How does addiction affect the brain?

Nowadays, people are not just dealing with problems like financial issues or family issues but also severe problems like addiction. It is a big issue that is difficult to deal with.

People are not just addicted to substances; things like phone addiction or game addiction are trending in this era.

Whatever the age is—an old person, an adult, or even a kid—everyone is getting addicted,  which is a matter of concern.

Addiction lets you ignore your physical health and affects you psychologically too.

We don’t even notice how our bodies change or how we start to compromise with the important things in our lives.

Your knowledge is power, which can help you win over the biggest problems in life.

So to help someone who is addicted or even if it’s you who is addicted it’s crucial to understand how addiction affects your brain.

Well, addiction is a serious brain disorder and trust me, I am not joking when I say this; it is a danger to your brain functions.

Addiction is toxic as it forces you to keep wanting and using something that is harming you. Addiction is not something you can start one day and stop when you like.

Addiction can be anything. Your addiction can be alcohol, drugs, gambling, or even small things like watching TV all day.

Have you heard of phone addiction? Maybe you are one of those people who ignores their hunger to watch a few reels on Instagram.

All day you eat with your phone, you drink water while looking at your phone and you ignore your health severely.

This is pure addiction. Even if the person’s eyes start to hurt, they can’t stop watching the phone and the worst part is that their brains are not in their control anymore.

And why is this happening? It’s because of the feel-good hormone dopamine.

In addition, you can call this hormone a big culprit, which plays a very crucial role in this cycle.

Normally, this hormone is responsible for making you feel good and relaxed when you are doing things like eating your favorite food or dancing but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the case of addiction.

You drink alcohol, then you feel at the top of the world, and then you repeat the process. Every time dopamine gets released when you drink alcohol, it makes you drink more.

After a while, it becomes an addiction and you can’t feel happiness without the substances. You can’t stay away from alcohol anymore, as your brain function has changed.

Now it doesn’t matter anymore whether it harms you or not; you just want it, and that’s it. And this process is the same for people who are involved in gambling or watching TV constantly.

I know many times it goes out of hand. Every body system has an impact on each other, either physical or mental.

There are times when the individual wants to stop but it seems impossible. If you are stuck in this situation, you should seek help from family and friends.

People who can help you without judgment. You can also reach out to Orange County Mental Health Treatment if you want to improve your life and get rid of addiction forever.

Family and friends can also be a great support for this journey. Especially reach out to professionals who know better than anyone.

When addiction gets worse, it not only impacts hormones like dopamine but also messes with other things in your brain like glutamate and serotonin.

Which makes it hard for the person to leave addiction. But we should never lose hope when we are dealing with addiction.

How does addiction affect the brain?
How does addiction affect the brain?

Conclusion on How does addiction affect the brain?

In the journey of addiction, it is essential to be well aware of the things you are using and consuming. Anything that you are constantly using can become an addiction.

Ask yourself if this thing is my addiction or not. If the answer is yes, you should immediately find a way to remove it from your life.

The mix of chemicals, the way the brain adapts, and problems with decision-making all these things eventually make it harder to overcome addiction.

So, being well aware and knowing where you should stop is the best way to deal with addiction.


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