Accelerated Nursing Programs

The majority of the time, we set out our career plans and the path we must follow to get the career satisfaction we all desire as fast as possible.

Most times too, we suddenly or gradually have a change of plans towards the career plans we drew earlier.

Then, we begin to seek ways to remedy the plans and make everything fall into place as soon as possible. That is exactly what applies here in accelerated Nursing programs.

Firstly, let us get it right with the term, accelerated Nursing programs. Then you make your decisions afterward.

That is if you are looking for another path to help you and arrive at a career satisfaction destination.

So, let us critically look at the accelerated Nursing program, break it down to the understanding of anyone that is yet to figure out what exactly it means. And help you make informed decisions regarding your career and career paths.

Who is a Nurse?

Medically, a Nurse can be many things.

Ideally, a Nurse is a person that has undergone training in Nursing Science and has successfully fulfilled all the requirements needed to care for a sick or injured person.

Also, a Nurse is someone that has gone ahead to acquire the title of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science called Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

A Nurse is a qualified individual that takes care of the patients in the hospital. A Nurse assists the Doctor to administer treatments on a patient until they are healthy and strong again.

Who can be a Nurse?

 Funnily enough, a lot of people get to ask this question in all seriousness. To put a clean end to this unending question.

Literally, anyone can be a Nurse. When we say anyone, we mean both males and females can take up this profession and run smoothly with it. Long ago, it was thought to be a feminine job, but recently, we have seen the inrush of males into the profession. Not only taking up the profession but thriving in it.

So yes, Nursing is meant for everyone who can handle the time-consuming and bone-breaking hours that it demands.

Once you decide to pick up Nursing as your profession, you have to be ready to sign away your time and most freedom you once enjoyed. Although, this job has a lot of benefits which are mostly prestige and monetary.

Also, you and your family get first-hand treatment when you fall sick or in case of a health emergency.

However, this job must be done with compassion and a pure intention of helping mankind. In as much as everyone can be a Nurse, Nursing is not for everybody. You must be kind, patient, and tolerant if you must go forward in it.

The sick require all the love they can get, and you must be willing to fill your heart with love. Nurses are the backbone of the medical field, so you must be ready to be supportive at all times.

What is Accelerated Nursing Programs

Literally, how fast do you want it? This is the question that comes to mind whenever we hear someone mention the accelerated Nursing programs and here’s why.

Accelerated Nursing programs are the programs introduced into the Nursing science fields for those that want to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master of Science in Nursing, or even RN without following the good ol’ route. Like, the Nursing degree in a university takes up a whole 5 years to earn a degree in Nursing.

However, the accelerated Nursing Program gives you the opportunity to slash the degree duration into halves. Yet, bag a Nursing Science degree within those slashed years.

In contrast, the normal Nursing programs in the university have breaks in between for you to pause and catch your breath while pursuing the degree but the accelerated counterpart goes on without semester breaks.

So you get to keep studying non-stop until you earn your Nursing degree in less than two years.

More so, the accelerated Nursing program is quite tasking and very demanding. This is because you are trying to cover up in less than two years, which takes your colleagues at least five years to study.

Who can go into an accelerated Nursing program?

Accelerated Nursing program does not reject anybody. The only problem is, can you handle the stress and intensively tight learning schedule?

Students from different career backgrounds can. Like, you have a degree in another field of study but you want a full career overhaul or career change of plans.

These changes in career plans in Nursing might be a result of the endless opportunities in the field. Or a quest for career satisfaction and helping others in need.

However, you have to meet some requirements and this varies from school to school. So before you think about switching to Nursing through the accelerated program, you must first read up on the school’s requirements.

Moreover, there are general rules to this program that require that you must have a degree first. Most times, you will require a high GPA in your former Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school.

Remember, the program will demand a lot from your brain. That is if you have never loved science, be ready to love and embrace it tightly.

In addition, It is your determination, dedication, and doggedness that will help you scale great heights in this program.

Study accelerated Nursing online

Recently, studying online has been the new rave. Schools have been resorting to online lectures to help ease the stress of coming to class daily.

This online study has been in favor of people who have other jobs and still want to pursue a degree. So, they go about their duties and later make out time to take their studies online, at their own convenient time.

Moving forward, there are schools that offer their students the option to study accelerated Nursing programs online. Of course, you get to do your assignments and meet up with your course lectures on your own time.

However, there are two things you need to bear in mind before opting for the online version of the program. Firstly, running your accelerated Nursing program online will not make the process any easier, academically. The course load and degree process still remain very intensive, demanding, and competitive.

