How To Find Inner Peace With Yourself

Are you interested to know How To Find Inner Peace With Yourself? worry no more, you are among the fortunate ones to come across this article.

Life can be complicated sometimes, with a lot of ups and downs. But while it’s not all bleak, some things people go through can take a huge toll.

Overview on How To Find Inner Peace With Yourself

So, what is ‘inner peace’? And why are we talking about it today?

Well, this can be seen as being in a state of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony or calm in spite of our everyday struggles, i.e money, relationships, work, etc.

So, finding inner peace should be a top priority for all individuals.

One thing we have to be aware of is that inner peace is a choice, as it is within us all, we just need to unlock it. Research has shown that a person with inner peace has fewer worries, anxieties, and fears than a person who doesn’t.

Have in mind though, finding it doesn’t mean your troubles disappear. Rather, it means that you’d be calmer and happy no matter the situation you find yourself in.

If you’ve gotten to this point of the article, I believe you’re interested in finding inner peace. So, here are a couple of amazing ways to help you in your journey to find your inner peace and enjoy a better life:

  • Accepting your faults/weaknesses

One thing some people struggle to understand is, we are not perfect as human beings. We are flawed. We all have weaknesses and make mistakes sometimes.

That’s part of being ‘human’. But these people are so obsessed with the belief or pursuit of perfection that they forget their weaknesses show the human side of them.

Well, except they’re robots, but even those make mistakes as well.

Believing or pursuing perfection which is unattainable in human form doesn’t help with inner peace, rather it might even push you away from others as you might think people with weaknesses would ‘stain’ you, or you might try way too hard not to make mistakes but end up making them. And then you start all over again in trying to be ‘perfect’.

Understand though, accepting your weaknesses doesn’t mean letting yourself spiral into mediocrity or going with the; “This is how I am. I can’t do anything about it” line. No.

Accepting your weaknesses means being aware of and acknowledging they’re there and then deciding to work on them.

While you would not become a perfect being, you would surely end up a better person than previously thought and this in itself is a huge inner peace boost.

  • Be content and grateful

When you are content with what you have, you are happier.

I’ve seen people who spent their whole lives chasing more and forgetting that you can’t have everything.

I’m not saying we should settle for less, always strive to be better than yesterday, but don’t let it consume you. Also, be content with whatever you have at that moment as lack of contentment is a door to greediness.

When you get to appreciate what you have in life and the situations you find yourself in, you’ll find more peace. Research has shown that people with a grateful heart and who are contented with their life’s blessing find peace and happiness within way easier than those who don’t practice either.

Material things and financial wealth aren’t everything, so general contentment and gratitude should always be practiced, for the good of your inner peace.

  • Change your thought process and love yourself more

How frequently do you have negative thoughts?

A saying says; “That you think it, doesn’t mean it is true.”

While this can be said for some unrealistic thoughts, it majorly applies to negative thoughts.

Your negative thoughts can stem from various sources; maybe a bad childhood, a toxic partner, or a boss, but you have to understand that it isn’t your fault and that you shouldn’t beat yourself over it.

Sulking and thinking in the negative not only affects you mentally but physically as well. It would also affect your relationships with the people close to you.

Do you love yourself?

Loving and caring for yourself is important to finding peace and happiness. How can you be truly happy in life if you don’t love yourself? Loving yourself means looking after your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. These include eating healthy, exercising regularly, and looking after your overall well-being.

When you have a healthy relationship with yourself and practice self-care, you can project this positive energy towards others as well.

Your life will also be happier and peaceful when you feel good about yourself and you have a healthy relationship with the people around you.

  • Engaging in the things you love

A lot of people hate their jobs and as a result of this get frustrated about pretty much everything that goes on in their workplaces.

What’s a solution to this? One would be quitting your job. But it’s not that easy, is it? Not when you have rent to cover or a family to feed.

So, what’s the other solution? Doing what you love in the first place. This isn’t that hard actually.

As youths, we all had things we did which we enjoyed and they played to our strengths.

It might have been drawing, or sculpting or programming, or singing. It could have been anything.

So, why not go for a career related to something you enjoy? It’s not too late if you didn’t in the first place. You can still pursue what you love now.

Ignore the tropes of going for the highest-paying jobs. You will earn well, but you might be unhappy which really isn’t ideal.

Do what you love and your inner peace will soar.

  • Focusing on the present

Master Oogway, from the DreamWorks animation Kung Fu Panda, told the titular character; “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

This goes to show just how important the present is.

We as people sometimes tend to push our thoughts way out into the future. Even to the extent of overthinking it, especially imagining things that would realistically never happen.

While it is never entirely bad to do this, we seemingly get caught up in those thoughts that we forget the present moment. We seem to forget to live in and focus on the present.

The present shapes the future. It’s that simple. Whatever we do now affects what happens tomorrow.

So, if we can learn to reside and focus on the now, we would have way more inner peace than not doing so.

