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Practitioners of Acupuncture in Albuquerque have become increasingly sought after to help treat a variety of physical and emotional conditions. 

In a world filled with numerous problems that affect humans in different spheres and times, medical doctors sometimes may not hold the answers to all the questions and issues, especially in chronic pain and related diseases. At this point, acupuncturists become the go-to and the very people that will solve these problems.

In Albuquerque, you’d find many acupuncture clinics serving the population and the environs through various methods, and people turn towards their expertise because of how effective their services are.

For this reason, we will discuss who an acupuncturist is, what can make you seek their services, how they render these highly effective services, and some of the excellent acupuncture clinics in Albuquerque.

Who is an Acupuncturist?

Acupuncturists are professionally trained people who have learned in-depth the use of Acupuncture to treat and prevent various health and mental issues with special emphasis on pain alleviation.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that involves very thin needles inserted into the skin at specific parts of the body to stimulate healing. It is also believed that this practice is a pseudoscience activity, yet it is recognized worldwide and is becoming accepted as a good alternative medicine.

In the Chinese tradition, Acupuncture has been in practice for over 2,000 years and is believed to build a balance between the flow of life and energy force which has a specific point in the body where they pass through.

These very tiny needles will pass through those passages and balance the flow. This method is known as Qi but pronounced as Chee.

What illnesses can Acupuncture take care of?

As said earlier, the disruption of the balance between the energy flow and life in the human body can cause many illnesses.

Even though it is believed that this practice is not for everyone, a lot of people sing praises of Acupuncture as it relieves them of their conditions. Some of these conditions are listed below in no particular order.

  1. Migraines
  2. Renal colic
  3. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced reaction
  4. Back pain
  5. Fibromyalgia
  6. Osteoarthritis
  7. Labor pain
  8. Hay fever
  9. Sprain
  10. Ear aches
  11. Knee pain
  12. Biliary colic
  13. Depression
  14. Facial pain
  15. Dysmenorrhoea
  16. Rheumatoid arthritis
  17. Leukopenia
  18. Anxiety
  19. Dentistry pain
  20. Stroke
  21. Facial spasm
  22. Sinusitis
  23. Dizziness

How to become an Acupuncturist

Though this healthcare practice began in China during ancient times, now it has spread across the globe and has become widely accepted.

Before you become an acupuncturist in the United States of America, you must attend a Chinese medicine program or any acupuncture-accredited program.

Each school will give you its requirements before joining the program. In the end, you will sit for your certification exam before conferring the Acupuncturist title on you.

If you’re wondering how long it will take to become a fully certified Acupuncturist, know you do not have to spend a lot of years. Though your learning institution has an upper say in how long you need to run the program. Generally, it takes about two years plus some months to complete the program.

Benefits of becoming an Acupuncturist

For those interested in becoming an Acupuncturist in places like Albuquerque, this healthcare field comes with its highly enticing perks.


Firstly, making a career as an Acupuncturist gives you time flexibility. You get to draw your own work calendar to suit and accommodate other activities in your life.

Ability to render specific services

Acupuncture deals with all parts of the body, every kind of human, and numerous conditions. As a certified Acupuncturist, you can decide what type of conditions you treat and the patients to work with.

For example, Acupuncture practitioners in Albuquerque have the right to work with only children, women, or men. You can find clinics that treat only cancer patients, pain patients, seniors, athletes, etc.

Become a member of the teeming Acupuncture association

As soon as you get certified and cleared to practice, you will be welcomed into the midst of your fellow professionals in the healthcare field.

That’s not all; this will give you the opportunity to work and mingle with professionals from other healthcare fields, like therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, counselors, or even nurses.

Choice of workplace

Acupuncturists can comfortably fit in any healthcare work setting. If they are not ready to open their personal practice, they can gain employment in hospitals, health care centers, homes, maternity, and hospices.

Acupuncture Clinics in Albuquerque

See below;

  • Westside Family Acupuncture

This is a clinic with a 5-star rating with only beautiful things being said about it. According to former patients, Westside Family Acupuncture is quite affordable, with great staffing and services. In essence, you could not be happier after receiving treatments at Westside.

Address: 5115 Coors Blvd NW e, Albuquerque, NM 87120, United States

Phone Number: +15058976560

  • Community Acupuncture Albuquerque

They are run by experts who are well-known and vast in treating various ailments through Acupuncture. Their mode of operation has made it easier for people who can’t afford acupuncture treatment to come around with their family and friends to receive quality health care.

Address: 2509 Vermont St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States

Phone Number: +15052662606


  • Zentral Wellness

Zentral Wellness is an award-winning clinic that a certified doctor runs. The clinic specializes not only in Acupuncture but also deals in cosmetic facial Acupuncture, TCM dermatology, and many other illnesses.

Address: 120 Morningside Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108, United States

Phone Number: +15052660881


  • Nob Hill Community Acupuncture

The top priority of Nob Hill is the safety of the community and controlling the infection that causes most of the ailments.

Address: 1177, 4118 Central Ave SE Suite a, Albuquerque, NM 87108, United States

Phone Number: +15052322870


  • Modern Wellness

Patients with chronic pain and diseases can receive immediate treatment and relief when they visit Modern Wellness.

Also, they offer Frequency Specific Electro-Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Immune System Boosting, and Support.

Address: 3908 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, United States

Phone Number: +15053631428


  • Acupuncture Herb Pain Clinic, Sangsoon Chang, DOM

This is a clinic that specializes only in traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs. Dr. Chang, the clinic’s owner, is a specialist and skilled in TCM and Korean Hand Therapy.

Address: 2617 Juan Tabo Blvd NE B, Albuquerque, NM 87112, United States

Phone Number: +15052550878

  • Anodyne of Albuquerque

Anodyne uses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and collaborative method to approach each patient. This method also helps them understand their patient’s needs and treat them thoroughly without surgery or other traumatizing procedures.

The clinic provides treatment and services for pain management, regenerative medicine, wound care, nerve therapy, orthopedic support bracing, and injection therapies.

Address: 1500 Lomas Blvd NW Ste B, Albuquerque, NM 87104, United States

Phone Number: +15055036490


Conclusion on Acupuncture in Albuquerque

Those who practice Acupuncture in Albuquerque understand the need for a safe way to treat and eliminate most illnesses.

It is the main reason you can find good Acupuncturists in that area, and a regulating body that makes sure Acupuncturists does not forget their primary duties.

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