Trampolines 101: A No-Fuss Guide for Choosing the Perfect Trampoline for Your Kids

Trampoline buying could be tricky – or not! The most important thing is to know what your kids want and need.

The kids trampoline should always be, well, for kids. Never go for something that your kids would find unappealing (although that rarely happens).

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Three practical tips including a list of well-known trampoline manufacturers
  • Reasons why bigger trampoline is always a better choice
  • Why paying more can cost less in the long run

Three tips to help you choose kids’ trampoline

So, how do you choose the trampoline for kids? There are various guides and lists on how to determine the right bouncy platform for your needs. Yet, you don’t necessarily have to cross lengthy checklists or read long guides. In order to help you narrow down your options, we have compiled a list of three tips.

Tip 1 – When in doubt, go bigger.

There’s that saying – go big or go home. That tends to apply to trampolines. While you may think that a smaller trampoline like a 10ft one is enough now, it may be too small in just a few years. Moreover, you can clearly notice that the price difference between the sizes are not astronomical, so it rarely is a budget concern either. The main benefits of a large kids trampoline are:

  • Large jump zone: the bigger the trampoline mat is, the more your kid has room to play. Note that the trampoline size is not the same as the jump zone size, as the springs and frame take a bit off of it. TL;DR: The jump zone of a 10ft trampoline is, depending on the manufacturer, only around 7ft – 8ft.
  • Grow with the kid: While your child is still small, they may not need a lot of space. But, a trampoline is an investment, and if you want your child to enjoy the trampoline for 10-15 years, you need to think about longevity. Your pre-teen or teen in 5-10 years would gladly have more space for tricks and other more complex jumps.
  • Suitable for family fun: the smaller the trampoline is, the more likely it is to have a weight limit. Instead, a larger trampoline often has a high weight limit or no weight limit at all, making it suitable for adults as well.

As an example, some of the largest trampolines for kids are created by ACON, including a 15ft round trampoline and a 17ft rectangular model. For more examples of kids’ trampoline, click here.

Tip 2 – Opt for reputable brands

There are companies that sell trampolines as a part of their product selection and then there are companies that specialize in creating high-quality trampolines. While paying less may be attractive, what you really are doing is getting an inferior product that has poor warranty, flimsy structure and limited safety features.

Therefore, what you really want to do is to choose a product from a trampoline manufacturer that focuses on creating the best experience possible, including several safety features, soft and high bounce as well as exceptional customer service.

While it’s more costly in the beginning, you are paying for:

  1. Longevity: cheap trampolines last for a few years, quality trampolines last even for decades.
  2. Research and development: premium trampoline for kids is safety tested (including certificates) and come with multiple safety features.
  3. Warranty: a rule of thumb is that the better the warranty policy, the more the manufacturer has trust in their product – but remember to read the fine print!
  4. Spare part availability: trustworthy manufacturers have 100% spare part availability.
  5. Accessory availability: unlike premium trampolines, inexpensive models rarely come with the possibility of buying accessories
  6. Customer service: extensive customer service will help you pre-, during and after the purchase.

Several premium trampoline manufacturers can be found easily by googling. To name a few:

  • Vuly
  • ACON
  • Springfree
  • JumpFlex
  • North Trampoline

Naturally, more trampoline companies exist. Find your favorite trampolines for kids to compare against to narrow your options down.

choosing the perfect trampoline for your kids
Image by nana mikou from Pixabay

Tip 3 – Think what your kids may like

Finally, it’s time to think about the kids – after all, you are getting it (mainly) for them! While you should do the initial research (a child age 5 is unlikely to understand safety features), it’s a good idea to engage your kids in selecting the trampoline.

What do they like? Would they want to play trampoline basketball? Are they into learning tricks or is gymnastics their passion? What kind of non-jumping trampoline activities could interest them?

Take the leap and buy the trampoline of your kids’ dreams

A final thought on Choosing the Perfect Trampoline for Your Kids

In conclusion, choosing the right trampoline for your kids doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember these three tips: go bigger for more space, opt for reputable brands for quality and safety, and consider your kids’ preferences.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect kids trampoline that will bring joy and excitement to your family for years to come. Happy bouncing!


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