5 Best Nursing homes in Chicago

A nursing home is a place where elderly or disabled persons can receive residential care. Assisted living institutions, long-term care facilities, elderly people’s homes, and skilled nursing facilities are other names for nursing homes.

Care facilities, rest homes, nursing homes, or nursing care. These terms frequently denote the institutions’ public or private status as well as their focus on assisted living, nursing care, or both emergency medical care and assisted living.

People who don’t need to be in the hospital but need care that can’t be provided at home go to nursing homes. Depending on the nursing home, nurses may also be in charge of overseeing other staff members in addition to providing medical care for patients.

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, while one in ten Americans aged 75 to 84 spend five years or more in a nursing home, nearly three out of ten Americans in that age range spend no more than 100 days there, the maximum amount of time that Medicare will pay for.

Following surgery, illness, or injury, short-term rehabilitation stays are also offered in some nursing facilities. Speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are among the available services.

Additionally, nursing homes provide other amenities including daily housekeeping and organized activities. Services for dementia care, often known as memory care, may be provided by nursing facilities.


Nursing homes in Chicago

The following are some nursing homes in Chicago.

1. Buckingham Pavilion Nursing and Rehabilitation

The exceptional care and services are more than simply a practice at Buckingham Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois; they are a tradition.

One can be confident that because Buckingham Pavilion has been privately run since 1975, they are only interested in meeting the needs and those of their loved ones.

They have had the privilege of caring for the parents of many notable public figures over the years, including aldermen, congressmen, the chief of police, as well as the relatives of doctors, and the owners and directors of some of Illinois’ largest nursing home networks.

In addition to receiving the state’s highest honor for quality care, they were one of the initial 12 facilities that the County Guardian alone selected to provide for its clients.

The objective is to recognize and cater to the different demands of an aging population in both their short-term and long-term residents.

They are dedicated to attaining the goals while fostering each resident’s dignity and independence in the least constricting and institutional-like setting imaginable.

Through a range of excellent rehabilitation, nursing, and individualized programs, Buckingham Pavilion seeks to attain the highest level of each resident’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Address:2625 West Touhy Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60645

2. Birchwood Plaza Nursing-Rehab

A superb provider of skilled nursing care and subacute post-hospital care, Birchwood Plaza is located off Sheridan Road, just a short drive from the North Shore suburbs.

The lovely setting provides the atmosphere for a positive and respectable rehabilitation experience. The Birchwood Plaza staff is made up of exceptional experts that are sympathetic and kind. They develop a customized care plan with the patient’s family in order to maximize healing and reclaim independence. Therapy is provided as frequently as required, using the most cutting-edge methods and technology.

They cater to all the unique requirements of the patients and residents, from short-term rehabilitation to complex medical care to Alzheimer’s programs.

Birchwood Plaza works to give patients, residents, and families an extraordinary experience and exceptional results via progressive, innovative care, cutting-edge technology, and investment in service quality. The residents are encouraged to live life to the fullest by their highly motivated staff, who provide an active, exciting, and welcoming environment.


Address:1426 W. Birchwood Ave Chicago, IL 60626

3. St. Joseph Village of Chicago

Welcome to Franciscan Ministries, an initiative of the Chicago-based Franciscan Sisters that includes a number of senior living facilities that include independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, respite care, and home healthcare services.

They have given residents the best possible care, individualized attention, and social contact for more than a century. Their senior living communities are built on resident health, safety, and well-being.

This is reflected in everything from locally sourced dining to refreshing outdoor spaces, as well as in the daily assistance available when needed and extensive activity calendars.

They guarantee one will have the independence, respect, and care one deserves with a resident experience informed by the seven dimensions of wellness.

At St. Joseph Village of Chicago, unlike other senior living facilities around a person, they are dedicated to incorporating the seven aspects of well-being into every day so that residents can live as independently as possible and receive the respect and care they merit. They provide a satisfying and stimulating resident experience, with everything from gardening spaces and arts & crafts to exercise programs and religious events.


Address: 11500 Theresa Drive Lemont, IL 60439.

4. Bethesda Rehab & Senior Care

At Bethesda, life enrichment is helping residents lead active, enjoyable lives. The Life Enrichment team works hard to plan a full schedule of events that keep residents’ bodies, minds, and spirits active in a life that has meaning.

The well-renowned, weekly “Get Creative” Art class is only one of the daily activities and events that Bethesda residents enjoy.

Being creative is essential for overcoming obstacles in life and is intrinsic to being healthy. Their residents are assisted in a class by Bethesda’s art instructor and the Life Enrichment team in discovering fresh artistic expressions.

They also provide spiritual and pastoral care programs to their residents as a part of Bethesda’s Life Enrichment Ministries.

At Bethesda Rehab & Senior Treatment, they work hard to deliver top-notch clinical care in a warm and secure setting. They also prioritize providing the best quality of care, decency, respect, and compassion to every person and their families.

Contact:(773) 622-6144.

Address: 2833 North Nordica Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60634-4726

5. Fairmont Care

At Fairmont Care, they think that rehabilitation should be a calling rather than merely a job. The family-run healthcare institutions uphold this responsibility by continually establishing new benchmarks for care quality. There are currently three five-star facilities where they work, and a fourth is being built.

Rehabilitative care in the most opulent, homelike settings is a concept that the management team brings to life with a captivating vision.

In terms of worker-to-patient ratios, Fairmont Care is consistently rated “far above average” and has excelled in a number of categories on Medicare.gov. Because they are so confident in the outstanding quality they provide, each of them has chosen one of the buildings for the rehabilitation of the parent or grandmother.

They are immensely proud of the superb competent treatment and committed, unique individuals. Physical treatment should and can be as distinctive as each patient.

With a focus on communication, Fairmont Care offers a wide range of comprehensive services that are uniquely tailored to fit unique needs.

They are here to support one in regaining function no matter what brought a person to them, whether it was a joint replacement, sports injury, work- or home-related injury, post-surgery rehabilitation, or sickness recovery. Reducing the chance of further harm or infection, which can necessitate hospitalization again, is one of the main justifications for selecting a rehabilitation facility.

More than 98 percent of the patients take advantage of Fairmont Care’s direct home delivery service to get their lives back on track.

However, if an unexpected setback occurs in the recovery, they will work with the original hospital and physician to arrange for one re-admission. Knowing that someone who is familiar with them and their circumstances is taking care of them will give a person peace of mind.


Address:5061 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago IL 60630, United States


Sometimes the word “nursing home” is used to refer to any long-term care facility. But it explicitly refers to establishments with state licenses that can offer both fundamental and skilled nursing care. “Skilled” denotes that part of the included care can only be given by qualified healthcare professionals.

“Nursing” denotes that nurses are responsible for the majority of the facility’s care. Nurses administer medications to patients, keep track of illnesses, oversee therapies, confer with doctors on care, and plan the majority of nursing home activities.

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