Birth control delivery services

There are different birth control delivery services scattered throughout the world. In this article, the birth control delivery services here are the ones based in the US.

Having safe and affordable access to birth control at the comfort of your home is worthwhile and crucial for individuals’ health and wellness, which is why it’s been so amazing to see improvement from platforms offering birth control delivery services.

These platforms let people digitally consult with licensed physicians, identify the right birth control options for them, and then have them sent directly to their homes without any hassle.

Among the platforms that offer birth control delivery services, most accept major health insurance, meaning the cost is either completely covered or won’t exceed a set copay.

These services also offer reasonable out-of-pocket costs for those who are uninsured. With that in mind, we researched all of the options to find the 10 best birth control delivery services.

From the most convenient to the best option for those starting birth control for the first time and effectiveness in service delivery.

Introduction to birth control delivery services

In previous times, the only way to get birth control was to see your physician before having to pick up what you need from your local drug store. However, this contraception is now available by platforms that offer birth control delivery services.

Through quick online questionnaires to home deliveries, these digital services offer a very convenient and legal way to take control of your body.

In this article, 10 best control delivery services are considered with the links for easy assessment.

Best 10 birth control delivery services of 2022

Below is the list of 10 birth control delivery services you must know. This list is not in the order of ranking.

  • Nurx
  • Lemon-Aid Health
  • Pill Pack
  • Twentyeight Health
  • Pandia Health
  • Hers
  • Maven
  • Prjkt Ruby
  • Simple Health
  • The Pill Club

Nurx among the birth control delivery services

Nurx was founded by Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesæth, the Nurx team is comprised of world-class physicians, business leaders, and industry experts who believe to make healthcare more accessible and simpler for everyone.

birth control delivery services 2021

This platform is rated among the best birth control delivery services of 2021 and offers over 30 brands of birth control pills, including the NuvaRing, patch, shot, and emergency contraception.

They currently only ship to 30 states but offer free delivery and automatic refills. To get a prescription, you can either select the prescription you currently have or get a doctor’s advice on which method might work best for you.

Then you answer a few health questions, the Nurx medical team reviews your request and health history, and a licensed medical provider will write the prescription.

Is as easy as that, soon you’ll have birth control delivery right at your doorstep. They take most insurance (which should knock your cost per month down to $0) but have the option to pay out of pocket as well.

LemonAid Health among the birth control delivery services

Lemonaid Health is a telemedicine platform that uses technology to change the way people interact with health care. It was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Its mission is to bring ultra-low-cost healthcare to everyone in America. They can only achieve this by combining their medical team with great technology, and that’s what during currently.

This online doctor collaborates with pharmacies for seamless delivery of pills. The pill, ring, and patch are the only birth control methods available through Lemonaid Health. They don’t offer emergency contraception.

birth control delivery services

To get your pills, just visit here, select birth control delivery, and answer some questions online.

Then they will set you up with a video visit with a physician, which costs $25. If the physician approves birth control for you, you’ll have a prescription on the same day, and they will set you up for delivery.

Pill Pack among the birth control delivery services

Pill Pack is an online store for all medication needs offered by Amazon Pharmacy. Pill Pack liaises directly with your doctor instead of offering their own medical tests.

This helps you to order your prescribed medicines on time.

Ordering birth control on Pill Pack is easy. You need your list of medications, doctor’s prescription, and contact details, payment method, and address to make an order. You can also get monthly refills with free shipping the choice is yours.

The service is completely free, minus your insurance copay or any out-of-pocket expenses (if applicable) and the cost of any vitamins or over-the-counter medications you choose to add to your delivery.

Twentyeight Health among the birth control delivery services

This platform was founded by Amy Fan and Bruno Van in 2018.

Twentyeight Health is just the right mix of personalized care and convenience. After paying a one-time fee of $20 to fill out a medical questionnaire you are then given the option to get a new prescription filled, have your existing one re-upped, or do a video consultation with one of the company’s board-certified female physicians to discuss your options and go over any questions or concerns you may have.

birth control delivery services

The service accepts both health insurance and Medicaid, meaning you will pay $0 for your birth control unless your plan requires a copay.

For those without insurance, prices start at $16 per pack for pills and $30 for emergency contraception. Refills are automatic, but you can pause or cancel at any time. It offers more than 100 different types of birth control as well as emergency contraception.

Pandia Health among the birth control delivery services

The name Pandia Health comes from the Greek goddess of healing, light, and full moon, Pandia. Pan = every, Dia = day. Pandia Health has you covered every day of the year.

