10 Most Popular Therapists in Colorado

There are different advantages of knowing about the therapists in Colorado. If you’re like most people, you undoubtedly have a primary care doctor who treats your illnesses and provides you with preventative care.

You might also visit a doctor who specializes in a certain field, such as an oncologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, or ob/gyn.

To make sure that exercise and healthy food are supporting their physical health, many people also consult with a nutritionist or a trainer at their gym.

A mental health professional may have been the last on the list a few decades ago, but more and more people are integrating them in their wellness strategy today.

People can frequently receive mental health care from life coaches, therapists, and counselors that supports their general wellbeing.

Humans are complete entities. Their bodies and minds work together. Unfortunately, there used to be a bad stigma associated with mental health treatment. It used to be stigmatized to be weak to seek therapy or deal with mental illness.

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But as the cliche goes, we act better when we know better. People are becoming more and more aware of how, like physical sickness, mental illness may hit anyone at any time.

Many people find relief from their mental illness, personal growth, professional success, improved relationships, and more through counseling, therapy, or life coaching (even if you select online treatment).


Top Therapists in Colorado

This article will help you narrow down your search and locate the most qualified therapist near you if you reside in Colorado.

  • 1. Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Colorado Springs

Everyone may gain from working with a knowledgeable and compassionate mental health practitioner, according to their philosophy at Thriveworks.

That’s why they established a membership-based business that is genuinely tailored to the requirements of their clients.

Like a typical counseling center, they accept your insurance, but they offer much more. Utilize technology that helps you get the most out of your sessions, interact with leading suppliers, and get high-touch customer service, among other premium advantages.

The majority of high-end practices don’t accept insurance and charge roughly $250 per session.

At Thriveworks, no. They think that customers should receive excellent care at a reasonable cost. They divide the price of counseling into two groups. Membership fees and session costs.

With more than 6 years of expertise in psychiatry, Danielle Zaderaka is a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

She enjoys helping people of all ages manage a variety of mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, trauma, and more.

Address: 5410 Powers Center Point Suite #210, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States

Contact: +1 719-259-4585

  • 2. Springs Therapy

Amy Bishop, MS, LMFT, is the manager of Springs Therapy LLC. Amy uses her skills in PACT, AEDP, and Gottman Therapy to give marriage counseling and couples therapy.

In Colorado Springs, CO, Amy also offers individual counseling to adults and adolescents.

Family therapy is also an option when it is appropriate. Residents of Colorado could be able to access teletherapy.

Amy holds a master’s degree from the top Marriage and Family Therapy department at Colorado State University and is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Colorado.

She has received specific training in PACT, AEDP, and Gottman Method therapies from some of the finest experts in the area.

The Gottman Method and PACT Counseling are two very effective techniques for couples therapy.

These methods assist couples in quickly identifying potential conflict-causing underlying issues and offer on-the-spot, doable solutions. Amy enjoys assisting people in finding healing and resilience because of her expertise in AEDP therapy.

Amy uses the sense of safety established in the therapy relationship to provide a warm, inquisitive, and compassionate environment for her clients to process intense emotional experiences.

Address: 313 N Tejon St #7, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, United States

Contact: +1 719-822-2066

  • 3. Bannerot Counseling and Consulting – PLLC

The thought of entering the office makes you dread driving there. You will have to put up with all the drama and complaints. You’re constantly preparing for all the things that could go wrong today.

You experience fraudulence. Even though you advise others on how to be genuine, you are aware that it has been a while since you have truly opened up to anyone. You work out, practice yoga, or perhaps even meditate in an effort to relax your mind. You would anticipate finding some tranquility by this point.

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You are unsure of your particular needs and whether you require a counselor, coach, psychiatrist, or psychologist.

However, you are aware of your needs and are sick of having to put off living life to the fullest. Melissa is a therapist with a focus on anxiety and trauma in Colorado Springs.

She supports confident but anxious people who want to feel at ease in their own skin and transition from feeling stressed, worried, sad, or numb to feeling more like themselves and at ease in their own skin. Even in a room full of people, therapy will make you feel less alone.

Address: 2514 W Colorado Ave Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, United States

Contact: +1 719-310-6357

  • 4. Mindful Springs Counseling

Aimee Solis, LPC, founded Mindful Springs Counseling in 2013. It started as a small practice out of Aimee’s home in an attempt to create the type of practice and work that felt right to her and would provide balance for a new mom.

MSC now has three locations, over 20 psychotherapists on staff, and several administrative personnel.

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When working with their clients, they use mindfulness and present awareness as approaches.

Aimee (she/her) is the founder and Executive Director of Mindful Springs Counseling, as well as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the states of Colorado and Illinois.

She uses her intuition, presence, compassion, and Brainspotting certification to assist clients in integrating all aspects of themselves and their experience.

Address: 9475 Briar Village Point # 215, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States

Contact: +1 719-357-8957

  • 5. A New Leaf Therapy

In Pueblo, Colorado, they are a group of skilled psychotherapists who provide excellent solo, couple, family, and group psychotherapy for a range of disorders, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, marital difficulties, adjustment problems, addictions, etc. Helping professionals like doctors, teachers, therapists, first responders, and nurses is one of their areas of expertise.

They provide a variety of therapeutic modalities, such as teletherapy where you can meet with a therapist over the phone or internet, play therapy, animal assisted therapy with dogs and horses, and much more.

