Best Therapists in Columbus

A therapist is someone who provides various forms of therapy. There are different top therapists in Columbus.

Therapists are skilled professionals with training in a variety of fields, including psychology, social work, counseling, life coaching, and others.

They are useful in providing psychological and physical counseling to clients. The term “therapist” refers broadly to practitioners with the education and experience necessary to offer therapy and rehabilitation.

The phrase is frequently used in reference to psychologists, but it can also refer to a wide range of professionals, such as social workers, counselors, life coaches, and many more.

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Your therapist, sometimes referred to as a psychotherapist or counselor, is a crucial member of the team that will help you recover from your mental health problem.

Therapists in Columbus

The following are therapists that are in Columbus.

1. Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy of Greater Columbus

CBT is a psychotherapy approach that concentrates on altering one’s thoughts and behaviors in order to change how one feels.

Studies conducted by Aaron T. Beck and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania helped to substantially verify the overall approach. CBT attempts to correct incorrect perceptions of the self, the future, and the environment.

The interference with one’s ability to recognize the truth of the circumstance brought on by melancholy, anxiety, or other mood states is frequently linked to skewed thinking.

Additionally, deviations from the regular habits, such as participating in fun activities or adhering to a schedule, might diminish the confidence in one’s abilities and their love of life.

Dr. Noam Shpancer, PhD, Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, supervises. Hayfa Bouzouita, a former non-US psychologist who is not currently licensed in Ohio.

Hayfa is a dedicated trilingual child psychology scholar, researcher, and practitioner. Hayfa managed her own practice and worked as a school psychologist in a private school in Tunis, Tunisia, before joining the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

She also worked in psychological associations in Marseille, France. She has worked with patients ranging in age from infants to young adults, assisting them with cross-cultural assimilation, anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues.

Address:4624 Sawmill Rd Columbus, OH 43220

Contact: 614.459.4490.

2. Thriveworks Counseling & Child Therapy Columbus

At Thriveworks, a career is more than just landing a job that pays the bills. It’s about learning to succeed both personally and professionally, getting involved in a community, and helping others.

Their company’s success and the success of the employees are mutually exclusive, in their opinion, and go hand in hand. Their goal is to make people’s lives happier and more prosperous.

To do this, they offer easily accessible and reasonably priced counseling and psychiatry services of the highest caliber.

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Their certified clinicians serve customers around the US both in-person and online and are in-network with major insurance companies.

At Thriveworks, they believe that working with a skilled and caring mental health professional can benefit everyone.

That is why they have created a membership-based practice that is truly tailored to their clients’ needs.

Their providers, who include therapists/counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners, specialize in a variety of counseling approaches, but they will tailor your treatment to your specific preferences and needs.

Thriveworks Counseling & Child Therapy Columbus has trained, experienced therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists who are eager to work with you to achieve your goals for health and well-being. You have the option of working with them in person, online counseling therapy, or telepsychiatry.

Contact: +1 614-739-8926

Address:1890 Northwest Blvd Suite 140, Columbus, OH 43212, United States

3. Open Arms Counseling, LLC.

In response to a need in the neighborhood, Open Arms Counseling, LLC was founded in January 2014.

It was discovered that many residents of the area chose not to seek the assistance they required because they were uneasy about being accepted for who they were.

The creators wanted to make sure that both the clients and the counselors who worked there felt safe and at ease.

At that time, Open Arms Counseling was established. After all, one needs to feel free to be comfortable in order to find recovery. Their goal is to serve the  various populations with the best possible treatment while respecting their individual, spiritual, and cultural uniqueness.

They  accomplish this by providing warm, qualified counselors who use tried-and-true therapeutic techniques to assist clients in reaching their objectives and inspire them to experience personal growth.


Address: 580 S. High Street, Suite 220 Columbus, OH 43215.

4. Focus Counseling Clinic

Their licensed therapists and counselors are dedicated to getting to know their clients deeply and meaningfully while creating a safe and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment.

Focus Counseling takes pride in providing culturally competent and effective care to the diverse population they serve.

Their clinicians come from a variety of cultural, spiritual, and educational backgrounds, allowing us to build empathy with their clients.

They approach counseling with curiosity, allowing you to explore your life’s central concerns as well as the inherent strengths you possess in navigating them.

While they strive to make this process gentle, inviting, and collaborative, they are also committed to challenging you along the way so that you can grow and develop a new awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

At Focus Counseling, they take great satisfaction in offering their diverse clientele excellent care that is culturally competent. Because of the different cultural, spiritual, and educational backgrounds of their doctors, they are able to build sympathetic relationships with their clients.

Because each client is distinct, each person will have a different therapy experience. The premise that each treatment plan is eclectic and will integrate a range of counseling techniques is supported by the substantial training and specialties that their team continues to maintain.

Focus Counseling Clinic’s CEO is Jummy Olawale. She is an energizing speaker, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and podcast host with extensive international and multicultural life experience and education.


