Best 40 Nursing homes in Indiana

Nursing homes in Indiana are frequently the care option of choice for those who are medically frail. Nursing homes in Indiana provides round-the-clock nursing care to those who require continuous intensive medical care.

Indiana’s population is 6,732,219 people, with 16.1% being 65 and older. Seniors in Indiana have several options for their care needs.

This is the most expensive type of senior care in the state, and Indiana has 533 nursing homes that provide it. According to the 2020 Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of nursing home care in Indiana is $7,133 for a semi-private room and $8,486 for a private room.

Also, this guide will help seniors in Indiana who are considering nursing home care understand their options. It also provides a list of some nursing homes in Indiana with contact information to assist them in navigating their state’s care options.


Indiana Nursing Homes Defined

Nursing homes in Indiana provide more services than assisted living communities or senior housing communities.

Assisted living is designed for seniors who can care for themselves medically but require assistance with daily tasks such as trash collection, laundry services, or light cleaning.

Senior living facilities are typically designed for reasonably healthy seniors who simply want to enjoy their golden years without having to worry about who will mow the lawn and clean the gutters.

Nursing homes, on the other hand, are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of aging senior citizens who are unable to care for themselves due to health issues.

Professionals such as nurses, medical doctors, dieticians, and professional chefs work in these long-term care facilities. A nursing home’s staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of life possible for seniors who are no longer able to care for themselves and, in many cases, require extensive medical supervision.

Indiana Nursing Home Regulation

The Indiana State Department of Health regulates nursing homes in Indiana (ISDH). The HealthCare Quality and Regulatory Commission’s mission is to provide health care certification and licensing programs for acute care and long-term care facilities, which includes nursing homes.

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The Division of Long Term Care is in charge of overseeing Indiana’s licensed long term care and nursing home facilities.

On a yearly basis, the Survey Report system is used to ensure that all nursing home facilities are up to code and maintain regulatory status.

If regulations are not followed or the facility does not perform well on the review, the offending facility must complete the Plan of Correction section. This allows the ISDH to return and monitor the facility’s efforts to meet state and federal standards.

Nursing Home Costs in Indiana

Medicare assistance can often offset costs if the resident meets certain criteria. The Indiana State Government Website and both have resources for potential residents and their families.

The cost of long-term care varies by facility, but according to the 2020 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost for a semiprivate room in a nursing home in Indiana is $7,133. Seniors in Michigan pay an average of $8,973.

Illinois seniors pay a little less, at $6,235 per month. Kentucky has a slightly higher cost for senior care, at $7,330, than Ohio, where seniors pay a comparable $7,148. The monthly cost in Indiana and many surrounding states is less than the national average of $7,756.

Even within Indiana, costs vary greatly depending on where a senior lives. The average monthly cost for nursing home care in the Elkhart area is $7,361, which is about $200 more than the state average of $7,133, while the cost in Michigan City is much higher, at $8,060.

In comparison, nursing home care in Evansville, in the state’s south, costs an average of $7,300 per month. Bloomington, which is located in the central region, has a lower-than-average cost of $7,148, which is also the average in Kokomo. At $7,209, Indianapolis is slightly higher than the state average. Seniors in Lafayette pay an average of $7,026.

Nursing home care is only one type of senior care available in Indiana. While seniors pay an average of $7,133 per month for semiprivate nursing home care, those who choose an assisted living facility pay less, at $4,382 per month.

Homemaker services cost $4,385 per month on average, while home health care, which includes some basic medical care, costs $4,576.  Adult day care is the most affordable option, with monthly costs averaging $1,733.

In Indiana, does Medicaid cover nursing home care?

Indiana Medicaid pays for nursing home care for seniors who are financially and medically eligible. Currently, approximately 1.7 million Hoosiers, or roughly one in every five state residents, are enrolled in Medicaid.

This represents a 50% increase over the number of people enrolled when the state expanded its Medicaid program in 2013. In Indiana’s 533 nursing homes, about two out of every three nursing home residents use Medicaid to pay for services, and a sixth of Medicaid beneficiaries are also on Medicare.

Indiana Medicaid covers medical and long-term skilled nursing services, making high-quality care accessible to those with limited resources. Beneficiaries are covered in full for nursing facility services, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, emergency and non-emergency medical transportation, routine and surgical foot care, and medical supplies and equipment under this program.