  • Helping others

If you want to be happy, make others happy and you will be happy as well. This is the ultimate formula for happiness. And if you’re happy, you will know how to Find Inner Peace With Yourself and be at peace with yourself.

The feeling you get from helping others out in different ways, in volunteering or in philanthropy-like work can be amazing.

It doesn’t have to be big. Small moments matter as well.

So, next time your little sister asks for help with homework, help her out, or next time you see the old lady at the store door with her hands full, help her with the door. You’d be happy you did.

  • Letting go of the Past

The past can be a very painful place, especially if a lot of memories from it are bad. Sometimes, it isn’t bad to look back or remember the good times or recognize the painful times that probably shaped the person you are today, but you should never dwell on those memories.

They may arise sometimes for one reason or another, but let them fade away. Dwelling on them do you no good. They only mess with your inner peace and your mental health.

The past is the past, it’s gone and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So, let those memories, those pains, those fears go. I know it’s never easy, but refusing to remember them over and over again is a good step forward to letting go.

A saying says; “Forward ever, backward never” and it obviously means looking and acting ahead, for that is more important than looking behind.

  • Letting go of things we can’t control

Ever gotten frustrated as a result of poor service/network?

Or annoyed over that taxi driver who insulted you for honking at him at the green light?

Well, welcome to the world of most people here on earth. Pretty much all of us can relate to those questions.

But should we really let those things affect us?

The answer is no, because they’re things out of our control, even though it’s hard not to let them affect us sometimes.

Acknowledging that you can’t control how another person reacts to a harmless text or the bad weather that spoilt your date plans or the lack of electricity that didn’t let you watch the game on TV is what I mean by letting go.

You shouldn’t take those things personally as it wasn’t about you. Or are you the other person who reacted badly, or the bad weather or even electricity? Of course not. But still, you let such situations affect your mind and that isn’t fair to yourself.

So, next time you find yourself in a situation or on the receiving end of something you can’t control, take a deep breath, calm down and let go.

  • Meditation

Meditation is one of the most important ways of finding inner peace as it has a huge calming effect on us.

The practice of it has many benefits for our general well-being like a calmer mind and decreased anxiety as well.

All you have to do is;

  1. Find a place that translates to you as peaceful. This can be a quiet room or a garden or even a stream.
  2. Limit distractions and ask for privacy. You need to be alone in these moments, except if you have a meditation partner.
  3. Close your eyes and begin. Your mind might wander at first, but try using encouraging words to help yourself concentrate.
  4. Then, you can either choose to reflect or visualize. Concentration is key to achieving this.

There are other different types of meditation available like Yoga – which is very effective, reading the Bible or any other book that’s your fancy, or even practicing mindfulness meditation every day at home, work, or school for a set period of time.

Meditation can help you see that the bleakness of a situation that your mind ‘overthought’ is more often than not, unfounded.

These can all help you find your path to happiness, harmony, and calmness.

  • Organization

There’s this peaceful feeling gotten from sitting in an organized room or environment. Not only does it give a calm and clear mind, but it also improves your productivity, especially if you’re at work.

By organization, I do not only mean organizing your things and cleaning your environment though, but putting an order in your life.

Have you noticed how stressed you feel when you see a scattered room? That’s why organizations can help you. If you organize, you’d be able to avoid such stress.

Start taking control of your life by organizing your environment, your tasks, and your thoughts.

  • Prayer

While this might not be an option for everyone, it might be for you Christian or not. Prayer is a powerful source of inner peace, as it involves the casting of your worries, fears and handing over of your burdens to a higher being.

Prayer is seen as a sort of master key to problems by religions worldwide. All you have to do is open your mouth and pray.

  • Set healthy boundaries

Sometimes, our relationships can keep us from attaining inner peace, especially if they’re insecure or toxic.

It can be hard to set boundaries with people you’ve had in your life for a long time. Strengthen yourself and find your inner peace by setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

Determine what your needs and values are and set guidelines according to those.

  • Spending time with Nature

Have you never looked at the clouds and gone; “Wow, the sky’s so beautiful”?

Have you never gotten lost gazing at the full moon at night?

Have you never been spellbound by the sound of nature around you?

If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, kudos to you. If it’s ‘no’, what are you waiting for? You’re missing a whole lot.

Nature is beautiful, calm, and serene. Just as well, it has the same effects on us when we interact with it. Do you want to know why? We are nature and nature is us. Simple.

Taking walks in the woods, watching a bird sing, feeding an animal, or even sitting quietly in a meadow can be a huge inner peace boost.

There’s this sense of calm and harmony we get from interacting with nature. Obviously, the man-made world i.e cities are cool and all, but it is more often than not noisy and cluttered. Not really an ideal place for improving your inner peace.

So, take a walk in and with nature sometimes. You’d be glad you did.

Final Thoughts on How to Find Inner Peace With Yourself

There are a lot more ways to attain inner peace, but as not all of them work for everyone, these should be enough.

Another thing is, if you really want your inner peace, you need to practice most of what is in this article, but know that it will take time. It doesn’t just happen in a day.

I wish you peace.


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