Best Hospitals in Leicester

What do you know about the hospitals in Leicester? When it comes to health, you deserve nothing but the best health care service.

When there is a case of medical emergency all there is to be considered is where the closest and best hospital can be found.

There are numerous reasons why an individual should seek out private hospitals, one of which is that wait times are shorter in private hospitals. In private hospitals, there are fewer people waiting for treatment than in public hospitals.

A variety of factors can impact how quickly you receive treatment in public hospitals. Hence this article helps you locate the private hospital in Leicester.

Private Hospitals in Leicester

Below, you can see some of the private hospitals in Leicester everyone ought to know;

  • 1. Nuffield Health Hospital

For more than 60 years, their experts have collaborated to make the country fitter, healthier, happier, and stronger, driven by their mission to build a healthier nation. This is made possible by their industry-leading network of 37 hospitals, 114 fitness and wellness centers, medical centers, and workplace wellness facilities.

They believe that the best healthcare should help to prevent illness by caring for both the mind and the body. Personal training, health assessments, GP services, and physiotherapy are all part of their holistic wellbeing offering, as are mental health support and hospital treatments for serious conditions. They also use their expertise to help the NHS and people avoid illness and injury by collaborating with them in all aspects of the healthcare system.

What sets them apart is their dedication to their one-of-a-kind flagship programs, through which they address emerging national unmet health and wellbeing needs in local communities and expand access to their services, experts, and resources in order to provide more people with the tools they need to live a healthy life.

Nuffield Health Hospital flagships assist young people in understanding and improving their own health, people suffering from joint pain, and, most recently, people suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

They are building the evidence base for a holistic approach to healthcare that will help prevent physical and mental illness in the future through all of our education, research, and flagships.

Contact: +44 300 131 1416

Address: Scraptoft Ln, Leicester LE5 1HY, United Kingdom

  • 2. Spire Leicester Hospital

Spire Healthcare is the leading independent hospital group in the United Kingdom. They provide high-quality care to their insured, self-pay, and NHS patients while maintaining integrity and compassion.

They provide diagnostics, in-patient, day case, and out-patient care from 39 hospitals, 10 clinics, and a Specialist Cancer Care Center across England, Wales, and Scotland. Their hospitals provide tailored and personalized care in collaboration with over 3,800 experienced consultants.” “At Spire Leicester Hospital, they are a leading provider of private hospital treatments for their patients across the East Midlands and beyond.”

They offer immediate access to high-quality healthcare, such as consultations and advanced diagnostics, as well as individualized treatment, complex surgery, and expert aftercare. Spire Leicester Hospital provides a comprehensive range of private hospital services. Spire Leicester Hospital, in addition to the NHS e-Referral Service, provides diagnostics, treatment, and procedures to patients with private medical insurance or who pay for their own treatment (e-RS).

Contact: +44 116 272 0888

Address: Gartree Rd, Oadby, LeicesterLE2 2FF, United Kingdom.

  • 3. Bupa Health Center – Leicester

Bupa is a global health and care company whose mission is to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives while also making the world a better place.

They provide health insurance and other health and care funding products in the United Kingdom, including cash plans and pay-as-you-go services. They also operate care homes, retirement and care villages, provide health assessments, physiotherapy, and dental treatment at our health and dental centers, and care for insured, pay as you go, and international patients at our Cromwell Hospital, in addition to providing workplace health services. Learn how they can collaborate to help your patients. Their facility is housed within the Spire Leicester Hospital in Oadby.

Leicester London is a 15-minute drive from the hospital Station on the road. Bupa Health Center – Leicester provides a variety of health assessments based on your specific requirements. They will assist you in understanding your health and identifying potential health risks, as well as providing practical ways to become healthier and fitter.

Contact: +44 116 271 3388

Address: Spire Leicester Hospital, Gartree Rd, LeicesterLE2 2FF, United Kingdom.

  • 4.  General Hospital

The General is located in Evington, on the outskirts of Leicester. It is located about three miles east of Leicester city center and has about 430 beds. The hospital offers a variety of medical services, including care for renal and urology patients at their national center.

