Best Rehabilitation Centers in Missouri

There are a number of rehabilitation centers in Missouri. Drug addiction affects people at all stages of life.

The impact of the economy on people’s lives creates a great deal of stress in an industrial state like Missouri.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are frequently the results of stress. If you live in Missouri and are struggling with a destructive addiction, you may be wondering how to get help.

Missouri is a Midwestern state, though some residents in the state’s south consider themselves to be southerners.

St. Louis and Kansas City, which is on the border with Kansas, are two of its largest cities. As a result, Missouri has two professional baseball and football teams: the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball, and the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams in the National Football League.

Unfortunately, illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana pose a threat no matter where you live in the state.

The majority of drug distribution in the state is controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations; however, there are some small, toxic meth labs scattered throughout the state. Ecstasy and other club drugs are also available throughout the state and are brought in from Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami.

GHB and Rohypnol are club drugs, or party drugs, that are becoming more widely available in Missouri.

Overview of Rehabilitation Centers in Missouri

In general, rehabilitation centers in Missouri offer drug and alcohol rehab programs. The types of addiction treatment services available may differ from one drug treatment center to the next.

Not every addiction treatment facility provides medical detoxification, dual diagnosis, long-term drug rehab, or intensive drug addiction treatment. Some rehabilitation centers in Missouri only provide 14 to 28-day drug treatment programs.

In general, the longer a person stays in a supportive recovery center, the more likely they are to maintain long-term recovery because they have the opportunity to receive all of the benefits that addiction treatment has to offer.

Our philosophy at FHE Health is to teach Missouri residents how to live a sober lifestyle as a natural way of life.

Residents from Kansas City, Saint Louis, Springfield, Independence, East Independence, Columbia, Saint Joseph, and other areas are invited to FHE Health in sunny South Florida for comprehensive drug rehab and alcohol rehab from a dedicated, licensed, and professional medical staff.

Missouri drug use

In a given year, approximately 800,000 Missouri residents – 14.22 percent of the state population – use illegal drugs, while another 271,000 – 4.42 percent of the state population – abuse alcohol.

As a result, drugs and alcohol were responsible for 14.13 percent of all deaths in Missouri between 2008 and 2017, a full percentage point higher than the national average for drug- and alcohol-related deaths.

Columbia had the highest rate of drug- and alcohol-related deaths among Missouri’s three most populous cities during the same time period, at 15.92 percent, while Independence had the lowest rate, at 14.90 percent.

This guide was created to assist Missouri residents who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction in locating affordable treatment that will put them on the road to recovery. It is also intended to educate the general public in Missouri about the dangers of substance abuse.

The Importance of Rehabilitation

Group therapy may not be available in rehabilitation centers in Missouri. As you struggle to survive the daily rigors of maintaining your addiction, you must pause for a moment to consider whether that is the kind of life you want to live.

Addicts who have struggled with their addiction for many years live a life of despair. They tend to burn out and disappear, or they end up in institutions or face death. If that is your ultimate fate as a result of your addiction, don’t you want to try to live a better, drug-free life?

Facing our demons is difficult for any of us. Your recovery from dangerous substances such as heroin, meth, and/or alcohol represents a mountain you must eventually climb or perish. The first step in that journey is to confront your demons and admit you are powerless over addictions. The next step is to seek assistance.

The standard treatment options range from traditional rehab to special pills sold over the Internet. At the end of the day, treatment at reputable drug rehab is the only option that has consistently proven to be reliable.

That is not to say that all rehabilitation centers in Missouri should be considered viable options. Some are unquestionably fine. However, some rehabilitation centers in Missouri may be falling short.

Considerations Regarding Rehabilitation Centers in Missouri

It may appear unfair to place blame for the state’s drug problems on rehabilitation centers in Missouri.

After all, some of the state’s rehabilitation facilities do an excellent job. The problem is that either there aren’t enough services or the majority of rehabilitation centers in Missouri aren’t reaching out to people.

