What to Look for When Choosing a Care Facility

Everyone wishes to live in their homes for as long as possible and enjoy much more freedom and independence.

However, adults who require support with day-to-day activities like housework, cooking, getting out and about, and cleaning, may want to consider living in a home care facility. Most care facilities offer a wide range of support services, allowing you to decide how much support to organize for your elderly loved one.

However, not all nursing homes are the same since some are better than others. Choosing from the many different care facilities available can be overwhelming, which is why it’s critically important to choose an adult family home from a reputable and trusted in-home care company like Longhouse that offers comprehensive memory care services and the comfort of a real home.

This ensures your loved one gets the best-personalized care and thrives with maximum independence. To help you find suitable alternative living arrangements for your elderly loved one, here are a few things to look for when choosing a home care facility:


1. Proximity and Flexible Visitation

The first thing you may want to consider when choosing a suitable home care facility for a senior loved one is its proximity to your home. Choosing a facility closer to your home can make visitations easier for you and allow you to participate in the home’s family council and care planning sessions. Apart from the facility’s proximity, you should also ensure they have a flexible visitation schedule, so you can regularly visit your loved one to check on their welfare.

This is especially crucial since isolation can often be a serious health hazard for your loved one. Ensure the facility you choose lets residents see their loved ones and inquire if in-person visits are allowed and under what circumstances. You may also want to find out if the facility’s staff can schedule video calls for your loved one whenever you’d want to communicate with them online.

2. Safe and Welcoming Atmosphere

Besides the aesthetics of the buildings, common places, and courtyards, you may also want to pay a visit to all the other units. Check the condition of the rooms designated for short-term rehab stays and long-term care.

Be sure to check signs of wear and tear, like worn linens or frayed carpets, which could present discomfort or hazards for the residents. Check to ensure fire exit doors and extinguishers are in place and a well-thought-out plan for evacuating residents in an emergency. This will ensure you choose a facility with welcoming and nicely maintained units, from the equipment to the furnishings.

3. Adequate staffing

Another crucial consideration when choosing a home care facility for a loved one is adequate staffing. The facility’s staff should include many professionals, in-house or those who frequently visit the facility. The facility’s care team should include registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, wound care specialists, physical therapists, and family counselors to ensure your loved one receives the best care.


While there are many assisted living facilities, looking for the qualities listed above in a nursing home can help you find a place where your loved one can get the best care and support to enhance their quality of life and safety.

It’s also best to include your loved one in the selection process to make them feel confident and comfortable with the facility you settle on.

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