3 Essential Home Gym Machines

When it comes to working out at home, it can be quite tough to do if you don’t have any equipment. You might not also have the space to have a squat rack, weighted plates, cardio machines, and a cable machine either.

This can pose quite a problem, as exercising needs variation and it can be tricky to do so when you haven’t got what you need.

However, there are machines out there that aim to provide you with a gym-like experience with just one machine. So, keep reading and discover the 3 best home gym machines that are essential for your fitness routine.

  • Tonal

You may see the Tonal listed as a cable machine, but it’s so much more than that. This technologically advanced piece of home gym equipment is astonishingly good and offers you a whole lot more than the ones in the gym.

The Tonal comes with a touchscreen display that allows you to choose from an array of virtual training sessions, making your workouts easier than ever. It also has hundreds of pounds of electromagnetic resistance, so you don’t need to worry about loading weights on or off. This machine allows you to perform all kinds of different movements.

From face pulls to squats, the Tonal works your whole body. As your performance improves over time, the Tonal will make your workouts harder so that you can continue to get better. So, if you’re looking for a home gym machine that does it all, then the Tonal is exactly what you need for your fitness journey.

  • Force USA X20 Pro

This next home gym machine is a beast of a machine, and it can definitely bring a whole new level of exercise to your workouts.

The Force USA X20 Pro comes equipped with a power rack, 289 pound weight stacks, and 17 attachments and accessories! It’s made from 11 gauge steel, so you don’t have to worry about lifting heavy.

It also has safeties on the sides of the rack too and spotter arms in case you need them. The X20 Pro can be upgraded too to give you even more attachments such as a lat pulldown seat, so you can really tailor your workout to match what you would do in the gym.

This machine boasts that you can do over 400 different exercises on it, so it really does do it all in one piece of kit.

Why not try out the Force USA X20 Pro home gym machine, and you’ll soon wonder why you ever went to the gym in the first place when you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

  • REP FT-3000 Compact Trainer

If you don’t have a whole lot of space, you might think that you haven’t got enough room for a cumbersome home gym machine. But the REP FT-3000 Compact Trainer aims to combat this problem and is the space saving machine that you need. Just because it’s small though, it doesn’t mean it compromises on style or quality.

This gym-grade machine comes in at just 53 inches wide and 78 inches high, allowing you to easily slot it into your smaller workout area. It also comes with a total 360 pound weight stack as well, ensuring that you can really push yourself to your limits.

It even has storage in the middle for all your pulley accessories! So, if you’re after a cable machine that won’t eat up your entire home gym space, then you definitely need the REP FT-3000.

Exercising at home doesn’t have to be boring, nor do you have to compromise on the types of exercises you can do either.

These home gym machines show you just how much you can fit into one piece of kit, so you can really do it all from home. So, be sure to check out these 3 machines, and you’ll soon have the perfect home gym for your workouts.


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