If the number of addicts deaths is increasing, it is clear that there are problems with the levels of treatment available to local addiction sufferers.

Given what appears to be a limited number of quality rehabilitation centers in Missouri, shouldn’t you make an effort to find other possible residential treatment options?

Consider the following. Even if the quality of care provided by rehabilitation centers in Missouri was exceptional, seeking treatment in the backyard of the house where your addiction began and grew is not always a good idea. It doesn’t add up that you’d be trying to get your life together while surrounded by your drug friends, enablers, and dealers. There is always the possibility of having to deal with temptation and outside interference when you should be focusing on recovery.

List of Rehabilitation centers in Missouri

While many of the best rehab centers are located in states such as California and Florida, you may be surprised to learn that a leading and groundbreaking rehab center exists located in the center of Missouri.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • Applied Behavior Services LLC

Address: 94 Hollister Ct Saint Peters, MO, 63376-7837 United States

Phone: (314) 369-4235

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.71 million

Year Started: 2017

  • Ascension Holdings LLC

Address: 101 S Hanley Rd Ste 200 Saint Louis, MO, 63105-3445 United States

Phone: (314) 726-2168

Revenue: $299.97 million

Year Started: 2014

  • Assisted Recovery Centers of America

Address: 6651 Chippewa St Ste 224 Saint Louis, MO, 63109-2531 United States

Phone: (314) 645-6840

Website: Visit

Revenue: $8.37 million

Year Started: 2001

  • Aviary Recovery Center

Address: 22933 Highway 61 Eolia, MO, 63344-2253 United States

Phone: (636) 236-9578

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.30 million

Year Started: 2018

  • Bjc Behavioral Health

Address: 1430 Olive St Ste 400 Saint Louis, MO, 63103-2303 United States

Phone: (314) 206-3738

Website: Visit

Revenue: $24.06 million

Year Started: 1992

Incorporated: 1992

  • Black Alcohol/Drug Service Information Center, Inc.

Address: 3654 S Grand Blvd Saint Louis, MO, 63118-3404 United States

Phone: (314) 621-9009

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.53 million

Year Started: 1983

Incorporated: 1984

  • Bridgeway Behavioral Health, Inc.

Address: 118 N 2ND St Ste 200 Saint Charles, MO, 63301-2894 United States

Phone: (636) 757-2200

Website: Visit

Revenue: $13.70 million

Year Started: 1976

Incorporated: 2008

  • Burrell, Inc.

Address: 2885 W Battlefield St Springfield, MO, 65807-3952 United States

Phone: (417) 761-5000

Website: Visit

Revenue: $144.68 million

Year Started: 1977

Incorporated: 1976

  • Cedarhurst Living, LLC

Address: 300 Hunter Ave FL 2 Saint Louis, MO, 63124-2081 United States

Phone: (314) 597-6865

Website: Visit

Revenue: $13.15 million

Year Started: 2015

  • Center For Life Solutions, Inc.

Address: 9144 Pershall Rd Hazelwood, MO, 63042-2821 United States

Phone: (314) 731-0100

Revenue: $2.35 million

Year Started: 2004

Incorporated: 2004

  • Community Mental Health Consultants, Inc

Address: 815 S Ash St Nevada, MO, 64772-3222 United States

Phone: (417) 667-8352

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.12 million

Year Started: 1978

Incorporated: 1978

  • Compass Health, Inc.

