Top Cosmetology Schools in Boston 2023

The study of skin, hair, and nails, as well as their treatment, falls under the purview of this scientific discipline. Cosmetology has grown in popularity as the beauty industry has evolved in recent years.

A cosmetologist can improve a client’s appearance with a variety of treatments. The treatments improve skin quality, reduce wrinkles, remove body hair, reduce dark spots, and improve hair texture and color.

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, cosmetology is the field for you. Furthermore, your education can have an impact on someone’s life because beauty is more than just cuts and styles—it’s about making people feel their best.


Cosmetology Schools in Boston Overview

Cosmetology school can set you on the path to a rewarding career. A cosmetologist’s annual salary ranges between $35,500 and $60,000, depending on several factors such as education, experience, and geographic location.

While the job outlook for cosmetology is favorable, these schools also teach business skills such as promotion, business management, and marketing. More than 800,000 cosmetology graduates are starting new careers in the beauty and fashion industries today, and the number is growing.

Choosing a cosmetology school is a difficult decision. Find a school that will provide you with the education you require while also being enjoyable to attend.

First and foremost, the school must be accredited. If in doubt, seek advice from the State Board of Cosmetology. The school must be recognized by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences after accreditation. Your schedule will determine whether you study full-time, part-time, or in the evening.

You must also consider the type of program in which you are interested. For example, you could attend a cosmetology school that focuses on hair and makeup, or a cosmetology school that focuses on hair, makeup, and skincare.

Tuition costs vary from school to school. The average fee is around $15,000. If a school charges more than $40,000, you should look into other, less expensive cosmetology schools.

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If you live in a major city, you will most likely have access to numerous schools. Choose whether you want to live close to your school or commute. Make sure your class is in the right location if you don’t want to travel far. If you don’t mind the long commute, you should consider transportation costs as well.

Some schools will only provide you with hands-on experience, while others will provide you with a portfolio as well as textbook experience.

Cosmetology Schools in Boston

Examine TripAdvisor and Google reviews. You should look at the school’s alumni to see if they were satisfied with their experience. Here are a few Cosmetology schools in Boston.

1. Jupiter Beauty Academy

Jupiter Beauty Academy courses of study have been specifically designed to help you receive the highest quality educational training possible.

Hair Design, Facial Technology, Nail Technology, and Massage Therapy academic and practical courses are designed to produce successful graduates.

Their mission is to teach and train each individual student who enrolls in the Academy in the art and sciences of cosmetology technology and massage therapy, as well as to develop techniques that will improve his or her skills in their industry.

Also, their commitment and dedication to the industry enable them to provide you with the skills required to pass the state board exam or apply for the state license, whichever is applicable, and confidently work in the salon industry.

They believe that your eagerness to learn, combined with Jupiter Beauty Academy’s training program, will yield a fruitful and rewarding experience.

The Cosmetology 1000 course prepares students to work in the fields of Cosmetology, Skincare, and/or Nail care by teaching them manicuring, hair removal, facials, and skincare, hair beautification, haircutting, chemical application-perm, foiling, highlights, and more.

In general, a Cosmetology certificate allows you to provide services such as shampooing, cutting, coloring, styling hair, massaging, and treating the scalp. Careers in Cosmetology: The Department of Labor and Statistics defines a variety of career options for Cosmetology program graduates upon licensure.

Opportunities exist for Barbers, Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists. He/she could “Provide beauty services such as shampooing, hair cutting, coloring, and styling, as well as scalp massage and treatment. Apply makeup, dress wigs, remove hair, and offer nail and skin care services.”

Contact: 617-288-1811

Address: 95 Freeport Street Suite 2nd & 3rd Floor, Boston, MA, 02122

2. Empire Beauty School

The fun and interactive classes at Empire Beauty School are taught by trained and licensed beauty educators.

Their school has a student salon/clinic where you will work on real clients while learning how to build your own clientele.

If you want a career that allows you to be creative, flexible, and make others feel more beautiful, the world of beauty is the place to be. The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) holds Empire Beauty Schools to a higher standard of quality than non-accredited schools.

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Empire Beauty School has been teaching future beauty professionals the art of cosmetology since 1934. Empire Beauty School continues to provide high-quality education and training to future beauty professionals for rewarding careers in the beauty industry from its home office in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Every Empire Beauty School employee’s goal is to help students through every stage of their education, graduation, and career placement. Providing opportunities for others and maintaining educational excellence has been a cornerstone of the company since its inception.

Empire Beauty School welcomes students with a sense of style, a commitment to learning, and a desire to help others.

Since 1934, their dedicated professional instructors have continued to provide future beauty professionals with the highest quality education and training. At Empire Beauty School, they strive to help students at every stage of their education, including graduation and job placement.

You’ll discover exciting future opportunities like working for major beauty companies or becoming a salon owner while attending their classes and working in their student salon environment.

Stylists trained at Empire Beauty School help people look and feel good while building an exclusive clientele in their own communities. As you learn basic, contemporary, and advanced cosmetic techniques, your sense of style will blossom.

Contact: +1 857-491-4718

Address: 30 West St, Boston, MA 02111, United States

3. East Boston Beauty Academy

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration of Cosmetology and Barbering licenses and registers New England Hair Academy, which is located north of Boston, and it is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Their goal is to educate and prepare men and women with little or no experience in the fields of barbering, cosmetology, and manicuring so that they can find work in the hair and beauty industry.

The mission of New England Hair Academy is to provide the highest quality educational services while also preparing graduates to work professionally in the hair and beauty industry.

They are constantly studying and evaluating student outcomes and institutional goal achievement, and they use this information to improve their efforts for their students, staff, employers, and the community. Their 1000-Hour Cosmetology program can assist you in pursuing a rewarding and exciting career in cosmetology.

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Their well-rounded program includes comprehensive cosmetology training as well as a solid foundation in business and ethics.

After finishing the program, you will be ready to take the Massachusetts state board examination. At New England Hair Academy, they strive to provide you with the career-focused skills you need to start your cosmetology career right away.

Their classes combine theory and hands-on training, as well as time in their full-service student salon.

Contact: +1 617-569-2590

Address: 4 Neptune Rd, Boston, MA 02128, United States

Conclusion on the Cosmetology Schools in Boston

The field of cosmetology is constantly changing and looking for qualified individuals who not only have talent but also strong professional skills.

A cosmetology education can be difficult at times. The key is to maintain a positive attitude while taking advantage of every opportunity to express yourself creatively. You might be able to recreate the beautiful looks you’ve seen on Pinterest.

The real challenge, however, begins when you are asked to create styles and looks that are outside of your comfort zone.

This is not a field you should enter on the spur of the moment. Cosmetology schools are expensive, and they require a lot of hard work—only your enthusiasm for the industry will keep you going.

Before enrolling, consider whether this is what you want. If you can answer this question without hesitation, you are in the right school. You could work as an esthetician, makeup artist, hairstylist, or nail technician after graduating from cosmetology school.

You could also do research or teach. There are numerous opportunities in this field, including salons, spas, resorts, and cruise ships.

So, whatever career path you choose, a cosmetology degree will prepare you for success. Finally, cosmetology is a never-ending career. Beauty experts will always be in demand as long as these cosmetology schools exist.


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