Top Private Hospitals in Adelaide

Private Hospitals in Adelaide are worth knowing, owing to the fact that they contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare service delivery.

Adelaide is South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital, housing over a nmillion population. Its ring of parkland on the River Torrens is home to renowned museums such as the Art Gallery of South Australia.

If you want to go to the hospital, navigating the distinct additives of Australia’s Healthcare System can be hard and puzzling.

However, below, you can find the comprehensive list of the top private hospitals in Adelaide Australia for easy access.

Top Private Hospitals In Adelaide

Wait no more! let us dive into the private hospitals in Adelaide;

  • North Eastern Community Hospital

Address580 Lower North East Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074, Australia

Tel: (08) 8366 8111

Website: click here

Fax: (08) 8365 1139

Email: [email protected]

  • Burnside War Memorial Hospital

Address: 120 Kensington Road Toorak Gardens, SA

Tel: (08) 8202 7222

Year of establishmemnt: 1944

Website: visit here

  • The Memorial Hospital

Address: Pennington Terrace North Adelaide, SA

Tel: (08) 8366 3800

  • Kahlyn Day Centre

Address40 Briant Rd, Magill SA 5072, Australia

Phone+61 8 8130 4700

website: Click Here

  • Adelaide Clinic

Address: 33 Park Terrace Gilberton, SA

Tel: (08) 8269 8100

  • Noarlunga Private Hospital

Address30 Alexander Kelly Dr, Noarlunga Centre SA 5168, Australia

Tel: (08) 8384 9372

  • Hartley Dialysis Centre

Address: 15-17 Hartley Road Brighton, SA

Tel: (08) 8177 3000

  • Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital

Address: 13 Dunrobin Road Hove, SA

Tel: (08) 8298 4299

  • Flinders Private Hospital

Address: 1 Flinders Drive Bedford Park, SA

Tel: (08) 8275 3333

  • Hamilton House Day Surgery

Address: 470 Goodwood Road Cumberland Park, SA

Tel: (08) 8272 6666

  • Calvary Central district Hospital

Address: 25-37 Jarvis Road Elizabeth Vale, SA 5112

  • Modbury Dialysis Clinic

Address: 97-99 Smart Road Modbury, SA Australia

Tel: (08) 8296 8992

  • Paynehame Dialysis Centre

Address: 2 Portrush Road Payneham, SA

Tel: (08) 8336 4933

  • North Adelaide Day Surgery Centre

Address: 174 Ward Street North Adelaide, SA

Tel: (08) 8239 0115

  • St Andrewàs Hospital

Address: 350 South Terrace Adelaide, SA 5000

  • Adelaide Day Surgery

Address: 18 North Terrace Adelaide, SA

Tel:1300 653 133

  • Western Community Hospital

Address: 168 Cudmore Terrace Henley Beach, SA

Tel: (08) 8356 1222

  • Ashford Hospital

Address: 55 Anzac Highway Ashford, SA

Tel: (08) 8375 5222

  • Fullarton Private Hospital

Address: 293-295 Fullarton Road Parkside, SA

Tel: (08) 8272 0233

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital Renal Unit

Address: North Terrace Adelaide, SA

Tel: (08) 8222 4000

Healthcare system In Adelaide, Australia

Australia’s Healthcare System is one of the most comprehensive in the globe; presenting a range of offerings from general and preventative fitness, to treating extra complicated situations, that can need expert or clinic care.

The gadget has two essential parts: the public fitness system, and the personal health system. When you want health care, you can get admission to it through certainly one of two systems, or a combination of both.

The services you get admission to through the general public system are funded through neighborhood, country, and federal governments, but the services you get entry to via the private system are funded via a combination of the presidency and private entities.

There are some regions of the healthcare gadget you’re likely to come across as you move through lifestyles, especially in case you want to visit a hospital in Australia.

If you want to go to the health center in Australia for an operation or remedy, there are kind sorts of hospitals.

Public hospitals

Public hospitals provide excessive high-quality hospital therapy and provide care at low or maybe no fee to human beings with getting the right of entry to Medicare. They are typically in which you cross when you have an emergency.

If you need non-urgent treatment and choose to be a public patient, you may need to attend longer until a space becomes to be had, and you won’t be able to select your medical doctor (you may be looked after by way of the doctor on name on your health trouble or situation), and maybe in a shared room with other people even as you recover.

Public hospitals are funded by using the government, but additionally, get funded by using medical health insurance whilst patients choose to use their personal cover in a public medical institution.

Private hospitals

Private hospitals are owned and operated by way of personal firms however licensed and regulated with the aid of the authorities. Typically, you’ll get:

  • Choice as a private patient regarding components of your care, like choosing your physician
  • Reduced ready time for optional or planned surgical procedures
  • The choice of a personal room (if available and medically suitable)
  • You also can be treated as a personal affected person in a public health facility, dealt with by means of your choice of health practitioner.
  • Find out greater approximately your medical institution options right here.

Who can pay for healthcare?

Depending on how you use the healthcare machine, funding comes from the authorities, as well as personal fitness insurers, and on occasion – from you.


Medicare is the government’s scheme to present the general public get entry to health care (paid through your taxes), and it covers:

Treatment as a public patient in a public sanatorium 75% of the price on a central authority listing (MBS) for docs’ offerings in health centers if you’re a private patient

All (what’s called ‘bulk billing’) or some of the cost of going to a GP or expert Some (however not all) tests and examinations your health practitioner orders for you. Reduced price on a few prescription medicinal drugs, if they are on a central authority list known as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

There is a list of offerings subsidized by the authorities. Each has a charge that the government says is appropriate to fee for that carrier. This list is referred to as the Medicare Benefits Schedule (or MBS). You can see the listing right here.

Private health insurance

Private medical insurance is a non-obligatory cover many Australians take out to give them more preference on the subject of their healthcare. You can pick a degree of cover to suit your wishes.

Private medical health insurance covers things like:

Hospital treatment: Once you’re admitted to a clinic, non-public hospital cover will assist you in paying for the fees of care and your life.

General treatment: Also known as ‘Extras’, or ‘Ancillary’ this depends on your policy, however, can consist of dental, optical, and physiotherapy remedies, for example.

Ambulance: You ought to get a cowl for emergency and on occasion non-emergency shipping and/or treatment.

In some states, an ambulance may additionally already be protected or cover can be purchased via a subscription without delay from the issuer.

Healthcare can be high-priced. If you want to have treatment, research greater approximately options that suit you.


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