3 Acrredited Best Medical Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana provides a culturally rich and ethnically diverse environment in which to study medicine. With larger cities like New Orleans and smaller towns like Lake Charles, Louisiana attracts applicants from all over the country, regardless of the type of community you want to serve.

Over 30% of the state’s population, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration, lives in a primary care health professional shortage area.

Medical Schools in Louisiana

If you are thinking about a career in primary care, Louisiana is hoping to attract future clinicians. Here are a few medical schools in Louisiana.

1. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) has granted full accreditation to LSUHSC New Orleans School of Medicine until 2025-26.

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The LCME is the accrediting body charged by the United States Department of Education with ensuring that medical schools adhere to consistent and rigorous national standards for professional education leading to the M.D. degree.

Their School of Medicine graduates are eligible for medical licensure in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education has fully accredited the LSUHSC New Orleans School of Medicine (ACGME).

Furthermore, all individual residency programs are fully accredited, with none on probation. Their residency program graduates are all eligible for board certification in their specialty. Every state in the United States, as well as the District of Columbia, recognizes specialty board certification.

Their school was established in 1931 with the dual goal of training outstanding doctors who are committed to caring for the underserved and providing excellent healthcare to the people of Louisiana.

What began as a small School of Medicine has grown into a major Health Sciences Center with five other schools (Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health, Public Health, and Graduate Studies), but their dedication to excellence in patient care and community service remains.

Their faculty, residents, and students also work to advance medical science, whether through exciting laboratory discoveries, research into new treatments in their clinics, or understanding how their healthcare delivery system can improve health.

The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO), founded in 1931, is one of the Louisiana State University System’s two medical campuses. The M.D. program is divided into four years. The first two years are spent learning the fundamentals of science and anatomy. Students must pass Step 1 of the USMLE examination in order to continue.

Also, the third year is made up of mandatory clerkships, while the fourth year is a mix of mandatory and elective clerkships. To receive their degrees, students must first pass Step 2 of the USMLE examination.

In addition to clinical clerkships, education at LSUHSC-NO includes lectures, conferences, seminars, diagnostic clinics, and research. In addition to the M.D. degree program, this medical school offers two joint degree programs: an M.D./Ph.D. program and an integrated OMS/M.D. program.

Along with the medical school, LSUHSC-NO has a nursing school, a dental school, and a public health school. LSUHSC-NO has a good number of clinical training and research facilities. Because of the severe damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, the Charity Hospital and the University Hospital were renovated. However, renovations at Charity Hospital were halted after a panel determined that more than half of it had been completely destroyed, and it is still abandoned to this day.

Contact: +1 504-568-4808

Address: 433 Bolivar St, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States

2. Louisiana State University Health Shreveport

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport (LSU Health Shreveport) is the other medical school in the Louisiana State University System.

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It was founded in 1965. LSU Health Shreveport educates and trains approximately 800 students and 600 residents and fellows each year.

They have been educating healthcare professionals who excel at the highest levels in academia, private practice, and industry for nearly fifty years.

Students consistently rave about receiving a rigorous education in a family environment that values diversity and success. The vibrant, safe communities in north Louisiana that offer an affordable cost of living enhance the student experience.

They strive to provide students with a variety of tools to help them learn better. To supplement their excellent faculty instruction, the School of Medicine provides first, second, and third-year medical students with Lecturio (www.lecturio.com).

Lecturio provides a video library, smart-paced repetition to improve memory, and a 4000+ question bank to help with test preparation. This excellent resource is accessible via a mobile app, allowing for on-the-go access to study materials. They offer some joint degree programs in addition to the M.D. degree program.

There is an M.D. and Ph.D. program, an M.D. and OMS program for dental students who are matched in their Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency, and an M.D./Ph.D in Medicine and Engineering taught in collaboration with Louisiana Tech University.

For those with a strong desire to conduct research, the school offers joint Ph.D. programs with the School of Graduate Studies and Louisiana Tech. Students can also enroll in the Research Distinction Track or apply to be a part of the American Medical Student Research Journal, which was founded by their medical students in 2013.

