7 Most popular Dermatologists in Texas

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An expert in diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, hair, and nails is a dermatologist. The delicate tissue that lines your nose, mouth, and eyelids is known as mucous membranes, and they also treat diseases that damage it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are 44 million annual consultations with dermatologists.

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Some of the primary reasons for these consultations are: acne, skin rashes, pigmentation, or skin lesions

A dermatologist can assist in identifying the warning signs and symptoms of major underlying health problems in addition to these medical and aesthetic problems.

For instance, the symptoms of a disorder like diabetes might affect the way your skin looks. A dermatologist might be the first medical professional to notice the symptoms.


Dermatologists in Texas

This article will focus on the dermatologist in Texas.

  1. Serenity Dermatology

Serenity Dermatology & Laser provides concierge-level care in a professional, personalized setting. Individualized care and direct time with the physician, they believe, are critical components in developing a comprehensive skin care plan that allows your natural beauty to shine through.

They offer a wide range of dermatology services in a personalized and private setting. Dr. Thompson performs a full range of cosmetic procedures including Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau neurotoxins, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, and Bellafill fillers, Kybella, chemical peels, microneedling, PRP, and dermal thread lifts.

Dr. Thompson can use a variety of machines to perform various procedures on the skin, hair, and body, such as Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, and CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing, IPL treatments, and CryoSculpting, Radiofrequency, and Ultrasound body sculpting and slimming.

He has extensive experience diagnosing and treating medical issues such as acne, rashes, pigmentation, itching, scars, moles, warts, skin tags, skin cancer, and dermatitis.

Whether you’re looking for individual procedures or comprehensive packages, we can help you find the ideal skin care regimen to keep you looking and feeling your best! Dr. Thompson prioritizes one-on-one individualized care.

Dr. Thompson will discuss the various options with you prior to any procedure and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your care. They are determined to make your office a better place to work by providing superior, patient-centered attention to detail.

Address: 1917 Broadway Avenue J, Galveston, TX 77550, United States

Contact: +1 409-996-9159

  1. Janice Rollefson Chang, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist Janice Rollefson Chang, MD, FAAD Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Janice Rollefson Chang, MD, practices dermatology in Texas City and Clear Lake. Dr. Chang treats psoriasis, acne, shingles, and other skin conditions.

Also, Dr. Janice Rollefson Chang is a Board-Certified.

Dr. Janice Rollefson Chang grew up in Arkansas but moved to Houston for her undergraduate studies at Rice University.

In 1989, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in biology. She began her medical education in Arkansas before transferring to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where she graduated with honors and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Scholastic Honorary in 1992.

Dr. Chang then completed an internship and residency at Baylor College of Medicine. She is a member of the Houston Dermatological Society, the Texas Dermatological Society, the American Academy of Dermatology, as well as the American Board of Dermatology. Dr. Chang has worked with Dr. Terry Williams since 1998.

Address: 17300 El Camino Real #103, Houston, TX 77058, United States

Contact: +1 281-480-7546

  1. Bayou City Dermatology

Bayou City designed its full-service dermatology clinics with the patient in mind, creating a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Their patients love the personal, intimate atmosphere that fosters comfort, trust, and confidence in their care.

For treatment, their staff considers the entire picture, analyzing the unique factors that contribute to each patient’s complexion. At Bayou City Dermatology, they strive to provide only the best dermatology treatments possible while also providing the convenience and quality of service that you expect.

Their patients know they can entrust them with their time, health, and appearance. Their practice has been one of the most trusted cosmetic and medical dermatology options in the region since its inception.

They are dedicated to providing excellent service and offering cutting-edge products and treatments that balance innovation and dependability, distinguishing them from the competition. Their staff and board-certified dermatologists are compassionate and highly qualified to guide you through your cosmetic or medical journey from beginning to end.

Bayou City Dermatology has created the ideal environment for you and your skin to flourish. They offer expert skincare and other non-surgical treatments to help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

They are also available to assist with any medical skin condition that may arise, ranging from acne to skin cancer. Karan K. Sra, M.D. FAAD is the founder of Bayou City Dermatology and a board-certified dermatologist.

