How to DM a Girl on Social Media

Girls receive many messages throughout the day; hence, it may be difficult to find a genuine person. But, no need to worry; we got your back.

It can be difficult to DM a girl on Instagram for the first time, but you can start a nice chat in the following ways! There are several ways to go about this, but whichever you pick, try to include some of your true self.

Reply to their story

If you DM someone who does not follow you, your text will be routed to another inbox that they are unlikely to check.  View their story and then select a topic to respond to. In this manner, you can immediately indicate that you have a common hobby or viewpoint.

For example, if she uploads a story about the new food court in your town, you might respond, “Wow, you got into the new food joint? Was it as nice as it seemed to be? I’ve been wanting to test it but holding for reviews.”

Ask random questions

She might respond more readily if you ask her a nice question. If she hasn’t met you, there aren’t many chances for her to reply to your direct message if you don’t provide any backstory. People like to respond to questions, so check out one of her most recent blogs and come up with a question for her.

If she took a pic of something connected to her activity, you could ask her, “You’re into crochet, right?” I noticed the cardigan you created. Although I’ve often wished to try that, I’m unsure how to start. Any suggestions?

Count on a shared interest

It’s much simpler to connect if you share a common interest. If there is something about you that she can relate to, she will be much more willing to talk to you. Start there if you both attend the same school or hang out in similar social circles. Additionally, you could count on a common political opinion, a pastime, or a movie you enjoy.

E.g., “You attended St. Marry School, right? You might have been in a grade below mine. Do you recall the terrible school nurse who shouted at people who wanted extra food?”

Tell a joke to her

You can quickly win her over if you can make her laugh. Look through her posts to see if you can find her sense of humor. If she loves puns, surprise her with some clever wordplay. If she enjoys silly jokes, don’t be scared to be silly. Be careful while being sarcastic, as it can be difficult to convey in a text message. E.g.

“What did one DNA say to the other DNA?”

“Do these genes make me look fat?”

Or you could just share a meme without any explanation. That could be an excellent method to catch her attention.


You can become thirsty or obsessive if you send her several DMs in a row without receiving a response. Say nothing that you wouldn’t say in person. You don’t want to mistype something or make an error accidentally.

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