Top Therapists in Maine

It does not matter how long or severe you’ve struggled or how old you are; help can come your way through the therapists in Maine. And, oh, help from these therapists is affordable for everyone and effective.

People struggle with anxiety, depression, severe to mild disorders, addictions, disabilities, illnesses, and other very challenging situations.

Aside from medication, therapy has been the saving grace for people going through these situations, and opting for therapy is always the right step in the right direction.

Perhaps you wonder if one type of therapy solves all these struggles for different people. The answer is no, and there are therapists for every struggle, all qualified in their separate fields to professionally help their patients until they become the best version of themselves.

Who is a therapist?

A therapist is a trained professional who treats people through therapy and helps them to overcome complex issues and situations.

Before you become a therapist, you must have a license to practice from that state and the body governing the therapists association.

More so, they have their specialized way of helping their patients and may achieve this with the joint effort of other professionals.

Ways therapists help their patients

Therapists help their patients in so many ways. However, therapists provide treatments according to their patient’s struggles since all patients struggle differently.

However, there are general methods every therapist has in their arsenal that have been very effective for every patient. The technique is counseling. Counseling, among other treatment activities, has proven to be very effective and achieve targeted results.

Additionally, counseling comes in different stages, and they all serve unique purposes in the journey of healing or recovery.

Therapists can use the humanistic counseling approach, psychodynamic, or behavioral counseling.

Psychodynamic counseling works more in the patient’s mind and helps unlock the problem’s subconscious root cause. It takes the patient back to childhood and early days of life to know if something once buried in the mind is the actual reason for the behavior.

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The humanistic approach targets the human side of the patient and runs with the theory that the problem may be born from how the patient experienced life’s events. These experiences may have shaped or formed the bedrock of the current issue at hand.

Behavioral counseling touches on the past and present environment of the patient. The cause of the issue at hand may result from picked-up behaviors or lifestyles on the grounds of doing life.

Types of therapists

There’s no one size fits all therapist known to man. They all have where they specialize in and issues they treat. Some of the known types of therapists are

  1. Occupational therapists
  2. Marriage therapists
  3. Speech and language therapists
  4. Physical therapists
  5. Mental health therapists
  6. Vocational therapists
  7. Vestibular and balance therapists
  8. Psychotherapists

Reasons for consulting with a therapist

People seek the services of therapists for various reasons. Therapists treat according to their patient’s diagnosis and presenting and underlying symptoms.

Even patients with the same struggles may present different degrees of symptoms and behaviors, so therapists treat each patient individually before moving toward a group activity.

  1. Some of the reasons why people consult with therapists include
  2. An eating disorder like anorexia, pica, sugar cravings
  3. Alcohol addiction
  4. Drug and substance abuse
  5. Anxiety disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)
  6. Mental illnesses like suicide, depression, self-inflicted harm, Post Partum Depression
  7. Physical and non-physical disabilities like autism,
  8. Relationship and marriage crises like domestic violence, neglect
  9. Educational crises like dyslexia
  10. Trauma like rape, kidnapping, trafficking, molestation, drowning, traumatic accident experience, traumatic childbirth
  11. A sleeping disorder like severe insomnia, sleep apnoea

How to choose a good therapist

After making up your mind that you need a therapist, the next high hurdle to scale through is how to find an excellent therapist.

Therapists are meant to gently guide patients through counseling sessions, medications, and targeted activities until the patient achieves recovery or new status of well-being and adaptability.

However, finding such a therapist may be tricky because everyone portrays themselves as professionals until it’s time to do the job.

In that case, there are some tried and proven ways to get a good therapist for your struggles.


Some therapists may come off as handling several contrasting cases, but they can not be compared to therapists specializing in treating one issue.

Specialists are more coordinated and organized in their work because they dedicate all their time and effort to solving just one problem.

You are in safer hands with a specialist than with a general practitioner as a patient. So, as you seek out a therapist, go for one that specializes in your area of need.

License and certificates

Therapists with the proper license and certificates show that they went through the appropriate routes to qualify for a therapist position.

Also, these therapists periodically take exams to defend their licenses and certificates and ensure they are up to date in their professions.

The license also regulates how they carry out their jobs and ensures that they do not go against the rules and ethics of therapy.


Your therapist must have flexible and friendly schedules. Also, your therapist should be approachable and ready to see you in emergencies. Booking therapy sessions that are not comfortable for you and your schedules will not be the best for you.


We need to place more emphasis on the personality of the therapist. Appearance may not matter, but your therapist must exude a tremendous and comfortable personality for patients to feel free to speak.

Therapists must be friendly, compassionate, and kind to their patients without making them feel inadequate, judged, or uncomfortable.


Where you go for your therapy sessions matters a great deal. For starters, some therapists run online sessions, phone conversation sessions, walk-in office sessions, or even home services.

You can decide on the kind of environment that makes you comfortable and secure and stick to it. So, if you live in Maine or its environment, these therapists in Maine offer their professional services to their patients in different environment settings.

List of Therapists in Maine

See below;

  • Manifest counseling services LLC

The services you can get from this facility include counseling for adults, marriage therapy, couple counseling, and family therapy. You can walk in for your therapy sessions or use the teletherapy option.

Address: 825 Main St, Suite 3, Westbrook, ME 04092, United States

Phone Number: +12074803491


  • Thriveworks Counseling Portland

Thriveworks has its patients in mind regarding affordability and therapy options while building its services. You can use the online services or book an in-person session if that makes you comfortable, and Thriveworks offer mental health therapy sessions.

Address: 550 Forest Ave Suite 201, Portland, ME 04101, United States

Phone Number: +12079947555


  • Waters Edge Therapy

Waters Edge has a team focused on bringing mental health solutions to their patients with kindness and compassion.

Address: 325 D Kennedy Memorial Dr, Benton, ME 04901, United States

Phone Number: +12076160499


  • Touchstone Psychotherapy Associates

Touchstone comprises a group of seven expert therapists that provide services for families, children, and adults. Your children will receive compassionate care in the cause of having their therapy sessions in this facility.

Address: 225 Commercial St 300, Portland, ME 04101, United States

Phone Number: +12077617783


  • Bayside Psychology

This is another excellent therapy place in Maine, offering outstanding services for couples, teens, adults, and family therapy and psychological evaluation for people living in Maine and its environment.

Address: 40 Forest Falls Dr., Suite 3, Yarmouth, ME 04096, United States

Phone Number: +12074644080



To summarize, therapy can be the gateway to a better quality of life. Seeking therapy early can lead to quick recovery and helps people to avoid causing severe damage that may become almost irreversible.

This is why you can assess different specialist therapists quickly in Maine because, as professionals, they understand the need for a healthy mind and life in totality.

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