How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Senior Citizens

Hearing loss in senior citizens due to aging is called presbycusis. It is the decrease of hearing that is caused by aging naturally.

As a senior, it may be hard to notice, as it progresses slowly over time. Hearing loss caused by old age mostly attacks the two ears.

It all starts by not hearing or detecting high-frequency sound. This would make it difficult to hear a speech when there is background noise present. This post will look at ways hearing loss can be prevented in old age.


What Causes Hearing Loss in Seniors?

Hearing loss in seniors is caused by different reasons, and it may be difficult to connect it to one. Certain genes may determine whether age related loss of hearing will occur, how severe it will be and at what age.

Medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure may also contribute to age related loss of hearing. There are also some negative effects from medications such as chemotherapy drugs. Lifestyle factors such as being exposed to loud noise, smoking, exposure to heavy metals like lead and mercury can worsen hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Prevention

It can be challenging to completely prevent hearing loss. However, there are a few steps you can take to protect your ears and prevent damage from toxic noise.

Loud noise can worsen age related hearing loss, and make it occur at a young age. If your ears get damaged by loud noise, you could get help by wearing hearing aid in one ear or both. Take the following steps to protect your ears from loss of hearing:

  • Always avoid loud noises
  • Listen to headphones on low volume
  • Keep your ears clean
  • Regular visits to your doctor

Avoid Loud Noise

If a member of your family is listening to music, watching television or playing video games, it is wise to adjust the volume on the device. It does not matter if the person is using earbuds or headphones. He/she risks developing hearing loss at a faster rate if the volume is high. Remember to always turn the volume down once the earbuds or headphones are plugged in the smartphone or computer.

Clean Your Ears

Naturally, wax builds up in your ears if your hygiene is poor, this can lead to hearing loss. Ensure members of your family do not clean their ears using cotton swabs, they can push the wax deeper in the ears.

A home irrigation kit is recommended for removing wax from your ears at home. The irrigation kits make it easier for wax removal by softening it. However, if the wax is compacted in the ear, that person needs to consult a doctor and get it removed.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

You can visit your doctor regularly if you want to prevent hearing loss. The doctor will perform a hearing test using an audiogram. This test is the baseline that can determine if you have hearing loss. Your doctor can detect hearing loss early on and recommend options for treatment.


Old age hearing loss can be prevented or controlled by practicing and implementing the above steps. Avoiding loud noise at all places, visiting your doctor and good hygiene is crucial to seniors.

If hearing loss has started to creep into your life, it can also be slowed down and you can always use hearing aid to help you out.

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