6 Best Hospitals In Peterborough

Here is a list of the best public and private hospitals in Peterborough, each of which provides a wide variety of cutting-edge treatment options for their patients.

Patients can receive specialist medical and nursing treatment, as well as medical supplies, from healthcare institutions located in Peterborough.

In most cases, they are equipped with an emergency department that is designed to treat victims of traumatic events like fires and accidents in addition to medical problems.

In the city of Peterborough, It is common for hospitals to have established outpatient facilities in addition to emergency, mental, and rehabilitation services. This is done so that the hospital may better cater to the diverse requirements of the community.

And the majority of them offer just ambulatory treatment (also known as outpatient care) and day surgery.

Hospitals In Peterborough

Below, you will find the list of the top public and private hospitals in Peterborough;

  1. Fitzwilliam Private Hospital;

Since its founding in 1983, Fitzwilliam Hospital has been recognized as one of the most reputable and prominent private hospitals in the county of Cambridgeshire. The hospital is known for providing patients with medical treatments and services of the highest possible standard.

The hospital is located on the tranquil grounds of the Milton Estate in Peterborough and features 55 beds, 54 of which are single-occupancy and one of which is a twin-occupancy room. Each of these chambers has its private bathroom. The hospital is open to both private patients and those who are covered by the NHS.

Furthermore, the hospital has made significant investments in cutting-edge medical technology, which enables it to provide patients with cutting-edge treatment options and services. The extremely clean air theater suite is well suited for orthopedic treatments such as spine surgery, arthroscopy, hip replacements, and knee replacements and is fully equipped with all of the necessary medical technology. Endoscopies and other non-invasive procedures are performed at the Braithwaite day unit.

The medical facility is known as an Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence and provides a comprehensive assortment of orthopedic services, which includes spine evaluation. Other operations include hysteroscopy, colonoscopy, treatments for the ear, nose, and throat, hernia surgery, cataract surgery, gastroscopy, therapy for varicose veins, and treatment for varicose veins, as well as procedures for gynecology, dermatology, and urology.

A broad variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including breast enlargement, tummy tuck, liposuction, face fillers, wrinkle reducers, and facial surgery, are all offered at prices that are competitive with one another.

In cooperation with the Ramsay Weight Loss Service, Fitzwilliam Hospital also provides surgical options for the treatment of obesity, including gastric banding and gastric balloon treatments.


The imaging section at the diagnostic facility is equipped with the most advanced technology available, including MRI and CT scanning equipment. In addition, there is a specialized clinic that offers a triple breast exam in one convenient location.

In addition to a gymnasium, the treatment facilities at this location include an on-site physiotherapy department staffed by chartered physiotherapists. In addition to that, they provide holistic treatments including acupuncture, cupping, and complementary therapy.

  1. Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital;

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of orthopedic problems are the only focus of the Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital (OSSH), a hospital that was constructed specifically for this purpose. The OSSH hospital may be reached quickly from the important roads A47, A1M, and A605 because of its advantageous location in Peterborough.

The hospital contains twenty rooms, all of which are equipped with private bathrooms, as well as an outpatient department and a radiology unit. The Operating Theatre Department is equipped with cutting-edge equipment for the purification of the air (Laminar Airflow System).

Patients in need of orthopedic care can access a comprehensive selection of diagnostic and treatment options at OSSH. They do surgeries on the hand and ankle, as well as hip, knee, and shoulder replacements, as well as ligament restoration following athletic injuries.

In addition to that, we also provide therapy for back pain, which may include spinal injections or even surgery. Your treatment is provided by Consultants who are registered with the Specialist Register maintained by the General Medical Council.

You will have sufficient opportunities to discuss your condition with both your Consultant and other competent members of the team thanks to the care package that has been provided to you.

Also, you will find a pleasant atmosphere that is also clean and secure at OSSH. To this day, none of the patients have developed MRSA, C. diff, or any other dangerous illnesses that are commonly acquired in hospitals.

If your primary care physician diagnoses you with an orthopedic disease and decides to send you to visit a specialist, you have the option of deciding where you will go for treatment. You may want to consider going to this specialized hospital as one of your options.

  1. Hamptons Hospital;

Al Zahra Medical Ltd., a business that is jointly owned by Sakina Healthcare and RMW Investments, is the parent organization of The Hamptons Hospital.

And are scheduled to begin operating in the fall of 2022. They prioritize the highest possible levels of both clinical quality and efficiency while maintaining a secure working environment.

Outpatient, diagnostic, and elective day case treatments across a broad spectrum of clinical specialties will be made available in the initial phase of the hospital’s construction.

