Hair transplant in Turkey

There are a lot of things to learn about hair transplants in Turkey. Today, we bring to your screen the essential things to consider if you wish to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

They can be found all across Istanbul. I’m referring to the males who have red dots on their heads, indicating that they recently underwent a hair transplant procedure. They are on their way to becoming the distinguishing feature of popular shopping areas in Istanbul.

There were 923,599 hair restoration treatments performed worldwide in 2010, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, creating a 1.88 billion dollar business.

What is a hair transplant?

Patients who are suffering from hair loss can undergo hair transplant surgery, in which healthy hair from their back and sides is transferred to portions of the scalp that are bald.

The donor hair that grows on the back and sides of the scalp is protected from the destructive effects of dihydrotestosterone, an androgen that causes pattern baldness, unlike the hair on the top of the scalp.

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However, a hair transplant isn’t just for those who have lost all of their hair. Alopecia areata and circular hair loss are examples of additional types of hair loss that can be treated using this method, which is why it’s also called hair restoration.

How much is a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

The hair transplant cost is far more modest when compared to those in other parts of the world. For the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, the price can range anywhere from $7,000 to $25,000 in either Europe or the United States.

However, the total cost of the procedure in Turkey ranges from $2,200 to $7,00 depending on a number of factors including the number of grafts required, the method that is selected, the clinic, and the surgeon.

In the United States, the total cost of the procedure does not include the cost of travel or lodging. 

Why Choose to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

There is not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that Turkey is one of the most powerful players in the sector.

The question now is, what exactly is driving Turkey’s meteoric leap to the top of the hair transplant industry worldwide?

Here are the top eight reasons why you should get your hair transplant in Turkey.

  • Advanced techniques

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the one that surgeons in Turkey prefer to use because it results in less discomfort during recovery, leaves no visible scars, and facilitates a more rapid recovery time.

Additionally, the procedure does not involve the use of scalpels, staples, or sutures.

The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method involves the removal of the patient’s skin. In contrast, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique involves the removal of the patient’s donor hair follicles one at a time from the patient’s donor area and the subsequent transplantation of those follicles one by one into the thinning area.

  • High quality

Clinics in Turkey are constantly working to enhance their procedures, conditions, and facilities in order to provide patients with the highest possible level of care. This is because of the intense level of competition that exists within the industry.

  • All inclusive packages

Because of the intense competition that exists between the clinics, there is not much to be said regarding the amenities that are made available to them.

They provide their patients with complimentary services such as free airport transportation, free airline tickets, complimentary accommodations in quality hotels, and more.

  • They have the wonderful surgeons

In Turkey, hair restoration has been and continues to be a popular trend for many years.

Therefore, there are a significant number of surgeons who have worked in their respective professions for a significant amount of time and who have access to the most cutting-edge technologies and therapeutic strategies.

  • Waiting list

You won’t have to wait for several months as you would in the United States or European countries because there are a large number of high-quality clinics that have been accredited by the JCI in order to accommodate the demand.

  • Geopolitical position

It not only attracts patients from Asia and Europe, but also from North Africa and the Middle East. It acts as a bridge between these three continents.

Also, it can be observed that there is a high demand in Turkey, which has led to there being a large supply as a result.

  • The one-of-a-kind tourist attractions it offers as well as the warmth of its welcome

Turkey receives over 37 million visitors annually, with approximately 270,000 of those visitors coming for medical treatments.

They will have a wonderful opportunity to spend their time recuperating in Turkey at some of the country’s wonderful tourist spots and urban attractions. They will also experience no discomfort because the people of Turkey are quite kind and hospitable.

What is the success rate of hair transplants in Istanbul Turkey?

There is a one hundred percent chance of recovery if you go to one of the hospitals or clinics in Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey that is exceptionally well equipped and features the most recent medical technology, in addition to quality care provided by world-class surgeons and medical professionals.

