How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea?

How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? The average cost of plastic surgery in Korea ranges from as low as one $2,000 to as high as $55,000.

However, one cannot ascertain the exact price of plastic surgery anywhere because of variations in factors that determine cost.

Although in this article “how much does plastic surgery cost in Korea?” everything you need to know about cosmetic surgery, in Korea is made clear and comprehensible.

Plastic surgery has long been considered an American symbol, something rooted in its culture of showmanship and quest for a look considered better.

Introduction to How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea

The concept of plastic and cosmetic surgery being an American thing is gradually fading away.

Over a million Americans fly thousands of miles annually to other countries to have their aesthetic procedures done. It is estimated that on average, you can save from 40 to 80 percent on the procedures abroad.

In recent times, South Korea has emerged as the plastic surgery capital of the world, with the highest number of procedures carried out per capita.

While the aesthetic adjustments are highly popular among Koreans themselves, the reputation has sparked international curiosity, too, and tens of thousands of foreigners each year travel to the country with the sole aim of having cosmetic surgery.

Most medical tourists, however, are motivated by money. Everyone knows that cosmetic surgery is expensive and typically not covered by health insurance. Yet each year, more people are having cosmetic procedures.

In the last decade, Seoul has earned a reputation for being the Beauty Belt of South Korea, an ideal destination for excellent plastic surgery.

There is an abundance of options to choose from, therefore, an important question is “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea?” For your convenience, here is the average cost of some of the most popular procedures offered by Korean plastic surgery professionals.

How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea?

Below is the list of some of the plastic surgeries with the average cost in dollars. Is of utmost importance you know that no surgery has a fixed cost as earlier stated. The difficulty and complications will affect cost.

Facelift surgery                                         $7000-$11500

Tummy tuck/lower lift body                   $8000-$11100

Breast reduction                                  $6000- $11100

Breast augmentation                          $4000-$8624

Nose reshaping/rhinoplasty                   $2000- $3520

Eyelid Surgery                                      $2,000-$4,000

Nose Surgery                                       $4,000-$6,000

Premium Laser Skin Therapy                   $4,000-$9,000

Female Surgery                                    $4,000-$7,000

Hair Transplant                                    $6,000-$10,000

Liposuction (Arm, Thigh, Belly)                 $4,000-$7,000

Facial Contouring (Jaw, Chin, Cheeks)        $5,000-$7,000

Advanced Facial Contouring                    $10,000-$30,000

Entire Body Makeover                            $20,000-$35,000

Entire Face Makeover                             $25,000-$55,000

In the article “ how much does plastic surgery cost in south Korea ”?, the prices of the top 5 hospitals in Korea that take part in plastic cosmetic procedures will be compared to give a better view and answer how much plastic surgery costs in Korea.

Below are some of the top hospitals in Korea

  • Grand plastic surgery Korea
  • Jk plastic surgery Clinic Korea
  • ID plastic surgery hospital Korea
  • BK plastic surgery hospital Korea
  • View plastic surgery

Grand plastic surgery hospital Korea

Grand Plastic Surgery is one of the best Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, Korea, and aims to become the world’s leading plastic surgery center.

how much does plastic surgery cost in Korea

Numerous celebrities have visited this medical plug from more than 20 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, UK, Norway, etc.

Grand provides customized and qualified medical service to its patients with experienced professional medical specialists such as plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists, and physicians who all collaborate together to enhance the patient’s safety and satisfaction.

Grand provides service that takes care of not only consultation in the languages of English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Thai, but also an effective one-stop system from consultation through surgery to treatment, recovery, and post-care.

Grand Plastic Surgery has been considered by some people as the No.1 plastic surgery center in Asia and now aiming to be a global beauty leader!

Address: 06035 Grand Plastic Surgery Tower, 121 Dosande-Ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-70-7119-1580

What answer does grand plastic surgery have to give on How much does plastic surgery costs in Korea?