Pandia Health was founded by Dr. Sophia Yen, Perla Ni, and Elliott Blatt with the intention of making women’s lives easier and it is rated among the best birth control delivery services in the United States.

They are on a mission to make sure women never run out of birth control on our watch. Women have better things to do with their time than run to the pharmacy or sit in a doctor’s office to obtain a prescription for birth control.

If you have an existing prescription, all you have to do is provide them with your doctor’s info or current pharmacy and they’ll handle the rest. If you need a prescription, you simply fill out a health form which costs $20 and one of Pandia’s doctors will review it, write your prescription and have it delivered to you.

You will also have to provide your blood pressure, either from a machine or from your latest doctor’s visit, in order to have your prescription filled.

They accept most health insurance, in which case your birth control would have no copay, but for those without insurance, prices start at $15 per pill pack.

Hers among the birth control delivery services

This is among the birth control delivery services of 2021 where you can choose between 13 different common, generic types of birth control pills and each one is labeled with some of the benefits it offers along with reduced pregnancy risk.

They don’t accept any insurance but instead, plans start as low as $12 per month. You can either go with a pill you’ve already been taking or consult with their independent physician for a recommendation, but both require an online medical evaluation and a new prescription from a Hers doc.

However, they offer other services outside of birth control delivery services.

Maven among the birth control delivery services

This is among the best online doctors of 2021 founded in 2014 by Kate Ryder, Maven is the most comprehensive platform of its kind, providing critical support across fertility, pregnancy, adoption, parenting, and pediatrics and also offering birth control delivery services.

Since its launch, they’ve helped millions of women and families navigate their health by putting them at the center of care where they belong.

Maven believes that healthcare is for everyone it’s a necessity, not a luxury. With more than 1,400 providers, you can make virtual appointments, get help through a personal concierge, and receive every type of care imaginable.

To figure out exactly what you need, all you do is video chat with an expert from the comfort of your own home. Your birth control pills (or any other medications) are then sent to your local pharmacy, ready for pickup is as simple as that.

Prjkt Ruby among the birth control delivery services

For each month of oral contraceptives purchased through PRJKT RUBY a donation of 25 cents will be made to support access to contraception for women.

In the developing world, this is accomplished via Population Services International (PSI), a tax-exempt, nonprofit global health organization. Methods of contraception may include oral contraceptives, injectables, implants, IUD’s or emergency contraceptives.

They offer 12 different oral contraception types and the Ella emergency contraception, delivering it to your home.

You can create an account on their platform and find the contraception you are looking for. Fill up a simple form online for medical assessment before you can place your order. You may also require to have a video call with a physician based on your form.

It offers one of the best birth control delivery services of 2021.

Simple Health among the birth control delivery services

Simple Health offers a doctor’s assistance while choosing the best type of birth control for you. You can begin ordering your birth control supply from the age of 13 (based on state law) and get the products delivered to your doorstep.

birth control delivery services

As the name implies, Simple Health makes getting birth control “simple.” The company offers the pill, patch, or ring, so a doctor can prescribe the safest and most effective birth control to suit you.

You can also set automatic refills and cancel at any time. Simple Health also offers a general awareness blog that explores all areas of birth control.

Simple Health is available in 32 states and is covered by most health insurance providers. The annual fee is roughly $20 for the initial consultation, as well as ongoing support and monthly plans start at about $15 if you are paying out-of-pocket. Otherwise, the medication is more than likely covered by your insurance plan.

The Pill Club among the birth control delivery services

They offer birth control delivery services. The Pill Club offers over 100 different birth control brands and their generics, as well as the Annovera ring, emergency contraception (the morning-after pill), and the FC2 Female Condom.

Easy to use, you answer some health questions and the medical team reviews your answers before recommending the right birth control for you. You’ll be kept updated via text message, and if you’re approved, you will receive a birth control prescription.

You will have to pay about $15 for your health answers to be reviewed, and then you can pay out-of-pocket for The Pill Club (starting at roughly $9 per month).

Otherwise, the medication is covered by most major healthcare providers. Some health insurers insist on copay, but The Pill Club can tell you whether this is required before you commit. The Pill Club prescribes to 43 states and ships to all 50.

The platforms among the birth control delivery services listed above are worthwhile in the 2021 ranking. You are advised to make your individual research through the links provided to know the perfect platform that suites your needs.


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