7 Best online breastfeeding courses

Are there online breastfeeding courses? For new moms and those who care for them, there are several online breastfeeding courses available.


No guidebook comes with being a mother. Everyone who gives birth needs help, especially when it comes to nursing.

It is quite unlikely that you would consider hiring a lactation consultant until you have already given birth to your child and are unsure of what to do with a newborn infant and find yourself at your wits’ end.


Also, it might be helpful to learn as much as you can about breastfeeding before your baby is born. There are breastfeeding classes accessible online, and it is a good idea to take advantage of these opportunities.

Attending breastfeeding classes may provide you with a sense of support, teach you things that you might not already know (which, to be honest, is probably a lot), and ultimately make things simpler for you.

Breastfeeding is a commitment that you must make. There is nothing shameful about acknowledging that you might use some assistance to get through challenging circumstances.

Include participating in some of these online breastfeeding classes on the list of activities you are already doing online, such as buying groceries, laughing at amusing memes, and designing the nursery décor on your Pinterest board.


Online breastfeeding courses

You may learn all you need to know about nipples, latches, and letdowns, as well as other aspects of breastfeeding, by enrolling in one of the following institutions’ online breastfeeding courses before the birth of your child.

  1. Milkology’s Ultimate Breastfeeding Class 

Milkology was established by a woman called Stacey Stewart, who is a registered lactation instructor. In addition to giving birth to three of her children, Stacey has taught a large number of other mothers the advantages and methods of nursing their infants.

She is aware that it is not always simple, and that most first-time mothers are unable to do everything by themselves.

Furthermore, the thirteen video lessons presented here start with an explanation of the constituent parts of breast milk and progress through the process of lactation, the most effective strategies for successful breastfeeding, methods for determining whether or not your supply is sufficient, and strategies for overcoming any difficulties you might face along the way.

The films come with three additional resources: a manual for resolving common issues, a condensed summary of the information, and an electronic book.

After registering, you will always have access to the course materials and will be able to move through them at your leisure.

Because it only takes around 90 minutes to finish, the course that Stewart devised is ideal for new mothers who are organizing the nursery, establishing a registry, and ruminating over baby names but also want to learn more about nursing. And considering all that you’ll pick up from it, the price of $29 is a deal in my book.

  1. Breastfeeding Made Easy with Milky Mama’s 101

Working with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is considered the gold standard when it comes to the process of learning how to nurse a child. These medical experts are well-versed in any information about nursing and breast milk.

They have received specialized training that enables them to identify (and find solutions to) typical problems that arise for mothers who are nursing and to instruct new mothers on the appropriate procedures.

One of these breast milk whisperers is Krystal Duhaney of Milky Mama. She has the credentials of a certified nurse as well as a lactation consultant (and breastfed her kids, too). She teaches her students how to appropriately establish their expectations for breastfeeding, how to properly prepare for breastfeeding, and how to troubleshoot supply concerns as part of her Breastfeeding 101 course.

There is a private Facebook community where you may get additional assistance, recommendations, and troubleshooting from your “breast buddies/friends,” as well as Duhaney’s teaching materials,” for as low as $27.

Imagine if you end up falling in love with Krystal’s approach. If this is the case, you may even purchase at her online store, which is stocked with a wide variety of products, including lactation teas and cookies, herbal supplements to promote milk production, and nursing equipment.

  1. New Mom Collective’s Guide to Breastfeeding in Its Pure Form

The goal of every class offered here is to educate new mothers on various aspects of nursing. Nevertheless, in their Simply Breastfeeding online course, trained nurses and IBCLCs Cindy Leclerc and Jana Stockham emphasize comfort and confidence above all else they provide.

Leclerc and Stockham comfort mothers about some of the most common fears and issues associated with nursing during 14 video modules:

  • Putting an end to a torturous latch
  • How to determine if your child has consumed enough amount of milk
  • Make yourself as comfortable as possible over the many hours of breastfeeding around the clock

They will instruct you on how to cope with the most frequent breastfeeding issues, as well as how to determine when your problem has become too difficult for you to handle on your own (i.e. Breastfeeding support is there when you need it most).

The class has a fee of around $40 to enroll in it. You are paying for a large amount of experience since the teachers claim to have assisted more than 30,000 families in adjusting to life with a newborn during their careers.

Once you have made the purchase, you will have access to the class indefinitely, and there is a money-back guarantee for the first thirty days.

  1. Milkology’s Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class

Although you are already quite familiar with Milkology’s Ultimate Nursing Class, we felt it was vital to bring your attention to their specialized pumping class because we know that pumping is a reality for a large number of breastfeeding mothers.

The reality is that some mothers are unable to successfully breastfeed their babies straight from their breasts:

  • Their infants experience problems with the latching process.
  • Their breast anatomy is lopsided and uneven.

Because of medical issues affecting either the mother or the child, nursing can be an excruciatingly unpleasant experience and may even be impossible in certain cases.

As a result of the fact that Stacey Stewart is aware of the particular difficulties that arise when a mother chooses to pump exclusively rather than breastfeed or bottle-feed her child, this course is an absolute godsend for mothers who find themselves in this predicament. Pumping is analogous to breastfeeding and bottle feeding in that it is taxing.

Stewart offers advice that, if followed, will make the undertaking a little less of an all-consuming nightmare. He does it without passing judgment and provides a wealth of information regarding milk storage and time management.

The seminars offered by Milkology are a veritable treasure trove, and they only cost $29, which is less than the price of a full tank of petrol.

This session covers a significant void in the world, as the vast majority of breastfeeding workshops do not go into depth about pumping, much alone exclusively pumping.