Dr. Sra was born and raised in the great state of Texas, and she attended Jersey Village High School in Northwest Houston.

Address: 202 N Texas Avenue Suite 300, Webster, TX77598, United States

Contact: +1 346-406-1846

  1. UTMB Health Dermatology

UTMB Health provides innovative, compassionate care that is nationally recognized. We follow the Best Care philosophy, which means that UTMB is dedicated to ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care.

The dermatology clinic’s mission is to serve you and your family by providing the highest standard of care in a friendly and comfortable setting.

They are proud of their long history of providing outstanding care to Texans and patients from neighboring states.

Their physicians, nurses, and staff are committed to providing patients with prompt, attentive, and courteous care. Their faculty members are skilled in using and providing the most up-to-date diagnostic methods and treatments because they are part of an academic medical center that trains other physicians and medical students.

Address: 2660 Gulf Freeway South Entrance A, Suite 14, League City, TX77573, United States

Contact: +1 832-505-3376

  1. Houston Skin Associates

Houston Skin Associates is a prominent medical and cosmetic dermatology practice serving the communities of Museum District, Houston, and Pearland, Texas.

The dermatologists’ highly trained team welcomes patients in to receive the most recent medical and cosmetic skin treatments and products available, as well as to improve or maintain their overall skin health.

Patients who have new or worsening skin irritation or other symptoms visit Houston Skin Associates on a regular basis.

Acne, rosacea, cold sores, eczema, shingles, and psoriasis are just a few of the conditions that the team can accurately diagnose. They can also perform Mohs surgery on moles and other growths to diagnose skin cancer.

At Houston Skin Associates, each patient receives an individualized care plan for their condition. Aside from prescription medications and helpful home care tips, the Houston Skin Associates team offers a variety of in-office treatments and therapies to address skin conditions or hair loss.

Address: 1401 Binz St Suite 200, Houston, TX 77004, United States

Contact: +1 346-570-0566

  1. Daniel Carrasco

Daniel A. Carrasco, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist with extensive experience in New York City.

Dr. Carrasco was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where he graduated with honors in biology from St. Mary’s University. Dr. Carrasco completed an internship in Internal Medicine in Houston, TX after graduating from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

Dr. Carrasco accepted a position as a dermatopharmacology clinical fellow at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston after completing his internship.

He was then recruited to complete a fellowship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, where he oversaw the clinical trials unit in the Department of Dermatology. Dr. Carrasco went on to complete his dermatology residency training at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital. He was a co-investigator in over 50 clinical trials during his fellowships and residency.

Dr. Carrasco also presented 12 posters at the American Academy of Dermatology, published over 25 scientific manuscripts in medical journals, and wrote three book chapters during this time period.

He was named chief resident during his senior year of training after receiving a Resident Educational Award from the Dermatology Foundation during his second year of residency.

Address: 3705 Medical Pkwy Ste 340, Austin, TX 78705, United States

Contact: +1 512-454-3781

  1. Stone Oak Dermatology Linda J. Banta, MD

They provide superior medical and cosmetic care for both men and women and have over 25 years of experience.

Also, they provide comprehensive care, including skin cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment of all medical and cosmetic conditions. Their highly trained aesthetic team takes pride in offering personalized consultations and treatments.

Dr. Banta is a certified expert injector who personally performs all injections. Dr. Banta received a B.A. degree in chemistry/biology/German from the University of Texas at Austin.

She joined the military and attended the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences School of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland. She worked as an emergency medicine doctor in Pensacola and Bethesda after completing her internship in Pensacola, FL.

Address: 109 Gallery Cir #135, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States

Contact: +1 210-494-0504

Conclusion on the Dermatologists in Texas

Get a yearly skin check-up from a dermatologist if you have skin that may be skin cancer-prone. The dermatologist will carefully examine your skin during this session to look for skin cancer warning signals.

Ask your primary care physician for advice if you’re not sure whether you require a yearly skin examination.

A dermatologist can help identify and treat any skin or hair conditions that are troubling you.

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