Secondly, when it is time for the practical part, which is the clinical hours, you must be physically present in the school.

So, if you want to study for the program online, you must put these parts into consideration. And also make plans to travel for the practical part of it.

Two years Nursing program in Canada for International students

Before we begin, it is worthy of note that, this two-year Nursing program in Canada is not for secondary or high school graduates.

That aside, there are lots of universities that offer two-year Nursing programs for international students in Canada.

These schools have separate requirements and fees that are unique to them. Besides that, international students studying the two-year Nursing program in Canada are plenty.

Firstly, Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. Hence, getting a medical or Nursing degree from Canada is termed a great achievement.

So, if you want to study the two-year Nursing program in Canada as an international student. You must first decide on the school that will best serve this purpose.

Not just that, you must decide on the type of study to indulge in. Importantly, you have to be eligible by completing all the requirements provided for the program.

So, for you to qualify for a two-year Nursing degree, you must complete a degree in a previous accredited university. In most schools, you must meet all their prerequisite requirements as well. That is the first step.

Another step involves applying to schools that offer accelerated nursing programs in Canada. Once you are sure that you have covered up the other parts of your decision to study Nursing in Canada. Then, you must consider the cost for the entire period of study as an international student.

Here is a rough estimate of what your payment will look like.

Tuition: $25, 884 CAD

Fees:   $1,067 CAD

Study Materials and books: $1,500 CAD

Documents required

Generally, you must gather all your documents together to check if you truly qualify for this program. You might not be familiar with which documents to put together. Luckily, we made a list for you.

  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE: The Canadian government needs to know you are proficient enough in the English Language.
  • Official transcript: This must be sent from your previous university.
  • Statement of Purpose: As the name implies, you have to convince them beyond reasonable doubt that you need this program.
  • Letters of Recommendation: This helps to show that while studying before, you were of good conduct and never a nuisance.

Working and studying

Luckily, if you cross the money bridge too, then, you can apply for your student visa. When you get this approved, your dream is about to become a reality.

Peradventure, you are so brilliant and have all it takes, you can also apply for a suitable scholarship. This move,  granted, will take off the heavy financial load from off of your shoulders. You only have to focus and study very hard and graduate in flying colors.

You see, the money issue has made even the brightest student drop off on the way before the end of the program.

That is because, as an international student in Canada, there is a stipulated amount of hours you get to work before you go back to your books. The Canadian government believes you are well prepared for your education.

They never wanted you to spend so many hours away from your primary assignment which your study. Hence, the limited assigned working hours.

Therefore, bear in mind that you can not be working hectically and be studying accelerated Nursing in Canada. Well, except you planned to fail.

Since we do not plan on failing this project, here are some great schools in Canada that offer 2 years accelerated nursing programs.

Universities that offer accelerated Nursing programs in Canada 

  • The University of Toronto, Ontario
  • University of Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Prince Edward Island University, Prince Edward Island University
  • McGill University, Quebec
  • The University of British Colombia, British Colombia
  • McMaster University, Ontario
  • Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
  • Queen’s University, Ontario
  • University of Montreal, Quebec
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Ontario
  • Ryerson University, Ontario
  • University of North British Colombia, British Colombia
  • Alberta University, Alberta
  • University of Manitoba, Manitoba
  • Laurentia University, Ontario
  • Ottawa University, Ontario
  • University of Calgary, Alberta
  • Western University, Ontario
  • University of Victoria, British Colombia
  • Windsor University, Ontario
  • Trent University, Ontario
  • University of Moncton, NewBrunswick

Accelerated Nursing Program specialty

As an international student, you are entitled to choose or have your specialty before the end of your program.

  • Midwifery
  • Family Nurse practitioner
  • Community mental health
  • Critical care Nursing
  • Global health
  • Mental health Nurse
  • General practicing Nurse
  • Nursing administration
  • Perinatal Nursing

To conclude, accelerated Nursing programs can be the very short route for you to have that dream career shift you always wanted.

It does not have to matter your previous career background. So far this is what you truly want out of life, and you have the money and time to make the shift.

Then, by all means, have it your way.  Check out the school that best appeal to you and start the process immediately.

Another important factor is the title you are going for and the school that serves the best.

As you have seen, lots of schools in Canada offer this 2 year accelerated Nursing program for international students. But they all come with their respective requirements. It is left for you to decide now.

But, be ready to be strong and determined. This career shift will test your strength and will, financially, physically, emotionally, and all around.

If you are truly determined, in just 2 years, guess who will be smiling from ear to ear? You of course! And then, all the struggles will no longer matter.


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