  1. Tinyhood

As we’ve gone along, we’ve covered a lot of the difficulties that come with nursing, and all of these classes guide how to deal with a lot of the typical problems that crop up in the first few weeks and months of breastfeeding.

Tinyhood divides its breastfeeding courses into bite-sized modules that focus on overcoming breastfeeding challenges one at a time. However, if you want to get more in-depth information, Tinyhood can help.

Also, Tinyhood offers several alternatives for nursing, such as “How to Tell If Your Baby is Getting Enough Milk,” “Common Breastfeeding Challenges: Sore Nipples, Clogged Ducts, and Engorgement,” and “Storage and Use of Breast Milk in the Making of a Stash.”

In addition, there are a few courses of the 101 variety that teach the fundamentals in their entirety, as well as another course that focuses on improving your milk production. Each one is comprised of numerous brief films that are delivered by an IBCLC, allowing you to delve deeply into the topic without wasting hours upon hours of your time.

Tinyhood’s courses typically cost around $40 apiece, which we believe is a bit pricey considering the information covered and the resources provided, however during this period, the company is providing all of their breastfeeding lessons at no cost.

  1. Lactation Link

Because it was established by Lindsey Shipley, who is not only a nurse but also a birthing educator, an IBCLC, and a mother, you can rest assured that it will be of high quality. There are a few different classes that can be taken online, including one that is completely free and consists of six emails that cover the most important information that you will need to know.

However, the Breastfeeding Basics course is the one that we recommend taking because it covers a variety of topics.

During the seventy-minute workshop, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the breast structure, the components that makeup breastmilk, and the numerous advantages of skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding.

You will learn how to properly care for your baby’s nipple, as well as how to express breast milk, position your baby for optimal latching, and more.

A combination of photographs and videos, as well as guidance on when and how to acquire the additional help you require, are included in this resource.

The Breastfeeding Basics class comes in at around $97, placing it in the upper end of the price range for online breastfeeding classes. However, because the material covered is extensive, the instructor, Shipley, has a wealth of experience, and the feedback from previous purchasers has been overwhelmingly positive, the price tag may be justified.

  1. Medela

You might not have the time to finish an online course that lasts for hours, or you might be a mother for the second time around who is expecting to have a more positive experience with nursing than you had the first time around. In any case, the brief video lessons that are available via Medela University may quickly get you up to speed.

As the manufacturer of some of the most well-known items for nursing, including bottles, nipples, breast pumps, and accessories, Medela is well aware of the requirements that are necessary for effective breastfeeding by mothers.

Their short movies (each one lasts around ten to fifteen minutes), which are aimed to advise on how to improve breastfeeding, are intended for anybody interested in the topic, not just mothers. Whether you’re a new father wanting to help support your wife or a new grandparent wondering why it takes your grandbaby so long to finish a feeding, you may have a better understanding of the process by watching these movies, which are both straightforward and short.

About twenty-five dollars is required to join Medela University, but you can spend as much time as you like to view and learn from the videos (or even watch them out of order). It’s the ideal class for nursing novices to take, given by the foremost breastfeeding experts in the world.

FAQs about online breastfeeding courses

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about online breastfeeding courses;

  • Online Breastfeeding Courses: What Do They Entail?

You can learn all you need to know about breastfeeding from the comfort of your own home using a computer (or tablet or smartphone), including how to increase your supply of breast milk, how to pump it, and how to achieve a good latch, and how to express it.

They are often taught by somebody who has previous expertise assisting new mothers in learning how to breastfeed, such as a nurse practitioner or a lactation consultant. You need to pay a nominal price to have access to the course materials. After doing so, you are free to proceed at your own pace through the various sessions.

  • When Is the Right Time to Start Using Breastfeeding Courses Online?

The third trimester is the ideal time to sign up for a session that will teach you how to breastfeed. Any earlier than that, and the knowledge might not still be enough fresh in your mind for you to retain it once your kid is born.

If postponing the beginning of your labor to the end of your second trimester helps you feel more at ease and reduces your anxiety about entering preterm labor, you should do so.

  • What is the Price Range for the Courses?

There is a wide range of prices, with some classes costing less than about $10 and others costing over $40 or more.

Even though there is an expenditure involved with many online courses, it may be significantly less expensive than attending classes in person. The price of attending a class in person can range anywhere from around $60 to $200.

  • What Are the Advantages of Taking a Breastfeeding Class Online?
  1. Improving and preserving the quantity of your breast milk
  2. Several different positions for breastfeeding, along with the appropriate times and techniques for each one
  3. How to read your baby’s feeding cues and determine if he or she is getting enough milk
  4. Problems that are common to breastfeeding, such as tongue ties and difficulty latching
  5. Common medical issues, including thrush, mastitis, and clogged ducts, may all be treated.
  6. A healthy diet and enough calorie consumption when nursing
  7. Breastfeeding that is risk-free (i.e. rooming-in, co-sleeping, medication use)
  8. Use of a breast pump for either additional or exclusive pumping of the breasts
  • Would my health insurance pay for an online breastfeeding class?

It is less clear if the same is true for online courses, however many in-person breastfeeding programs are covered by insurance.

Although they are still a relatively new choice, there is a noticeable increase in demand for them.

You may also be eligible to obtain reimbursement from your health spending account in certain circumstances as well (HSA). In any case, you need to verify with your particular insurance carrier to see whether or not the fees are entirely or partially covered by the plan you have.

Conclusion on online breastfeeding courses

One of the most frequent challenges that first-time parents experience is figuring out how to successfully breastfeed their infant.

There are a lot of resources available to you that can help you find out how to make it work, such as enrolling in an online breastfeeding course via one of the organizations that were named above.


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