10 Best Acupuncture in Ann Arbor

Acupuncture is a technique for encouraging the body to promote natural healing and function. Acupuncture is a complete medical system that has been practiced in China for over 2000 years.

It involves inserting very fine, sterile stainless steel needles into points on the body’s natural energy flow known as “Qi.” It is particularly beneficial for stress, anxiety/depression, insomnia, acute and chronic pain, and acute neurological complaints such as Bell’s Palsy and stroke paraplegia.

Acupuncture works best for most people when used frequently, regularly, and early in the course of a condition.


Acupuncture in Ann Arbor

Here are a few Acupuncture Clinics and their Acupuncturist in Ann Arbor

1. Ann Arbor Community Acupuncture

Since 2015, Ann Arbor Community Acupuncture has been in operation. They have given over 50,000 low-cost treatments since then without raising their prices.

They tried to avoid doing so for as long as possible, but they are facing increased expenses, and as always, they value the clinic’s long-term viability. They hope to continue offering this service in the future.  Community acupuncture is a growing movement aimed at bringing about social change in healthcare.

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The People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a co-op made up of acupuncturists, patients, and volunteers, is leading this movement. POCA is pleased to have Ann Arbor Community Acupuncture as a clinic member. They are thrilled to be able to assist in the spread of community acupuncture throughout Michigan.

Contact: +1 734-780-7253

Address:  2500 Packard St #100, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

2. Dr. Kong, OMD 30+ years experience – Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center of Ann Arbor

Dr. Qingchun Kong is a licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist, as well as distinguished acupuncture and Chinese medicine physician who has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbs for over 30 years.

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He provides a variety of services to help patients’ health. Regular acupuncture – body acupuncture is the most commonly used therapy; for treatment, it may be combined with Chinese herbs or one of the auxiliary therapies of acupuncture.

Contact: +1 734-276-7796

Address: 4343 Concourse Dr Suite #110, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, United States

3. Acupuncture with over 40 years of experience – Dr. Shan Kong

Dr. Shan Kong has over 40 years of clinical experience in Chinese herbs and acupuncture and is a licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist. Dr. Shan Kong founded and directs the Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Center, which has grown to include several clinics.

She is the most senior and experienced practitioner in the field, and she is widely respected. Dr. Kong is a direct descendant of Confucius (73rd generation) and always follows the strictest medical ethics.

To improve the health of their patients, they provide the following services. Regular acupuncture (body acupuncture) is the most commonly used therapy; for treatment, it may be combined with Chinese herbs or one of the auxiliary therapies of acupuncture.

Contact: +1 734-276-3432

Address: 4343 Concourse Dr #110, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, United States

4. Happy Porcupine Acupuncture

Happy Porcupine Acupuncture was founded in 2012 with the goal of allowing as many people as possible to benefit from the healing powers of traditional Chinese medicine.

Their welcoming environment and gentle style ensure a positive and relaxing experience – one client described Jessica as “the most gentle acupuncturist I have ever worked with!” – and their affordable sliding scale ensures that cost is not an issue.

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Their passion is making people feel better, and their clients have reported positive outcomes in the areas of pain management, stress relief, skin issues, digestion, mood, and energy.

Jessica Walsh moved to China to study Chinese medicine at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine after graduating from Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, Michigan) with a degree in East Asian Studies and Chinese language in 2007.

From 2007 to 2012, she studied acupuncture, tuina (Chinese massage), herbology, and biomedicine with 72 Chinese classmates. Jessica had the opportunity to study in the clinic with several distinguished traditional physicians, including Dr. Kui Tao of Qinhuai TCM Hospital, Dr. Chen Honggen and Dr. Jianning Ren of Jiangsu Province TCM Hospital, and Dr. Jianbin Zhang of Nanjing TCM University’s Guoyi Clinic.

Jessica worked as an acupuncturist at the NJUTCM Zhaoyang Student Clinic from 2009 to 2011, where she was honored with the “5 Star Doctor” award in her final year.

She also volunteered with the “Healthy Villages Project,” a student group at NJUTCM that provides free traditional health care to villagers in the province’s poorer areas. Jessica graduated with honors with a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Massage in June 2012, and she was chosen to speak at the commencement ceremony.

Contact: +1 734-531-8798

Address: 2002 Hogback Rd #14, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, United States

5. AcuThrive Acupuncture

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, AcuThrive offers personal and holistic classical five-element acupuncture.

Helping men, women, and children live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Ellen Porter is a registered and licensed acupuncturist who is nationally board-certified (NCCAOM). She relocated to Ann Arbor from Baltimore, Maryland. She is currently a part-time faculty member in the Department of Life Long Learning at Washtenaw Community College.

She earned her Master’s degree in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrated Health, formerly Tai Sophia Institute, the country’s oldest accredited Acupuncture school. Penn State University awarded her a Bachelor of Science degree.

Previously, she worked as an acupuncturist for Harbor Hospital, as the Clinical Faculty Supervisor at Tai Sophia’s Baltimore student clinic, and in private practice. She taught clinical skills, treatment planning, and point location accuracy as a faculty supervisor.

