6 Hospitals that pay for Nursing school in Texas

The nursing profession is a highly in-demand occupation that would only experience an increase in demand. The not-so-interesting part is that the nursing tuition fees in America can be pocket-draining if you do not have a well-laid backup plan. 

Getting a good institution to study at is the first move, but figuring out your tuition is the last and most challenging part.

Most times, working multiple jobs may not cover these fees and allow you the peace of mind to focus on your studies. 

Student loans can equally not be that saving grace for many nursing students because of the disadvantages.

So, one of the best routes that could offer you the freedom to study and not burden you with tuition is joining these hospitals that pay for nursing school. 


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As a student nurse coming into the US to enroll in a nursing program, we have made a quick list of vibrant hospitals that pay for nursing school in Texas.

We have made the primary selection from these Texas hospitals and how they pay for your nursing fee.

The only thing you are required to do is to make a pick, do further due diligence, and apply away.

How do hospitals pay for nursing school?

Many hospitals in Texas are affiliated with nursing schools to offset the students’ bills. The hospital funds the nursing school to ensure these students are adequately trained.

The students are offered loan forgiveness or reimbursement, depending on what works for the hospital and the school.

How does the hospital and student benefit from this?

Students can concentrate and perfect their clinical with the hospital facility. They are given grounded education and experience to help them pursue their career independently because they become exposed to the hospital environment from the beginning.

Meanwhile, the hospitals, in turn, receive assistance from these students in the hospital.

It becomes easier for them to update their staff without going outside the school to source for workers.

Students whose loans were forgiven stay back to work at the hospital after graduation, a great plan to do away with job hunting.

Those who wish to return to another place for employment after graduation will do so with enough experience. Now is the time to list these hospitals in Texas 

List of top hospitals that pay for nursing school

  • Methodist Health System
  • MD Anderson Hospital
  • Baylor Scott & White Health
  • Presbyterian Health Care Services
  • Incredible Health
  • Medical City Health Care

Methodist Health System

The Methodist Health System is a top-ranking group of hospitals in Texas. It was first established in 1927 by Methodist ministers and Civic leaders in Dallas, Texas, as a single hospital before it expanded to about 45 healthcare facilities.

Currently, it is known as a healthcare system that is deeply involved in boosting the workforce through training and recognizing potential.

As they expand, they carry along students interested in making a career in nursing and turn their dreams into reality.

Methodist Health System, in partnership with El Centro College, provides Nursing Associate Degrees to students who wish to make a career in the nursing field with tuition reimbursement.

The Methodist health system and the El Centro College also offer nursing residency and scholarships.

MD Anderson Hospital

MD Anderson is a Cancer research and treatment center specializing in handling different types of disease at any stage.

This hospital has stayed in the spotlight for its exceptional leadership and ability to offer result-driven preventive measures, clinical care, and personalized patient treatment for over a decade.

Aside from ranking top in treatment and care, they also provide various nursing training programs for their nurses. The hospital pays the nursing education fee for the students through reimbursement.

However, after graduation, the nursing students are mandated to work for the hospital as a means of repayment.

Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott &White Health is another high-flying hospital that pays for nursing school in Texas. Here is one hospital that is very passionate about growing and nurturing the skills and potential of students.

The claim is evident in the numerous awards and rankings of the hospital over time. Students are taught by exceptional professionals who serve as guides throughout the program period. 

Baylor Scott & White Health also offer reimbursement for their nursing students throughout the program, regardless of whether you are a renowned nurse transitioning to another area or a new graduate learning new clinical skills.

Presbyterian Health Care Services

Talking about the hospital with the proper accreditation, it is no other but the Presbyterian Health Care Services.

Not neglecting their health care arm, which is thriving, the hospital has a well-detailed student nursing program.

They offer a nurse residency program for graduated registered nurses who have obtained their nursing license in the last twelve months.

The second is the nurse fellowship program for experienced registered nurses who want to change specialties.

These programs encompass many curricula and branches of the nursing field. Like other nursing school hospitals we mentioned above, they reimburse these students.

Incredible Health

The Cook Children’s Hospital in Dallas was not left behind when they mentioned hospitals that pay for nursing fees in Texas. Cook Children began with just 30 beds over 100 years ago.

It was a non-profit but was devoted to treating and taking care of children, with or without money.

Currently, with a total of 443 beds, this hospital understands that exceptional care largely rests on the shoulders of nurses.

So, to focus and devote more time to the children and their treatment, the hospital arranged the fully paid tuition fee for their nursing students Program. This is mainly for nursing students who wish to major in pediatric nursing.

Medical City Health Care

The hospital, Medical City Healthcare, has invested so much in bridging the shortage of nurse professionals.

The hospital has successfully achieved this goal by paying the student nurses tuition fees, including scrub wear, computer programs, and other materials that ensure brilliant studying.

Hospitals that pay for Nursing school in Texas
Hospitals that pay for Nursing school in Texas

My final thought on Hospitals that pay for Nursing school in Texas

It remains of cardinal importance to note that not many hospitals in Texas pay for nursing school.

Therefore, these schools are praised for their exceptional work in training and creating employment for nurses.

Moreover, it is a win-win situation because nursing school tuition is expensive, and nurses are always in demand, so everyone has nothing to lose.


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