Be guided properly there may be variation in costs you are strongly advised to follow the right path by contacting the hospital of your choice directly as we provide like to the few hospitals listed

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Procedure    with average costs

  • Liposuction                                                                $2,816 – $7000
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery                                                   $11,100 – $12,320
  • Follicular Unit Extraction FUE                                         $4,400 – $4,840
  • Breast Augmentation                                                    $8,624 – $10,648
  • Breast Lift                                                                    $5,720 – $12,760
  • Breast Reduction                                                            $11,100 – $16,720
  • Breast Implants                                                              $7,920 – $10,648
  • Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty                                                  $3,520 – $3,872
  • Face Lift                                                                          $5,456  – $8,360
  • Chin Contouring                                                               $4,752 – $10,560
  • Eyelid Surgery                                                                  $2,112 – $2,288
  • Facial Implants                                                                  $3,520 – $3,872
  • Fat Transplant or Cell Assisted Lipotransfer                              $4,928 – $5,368
  • Forehead Lift                                                                     $4,928 – $5,368
  • Forehead Contouring                                                            $3,520 – $3,872
  • Mommy Makeover                                                                $22,000 – $26,400

Jk plastic surgery Clinic Korea

JK Plastic Surgery Center is one of the leading medical institutions in Seoul. Doctors working at this center have been performing 100% successful aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for patients from all over the world since 1998.

how much does plastic surgery cost in Korea

The facility’s founder is the world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Joo Kwon. Since 2010 it has been considered the best clinic for foreign patients by the version of the Ministry of Health of South Korea.

The center has over 15 awards and an international certificate ISO 9001 for the quality of medical care.

JK is the first clinic in Korea, which received an international license from the European Business Assembly (EBA) in the field of health and medical tourism.

In JK clinic prices for the most popular services are affordable in comparison with other plastic surgery clinics.

Address: JK BLD Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82 2-777-0337

What answer does JK plastic surgery center have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average  costs

  • Breast augmentation (teardrop shape) from   $11,340
  • Breast augmentation from                          $12,600
  • Laser vaginoplasty от                                 $5,600
  • Blepharoplasty without incisions from            $1,380
  • Upper blepharoplasty from                          $1,890
  • Lower blepharoplasty from                           $3,150
  • Basic rhinoplasty from                                 $2,518
  • Osteotomy from                                         $4,400
  • Stem cell therapy from                                $3,780
  • Fat transfer to face from                              $4,400
  • Septoplasty (nasal septum correction) from      $3,200
  • Thread lift from                                          $5,040
  • Abdominal lift from                                     $12,600
  • Endoscopic forehead lift from                         $5,040
  • Lower jawbone resection from                        $5,670
  • Mentoplasty (chin surgery) from                     $6,000
  • Cheekbone reduction from                            $6,295
  • Mid facelift from                                        $6,300
  • Neck lift from                                            $6,290
  • Abdominal liposuction from                          $6,300

ID plastic surgery hospital Korea

ID is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in all of Korea. It has its own know-how in each of its multiple specialized clinics, all located within one entire building right in the middle of ‘Plastic Surgery Street’ near Apgujeong Station, the Mecca for plastic surgery in trendy Seoul.

how much does plastic surgery cost in korea

ID is highly respected for its research achievements, great results, professional surgeons, and desire for perfection. They also use the newest equipment and advanced medical technology, which has placed them in the leading position to propose trends for cosmetic surgery.

Their care includes customized consultation, a one-stop pre-op, and a post-operation system to secure customers’ safety and convenience.

The medical team is frequently featured in the media and the clinic is often featured in reality shows and other programs.

First orthognathic surgery by doctor Sang Hoon Park. Orthognathic surgery was first introduced in the 1980s, and 10 years had passed from then at that time. However, doctor Sang Hoon Park opened up a new field of orthognathic surgery as plastic surgery in Korea, and the first surgery operated in 1995 laid its foundation.

Address: ID Hospital, 142, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Contact: +82-2-3496-9787 / +82-2-3496-9783

What answer does ID plastic surgery hospital have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average costs

  • Rhinoplasty (correction of the shape and size of the nose) from                 $4,500
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) from                                                $3,500
  • Abdominoplasty (removal of excess skin on the abdomen) from                 $3,600
  • Mammoplasty (shape and size correction of the mammary glands)             $9,000
  • Liposuction (removal of subcutaneous fat) from                                      $5,000
  • Septoplasty (nasal septum correction) from                                            $2,500
  • Mentoplasty (chin correction) from                                                        $3,000
  • Facelift from                                                                                     $9,000
  • Gluteoplasty (buttock shape and size correction) from                                $9,000
  • Hair Transplant from                                                                           $4,000

BK plastic surgery hospital Korea

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the global leader of Korean cosmetic surgery located in Gangnam, the heart of Korean beauty and medical services, advances into the overseas market.