You should be aware that proper execution will increase the likelihood of success, and that the hair must be transplanted in competent hands along the appropriate distance, angle, and density to the bald areas. You should also be aware that the clinics and hospitals in Turkey are required to have certification from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

What are the best Hair transplant centers in Turkey

Below, you will find the top hair transplant centers in Turkey;

  • IdealofMeD    

Address: Nuhkuyusu cd, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 706 02 18

WhatsApp: +90 549 651 1085

Email: [email protected]

Website: Click here

Dedicated specialists in the field of hair transplantation make up IdealofMeD. Combined with the charming hospitality that Turkey is so well-known for, they offer Nordic perfection and precision. When you read IdealofMed reviews on Google and Trust Pilot, it becomes obvious that their clients have a lot of admiration for this clinic.

FUE hair transplant Istanbul Turkey is something that IdealofMed specialise in. But they don’t stop there.

They also offer the DHI treatment as well as a combination of FUE and DHI hair transplants and use the most current technology and methods. This translates into one of the highest hair transplant success rates in the industry. 

While IdealofMeD.’s roots are in hair transplantation, they also offer a line of professional hair restoration and rejuvenation products to patients before and after surgery. Patients can always purchase these items, allowing them to keep strengthening their hair even after a hair transplant.

Additionally, IdealofMeD. provides medical care, anti-ageing techniques, and even oxygen-infused HVOC therapies.

It is a one-stop clinic that offers straightforward guidance, holistic methods, and tips for leading healthy lives to help individuals achieve their ideal selves. After the surgery, they continue to be of assistance. They want you to go through the entire procedure so you may lead an ideal life, both physically and mentally.

  • Cosmedica Hair Transplantation Clinic

Address: Etiler, Nispetiye Mah, Başlık Sk. No: 3, 34337 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Hours:  Opens 8:30 AM

Phone: +90 544 556 05 55

Website: Click here

At Cosmedica Clinic, they use only the most modern, safe, and effective hair transplant techniques.

This means that outdated techniques like the Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT, also called „strip surgery“, where a strip of skin is taken from the donor area and harvested for hair follicles, are not being used at our clinic. This is for many reasons, one of them being that it leaves a visible linear scar at the back of the head.

Instead, they focus on the newer Follicular Unit Extraction FUE and Direct Hair Implantation DHI techniques, especially the improved FUE Sapphire and Micro Sapphire DHI methods.

  • ASMED Medical Center

Address: Atatürk Mahallesi, Sedef Cd. No:1/1, 34758 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 216 464 11 11

At the ASMED Surgical Medical Center, we inspire people to look and feel their best by using the most advanced FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) digital technology for scalp analysis and Coverage Value calculations available in the field of hair restoration today.

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Our scientific, mathematical and artistic approach to hair restoration supported by state-of-the-art devices, affords us the accuracy, precision, and consequently the results that patients envision.

It also positions ASMED as one of the best clinics in Turkey and a forerunner in the field of hair restoration on a global level.

  • Clinicana hair transplant & esthetic surgeries

Address: kocatepe mahallesi ofis lamartine lamartin caddesi, 6 no:6 d:kat 5, 34437 beyoğlu, turkey

Phone: +90 549 300 60 69

Website: Click here

If you are looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, Clinicana has experts in hair implants in Turkey. Using the most modern processes together with high-quality facilities and experienced surgeons, they can provide the best hair transplant in Turkey with optimal results.

They use the most modern procedures and methods, including the FUE technique, extracting follicles from the skin in the donor area to implant them in the bald areas and redefine your hairline.

The duration of the operation is just a few hours, with no risks for your health and under total safety conditions. They always explain to their patients all the steps of the treatment, with no tricks or hidden costs; and after a few months, you will see how hair starts to grow.

  • DrT Hair Transplant Clinic – Hair Transplant Turkey

Address: Kavacık, Hair Transplant Turkey Rüzgarlıbahçe Mah Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Özel Medistate Kavacık Hst. No:24, 34805 Beykoz/İstanbul, Turkey

Hours:  Opens 8AM

Phone: +90 549 710 95 03

Website: Click here

DrT Hair Transplant clinic was established in 1998, and it has been in the field of hair transplantation ever since. DrT Hair Transplant Clinic expanded its medical services beyond Istanbul, Turkey into Kyrenia, Cyprus in 2016.

Both DrT Hair Transplant Clinics Istanbul and Cyprus adopted the principle of evidence based medicine.

Their doctors constantly follow the newest technologies and apply them in the best possible way to make our results perfect.

