Writing as a Tool to Deal with Stress in Medical School: What’s The Key?

Students in medical school have high-stress levels, which can adversely affect their mental health. Stress is inevitable in college as you get separated from family and face academic pressure, work deadlines, competition, and mismanagement of time. 

This is when you start looking for effective ways to combat stress and reduce anxiety. Writing is an effective way to deal with stress and heal emotions. It negatively impacts your academic performance, and you cannot focus on your studies. You can use writing to prioritize your daily tasks and live stress-free lives.


Think better and regain energy

Free writing is simply pouring down your emotions and feelings on a page. It helps you to express yourself openly without any hesitation. Writing can be enlightening as you openly vent out your true emotions and feelings and share your thoughts in a diary or journal.

You must make a habit of releasing your feelings instead of holding them back. This way, you’ll realize what your true feelings are. When you get the free space to vent out negative emotions without being judged, it will have a positive impact, and you will feel better. It will enhance your learning abilities and improve your performance in your studies while you are in college.

Stress relief through writing

Medical students face high levels of psychological distress that cause depression, suicidal ideation, and poor academic performance while pursuing education. In their college years, they have to do a lot of subjects to learn and study to stay ahead of the competition. Writing assignments or reports is a tedious task that can cause stress during exam days. To avoid it, you can assign your work to lab report writing services by EduBirdie. Let an expert handle your assignments, and be sure of the high-quality work that you truly deserve.

Release trauma

If you have experienced trauma or violence in the past years or had a bad childhood memory, you might have serious problems like aggression, lack of focus, isolation, and regression. You suffer many serious learning disabilities that hamper your academic performance.

Writing can be your tool to cope with stress and share your real experience about a situation or an unforgettable bad memory that has had a long-lasting impact on your mind. When you pen down your feelings, it eases your mind and gives you a relaxed feeling. It helps to overcome fear and realize that the adversity of the traumatic events you have faced is a thing of the past.

It helps to stay positive

Being a medical student, your college studies are bound to be difficult. You are overburdened with many subjects to cover to get a good score. This can build your anxiety levels as you aim to get a top score. A journal or a diary in hand that includes information about all your important tasks and dates shall make your life, and it helps to maintain a balance between college and personal life.

While writing, you tend to think freely about the situations that trigger you the most. Once identified, you can have positive thoughts as writing refreshes your mind from within.

It makes you mentally strong

Writing down is a good way to improve your mood as it helps you to fight off negative thoughts and feelings. Getting an opportunity to do self-talk is an effective way to control your behavior as you confess your troubles and struggles. You can write about the times or days that made you feel low or less motivated.

Accepting your weaknesses and concerns makes you emotionally strong. Expressive writing gives you inner strength and helps you to grow as a mature person. A diary in college can be your lifelong companion that knows everything about you that remains confidential and safe with you.

It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Writing a journal or diary before you sleep is the best way to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Once it becomes a habit, it will improve your sleep cycle and let you enjoy a good sleep and wake up fresh. Writing at night makes you feel calm and relaxed and experience peaceful sleep.

A healthy lifestyle is vital for mental growth and wellness. Writing your daily emotions gives you a boost of positive energy to restart fresh in the morning. On being regular, you will experience a state of overall emotional well-being.


Dealing with stress can be a challenging task for you in college, but keeping a journal can help you to improve your life and set you free from all chaos. Make express writing your daily exercise and cleanse your body, mind and soul.

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