Great Rehabilitation centers in Pretoria

The rehabilitation centers in Pretoria are where people can seek treatment for a variety of issues, some of which are physical in nature, while others are the result of substance abuse or mental illness.

Rehabilitation centers are used not only to treat drug addicts but also to treat depression caused by socioeconomic factors.

A facility or clinic where people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs are treated, Issues such as low income and unemployment can lead to mental illness, according to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.

Also, Rehabilitation enables children, adults, or older people to be as independent as possible in daily activities and to participate in education, work, recreation, and meaningful life roles such as family caregiving.

An estimated 2.4 billion people worldwide are currently living with a health condition that would benefit from rehabilitation.

The global demand for rehabilitation is expected to rise due to changes in population health and demographics. People are living longer lives, but with more chronic diseases and disabilities. There is currently a major unmet need for rehabilitation.

As a result, this article compiled important information on the rehabilitation centers in Pretoria to check in with.

Rehabilitation Centers in Pretoria

Below is the list of the top Rehabilitation centers in Pretoria;

1. Crossroads Recovery Centre

Crossroads Recovery Centre is a private alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in Gauteng, South Africa.

Crossroads Recovery Centre 12 Step treatment facilities in Pretoria and Johannesburg provide individualized recovery solutions for people who are struggling under the weight of their addictions. They provide expert, professional addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as physical addictions to food, sex, and gambling.

The road to recovery is not always easy, but getting the best care from the team at Crossroads Recovery Centres provides you with a road map to sober, healthy living. No matter how bad things appear, there is always hope, and it is only a phone call away.

2. Second Chance Recovery Centre

At Second Chance Recovery Centre (SCRC), they believe that everyone deserves a fresh start in life.

They believe that breaking free from the scourge of substance abuse is never too late. Individuals can recover from substance abuse in an enabling environment provided by the organization.

Second Chance Recovery Centre is fully committed to assisting individuals throughout their recovery process. Tshwane’s best and most effective drug rehabilitation facility.

It also ensures the well-being of all in-house service users and prepares all in-house service users for reintegration back into society. They also repair and maintain their service users’ relationships with the patient families and friends and motivate service users to become better individuals who strive to be the best they can be.

Second Chance Recovery Centre provides relevant life and vocational skills to help service users reintegrate into society.

3. justrehab

Justrehab rehabilitation center is dedicated to helping all who come through their doors realize and achieve their full potential by providing a comprehensive and integrated rehabilitation service.

It provides interdisciplinary expertise in acute functional rehabilitation and has teams dedicated to their spinal, neuro, pediatric, and outpatient units.

The rehabilitation center’s goal is to return their patients to their communities as independent as possible based on their abilities and injury. Rehabilitation is a critical component of their patient’s recovery.

It is important to note, however, that changes and improvements in function will not occur all at once. Rehabilitation is a never-ending process. justrehab provides acute functional rehabilitation with interdisciplinary expertise.

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, rehabilitation doctors (including orthopedic surgeons and neurologists), social workers, speech therapists, and experienced professional nurses comprise their interdisciplinary team.

4. Lynnmed Clinic – Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Hospital

Lynnmed is a 28-bed Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Hospital with 8 Frail Care beds (also known as Step Down Clinics). The facility is registered with the BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa – the organization in charge of issuing practice numbers) and is inspected by the Gauteng Department of Health on an annual basis.

They practice number enables them to obtain admission authorization from the medical aid, which results in payment by the medical aid.

As a small facility, Lynnmed Clinic – Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation Hospital provides multidisciplinary personal nursing care. At all of their locations, La Vie Care provides a caring and controlled environment. Individual patients are treated and monitored based on their specific needs.

5. Stabilis (“Staanvas”) Treatment Center

Stabilis is a registered treatment center for the treatment of substance addicts and their supporting systems, with the goal of restoring joy of life through the development of alternative lifestyles free of addictive substances.

They have had more than 50 Golden Years of Rehabilitation Treatment since 1962. The center is a descendant of the well-known Staanvas Center. Stabilis has expanded Staanvas’ activities, It grew to the point where it had to relocate to its current location in 1995, which is housed in a purpose-built complex of buildings.

The center is located in Pretoria’s quiet Moot neighborhood, with easy access to the N1 and N4 highways, bus routes, taxis, and churches.

Stabilis is one of the few treatment centers in South Africa that can provide full multidimensional treatment services to its service users and their families; as a result, the various interventions provided include a full multidisciplinary treatment team.

The preceding ensures that dual diagnosis (a substance problem and a psychiatric disorder) are effectively treated concurrently during the treatment process. Stabilis is the preferred facility for the treatment of the substance-addicted person, for reintroducing zest into the lives of this individual and his/her related family.

6. Clearview Clinic

Clearview Clinic is a private residential drug and alcohol recovery facility that provides a safe haven from alcohol and other addictive drugs. Clearview Clinic provides you with a golden opportunity to enter sober living.

It is located on the outskirts of Pretoria in lush subtropical gardens. Clearview Clinic provides a comprehensive short and long-term treatment program for adolescents (boys 12-18) and adults. Clearview Clinic is fully licensed by the South African Department of Health and Social Development.

Their rehabilitation program is revolutionary because it is based on the integrative approach to addiction. The internationally recognized 12-step treatment model is integrated with narrative cognitive behavioral therapy and a didactic (educational) approach as the primary treatment approach.