On November 27th, Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea officially mentioned that the first branch of BK is now grand opened in Singapore, titled “BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic.”

From this on, BK Medical Group finally steps forward to further the global health and beauty market.

Besides Korea, which is his homeland, Dr. Kim has been also strengthening his and BK’s core value of beauty in China and Malaysia.

By serving local consultations in these countries, Dr. Kim as well as BK in Korea could build up brand awareness more efficiently.

Based on this long experience as well as the strong history behind BK, a new branch in Singapore has a high level of expectation.

Inside of the center, there are departments of surgery, plastic surgery, dental clinic, neurology, internal medicine, and emergency medicine. In addition, there are National Centre for Dermatology, National Centre for Neuroscience and Laboratory, and Johns Hopkins Center-aligned together nearby the clinic.

More essentially, the Singapore government selected Novena town as a developing district for the most and largest high-tech medical complex in Asia, and this medical service business for the aftermath of ten years.

Therefore, it is very encouraging that the Korea-based medical institute entered the Singaporean medical market which makes this article “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea” interesting.

Address: BK Building, 106 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Subway Line 3, Exit 2 of Sinsa Station

Contact: +82-1688-8886    +82-2-544-0404

What answer does BK plastic surgery hospital have to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average  costs

  • Breast augmentation                         $7000- $12500
  • Breast Implant Revision                      $6500- $9500
  • Breast reconstruction surgery               $10000- $22500
  • Breast reduction                                 $7000
  • Cheek implants                                  $4200
  • Double Eyelid Creation                         $1300
  • Facelift surgery                                   $7000
  • Forehead Contouring                            $2200
  • Gynecomastia surgery                           $6600
  • Jaw Shaping                                        $9000
  • Lip Reduction                                       $1100
  • Lipofilling                                            $1300
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery                             $5500
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)                            Price on request
  • Scar revision                                         $300

View plastic surgery clinic

View plastic surgery clinic was founded in 2005, but did not focus on just one area of Plastic surgery but has been evenly growing in all areas of Plastic surgery such as breast surgery, facial bone contouring surgery, bimaxillary surgery, eyes, and nosesurgery, and wrinkle surgery to become a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic.

how much does plastic surgery cost in Korea

Such balanced growth is also the challenge of the clinic for pursuing an individual’s unique ideal beauty.

How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? A question that is worth answering.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery in Asia beyond Korea.

Address:  Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: +82-10-2103-7174

Email: [email protected]

What answer does view plastic surgery hospital has to give on “How much does plastic surgery cost in Korea? “

Below are some of the procedures with average  costs

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid correction)           $2200
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)                          $3100
  • Hair transplant                                  $6200- $7100
  • Facelift surgery                                  $10600
  • Breast augmentation                           $7500- $13200
  • Liposuction                                        $2550- $13200
  • Chin Implant                                      Price on request
  • Cheekbone reduction                           Price on request
  • Reconstructive surgery                         Price on request
  • Revision rhinoplasty                             $4000
  • Abdominal liposuction                           $5750
  • Thigh lift                                             Price on request
  • Breast lift                                            $7500- $8800
  • Tummy Tuck                                        $13200
  • Upper arm liposuction                            $3550
  • Orthognathic surgery                              Price on request
  • Thighs liposuction                                  $2650- $3550
  • Lip Implant                                           $570- $710
  • Open rhinoplasty                                    $4000- $7500
  • Nipple correction                                    $2200- $2650
  • Mole Removal                                        Price on request
  • Mammoplasty                                        $7500- $13200
  • Gynecomastia surgery                             $4499- $5399
  • Body Lift                                               Price on request
  • Breast Implant Revision                            Price on request
  • Breast reconstruction surgery                    $15800- $22000
  • Calf liposuction                                       $3550
  • Eyebrow transplantation                           $5300- $5750
  • Facial feminization surgery                         Price on request
  • Foreheads lift                                          $5300
  • FUE hair transplant                                   $6200- $7100
  • G-spot augmentation                                  Price on request

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