Best Plastic surgeons in Omaha

How do you sieve out the best plastic surgeons in Omaha, seeing that there are lots of mixed-up doctors in the area? This has been a recurring question in the minds of those in need of these professionals.

You see, a lot could go wrong if a not-so-good plastic surgeon takes up a case without having a thorough knowledge of what to do.

So, when you live in Omaha or its environs and find yourself at such a crossroads, it’s best you take a step back and follow these guidelines below to seek out the best plastic surgeons in Omaha or any other place you find yourself.

First, let’s discuss plastic surgery, the types of plastic surgeons you can find in Omaha, and their duties.

Who is a plastic surgeon?

A plastic surgeon is a certified medical doctor who uses different surgical techniques to reconstruct defects and injuries caused by accidents or nature.

Types of plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons are of different types; they specialize in surgically repairing different body parts through different surgical methodologies.

People who go in for plastic surgery have specific areas where they need work, and this will prompt them to seek out plastic surgeons with such specialties. The types of plastic surgeries common to human beings are:


Rhinoplasty is commonly called a nose job. Some plastic surgeons only do nose jobs. These doctors take up badly shaped noses or those broken through accidents or fights.

Their surgery helps improve the nose’s appearance after surgically reconstructing it. Most importantly, nose jobs help to improve breathing.

Tummy tuck

It is another plastic surgery procedure done on the stomach to reduce excessive fats and the surrounding skin.

Plastic surgeons achieve this goal through liposuction, where the doctor and his team use equipment to suck out excessive fats. Other procedures can follow after this according to the agreement of the doctor and patient.


Blepharoplasty is done on patients who need to reshape their eyelids. Some defects can disrupt the standard shape and structure of their eyelids. So this surgery helps a patient get a semblance of a typically shaped eyelid.


This is popularly known as facelift surgery. This surgery helps tighten the facial skin and to clear or improve fine wrinkles on the face. The end goal of the facelift surgery is for the patient to achieve an excellent youthful appearance.


It is a surgical procedure done on the ear. The ear may not be appropriately shaped from birth, or an accident may occur and disrupt the ear’s natural shape.

This is where the specialized plastic surgeon steps in; they reshape the ears and surgically create a more appreciable ear.

Body lift

Body lift is a time-consuming and risky procedure. Most times, it requires the services of more doctors at once. The body lift includes:

  • Operating on different body parts simultaneously, like working on the tummy.
  • Doing the face.
  • The buttocks.
  • The thighs.
  • Other body parts.

Doctors consider it risky because the body will become subjected to a lot of stress which may negatively affect the patient. The body parts will struggle to heal and wish to take their time, but healing may take longer to become perfect.

How to identify a good plastic surgeon

Just to be on the safe side, you need to know how to identify good plastic surgeons. This is because the human body is very delicate work, and any plastic surgeon coming to administer any kind of work as serious or as flimsy as you think it is must be a good one. Also, they must be ready to defend their profession at any time. You must know the following to identify a good surgeon for your cosmetics or reconstructive surgery.

They must be board-certified

We decided to begin with this highly salient point because, in your quest to find a good doctor, you may unknowingly bump into where you should not. A good plastic surgeon must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

This certification means that your doctor actually went through the proper education channel to get to where they are now. Also, the education led them to become qualified for the board exam, which, by the way, is not a walk in the park. A plastic surgeon certified by this board will likely understand the business at hand.

Be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Another point that gives you peace of mind is to know that your doctor is a member of this group. Doctors in the group do their best to maintain their membership by staying within the profession’s rules, including maintaining patient safety on all fronts.

Check out their professionalism

Your first consultation with the doctor should help you understand how he handles his business outside the watchful eyes of their board members and certification body. Be attentive and quick to pick out any unprofessional behavior from them and make notes in your head to either return or walk out the door as fast as you can.

Check out the facility

The facility where you will receive your surgery matters too well. The facility must be screaming for safety and care.

Facilities for this kind of surgery go through scrutiny, and the ones that successfully pass the tests will become accredited and certified enough. Therefore, be sure to ask relevant questions and seek out at least a state license or any other relevant bodies.

What are people saying about your doctor and their practice?

Your doctor and their facility may pass all the tests mentioned above but still, have questionable practice. Be aware of the reviews from former patients from your doctor, especially if most patients confirm the same thing. Take their reviews literally and know if you will proceed or abort the mission.

List of plastic surgeons in Omaha

Omaha is home to excellent plastic surgeons, so your needs will be satisfactorily met. This is not an exhaustive list, but you can begin ticking off from here.

Popp Cosmetic Surgery PC

What else do you say for a facility and doctor with glowing reviews from former patients for his expertise? The facility is a great place to take your breast reduction, botox, breast augmentation, Brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, baggy eyelids, and many other needs without fear of a negative outcome.

Address: 11919 Grant St Ste 100, Omaha, NE 68164, United States

Phone Number: +14023914558


Aesthetic Surgical Images

Surgical image services include Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, body contouring, breast reduction, and many more. The facility has excellent staffing and good services.

Address: 8900 W Dodge Rd, Omaha, NE 68114, United States

Phone Number: +14023900100


Omaha Face

This is one unique facility that focuses more on med spa and Rhinoplasty. A facility filled with very knowledgeable and professional people who offer outstanding services.

Address: 17838 Burke St 101, Omaha, NE 68118, United States

Phone Number: +14027398144


Westfield Plastic Surgery Center and Westfield Medi Spa

The facility addresses all breast concerns and many more, like thigh lift, facelift, body lift, arm lift, CoolSculpting, and mommy makeover.

Address: 9900 Nicholas St 300, Omaha, NE 68114, United States

Phone Number: +14028296384


Conclusion on the Plastic Surgeons in Omaha

Many plastic surgeons in Omaha have the professionalism to give you an answer to your worries. However, be smart enough to always use the best of the lot. I

t may seem expensive, but what is a beautiful and confident life to the money worries?

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