts for hair transplant costs about $1450
  • 4000 grafts cost about $1900

Hair transplant clinics in India

  1. Rejoice
  2. Pioneer
  3. Medispa
  4. Neo Follicle
  5. Bloom
  6. Hair harmony and you
  7. Assure
  8. majestic
  9. Looks Studio
  10. Derma Solutions

Hair transplants by cities

As said before, hair transplant differs according to cities in India. For example, these cities have separate costs for the same procedure.

  1. Noida: 45 rupees per graft
  2. Bhubaneswar: 100 Rupees per graft
  3. Gurgaon: 40 Rupees per graft
  4. Kanpur: 45 Rupees per graft
  5. Jaipur: 40 Rupees per graft

Hair transplant according to hair loss

Before a procedure is done, your surgeon and his team will check for the stage of baldness.

The stage of baldness will determine the number of grafts the surgeon will recommend for you.

The early stages of baldness or hair loss do not cost so much to fix. However, in its late stage, baldness will need a lot of money to transplant hairs all over the head.

  • Grade 1 baldness needs about 800 to 1200 grafts
  • Grade 2 baldness requires 1500 to 1900 grafts
  • Grade 3 baldness may need 1500 to 1900
  • And grade four baldness may require about 2500 grafts
  • Grade 6 baldness can carry about 3000 grafts
  • Grade 7 goes for about 3200 grafts of hair follicles.

FUE advantages

  1. It does not leave scars
  2. Recovery is quick. In 10 days, the patient recovers.

FUE disadvantages

Though follicular unit extraction is the most common type of hair transplant, it has some disadvantages. First and foremost, the procedure requires that you shave your hair before surgery.

Again, you stand a risk of hair follicles damages. Except your surgeon is well experienced, you may run into this risk. It takes a lot of time. Because of the procedure, FUE takes a lot of time.

Advantages of hair transplant

  1. It gives you back your confidence
  2. You have a head full of hair once again
  3. It breaks back your beautiful look

Disadvantages of hair transplant

Hair transplants do go wrong sometimes. And when it happens, it is never a good experience.

Procedures are poorly done, or inadequate after-care could cause infection, crust development, swelling, graft dislodgment, and bleeding.

Conclusion on the cost of hair transplant in India

In conclusion, a hair transplant in India assures you of a good turnout. The reason is that the country has good surgeons and specialists in the medical field.

So, if you doubt yourself because of hair loss, and if you can spare a few thousand to get your hair fixed. Then, pack your bags and be on your way to India.

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