Their goal is to provide “Caring at its Best” to everyone who visits Leicester’s hospitals, whether they are patients, members of the public, or staff.

To assist them in this, their staff assisted them in developing five values and how they are assisting in the transformation of their services. The three NHS hospitals in Leicester are managed by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL). Clinical divisions and corporate directorates are established at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General Hospital, and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Under the leadership of our chief executive, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General Hospital, and Leicester Royal Infirmary are organized into clinical divisions and corporate directorates.

The corporate directors, with the assistance of the clinical directors, are in charge of the day-to-day management and operation of the hospital’s services and report to their trust board. The Chairman, six Non-Executive Directors, and five Executive Directors. The board is in charge of establishing their strategic goals, monitoring their performance in relation to local and national goals, ensuring that they meet high-performance standards, and cultivating connections with the local community.

On behalf of the Secretary of State for Health, the board reports to the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA).

Contact: +44 300 303 1573

Address: Gwendolen Rd, Leicester LE5 4PW, United Kingdom

  • 5. The London Road Clinic

The London Road Clinic is known for its medical expertise in the treatment of ear, nose, and throat problems. Their Consultant ENT Surgeons will demonstrate the most recent diagnostic investigations and treatments for a wide range of ENT disorders.

An experienced team of audiologists, therapists, and vestibular physiotherapists supports their procedures to ensure critical support is provided at key points during your treatment. Their fully equipped facility is housed in a tastefully restored Victorian building, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Exceptional Care in a Friendly Setting.

The London Road Clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality, ethical, and personalized care to all patients. They strive to improve this service by adhering to the following core goals and values, they want to be the first choice private healthcare provider for a specific set of medical and surgical specialties. The London Road Clinic treats those they serve ethically, with dignity, and as individuals.

They strive to provide the highest level of private health care possible, with senior medical professionals employing best clinical practices and staff providing a knowledgeable, caring, and welcoming environment.

Contact: +44 116 285 9490

Address: 96 London Rd, Leicester LE2 0QS, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Hospitals in Leicester

Patients in private hospitals receive VIP treatment. The VIP services are not free, but they do provide benefits. You can reserve your own room and bring a loved one with you for company. Private hospitals allow you to recover from a major operation in a comfortable and private setting. Your family and friends are free to visit you.

There are packages with varying prices because not everyone can afford their high prices. You have the option of having your own room or sharing one with others. A room can only hold four people at once.

You can unwind knowing you have your privacy, which will aid in your recovery. Private hospitals have shorter wait times.

In private hospitals, there are fewer people waiting for treatment than in public hospitals. A variety of factors can impact how quickly you receive treatment in public hospitals. Many people nowadays prefer private hospitals because their employer provides private health insurance as a benefit at work.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hospitals in Leicester

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the Hospitals in Leicester;

  1. How does one go about selecting a private hospital?

Choosing a Private Hospital or Clinic, one has to ask if the private hospital specializes in the treatment they need? How satisfied are patients with the hospital?

Are the hospital’s infection rate and return to theater rates published? What are the hospital’s quality and accreditation standards? What are the gains of using private hospitals?

  1. What Benefits Do Private Hospitals Offer?
  • Rooms that are quiet.
  • Private care entails having your own private space with minimal interruptions
  • Fewer people
  • One of the most notable benefits of private hospitals is faster care.
  • Better Food and Drinks
  • Professional Service.
  1. Are private hospitals as safe as NHS hospitals?

Patients are also transferred to other NHS trusts where specialist care is available, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

The overwhelming majority of NHS care delivered by independent sector hospitals is safe, efficient, and of exceptional quality,” he added.

  1. Do private hospitals have an A&E department?

For several reasons, the private healthcare system should not be viewed as a replacement for the NHS, but rather as a complementary service that works alongside the public health system: Accident and Emergency (A&E) services are only provided by the NHS because most private hospitals do not have the necessary facilities.

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