Best list of the private hospitals in Montreal

The comprehensive list of the private hospitals in Montreal Quebec Canada is of utmost importance because it gives easy access to these awesome private health facilities.

Montreal has fewer numbers of private hospitals compared to some other popular cities of the world.

In general, there are less than 40 hospitals located in the City of MontrealCanada.

Health care services are available to all without discrimination and come under the watch of the government of Québec.

Top private hospitals in Montreal

Below are the private hospitals devoted to the delivery of effective and efficient healthcare services to the city of Montreal and the general population;

Clinique Médicale l’Actuel

Address: 1001, boul. de maisonneuve est, bureau 1130, montréal,
Phone: (514) 524-1001
Website: click here

Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal

Address: 1560 rue sherbrooke e, montréal,
Phone: (514) 890-8051
Website: visit here

Crea-MeD, Private Medical Clinic

Address2055 Mansfield St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y7, Canada
Appointments: click here
Phone+1 514-345-1356

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Address: 3801 rue university, montréal,
Phone: (514) 398-6644
Website: click here

Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montreal

Address: 110 avenue des pins, montréal,
Phone: (514) 987-5500
websiteVisit here

Mcgill University Health Centre

Address: 2155 rue guy, montréal,
Phone: (514) 931-5656
Website: click here

Hopital Notre Dame

Address: 1560 rue sherbrooke e, montréal,
Phone: (514) 890-8000


Address1538 Sherbrooke St W #500, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1L5, Canada
Phone+1 514-667-3383
Website: click here

Jean Talon Hospital

Address1385 Rue Jean-Talon E, Montréal, QC H2E 1S6, Canada
Phone+1 514-495-6767

A final thought on the private hospitals in Montreal

Health and social services are provided by the same government agency. One of the benefits of this unique life in Quebec is that it can meet all the health and welfare needs of Quebec people for free.

Free medical system for everyone

Quebec provides medical services. It is managed by the Quebec Health Insurance Commission (Régie del’assurancemaladie du Québec / RAMQ). All Quebec residents are eligible to participate in the program.
The  medical plan of the country comprises of all basic care except some special treatments (such as plastic surgery) and parallel treatments (“soft” or alternative medicine).

Healthcare system for foreign Expatriates in Montreal

Healthcare in Montreal is of excellent standard. Foreign expatriates should not have a hard time finding a good doctor or hospital while staying in the city. Most doctors in Montreal speak English, and some speak other languages, so the language barrier is less of an issue.

Montreal Health Insurance

Universal health insurance in Canada helps its residents receive treatment at low cost. Canada’s healthcare system is managed differently in each state.
In Quebec, it is run by Régie del’assurancemaladie du Québec (RAMQ). Under RAMQ, most expatriates living in the area are eligible for subsidized medical care. However, foreigners with an employer-specific work permit valid for less than 6 months may not be eligible. To determine your qualifications as a foreigner, it is recommended you visit the official RAMQ website.
To receive Montreal-funded medical care, expatriates must register with RAMQ and receive a medical insurance card.
After that, there is a waiting period of 3 months, during which foreigners are required to pay for private health insurance. Exceptions to this are pregnancy, childbirth, victims of violence, and patients with infectious diseases that pose a risk to public health. Anyone in these categories will receive funding during the waiting period.
Expatriates from countries with medical agreements with Quebec are also exempt from the waiting period. Some of the countries which are included are:  Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Sweden.
Prescription medications are not covered by Quebec’s universal health care system, so in addition to regular health insurance, all Quebec residents are required to have prescription medication insurance. Expatriates can choose to take out private prescription insurance, which is usually arranged by their employer, or public prescription insurance through RAMQ.


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