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Cosmetologists perform treatments, apply products, and provide advice and counsel on hair, skin, and nail care. “Cosmetology” is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of beauty services and specialties, many of which can be considered specialized careers in their own right.

Obtaining a license as a cosmetologist allows you to provide a variety of services to clients. Cosmetology school prepares students with talent and a passion for the beauty industry to work as professional stylists, skin care specialists, barbers, or nail tech gurus.

How to Choose a Cosmetology School

The first step in selecting a cosmetology school is to research your state’s requirements. The last thing you want to do is finish a cosmetology program that does not meet the licensing requirements. Then conduct your research. Look for schools that have:

  • State approval for post-graduation licensure
  • Strong, specific recommendations from current and former students
  • As a career goal, you should pursue a concentration in the specialty that interests you.
  • High rates of graduation
  • A strong career-development program
  • Strong ties to the surrounding community, including salons, spas, medical facilities, and other businesses where your services will be required.
  • While some cosmetology schools may allow you to fulfill some of your academic requirements through online learning, much of the training is hands-on and must be completed in person in order to pass the practical portion of the board exams.

If you plan to attend significant portions of your schooling online, you can be confident that your online training will be comparable to that of on-campus schools. Check with your state to ensure that online training meets their requirements.

How to Get Licensed and Launch Your Career

You must be licensed in all states; individual state boards issue those licenses. The licensing requirements for training processes and hours vary by state. Some, but not all, states permit you to participate in an apprenticeship program in place of some training hours.

Keep in mind that the majority of states that permit this tradeoff require more apprenticeship hours than traditional training hours.

Finally, you must pass an examination, which may include written or academic tests, hands-on performance tests, or a combination of the two.

To keep your license, some states will require you to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education. To become a “master cosmetologist,” you’ll need at least a year of experience, some additional education credits (which vary by state), and another licensure exam.

Cosmetology Schools in New Hampshire

Here are the cosmetology schools in new Hampshire

  •  Keene Beauty Academy

Their Cosmetology Program at Keene Beauty Academy consists of 1,500 hours of study. With 30 hours of class time per week, you can finish the course in about 13 to 15 months.

The curriculum consists of a combination of classroom studies and hands-on training in their active student clinic. Students also benefit from guest speakers, technical demonstrations, and numerous small workshops.

This program’s goal is to develop knowledge, skills, and talent in all aspects of cosmetology. Keene beauty Academy strive to best prepare their students for long-term careers.

Students who complete this program can further their education and expand their career opportunities by transferring 150 hours into the Esthetics Program.

Their program has been accredited by NACCAS (The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences) and is approved by the New Hampshire State Board (as well as states with reciprocal agreements such as Vermont and Massachusetts) and the United States Department of Education.

Address: 800 Park Ave, Keene, NH 03431, United States

Contact: +1 603-357-3736

  •  New England School of Hair Design

A small cosmetology school that has been in business for (nearly) 40 years, is well connected, and is well respected in the industry, has many advantages over larger, more impersonal institutions.

Their goal is to provide their students with the knowledge and skills needed to work as qualified and productive cosmetologists.

This goal is not met when a graduate simply passes their licensing exam. Their goal will be met only when their graduate experiences job satisfaction and professional growth.

Cosmetology is a unique industry in which very specific business skills are required for success. These abilities are neither intuitive nor common in other areas of personal service.

New England School of Hair Design is one of only a few schools that offers the Nuts and Bolts business training program. As a salon and Cosmetology School owner and manager since 1976, Gary Trottier promises that the Nuts and Bolts Business Training Program develops the absolute best skill set to make you a business success.

The Salon at New England School of Hair Design is where students provide guests with 5-star service. New England School of Hair Design has already had over 5,000 visitors. You will attract even more clients who will follow you to your first job, giving you a head start on building a successful clientele.

Address: 12 Interchange Drive, West Lebanon, NH 03784, United States

Contact: +1 603-298-5199

  •  Empire Beauty Schools

Empire Beauty Schools has been a pioneer in cosmetology, esthetics, and barbering education since 1964. Begin your path to your ideal job today! Their three locations all have flexible schedules. Scholarships and financial aid are available.

Empire Beauty Schools’ cosmetology program offers hands-on training that is simple to learn. Your unique creativity combined with Empire Beauty Schools’ 50+ years of stylist education is a winning combination for success in the beauty industry.

Pivot Point is the global leader in Cosmetology education, and they are honored to be named a Pivot Point Legacy School. An iPad is included with your Cosmetology Kit to enhance your learning experience and eliminate bulky books.

Address: 1328 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, NH 03106, United States

Contact: +1 603 506 6025,  603 743 2224


Though the cost of cosmetology school varies, most programs are less than $10,000. In comparison, two-year community college educations cost an average of $3,243 per year for resident students ($6,486 total) and $9,037 per year for in-state students (over $36,000 total).

Students, on the other hand, can frequently obtain government loans to cover the costs—but only if the school is accredited.

The New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics regulates licensing. They require at least 1,500 hours of training, as well as passing scores on a written and skills exam. A $30 licensing fee is required when you obtain your first license.

In New Hampshire, cosmetology license renewal occurs every two years in the licensee’s birth month. You must have submitted your renewal application by the last day of the month in which you were born.

The renewal fee for a beauty practitioner’s license is $40. Currently, cosmetology instructors must complete 28 hours of continuing education during each licensure period. Though most other beauty practitioners’ licenses do not require continuing education, cosmetology CEUs are always recommended to stay current in the industry.

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