Many people need skilled nursing services but have fewer care needs and do not want to live in a nursing home. Indiana Medicaid has two programs that allow beneficiaries to obtain the services they require in the community to accommodate their needs and living preferences:

Aged and Disabled Waiver (A&D Waiver): The A&D Waiver is a Home and Community-Based Services Waiver that allows older adults to live at home or in an assisted living facility rather than in a nursing home. Individuals are covered for services such as home modifications, adult day services, respite, home-delivered meals, attendant care, and assisted living under this waiver.

All-Inclusive Care Program for the Elderly: PACE offers a full range of medical and social services to people who are both Medicare and Medicaid eligible. It is intended for people who require nursing home-level care but want to live in their own home.

It covers primary care, hospital care, adult day services, meals, social work counseling, and transportation. This includes cash, investments, bank accounts and vacation homes. It doesn’t include the applicant’s primary dwelling, belongings, vehicle or irrevocable burial trusts. If both spouses are applying, the asset limit is $3,000.

For those whose income and assets exceed these limits, there may be other ways to qualify, including Miller trusts and Medicaid planning.

List of nursing homes in Indiana

Here’s a list of some of the nursing homes operating in Indiana:

  • American Village

Address: 2026 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

Phone: +1 317-253-6950

Website: Click here

  • Alpha Home – A Waters Community

Address: 2640 Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46222, United States

Phone: +1 317-923-1518

Website: Click here

  • Aperion Care Tolleston Park

Website: Click here

Address: 2350 W Taft St, Gary, IN 46404, United States

Phone: +1 219-977-2600

  • Bethany Village

Address: 3518 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN 46227, United States

Phone: +1 317-783-4042

  • Brookville Health Care Center

Address: 11049 IN-101, Brookville, IN 47012, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 765-647-2527

  • Cardinal Nursing and Rehabilitation

Address: 1121 E Lasalle Ave, South Bend, IN 46617, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 574-287-6501

  • Clearvista Lake Health Campus

Address: 8405 Clearvista Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46256, United States

Phone: +1 317-576-2107

  • Community Nursing and Rehabilitation

Address: 5600 E 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46218, United States

Phone: +1 317-356-0911

  • Creekside Health and Rehabilitation Center

Address: 3114 E 46th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 317-920-7888

  • Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Address: 601 Sheffield Ave, Dyer, IN 46311, United States

Phone: +1 219-322-2273

Website: Click here

  • Eagle Valley Meadows

Address: 3017 Valley Farms Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46214, United States

Phone: +1 317-293-2555

  • Evergreen Crossing & Loft

Address: 5404 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 317-291-5404

  • Forest Creek Village

Address: 525 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227, United States

Phone: +1 317-787-8253

  • Golden LivingCenter

Website: Click here

Address: 2860 Churchman Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203, United States

Phone: +1 317-787-3451

  • Greenwood Meadows

Address: 1200 N State Rd 135, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States

Phone: +1 317-300-2200

Website: Click here

  • Hanover Nursing Center

Website: Click here

Address: 410 W Lagrange Rd, Hanover, IN 47243, United States

Phone: +1 812-866-2625

  • Harcourt Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation

Address: 8181 Harcourt Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260, United States

Phone: +1 317-872-7261

  • Harrison Terrace

Address: 1924 Wellesley Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46219, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 317-353-6270

  • Homestead Healthcare Center

Address: 7465 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227, United States

Services: Oncology Care, Central Lines/Peripheral, Out-Patient Dialysis, Gastronomy Care, Restorative Therapy & Nursing, Congestive Heart Failure & COPD Specialty Programs, Wound Vacs, Cardiac Rehab Care, Pulmonary Care/Cardiac Recovery, Diabetes Management, Tube Feeds, including G-tubes & J-tubes, Orthopedic Care, Schizophrenia Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, On-Staff Wound Surgeon, Antibiotic Therapy, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Functional Maintenance, Post-Surgical Orthopedic Care, TPN, Pain Management, Post-Surgical Recovery, Resident Education in Self-Care, Cancer Care, Frailty Care, Bipolar Disorder Care, Developmental Disabilities Care and Parkinson’s Disease Care