Contact: +1 734-845-2166

Address: 2190 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

6. Sun’s Acupuncture ReQi

Dr. Sun is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s Degree in acupuncture from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine.

He is also certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Dr. Sun earned his M.D. in China prior to acupuncture. He passed all of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) exams after moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was certified by the ECFMG (Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates).

Dr. Sun earned a Master’s Degree in Human Anatomy for her work on pain-conducting pathways in the brain, as well as a Ph.D. in neuroscience for her work on the molecular mechanisms of pain and brain aging.

He has extensive clinical experience and has been studying neuroscience for over thirty years, twenty of which he spent at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Dr. Sun has a thorough understanding of the mechanisms underlying pain, depression, stress, strokes, brain paralysis, and other nervous system issues.

Contact: +1 734-277-2342

Address: 2002 Hogback Rd Suite11, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, United States

7. Pacific Acupuncture Center – Herbal Medicine & Fertility

Dr. Simon Xue, who has over 20 years of experience in acupuncture, natural medicine, herbal medicine, and many other aspects of healing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, founded Pacific Acupuncture Center.

We are proud to be a part of the beautiful Ann Arbor community. Dr. Simon has dedicated his life to assisting people in healing and overcoming medical, mental, and spiritual obstacles, as well as in developing, maintaining, and expanding healthy and productive lifestyle choices and habits.

Dr. Simon is a 4th generation Eastern Medicine doctor from Ti’an Jin, China, who received his doctorate from Five Branches University in San Jose, California.

His distinct approach combines ancient wisdom with modern medicine to provide his clients with comprehensive treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and comfort.

Their practitioners have decades of experience and are fully versed in all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

They assess not only the body but also the mind and spirit of their clients using a whole-body approach. Their clients benefit from a truly personalized health experience, with a focus on delivering tangible results to improve your overall well-being.

You can have confidence in their many services, which have been recognized by the World Health Organization as effective in treating over 40 conditions, not to mention the numerous applications of herbal medicine.

Contact: +1 734-800-4118

Address: 4470 Jackson Rd #101, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, United States

8. Aligned Acupuncture

Audrey Bradley, L.Ac is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who is passionate about bringing ancient healing practices to the modern person. Audrey’s interest in holistic medicine arose from her own health journey. She was led to acupuncture after years of searching for answers to her digestive issues, skin problems, and mental and emotional pain.

The profound shift she felt after just one session inspired her to enroll in graduate school to pursue a Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine, which she will complete in 2020.

She is an NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture and a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Michigan. Audrey is also a Reiki Master, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, and Crystalline Harmonics Practitioner. She is trained in CPR and the Clean Needle Technique.

Audrey believes in a holistic approach to healing that includes the mind, body, and spirit. She is dedicated to assisting others in reestablishing their mind-body connection, as she believes that emotional health and supportive belief systems are essential for physical health.

She assists her patients in realigning themselves through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and energy work. Audrey focuses on digestive problems, musculoskeletal pain, and mental and emotional well-being.

Audrey’s experience with dermatological issues taught her the value of loving one’s external appearance, which led her to specialize in Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Contact: +1 734-221-0048

Address: 218 N 4th Ave Suite 205, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

9. Eastern Integrative Services

They offer a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities at Eastern Integrative Services, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, and massage therapy. Following a thorough medical history evaluation, they collaborate with you to determine which treatments are best suited to your needs.

Their practitioners are National Board Certified (NCCAOM) and State of Michigan registered acupuncturists with extensive training.

Contact: +1 734-761-5402

Address: 2300 Washtenaw Ave Ste 101, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

10. Digestive Health Ann Arbor

Digestive Wellness Ann Arbor provides a comprehensive holistic approach to assisting people in facilitating the human body’s natural and instinctive healing process.

They use the right tools to help them understand what is required to restore your body’s health. Gary Merel is a New York College of Healthcare Professionals graduate.

He has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, which includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Gary has been a member of the Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for the past eight years (MAAOM). Gary recently received his Certificate in Enzyme Nutrition from the Loomis Institute in Madison, Wisconsin.

Gary is a guest lecturer at the University of Michigan Medical School and a participant in an ongoing research project with the University’s Integrative Health Department.

He is also an adjunct faculty member at Washtenaw Community College, where he teaches Oriental Medicine classes. Prior to relocating to Ann Arbor from Pennsylvania, he was a member of Medicine In Balance, a holistic OBGYN practice.

Gary was a member of the Holistic Health Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, as well as the resident acupuncturist at Penns Wood Village, an assisted living community in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Gary was also an adjunct instructor at Bucks County Community College and the Somerset School of Massage Therapy.

Contact: +1 734-726-0153

Address: 230 Collingwood Dr Ste 150, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, United States

Conclusion on the Acupuncture in Ann Arbor

What happens physiologically is unknown. According to some scientific theories, the needles induce a microcurrent in connective tissues, stimulating a literal electrical energy flow. There is also research focusing on potential biochemical mechanisms.

Each specific point has its own distinct function in Traditional Chinese Medicine. And points are located along meridians, which are energy-carrying vessels similar to blood vessels.

Acupuncture, according to this viewpoint, primarily works by regulating energetic and functional imbalances in the body.


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