They challenge the consumption culture and encourage clients to write their own successful life stories. They strive to be the most effective benchmark in the field of alcohol and drug rehabilitation in South Africa and throughout the world and to provide a comprehensive, internationally recognized evidence-based treatment program.

Clearview Clinic creates a welcoming, non-discriminatory therapeutic environment that encourages healing and recovery, raises awareness, and provides ongoing professional service and support.

7. Cornerstone Wellness Centre

Cornerstone Wellness Centre opened in 2018 with the goal of providing a multidisciplinary approach to individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction.

The center currently has 15 male beds. Cornerstone Wellness Centre adheres to a multifaceted Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment program.

They do more than just DETOX; they work on the MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Cornerstone Wellness Centre is a holistic treatment facility for alcohol, prescription, and narcotic drug addiction.

Their one-of-a-kind approach, which includes intensive, one-on-one attention, ensures that the residents leave the Wellness Centre with the confidence and skills to live their lives to the fullest.

Cornerstone Wellness Centre is a rehabilitation center that instills family values, promotes teamwork, and, most importantly, is guided by God. Cornerstone Wellness Centre is a drug-free environment, and they do not use drugs to help the patient overcome their addiction.

8. Living Waters Aqua Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre

In 2009, Christel Botes began teaching aquatic exercise classes in a rented pool. The primary goal was to exercise in the water at first, but it quickly became clear that there was a huge need to refine these classes to smaller classes with more specific diagnoses, short-term goals, and outcomes.

Christel Botes earned her Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Certification (ATRIC) in 2013 after attending a conference and passing an exam in Houston, Texas. She is an active SAWFA member (SA Water Fitness Association).

They establish the Living Waters Aqua Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre with the financial assistance and engineering skills of her supportive husband Jan.

The center’s main goal and focus is cost-effective treatment and rehabilitation for clients with short-term and long-term rehabilitation needs – following surgery and unexpected illness. Jan and Christel Botes purchased another aquatic center in Pretoria-North in 2018.

Christel and Nicolene Holtzhauzen have collaborated to expand the services provided since 2012. Nicolene Holtzhauzen launched a “Learn-To-Swim” program for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults at the Pretoria-North pool in 2019.

Their passion at Living Waters Aquatics is to share movement and rehabilitation in the soothing support of warm water with people. Under the supervision of their professionally trained staff, pain-free supportive exercises and rehabilitation are possible.

9. Theresa Swart Occupational therapists

Theresa Swart Occupational therapists are passionate about people and strive to improve people’s quality of life, they are occupational therapists with over 40 years of combined experience working with people of all ages, stages of life, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

It is committed to assisting clients in regaining their independence and confidence following injury or illness while maintaining dignity and respect. They believe in taking a holistic approach that is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Theresa Swart Occupational therapists provide Individual care for levels of independence in ADL and home safety evaluations, environmental adaptations, assistive device recommendations, and sourcing, and pre-and post-operative support/return to home are all services they can provide. Intergenerational gardening groups, art and craft groups, social outings, and music or dance groups are examples of group care that focus on community engagement.

10. Mudita Cara Pretoria

They specialize in all aspects of substance use disorder treatment at Mudita Cara, including Twelve Step Facilitation in a serene setting with a caring and compassionate approach.

Jaco Coetzee founded Mudita Cara in 2017. Jaco got clean 7 years ago and continues to live a life of recovery, serving as an inspiration to all who hear his story.

Mudita Cara provides a secure, ethical, and compassionate environment for their clients to heal. Opening their addiction treatment center reduced harm not only in the lives of clients suffering from substance use disorder but also in the lives of their families.

They’ve learned over the years that, while the symptoms of addiction may be similar, we’re all unique.

People, in their experience, require a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. They assist their clients in discovering and accepting who they truly are, allowing true change to occur for their clients and their families.

Addiction affects all aspects of a person, and their approach at Mudita Cara is to focus on their clients’ physical, emotional, and psychological well-being in a holistic, tailored-to-each-client manner.

A final thought about the Rehabilitation centers in Pretoria

Rehabilitation allows a child, adult, or elderly person to be as self-sufficient as possible in daily activities and to actively engage in education, work, recreation, and meaningful life roles such as caring for family members.

This is actually achieved by addressing underlying conditions (such as pain) and improving an individual’s cognitive living, thereby assisting them in overcoming difficulties with thinking, seeing, hearing, communicating, eating, or moving around.

Anyone may require rehabilitation at some point in their lives, whether as a result of an injury, surgery, disease, or illness or because their functioning has deteriorated with age, hence the need for a rehabilitation center and that is why the list above has been put together to make the search for rehabilitation centers in Pretoria easy and possible.

FAQs on Rehabilitation centers in Pretoria

Below are the answers to the most asked questions about the Rehabilitation centers in Pretoria;

  1. Who requires rehabilitation?

Anyone may require rehabilitation at some point in their lives, whether as a result of an injury, surgery, disease, or illness, or because their functioning has deteriorated with age. Here are some examples of rehabilitation: Exercises to improve speech, language, and communication following a brain injury.

  1. What exactly is the purpose of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is care that can help you regain, maintain, or improve daily living abilities. These abilities could be physical, mental, or cognitive in nature (thinking and learning). You may have lost them as a result of a disease or injury, or as a result of medical treatment.

  1. What services does a rehabilitation center provide?

Rehabilitation services assist people in returning to a normal or near-normal life. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive therapy, and mental health rehabilitation services are examples of these services.


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