3 year Medical Degree in the UK

There is a lot to learn about the 3 year Medical Degree in the UK. The field of medicine goes beyond just attaining a degree and then proceeding to practice. This is so because people are trained in this field to handle the most priceless gift on earth; Life.

They take care and promote the health of people and have to be done with so much care and attention while rendering their services; some people say it’s not merely a job, they say it’s a calling or vocation.

For this reason, medical doctors take their time in studying properly. For instance, someone in the medical field of neurology spends about 7-8 years in total studying before they can become a full-fledged medical practitioner.

There are lots of institutions in the UK offering degrees in medicine on various levels. The question is which level you had like to attain? These levels are met within various requirements. Obtaining a degree in medicine takes about 4 years to attain, this is after the individual must have attained a high school degree with relevant courses offered.

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The next stage is to go for the residency program which takes about two years to complete. For one to be able to go for the residency program, you must have obtained a degree in medicine or are still in the process as the case may be.

In essence,  there are various degrees in medicine with different duration to acquire them, it’s about choice and sustainability.

For instance, it takes about 3-4 years to study in some medical specializations such as physiotherapy in the UK Medical schools offer medical courses four (Fast track Medi6-year degree) or 6-year programs.

Medical schools in the UK house some of the best Medical universities in the world. With the 33 undergraduate medical universities in the UK running courses on a full-time basis belong to the Medical Schools Council in the United Kingdom. Although, admission requirements into medical university in the UK differs for the different universities.


All About the 3-Year Medical Degree in the UK

Just as the name implies, the 3 Year medical degree offers a medical degree in three years. This can be likened to an accelerated course and the scheme of work is taught to students in completion within a lesser period as against the normal undergraduate medicine degree which takes 4 years to complete before going for the residency program.

The 3 year medical degree in the UK was designed for individuals who are already certain about the field of medicine they had like to practice; hence, no need for some elective courses like is done in the usual undergraduate medicine degree setting.

Some of such medical schools in the UK include the University of Durham in affiliation with the University of Newcastle.

Students who must have had experience in medicine through volunteering, or even gone through the normal 4 years medical undergraduate system are better fit for the 3 year medical degree in the UK. It also includes aspiring medical practitioners who have ascertained the field and career they had like to practice. Students admitted into the 3 year UK medicine degree are most times already familiar with medical terrain.

A three-year medical degree program in UK Mostly centers on a specific field of medicine. Unlike the normal undergraduate degree where courses in various fields are taught and include more electives, the three-year medical degree focuses on the field and offers only related courses strictly that they can garner the knowledge in completion.

Enrolling in the 3 Year Medical Degree in the UK

Students who wish to become doctors as soon as possible and are highly qualified for medical school admission and who must have performed excellently in their academics during the premed examination can go through this means to earn their medical degree in three years rather than spending four under the normal undergraduate settings.

This will make for the possibility of saving a year’s school fees, time, and other expenses that will be made in the process of acquiring the degree.

As been emphasized, students applying for this unique degree are individuals who are certain about the field of medicine they had like to practice.

Hence, It is made for goal-driven, resilient, talented, and mentally tough individuals who are ready to go through the rigors of learning in a fast-paced environment and even at a cheaper price than the usual undergraduate medical 4 years degree.

The leaders and stakeholders in charge of the admission and even the residency program have decided the personality of students who can maximize this program to also accelerate their medical profession.

Students who are confused even though intelligent might be unable to explore and know their strengths, hence, for students who haven’t ascertained their desired field of practice should enroll in the four year medical undergraduate course so that they can explore more options while offering various electives from various fields.

Like in the UK, to enroll in the 3 year medical degree in USA, it is needed for the student to have acquired a high school certificate or GED, then such an individual should be knowledgeable about the field. This knowledge can be acquired through premed school, volunteering experienced even working as an auxiliary medical practitioner.

The outside knowledge before enrolling in the school most times serves as the foundation in which the student decides on their field of study.

Commonly, students of medicine in the UK get enrolled in a three-year medical program at a university after their admission to the school of medicine.

This background knowledge in the medical field helps them scale through the process. While. Some universities permit their medical students to transfer from the four-year program to the three-year program after their admission into the university.

