Can I Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Experts are speculating that the global market size of the HBOT market will grow to over $450 million by 2031. The analysts have put the annual growth rate at a little over 5% between 2022 and 2031. Other projections put the overall worth of the HBOT devices market at a little over $6 billion dollars by 2032.

Apparently, this unconventional method of treatment will be more popular than it is today in the coming years. That is what those figures imply.

Having said that, there is still a little bit of confusion over who should use hyperbaric oxygen therapy and who shouldn’t. If you like to know if you can use it, then you have come to the right place. This article will explain the different category of HBOT users.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Definition

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be defined as a form of medical treatment that is conducted in a pressurized environment.

The pressure inside the chamber is twice or thrice normal atmospheric pressure. When undergoing HBOT, users inhale pure oxygen. The air you breathe in is 100% oxygen. The air does not contain any other gases like natural air.

Who is HBOT Meant for?

We will look at some of the medical conditions that can be tackled with hyperbaric oxygen therapy as that will also give us insight into who it is meant for.

HBOT is perfect for treating decompression sicknesses, gangrene, difficult wounds, carbon II oxide poisoning, diabetic foot ulcer, several infections, and some other health conditions.

HBOT can be used to correct the above health anomalies. It is generally safe for people with the above conditions to undergo HBOTs.

We should also understand that not all health conditions are fit for HBOT. HBOT is not recommended for specific health conditions. Speak with your doctor to know about those medical conditions.

Who are The HBOT End-Users?

Defining the end-users of HBOT can also help you know who the therapy is meant for. HBOT chambers are designed for a wide range of users. HBOT machines are designed for hospitals, individuals, and others.

A look at the various end-users of OxyHelp HBOT chamber will give us a better understanding of who it is meant for.

OxyHelp HBOT chambers are specifically designed for;

  1. Sports people who wish to remain fit.
  2. Beauty and wellness.
  3. Endurance reasons, and
  4. Anti-aging benefits.

If you fall into any of these categories, then you can engage in HBOT.

Any Specific Age Brackets?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are considered fit for all. For now, no age bracket is exempted from undergoing HBOT. Countless tests and researches indicate that HBOT chambers are safe for almost everyone.

Both kids and adults can use the system without any fear of complications. The tests have been varied to show that HBOT is good for all.

But, if you still have reservations about the high-pressure machines, you can talk to your medical advisor. Health professionals are better positioned to give you relevant information about the subject.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Can it Be Used at Home?

Market figures indicate that more people are having HBOT oxygen chamber installed in their homes in recent times. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are also designed for home care. Such systems can be easily installed in residential spaces.

If you are unable to access the HBOT systems in hospitals because of distance or other reasons, you can access the system at home. OxyHelp has high-quality HBOT chambers that are fit for home use. Scan through their website today to see if you would find something suitable for personal use.

You can become a proud owner and user of HBOT chamber today by simply reaching out to OxyHelp representatives through their platform.

HBOT Chambers are Affordable

It is okay to classify HBOT chambers as mini-treatment units given what you can achieve with them. However, that does not put them out of the reach of individuals. You can have one for yourself because they are affordable.

How much exactly? Scan through the OxyHelp website and see the different prices for the various designs and models. There are also other HBOT brands you can look at in case you are not satisfied with the prices on OxyHelp.

How Much Time Should I Spend in The Chamber?

How much time you spend inside the chamber is key to the benefits of HBOT. The duration of each session also depends on what you hope to achieve. Different brands do recommend different durations, depending on how their systems are designed.

Some therapists recommend about five sessions a week. Others recommend at least three sessions per week. Consult with your medical professional to know how much time you should spend per session.

The general rule of thumb is to spend between 45mins and 2 hours in the unit. Only spend more time when you are being supervised by a medical expert.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Monoplace and Multiplace Chambers

There are basically two types of HBOT chambers. They are called Monoplace and Multiplace chambers. Monoplace chambers are designed to sit one person at a time. Multiplace can accommodate more people simultaneously. OxyHelp multiplace HBOT chambers can sit about five persons at a time.

People who do not joke with their privacy prefer monoplace chambers. Therefore, you should weigh yourself with the two types of chambers.

That will help you know which one to go for. In summary, there is a HBOT chamber for everyone at OxyHelp.


HBOT chambers are meant for almost everybody. If you don’t have any underlying health issues, HBOT is most likely going to work in your favor.

Take your time to visit websites where HBOT chambers are sold. A good example is OxyHelp. OxyHelp hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are affordable and durable. You can purchase a unit and have it installed in your home as soon as possible.

This article also discussed the different HBOT chamber users that exist today. In addition to home use, they are designed for spas, sports centers, fitness centers, beauty centers, and others.


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