5 Top Plastic surgeons in Louisiana

It’s a fact that these plastic surgeons in Louisiana make life more meaningful and enjoyable for any client that walks through their door. 

Undergoing plastic surgery, regardless of which part of the body is involved, is not a funny process, but clients think about the end result and courageously deal with the pain. Good plastic surgeons like those found in Louisiana make the painful healing process worth your while in the end.

However, before you go for a plastic surgery evaluation, you must understand that the surgery generally is quite pricey and not affordable for everyone. Also, most insurance companies do not cover this procedure, so you have o pay out of pocket. 

If your goal is to get that surgery done in Louisiana, make intelligent inquiries to understand what exactly you are up against.

We also have some information for you below because you definitely need all the knowledge you can get before you proceed. 

The most common type of plastic surgery 

In the world of plastic surgery, some procedures are more popular and in demand than others. So you’ll see many plastic surgeons in that field because many clients come in for the procedure in their hundreds.

Other times, some procedures are rare and do not occur regularly; people coming in for those procedures might be in serious medical need or need the procedure to save their lives.

Meanwhile, the most popular procedures you can come across in this branch of medicine include;

  1. Breast enlargement or breast implant procedures
  2. Breast reduction (male and female)
  3. Liposuction
  4. Tummy tuck
  5. Rhinoplasty (nose job)
  6. Botox
  7. Breast lifts (without implants)
  8. Buttock lift
  9. Lip augmentation
  10. Thigh lift
  11. Facelift
  12. Chin augmentation

How much do plastic surgeons in Louisiana make?

Plastic surgeons in Louisiana do not go home empty-handed; they make a lot from their profession. However, there is serious competition in that line of work, especially for the surgeons that handle popular procedures.

Also, these doctors make money for themselves and enjoy their careers to the fullest. The average salary of a plastic surgeon in the state of Louisiana ranges between $226,000 – $256,474. This is not for the surgeons who have private practices and do not earn a salary from anyone.

How to become a Plastic surgeon

If you have time by your side, you will not look at how long the journey to becoming a plastic surgeon will take you. It is a journey because you must pass through different medical school and training stages.

Firstly, you need to get into a medical school, but before then, you must complete and pass the prerequisite studies if you need to. You may also need to take some tests like the Medical college admission tests.

Secondly, study hard on all your courses and clinical rounds. This is where you gain real-life knowledge of all you learned in Med school and begin to build your experiences on the job. Then, graduate med school with good grades.

Before you become qualified to practice as a certified medical doctor in the US, you need a license. You must sit and write the appropriate exam for your medical field and pass it before a license to practice will be conferred to you.

Finally, you must undergo rigorous training to become a plastic surgeon. You can choose to break down this process by doing three years each for general surgery and plastic surgery or run a straight six-year program that incorporates the two training at once.

Plastic surgeons in Louisiana

Louisiana has different types of plastic surgeons whose rates are pretty affordable even with their expertise.

Our list here can serve as a map to locating a good plastic surgeon if you reside in Louisiana or its environs. Still, you must research and make sure the clinic suits your needs.

Northshore Plastic Surgery LLC

The Northshore plastic surgery is a certified clinic from New Orleans. Taking your procedures to Dr. Boudreaux and Dr. Claiborne will give you a new look at life, dramatic transformation, and special treatment.

Address: 3401 E Causeway Approach, Mandeville, LA 70448, United States

Phone Number: +19852376050


The wall center for plastic surgery

The team in this center is very understanding and takes time to listen to each patient’s concerns. Your body transformation desires will make you very happy and boost your self-esteem and lifestyle.

Their service includes 

  1. face procedures
  2. Body procedures
  3. Breast procedures
  4. Complex surgeries

Address: 8600 Fern Ave, Shreveport, LA 71105, United States

Phone Number: +13187950801


Khoobehi & Associates Plastic Surgery

This clinic presents impressive qualities from visitation and consultation down to the procedure and recovery.

Another very impressive feature is the online consultation through zoom or Facetime for those unable to come to the clinic.

Their procedure begins with a spa that will get patients in the right frame of mind and soul before the bodily transformation begins.

Also, Khoobehi and Associates offer non-surgical procedures and treatments when needed.

Address: 3901 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002, United States

Phone Number:


Dr. Kenneth Odinet, DDS, MD

Dr. Ken is a certified ASPS board member who trained around the United States at different stages.

With all the knowledge he has gathered over the years, he is now using it to help patients needing plastic surgery. Dr. Kenneth offers innovative, state-of-the-art care during his surgery. His services include but are not limited to

  1. Breast augmentation
  2. Gynecomastia
  3. Mommy makeover
  4. Non-invasive procedures like laser hair removal, neuro blockers, etc
  5. Body procedures
  6. Face procedures

Address: 200 Beaulieu Dr 6, Lafayette, LA 70508, United States

Phone Number: +13372348648


Dr. Jules Walters

Doctor Jules has years of experience and knowledge in this field. His work is fueled by a passion for his job and compassion for people.

He gives his patients a listening ear and time and leaves them with all smiles while giving them confidence at a higher level.

Address: 3100 Galleria Blvd STE 205, Metairie, LA 70001, United States

Phone Number: +15045176200


Conclusion on the Plastic surgeons in Louisiana

Plastic surgeons are life savers with the scalpel. They help people have a second chance to live and live a fulfilled life with smiles and confidence.

These surgeons can be found all around you but be sure to use experienced and certified ones.


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