Additionally, they have a registered dietitian with a master’s degree who can assist with concerns regarding breastfeeding, eating disorders, weight loss strategies, diabetes prevention, and more!

Bo is a licensed professional counselor candidate who recently earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University.

She continues to hold her National Certified Counselor certifications. Bo has expertise working with both adults and adolescents, offering Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Grief Therapy, and Christian Counseling.

Address: 327 Colorado Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004, United States

Contact: +1 719-948-7120

  • 6. Connect & Thrive Therapy, LLC

At Connect & Thrive Therapy, they give teens and young adults the support, tools, and environments they need to develop and thrive in order to help them live authentic, psychologically healthy, and purposeful lives.

Their team works with clients to enhance their communication, self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-control so they can grow in self-assurance, interpersonal connections, and self-acceptance.

Owner and Executive Director of Connect & Thrive Therapy is Cheryl. She assists parents of teenagers, college students, and mother-daughter communication.

Early in her career, she taught middle school; later, she worked as a school counselor; and right now, she is a therapist and parenting coach.

She founded Connect & Thrive Therapy to provide parents and teenagers with a facility tailored to their particular needs.

Teenagers won’t be receptive to help, in her opinion, unless they have faith that they are being heard without bias and accepted for who they are.

In Colorado, she holds a license as a professional counselor. She also has specific training in self-harm and suicide prevention, as well as a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Address: 7200 S Alton Way Suite A250, Centennial, CO 80112, United States

Contact: +1 720-441-3714

  • 7. Kamara Therapy, Inc.

She is a psychotherapist who specializes in sexual, marital, and intimacy issues. In her private practice, she uses a customized approach to assist individuals, couples, and families in identifying problems and their underlying causes.

Kamara also serve as the director of programming and supervise therapists and clinicians pursuing certification as world-renowned AASECT Certified Sex Therapists.

She is an experienced psychotherapist who provides individual and couple psychotherapy as well as AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervision.

This includes both generalized and sex therapy. Both of these categories can include issues with intimacy, communication, depression, trauma, grief, balance, anxiety, and life purpose.

Address: 1414 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States

Contact: +1 719-684-3638

  • 8. Maria Droste Counseling Center

Dedicated to community, learning, and service, the Maria Droste Counseling Center is a nonprofit provider of mental health services with offices in Denver.

Its staff is made up of mental health professionals, students, and volunteers. In cooperation with a team of skilled private clinicians, they give traditional and co-located mental health counseling and clinical training under their distinctively sustainable approach.

The institution bears Maria Droste’s name, a Sister of the Good Shepherd who served the less fortunate in the late 1800s by offering counseling services.

Although the institution is not connected to a religious order or the Catholic diocese, they use her name because of her charisma and concern for the underprivileged.

The Maria Droste Counseling Center now relies heavily on community involvement and the selfless volunteer work of many committed mental health professionals to carry out its goal.

Address: 1355 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Contact: +1 303-867-4600

  • 9. Denver Men’s Therapy

Men can find relief at Denver Men’s Therapy. Working with guys and the people who love them is a specialty of our team of exceptionally qualified and skilled therapists.

EMDR therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused therapy are just a few of the evidence-based practices that Brandon Bolden, LMFT, who works as an LMFT at Denver Men’s Therapy, loves to use with his clients to help them become more self-aware and enhance their capacity to overcome challenges.

He thinks that males have higher chances to move past the past, be more present, and progress toward a healthy future the more aware they are of who they are right now.

Address: 720 S. Colorado Blvd Penthouse North, Denver, CO 80246, United States

Contact: +1 720-295-4233

  • 10. Springs Psychotherapy

Springs psychotherapy provides counseling in the Colorado Springs region for both individuals and couples.

Specializing in helping clients overcome issues such as anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, people-pleasing, trauma recovery, relationship betrayals, and self-discovery.”

Alicia Hite developed a liking for therapy from a young age. She felt drawn to the topic of psychology after taking her first course in it in high school. Then, when she started her own therapeutic path, it was confirmed.

Not only had she found her actual self, but she had also gained the priceless experience of another person’s unwavering support and acceptance.

Her  participation in therapy has really helped to understand the guts and vulnerability required to hold a position like that.

She works to create for her clients a holy environment where they can gradually develop trust and be accepted for who they really are without worrying about criticism, retribution, or desertion.

Address: 4291 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Ste 204, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States

Contact: +1 719-501-4313

Conclusion on the Therapists in Colorado

Everyone can count on the fact that life is full of highs and lows, difficulties and joys, opportunities and failures.

Problems are a given. Opportunities come naturally. But it is up to each individual how they handle the hardship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is therapy free in Colorado?

Youth in Colorado will now continue to have free treatment sessions available to them.

The initiative, which began on October 27, offers any Colorado adolescent behavioral health services that are easily accessible, private, and without prejudice.

  1. How do I find a therapist in Denver?

Online directories like PsychologyToday or GoodTherapy are likely to come up in your search for a therapist.

These are valuable tools since they allow you to browse through the profiles of various therapists and choose a few suitable contacts.

  1. How long should therapy last?

From one session to several months or even years, therapy might last. Everything is dependent on your wants and needs.

Some patients find that one or two sessions are sufficient since they have a very specific issue they need to address when they enter therapy.

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