Best Hospitals for Geriatric Care in Nigeria

Medical doctors and health facilities were not equipped to provide older adults with adequate health care to sustain their health needs. And this goes for the knowledge and the right environment.

These senior citizens fully relied on themselves, family members, and the community to take care of them, which they did with the limited knowledge available to them at the time. Aging does not necessarily equate to being sick if the right measures are taken.

Many elderly people went through aging smoothly, while others could not. Yet health care professionals lacked the right knowledge and equipment to help this vital population of the country.

2013 saw the turn of events as hospitals began to include the senior citizens, getting trained by foreign professionals to handle the aged people, and building the right environment for them. Now, you can easily find many geriatrics hospitals in Nigeria doing an excellent job within this branch of medicine.

In this blog post, we will give you a list of the best hospitals for geriatric care in Nigeria before you scroll to the end.

Overview of Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on caring for elderly people. It does not offer this care based on being sick or ailing.

It provides preventive measures to the elderly to sustain their health and keep them from falling sick. However, it still provides diagnoses and treatment and manages age-related diseases when needed.

Medical practitioners who specialize in this field are called geriatrics or geriatricians. Nurses are equally trained to be a part of a geriatrics team and help the physician run the hospital facility effectively.

In addition, many schools of thought suggest that old age and geriatric care should start at 60 years, but there is no cut-out rule for that. Individuals decide when it is time for them to seek geriatric care.

Sometimes, when they are retired at 65 and still very healthy, while others begin geriatric care when their families are overwhelmed with caring for their ailments. So, while in Nigeria, you can check out these excellent geriatric hospitals for you and your loved ones.

Best hospitals for geriatric care in Nigeria

See below;

University College Hospital Ibadan

On November 17th, 2012, the University College Hospital officially commenced its geriatric care. The role of the geriatric physician was laid on the competent shoulders of Chief Tony Anenih, CFR.

With his other team of experts who are devoted, respectful, and possess a team spirit, he has delivered on the mission that has held the hospital together since its inception.

In continuation, the facility boasts a staff of about 87 persons who are experienced and capable in the field.

Address: UCH Ibadan

Molly Specialist Hospital

Geriatric services get a lot better in the capable hands of the medical teams at Molly Specialist Hospital. The medical team comprises health practitioners from various fields and caregivers.

At this hospital, you can receive extended care if your health needs require it, such as orthopedic care. The geriatric services offered at the hospital include:

  • Co-ordination of management of care
  • Diagnosis of medical condition
  • Rehabilitative care for elderly people
  • Development of treatment and a follow-up plan
  • Other services the elderly can get at Molly Specialist Hospital:
  • Cognitive and mental health checks
  • Functional ability checks
  • Physical health checks
  • Socio-environmental circumstances assessment

Address: 6 American Quarters, Yidi, Agodi G.R.A, Ibadan, Nigeria

Phone Number: 08076748334

JBS Medicare Services

JBS Medicare Services is the place for the elderly in Nigeria. It is a private-owned geriatrician consulting center with specialized services for the older population.

Their services can be accessed nationwide; all you need to do is book an appointment.

They have an unrivaled team of experienced experts, with the CEO being a vastly knowledgeable consultant in geriatrics and stroke medicine.

With their state-of-the-art equipment, they offer excellent services to individuals according to their needs. Additionally, they have a range of services that are all focused on helping older people in our society lead healthy and fulfilling lives while aging gracefully.

JBS Medicare Services has promised to always uphold integrity and expertise in their line of work and never compromise on quality, as this practice is at the center of their hearts.

Phone Number: 08131333307

Email: [email protected]

University of Benin Teaching Hospital

The University of Benin Teaching Hospital also has a geriatric unit that is still in the business of training more capable hands to care for elderly people. The geriatric training team is led by Professor Obehi Akoria, who has practiced and has a wealth of experience in the field.

It is common knowledge that many people, especially in the medical field, need to be more well-trained to provide this service in Nigeria. Therefore, the teaching hospital’s geriatric unit took it upon themselves to educate more health workers and medical personnel in this field.

That aside, the hospital provides adequate senior care in a well-organized and professional manner. Making it one of the best hospitals for geriatric care in Nigeria.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned earlier, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are still adjusting to senior care. As such, not many hospitals have established this practice or are doing an excellent job.

Since we are searching for the best, it is only essential that we focus on hospitals that have actually cracked this geriatric code and are already doing well in the field. Meanwhile, as Nigerian health care advances, we are certain that more geriatric care facilities and hospitals will spring up to help the older population in Nigeria.

That said, the above-listed hospitals are currently the best and can handle your older loved ones or yourself, as the case may be.

Maybe in the years to come, we shall revisit this topic, and hopefully, more well-equipped hospitals for the elderly will be in full swing and functioning in different parts of Nigeria.


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