Address: 114 Downey Pl Cuba, MO, 65453-1640 United States

Phone: (660) 885-8131

Website: Visit

Revenue: $243.71 million

Year Started: 1974

Incorporated: 1974

  • Core Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation LLC

Address: 8250 N Church Rd # B Kansas City, MO, 64158-1103 United States

Phone: (816) 792-0524

Website: Visit

Revenue: $890,098

Year Started: 2012

  • Family Guidance Center For Behavioral Healthcare

Address: 724 N 22ND St Saint Joseph, MO, 64506-2604 United States

Phone: (816) 364-1501

Website: Visit

Revenue: $14.75 million

Year Started: 1957

  • Farmington Sport & Rehab Center

Address: 602 Maple Valley Dr Farmington, MO, 63640-1976 United States

Phone: (573) 756-2999

Revenue: $1.02 million

Year Started: 1990

  • First Point Urgent Care Inc

Address: 8144 NW Prairie View Rd Kansas City, MO, 64151-1020 United States

Phone: (816) 505-3669

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.22 million

Year Started: 2017

  • Haven Rehab LLC

Address: 850 N 25TH St Ozark, MO, 65721-8033 United States

Phone: (417) 581-1234

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.30 million

Year Started: 2015

  • Health Facilities Rehabilitation Services

Address: 1102 Sikes Ave Sikeston, MO, 63801-5021 United States

Phone: (573) 471-2544

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.12 million

Year Started: 1992

  • Maries Manor Nursing Home Inc l

Address: 174 Ballpark Rd Vienna, MO, 65582-8043 United States

Phone: (573) 422-3177

Website: Visit

Revenue: $6.73 million

Year Started: 1984

Incorporated: 1982

  • Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital St. Louis

Address: 14561 North Outer 40 Rd Chesterfield, MO, 63017-5703 United States

Phone: (314) 881-4006

Website: Visit

Revenue: $3.28 million

Year Started: 2008

  • Midwest Institute For Addiction, Inc.

Address: 140 Weldon Pkwy Maryland Heights, MO, 63043-3115 United States

Phone: (314) 569-2253

Website: Visit

Revenue: $4.70 million

Year Started: 2012

Incorporated: 2012

  • Midwest Recovery Centers

Address: 13340 Holmes Rd Kansas City, MO, 64145-1437 United States

Phone: (816) 599-7382

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.64 million

Year Started: 2018

  • Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers

Address: 221 Metro Dr Ste A Jefferson City, MO, 65109-4412 United States

Phone: (573) 634-4626

Website: Visit

Revenue: $12.79 million

Year Started: 1978

Incorporated: 1978

  • Olympic Rehab and Wellness & Pain Center

Address: 5000 Cedar Plaza Pkwy Saint Louis, MO, 63128-3841 United States

Phone: (314) 849-1003

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.58 million

Year Started: 2008

  • Places For People Incorporated

Address: 1001 Lynch St Saint Louis, MO, 63118-1818 United States

Phone: (314) 535-5600

Website: Visit

Revenue: $28.87 million

Year Started: 1972

Incorporated: 1972

  • Professional Rehabilitation Services

Address: 108 Professional Pkwy Troy, MO, 63379-2823 United States

Phone: (636) 775-2206

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.07 million

Year Started: 1975

  • Rediscover

Address: 901 NE Independence Ave Lees Summit, MO, 64086-5544 United States

Phone: (816) 246-8000

Website: Visit

Revenue: $49.23 million

Year Started: 1969

Incorporated: 1969

  • Rehabcare Hospital Holdings, L.L.C.

Address: 7733 Forsyth Blvd Ste 2300 Saint Louis, MO, 63105-1817 United States

Phone: (800) 677-1238

Website: Visit

Revenue: $964.84 million

Year Started: 2006

  • Rusk Rehabilitation Center, L.L.C. (Encompass)