Phone: +1 317-788-3000

  • Hooverwood Living

Address: 7001 Hoover Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260, United States

Phone: +1 317-251-2261

Website: Click here

  • Lakeview Manor

Address: 45 Beachway Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46224, United States

Phone: +1 317-243-3721

  • Lincolnshire Health Care Center

Address: 8380 Virginia St, Merrillville, IN 46410, United States

Phone: +1 219-769-9009

Website: Click here

  • Lynhurst Healthcare

Address: 5225 W Morris St, Indianapolis, IN 46241, United States

Phone: +1 317-381-9404

Website: Click here

  • Maple Park Village

Address: 776 N Union St, Westfield, IN 46074, United States

Phone: +1 317-896-2515

  • Marquette

Address: 8140 Township Line Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 317-875-9700

  • Miller’s Senior Living Community

Address: 8400 Clearvista Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46256, United States

Phone: +1 317-845-0464

Website: Click here

  • North Capitol Nursing and Rehabilitation

Address: 2010 N Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202, United States

Phone: +1 317-924-5821

  • Riverview Village

Address: 586 Eastern Blvd, Clarksville, IN 47129, United States

Phone: +1 812-282-6663

  • Rosegate

Address: 7510 Rosegate Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237, United States

Phone: +1 317-889-9300

Website: Click here

  • Rural Health Care Center

Website: Click here

Address: 1747 N Rural St, Indianapolis, IN 46218, United States

Phone: +1 317-635-1355

  • Simmons Loving Care

Address: 700 E 21st Ave, Gary, IN 46407, United States

Phone: +1 219-882-2563

  • Spring Mill Meadows

Address: 2140 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260, United States

Phone: +1 317-872-7211

  • SouthPointe Healthcare Center

Address: 4904 War Admiral Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237, United States

Services: Long-Term Care, Hospitals, Independent Senior Living, Memory Care Services, Honor 360 – Veterans Assistance Program and Assisted Living Services and Support

Phone: +1 317-885-3333

  • Tranquility Nursing and Rehab

Address: 3640 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205, United States

Services: Traumatic Brain Injury Services and Ventilator Care Services

Phone: +1 317-744-0364

Website: Click here

  • University Heights Health & Living Community

Address: 1380 E County Line Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46227, United States

Website: Click here

Phone: +1 317-885-7050

  • Washington Healthcare Center

Address: 8201 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46231, United States

Phone: +1 317-244-6848

  • The Waters of Indianapolis

Address: 3895 S Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227, United States

Phone: +1 317-787-5364

Website: Click here

  • Wedgewood Healthcare Center

Address: 101 Potters Ln, Clarksville, IN 47129, United States

Phone: +1 812-948-0808

  • Westside Village Nursing Center

Address: 8616 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46234, United States

Services: nursing home, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, inpatient therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy

Phone: +1 317-209-2800

  • Wildwood Healthcare Center

Address: 7301 E 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46219, United States

Services: Congestive Heart Failure & COPD Specialty Programs, Pain Management, Wound Care, Cardiac Recovery, IV Therapy (Antibiotic/Central Lines/Peripheral), TPN, Cancer Care, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Pain Management with PCA Pumps

Phone: +1 317-353-1290

Website: Click here

FAQs about the nursing homes in Indianapolis

  • What is the average nursing home cost in Indiana?

According to the 2020 Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of nursing home care in Indiana is $7,133 for a semiprivate room and $8,486 for a private room.

  • In Indiana, how many nursing homes are there?

In Indiana, there are 533 nursing homes.

  • Who pays for nursing homes?

Everyone must pay something (with a few exception such as Section 117 clients). People who have more than £23,250 in savings must pay the full cost of a permanent residential or nursing care home.

  • Is assisted living covered by Indiana Medicaid?

While Medicaid does not pay for assisted living directly in Indiana, there is a waiver program that does.

The Indiana Aged & Disabled Medicaid Waiver is intended to assist the elderly and disabled who require nursing home-like care.

A final thought about the nursing homes in Indianapolis

Choosing the best nursing homes in Indiana necessitates a thorough examination of the costs and efficiency of care provided, both of which are critical to patients.

This article discussed some of the nursing homes in Indiana, arranged alphabetically. We hope this helps you.

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