The School of Medicine has over 500 faculty members and a class size of 150 for fall 2021. Plans are in the works to increase the class size to 200 in the coming years. The construction of the Center for Medical Education and Wellness has enabled this expansion. The School of Medicine provides a four-year, system-based learning curriculum leading to the MD degree, but other degree options are available to students based on their specific interests.

They collaborate with four affiliated training facilities, including University Health, Shriners Children’s Hospital, Willis-Knighton, and the Overton Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Clinical rotations, on the other hand, may be completed in other regional centers.

They offer a few masters and doctorate programs in addition to joint degree programs. Master’s degrees in Communication Disorders, Physician Assistance, Occupational Therapy, and Public Health are among them.

Because this is a public medical school, applicants who live in Louisiana are given preference. Actually, they only admit up to 10% of out-of-state students. The accepted students have a GPA of 3.7 on average.

Prospective students must take the MCAT, submit recommendation letters, and explain any relevant premedical experience during the application process, which is also done through the AMCAS platform.

Unlike most medical schools, they accept transfer students who have already completed the first two years of the program at another university. They understand that applying to medical school can be stressful, so they have attempted to anticipate and answer as many questions as possible.

Contact: +1 318-675-5000

Address: 1501 Kings Hwy, Shreveport, LA 71103, United States

3. Tulane University School of Medicine

Tulane University School of Medicine, founded in 1834 and located in New Orleans, is the oldest medical school in Louisiana and the 15th oldest in the United States.

In addition to the M.D. degree program, there are dual degree programs such as an M.D. and MPH (master’s in Public Health), an M.D. and Ph.D., and an M.D. and MBA (master’s in business administration).

They also offer accelerated programs to complete the MD/MPH program in four years, the MD/MBA program in five years, and the TAP-TP program, which combines a bachelor’s degree with an M.D. degree, in four years.

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Tulane University School of Medicine has over 30 patient care, training, and research centers and institutes. These include hemophilia, culinary medicine, genetics, mental health, cancer, and much more.

Also, Tulane University School of Medicine is a vibrant center for education, research, and public service, and is one of the nation’s most recognized centers for medical education. The Liaison Committee on Medical Education has fully accredited Tulane School of Medicine.

Tulane University School of Medicine’s primary mission is to provide the highest quality departmental educational programs, resulting in academically and clinically prepared physicians, biomedical scientists, and public health professionals.

Also, Tulane is more committed than ever to educating physicians who make a difference on a local, national, and global scale.

Tulane has developed programs such as TRuMEd, Tulane’s rural medical education program, as well as accelerated degree programs such as the MD/MPH 4-year program, the MD/MBA 5-year program, and the TAP-TP 6-year program, which includes both undergraduate and medical degrees and is followed by a year of public service through AmeriCorps.

They also have a rural medical program and opportunities to study in other countries. There are also numerous international opportunities. Students have gone to Japan and Colombia to study. Others have worked in Rwanda and founded a non-profit in Haiti.

Only your willingness to help the world become a better place limits your options. Because thousands of students apply each year, admissions are extremely competitive.

There were 12,102 applicants for the class of 2022, but only 191 students were accepted. Students must go through the same application process as other medical schools.

They must complete the AMCAS online application, take the MCAT, submit recommendation letters, and include any relevant experiences. Students who are competitive will be asked to attend an interview. Every year, approximately 600 students are asked to participate in interviews.

Contact: +1 504-988-5263

Address: 1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States

Conclusion on the Medical Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana medical schools accept a wide range of GPAs and MCAT scores, so be honest with yourself when determining your competitiveness.

Are your MCAT and GPA comparable to those of accepted students? If not, think about retaking the MCAT or improving your GPA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the medical Schools in Louisiana;

  1. How long does it take to obtain a Louisiana medical license?

The initial application process could take anywhere between a few weeks and several months. When the file is finished, it must be presented to the board for final approval. The applicant is notified by mail within a week to ten days of a decision being made.

  1. In Louisiana, how long does medical school last?


Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans offers a four-year MD program that has modified its curriculum to better teach modern medicine.

They incorporate problem-based learning, small group instruction, standardized patient interactions, and simulation learning into each student’s education.

  1. What is the number of medical schools in Louisiana?

three medical colleges

Despite the fact that Louisiana only has three medical schools, each one provides an exceptional medical education that produces capable doctors while immersing students in a distinct culture.


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