Address: 315 W Business Loop 70 Columbia, MO, 65203-3248 United States

Phone: (573) 817-2703

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.28 million

Year Started: 1995

  • Skilled Medical Solutions Inc

Address: 28300 N Wind Dr Wright City, MO, 63390-3104 United States

Phone: (877) 593-2091

Revenue: $2.44 million

Year Started: 2009

Incorporated: 2009

  • South County Outpatient Surgery Center LP

Address: 12345 W Bend Dr Ste 201 Saint Louis, MO, 63128-2254 United States

Phone: (314) 842-3200

Website: Visit

Revenue: $5.19 million

Year Started: 1994

  • Specialcare Hospital Management Corporation

Address: 1551 Wall St Ste 210 Saint Charles, MO, 63303-3541 United States

Phone: (314) 770-2212

Website: Visit

Revenue: $12.42 million

Year Started: 1992

Incorporated: 1992

  • Ssm Rehabilitation

Address: 6420 Clayton Rd Ste 600 Saint Louis, MO, 63117-1811 United States

Phone: (314) 768-5200

Revenue: $50.29 million

Year Started: 1990

  • Synergy Recovery Center, LLC

Address: 3955 S Farm Road 223 Rogersville, MO, 65742-8807 United States

Phone: (417) 812-4440

Revenue: $1.14 million

Year Started: 2017

  • Theracare Outpatient Services LLC

Address: 3023 S Fort Ave Springfield, MO, 65807-5196 United States

Phone: (417) 890-4656

Website: Visit

Revenue: $4.64 million

Year Started: 2014

  • The Right Solution Inc

Address: 97 Hilltop Village Center Dr Eureka, MO, 63025-3922 United States

Phone: (314) 374-1620

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.14 million

Year Started: 2008

Incorporated: 2002

  • The Rehabilitation Institute of St Louis – St Peters

Address: 10 Hospital Dr FL 3 Saint Peters, MO, 63376-1659 United States

Phone: (636) 317-4000

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.21 million

Year Started: 2018

  • Tiffany Springs Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, L.L.C.

Address: 9191 N Ambassador Dr Kansas City, MO, 64154-7247 United States

Phone: (816) 741-5570

Website: Visit

Revenue: $1.07 million

Year Started: 2016

  • Tri County Mental Health Services, Inc

Address: 3100 NE 83RD St Ste 1001 Kansas City, MO, 64119-4460 United States

Phone: (816) 468-0400

Revenue: $22.55 million

Year Started: 1990

Incorporated: 1990

  • Turning Point Recovery Centers

Address: 146 Communication Dr Hannibal, MO, 63401-3672 United States

Phone: (573) 248-1196

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.80 million

Year Started: 1971

  • Zenith Rehabilitation LLC

Address: 14500 E 42ND St S Ste 220 Independence, MO, 64055-4700 United States

Phone: (816) 200-9266

Website: Visit

Revenue: $2.18 million

Year Started: 2018

Faqs about the rehab centers in Missouri

  • How many rehabilitation centers are in Missouri?

Missouri has over 270 drug rehab centers, according to SAMHSA. Over 50 detoxification centers and over 250 outpatient programs are among the programs available.

  • How many rehabilitation programs are in Missouri?

There are also over 20 long-term programs and 50 short-term programs. There are 15 free treatment programs.

There are 59 inpatient rehabilitation centers. ten outpatients 3 opulent residences There are 53 drug and alcohol detox facilities. There are 226 rehabs that accept payment assistance.

  • How many rehabilitation centers are in St Louis, Missouri?

In St. Louis, Missouri, there are 35 drug rehab centers. There are drug and alcohol detox centers, outpatient drug rehab, inpatient and residential substance use treatment, and aftercare options available.

  • What are the most commonly abused drugs in Missouri?

Methamphetamine and marijuana are the most commonly abused drugs in the state.


Missouri has over 270 rehabilitation centers that provide both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment.

Sixty-seven clinics provided alcohol and drug abuse treatment, while ten provided opioid addiction therapy.

Missouri had one of the highest rates of persons between the ages of 18 and 21 who had not sought treatment, particularly for alcoholism.

Approximately 10,000 people are accepted to rehabilitation centers in Missouri each year to be treated for alcoholism.

Over 8,000 persons sought treatment for alcohol addiction in conjunction with other secondary substances.

Approximately 70 institutions provide alcohol addiction therapy. Given the significant likelihood of relapse, emotional support is critical for persons pursuing alcohol addiction therapy. Many people have freely accepted therapy as a result of self-acceptance campaigns.