They hope that by providing greater capacity to help patients obtain care, they will be able to support NHS Trust Hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). This is especially important in light of the waiting time difficulties that have resulted from the COVID epidemic. In addition to this, Hamptons Hospital will offer quick access for patients who are paying privately.

  1. Peterborough City Hospital;

Peterborough City Hospital, located at Bretton Gate in Peterborough, is a purpose-built, cutting-edge institution that welcomed its first patients in November of 2010. The hospital is equipped with the most recent medical technology.

The hospital has 635 inpatient beds, and patients are cared for in contemporary wards that have either single ensuite rooms or three- to four-bedded ward spaces, each of which has its bathroom.

The patients have far more privacy now than they did previously, and the requirements for same-sex housing set by the NHS have been met. The hospital features a Haematology/Oncology Unit, which includes a freshly enlarged radiation suite; an expanded Renal Unit; an Emergency Centre with a distinct children’s emergency department; a dedicated Women’s and Children’s unit; a cardiac unit; a respiratory investigations center; and comprehensive diagnostic imaging facilities.

  1. Boston West Hospital;

The Boston West Hospital is a day case hospital that offers services for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of common medical disorders. A contemporary operating room that is suitably equipped may perform a variety of surgical operations in addition to endoscopic (diagnostic) examinations.

Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Hernia Surgery, Knee Arthroscopy, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Cataract Surgery, Cystoscopy, Hand surgery, Foot surgery, minor Urology treatments, minor Gynecological treatments, Vasectomy, Varicose Vein Surgery, and Minor Skin Procedures are some of the treatments that are available at the Hospital.


A unique lobby, an outpatient suite with five consulting rooms, and a pre-operative evaluation space are included among the clinical amenities. Because of the ample amount of space in the operating room, medical professionals can perform huge numbers of surgical procedures effectively and efficiently.

After surgery, patients are moved to a postoperative recovery room that is fully furnished and outfitted with the most advanced monitoring technology available. Patients stay in this room until they are cleared for discharge.

A three-stage Theatre Sterile Services Unit (TSSU) is provided as part of the support services. This unit satisfies the high criteria imposed by the Department of Health.

After they have been discharged, patients have access to a hotline that is staffed around the clock, adequate free parking is available on site, and there are good amenities for individuals who have limited mobility, including a hearing loop system in the reception area.

Sterile Services The sterile services unit at Boston West Hospital is accessible for prospective cooperation with GP Practices, private providers, health centers, and organizations that require such services. The facility is consistent with the most recent decontamination laws and legislation.

  1. Woodland Hospital;

Kettering is home to one of the most reputable private hospitals in the county of Northamptonshire: Woodland Hospital.

The Woodland Hospital features 28 private rooms, all of which come equipped with an attached bathroom, 10 beds for patients staying for a shorter period, and a surgical extended care unit. The hospital has made significant investments in cutting-edge medical technology, which allows it to provide a comprehensive variety of diagnostic and therapeutic options.

It has a fully equipped operating room suite, which has ultra-clean air technology, is ideal for performing orthopedic treatments such as arthroscopy, hip and knee replacements, including hip resurfacing, as well as spinal surgery.

Orthopaedic, including neck and spine surgery, cosmetic surgery, cardiology, general surgery, gynecology, ENT, urology, dermatology, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pain management, podiatry, neurology, and physiotherapy are some of the specialties offered at the hospital.

In addition to that, they provide diagnostic services such as mobile CT and MRI scanners, ultrasound, and X-ray capabilities. There is a television, radio, and telephone with direct dialing provided in every room for the convenience of you and any guests.

You will be fed meals in the comfort of your room, and they will include a delectable assortment of freshly made foods. Free parking for cars is available, in addition to access for those with disabilities.

The clinical facilities of the hospital are evaluated regularly to guarantee that they provide the highest possible standard of care. In addition, patients who require extremely careful supervision can make use of a High Dependency Unit that has two beds at their disposal.

FAQs about the hospitals in Peterborough

Below, the most suitable answers about the hospitals in Peterborough are outlined below;

  • In which county can one find Peterborough?


  • Is it a good idea to make Peterborough one’s permanent residence?

Schools, amenities for families, entertainment, and housing options that won’t break the bank may all be found in plenty in Peterborough. Families often choose to make their permanent home in a city because of its many amenities.

  • Which healthcare organization does Peterborough belong to?

Foundation Trust for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Hospitals. They are committed to delivering care of the highest possible standard.

Conclusion on the Hospitals In Peterborough

Acute medical treatment is provided by the hospitals in Peterborough to a population of more than 300,000 people who reside in Peterborough and the areas that are located in its immediate vicinity.

Patients can feel at ease as they work through their ailments without the need for any trepidation if the atmosphere and the equipment that they are working in are both of high quality.


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