Address:1250 Chambers Road, Suite 200.Columbus, Ohio 43212

5. City counseling

Multidisciplinary practice City Counseling: A Home for Growth strives to provide a warm and secure environment for a wide range of clients.

Focus groups have been held for LGB and trans people, trauma survivors, HIV/AIDS, elderly, addiction problems, and couples, among other groups.

Their clinicians have a variety of experiences and areas of expertise, but they all share the desire to provide high-quality, compassionate care to neglected groups. Their skilled and sympathetic therapists are committed to helping a wide range of clients.

They want to provide a warm, secure environment for everyone. This includes being conscious of their privilege, their biases, and how the clients may see them  as a group of white, cisgender people.

Chad Corbley, originally from Illinois, moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University, where Chad earned my M.A. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 2008.

After completing the Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Ohio University Counseling Center, Chad returned to Columbus and began working in private practice, earning the Ohio psychologist license in 2010.

Chad works with individuals, groups, and couples, with a focus on trauma and LGBTQ issues.

In addition to therapeutic practice, Chad have taught psychology courses at OSU and Columbus State Community College, and Chad provide quarterly trainings to new SARNCO volunteers on working with male survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Chad has been volunteering as a Men’s Group facilitator since 2014.

Contact: (614) 468-8184

Address:987 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43206

6. Santel & Kerr, LLC.

The Grandview Heights, Ohio-based Santel & Kerr, LLC was founded to assist their local children, teens, and adults dealing with trauma, loss, and mental health issues.

Santel & Kerr has been designed with professionals who have experience dealing with people of all ages, a variety of psychotherapy modalities, and the strength and compassion to support patients on their journey to recovery and wholeness.

Kristen Santel, LISW-S, and Cheri Kerr, LPCC-S, came up with the idea for Santel & Kerr in 2017, and the business was born.

A clinic with the primary goal of helping individuals who have suffered in this community was established by combining the knowledge of Kristen and Cheri, who have both worked in the mental health area for a combined number of decades.

She is a Licensed Independent Social Worker Supervisor (LISW-S) with the Counselor and Social Worker Board of Ohio, and my work is truly my passion. Cheri works with adults, children, and teens to help them cope with complex and developmental trauma, PTSD, traumatic grief, attachment challenges, relationship issues, and dissociative disorders.

Cheri also has extensive experience working with military personnel, first responders, and victims of recent traumatic events.

As an adoptee, Cheri specializes in working with the adoption and foster care communities, child and adult adoptees, and reparative/developmental attachment in childhood and adulthood.

Contact: 614-972-7928

Address:1385 King Avenue Columbus, OH 43212

7. Jenise Harmon, LISW-S

Jenise Harmon is the owner and operator of New Wings Counseling. Jenise specializes in working with people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and other life issues.

Also, Jenise is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, which assists people in understanding the root of their problems and making lasting changes. Jenise worked in family and individual therapy for over 15 years.

Jenise received a BA in Classical Languages from Luther College in 1998 and an MSW from The Ohio State University in 2004. Jenise’s internship at the Kenyon College Counseling Center was completed. Jenise is a licensed LISW-S in the state of Ohio (Supervising Licensed Independent Social Worker). As a mental health expert, Jenise has been interviewed and cited by both the local newspaper and television.

Contact: +1 614-500-3679

Address: 4701 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43214, United States

8. Holistic Consultation

Holistic Consultation, based in Columbus, Ohio, is the Midwest’s premier holistic mental health counseling practice, with nearly 30 best-in-class therapists offering innovative care in a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment.

Their therapists will help you achieve your goals by providing areas to work on between sessions so that they can make the most of their time together. Ananda understands that seeking assistance can be a leap of faith for many people.

She values and safeguards the trust placed in her by those who choose her to accompany them on their healing journey. She is an intuitive therapist who combines traditional psychotherapy with holistic practices such as breathwork and guided meditation.

Her approach to therapy helps people get unstuck and heal from old wounds. She is a dependable and approachable guide on the path to self-discovery and greater well-being.

She is a professional clinical counselor with a license. She graduated from Cleveland State University with a master’s degree in counseling and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Ananda is a Hatha Yoga instructor with a 200-hour certification.

Contact: +1 614-962-6283

Address: 2060 N High St suite n, Columbus, OH 43201, United States

A final thought about the therapists in Columbus

The best method to control your mental health is through therapy. People engage in psychotherapy, often known as “talk therapy,” when they’re attempting to deal with ongoing or long-standing problems as well as fresh or unexpected challenges in their lives.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below, some of the answers to the most asked questions about the therapists in Columbus;

  1. What is the cost of therapy?

A psychotherapy session will typically cost around $3,000 in the United States. According to a 2019 report by Simple Practice, which manages mental health practice data, the cost of a session ranges between $100 and $200 (depending on the state).

  1. How can I locate a therapist in Ohio?

The Ohio Psychological Association (OPA) offers this service to help you find psychologists* in your area who can provide the services you require.

You will receive a list of psychologists whose self-described services match the needs you specify after submitting the form below.


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