Some Reasons for the Creation of the 3 Year Medical Degree

In the UK, there has been needing for an accelerated medical degree owing to various factors. With the consistency of the 33medical schools in the UK, there has been the need to create more accelerated schools offering a 3Years medical degree.

The following factors are responsible for the creation of the 3-year medical degree in the UK; they include:

  • The Need for Increased Medical Professionals: There is an increased need for professional medical practitioners in some fields in hospitals. Also, there are some communities that experience a shortage of doctors; this poses life threats to residents of such communities. The three-year medical degree allows for more professional doctors to be produced into society so that they can meet the need for more doctors for that patients. This also solves challenges of under-staffing in hospitals which in turn improves the health sector of the society and the medical undeserving areas
  • For Saving Time: A year is a big deal for individuals in careers. Some individuals are already experienced in the medical field and just want to expand their knowledge in other fields. While some are advanced in terms of their age and need the degree as soon as possible for professional practice; this 3 Years design enables this set of individuals to acquire the required knowledge to practice as soon as possible and advance their careers in their chosen field of medicine.
  • The Design of Focus: The three-year Medical Degree allows for students to focus solely on their chosen field of practice. This increases the acquisition of in-depth knowledge in the field of medicine as undergraduates. Not just that, it also staves off little knowledge here and there, this makes one focus on the dreams of practice in medicine, instead of offering courses from various fields before narrowing down to a field, it gives this straightforward plan and focuses on acquiring knowledge.

Pros and Cons of the 3 Year Medical Degree in the UK

The are some advantageous sides to acquiring the 3-year medical degree in the UK, even though the design of learning is a little different from the norms of acquiring an undergraduate 4 years medical degree.

The design of the 3 years medical degree in the UK is set at a faster pace than the already sharp speed of a standard medical scheme of work.

This makes for the economy of time for the student and even the society in enjoying the value of a professional medical practitioner.

On the other hand, students who are not resilient, determined, and mentally capable cannot handle the workload and stress of the design, as they are given lesser holidays than the usual 4-year degree and even have to complete their syllabus within a shorter while.

John R. Raymond Sr., president, and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin noted that it takes an exceptionally motivated and organized student to go through a three-year medical degree.

In addition, is the ability of some students in the three-year programs might be unable to partake in extracurricular activities like their counterparts in the 4-year degree course. This is because of the demands f energy, time, and resources that are being compounded into a lesser year.

Even as they obtain the medical degree in a lesser period of time, students with a three-year medical degree are able to save money from a year of tuition and living expenses. They also get to save themselves a year with no salary or allowance.

This helps students who aren’t buoyant enough for four years to get a degree and an opportunity to fuel their careers. On the other hand, it might be of disadvantage to a student who had like to take on part-time jobs as they can’t make extra cash for themselves while schooling because of the remand of time.

The ease and guarantee of admission into the residency program can assist students to not stress themselves about the competition of gaining acceptance for the residency program as is inherent in the students during the final year of their medical undergraduate school.

Coming from another angle is the fact some students in this three-year medical degree in the UK stress if the field of study doesn’t have a ubiquitous suitable organization for their residency program; this tends to pose worries to students as it might hinder the furtherance of their study within a set time frame.

A final thought about the 3 year Medical Degree in the UK

The three year medical degree in the UK is an educational program in medicine to help reduce the duration of learning and to input more medical practitioners in the health sector of society, especially in areas where there is a shortage of health practitioners.

This Design does not undermine the scheme of work or curriculum of study for the students as they still cover up their work schedule, and gain knowledge and practice when necessary just like the undergraduate 4-year degree program. This is achieved through short holidays and longer periods of learning for students in the 3 year medical degree in the UK.

The Pros and Cons should be considered when deciding to go in for a three-year medical degree in the UK. This should be so that you can know how well you will fit and get mentally prepared for the acquisition of the degree through accelerated means.

Also, the three-year medical degree might differ, since each is formulated to serve a certain goal. For instance, the three-year medical program for students in orthopedic will be different from the design of the rural family care physicians, hence it is pertinent for students who want to become doctors in various fields of medicine to research thoroughly and compare their options.

Students in the UK who want to study through a three-year degree in medicine have to ensure that they have the mental stamina, zeal, time, energy, resources, and dedication to give while the process of studying.

This is to ensure that excellence is achieved while studying, which in turn will allow the students to garner adequate knowledge for practice when they start attending to patients as professionals.

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