  • Vera Clinic – Head Office

Address: Esentepe, Eski Büyükdere Cad. No:195, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Hours:  Opens 7AM

Phone: +90 542 743 54 08

Website: Click here

Vera Clinic is one of the best hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe that was conceived in 2013 by Turkey’s leading hair transplant surgeons.

Operating from Istanbul in Turkey, Vera Clinic has become a prominent hub of attraction for health tourists seeking world-class resources from all around the world.

Since its foundation and under the hands of our medical team, Vera Clinic has witnessed the transformation of 25,000 patients, each with a different story that began within the walls of our hospital.

  • Zen Hair

Address: Mecidiyeköy, Fulya Mh. Ortaklar Cd. Bahçeler Sk. Somay İş Merkezi A blok K:3 D:8, 34360 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Hours:  Opens 9AM

Phone: +90 544 936 42 47

Website: Click here

Dr. Olcay Saygin, a respected coordinator serving in the field of hair transplantation and esthetics is one of Turkey’s leading experts.

After many years of working in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplantation, Zenhair clinic is composed of experienced doctors and specialists.

Zenhair closely follows the latest technology for a Health esthetic center, and provides services not only to the people of the country, but also to thousands from all around the world.

  1. Zenhair esthetic center is a brand itself which is constantly updated to follow the new technologies.
  2. Zenhair esthetic center operates in completely sterile conditions for all operations.
  3. Zenhair esthetic center prioritizes its customers, it is an ethical company.
  4. Zenhair esthetic center provides the most post-operative care for you.
  5. Zenhair esthetic center believes in the power of teamwork and has a professional medical team.
  • Hair Transplant Turkey, HLC Clinic

Address: Kazım Özalp, Uğur Mumcu Cd. No: 6, 06700 Gaziosmanpaşa/Ankara, Turkey

Hours:  Opens 8AM

Phone: +41 76 569 42 84

Aesthetic appeal, natural health, and human vitality are significantly responsible for more self-confidence and success in our everyday life.

This involves a more powerful appearance during a professional career and a youthful, healthy look to figure more attractive in private life.

A natural density will help to maintain the volume of your hair. Expressing more beauty and power will effectively help to gain more self-esteem.

  • Hair Center Of Turkey

Address: Ataköy 7-8-9-10, Selenium Retro, D-100 Güney Yanyolu No:18/A, 34158 Bakırköy/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 534 058 61 91

Website: Click here

As one of the leading hair transplantation centers in the country, they welcome patients from all over the world to join their list of more than 2000 patients over the last 8 years.

In the Hair Center of Turkey, you can reach your dream hair with our expert and professional doctors and staff working in our center so we perform your hair transplantation operations successfully.

You can have the desired healthy hair by choosing the operation you want; also, you can regain your lost hair. It is easy to have your bushy, lively, and healthy hair like before.

We continue to serve our valued patients successfully in hair transplantation and other fields with our expert team of doctors for years

Conclusion on the Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey has more experienced teams compared to other countries and prices are more affordable than in other countries.

Turkey performs high-quality hair transplant operations in hair transplant operations.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is cheaper than in other countries. To learn about hair transplantation costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find the answers to the most asked questions about the Hair transplant in Turkey;

  • How much does a full hair transplant cost in Turkey?

between $2,200 and $7,000

In Turkey, on the other hand, the total cost of the procedure, which takes into account travel and lodging expenses, ranges anywhere from $2,200 to $7,000 and is determined by a number of factors.

These factors include the number of grafts required, the method selected, the clinic, and the surgeon.

  • Is Turkey good for hair transplants? 

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, Turkey is without a doubt your finest bet on the entire planet.

You can obtain quality hair transplants at other locations, but the cost will be significantly more at each of those other locations. Because of this, the industry of medical tourism is expanding at a very high rate in the country.

  • Is Turkey better than the UK for hair transplants?

Because of Turkey’s significantly lower cost of living as compared to that of the UK, wages are also substantially lower in Turkey; consequently, hair transplants are obliged to be priced at a more reasonable level in Turkey. Another component that goes into calculating the cost of hair transplants in Turkey is the sheer number of clinics that can do the procedure.


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