Top 6 Challenges doctors face with patients

Ever wondered about the Challenges doctors face with patients? Here we bring some of the struggles doctors and other health practitioners are likely to face with the people they care for.

Doctors face a ton of challenges ranging from the grind of medical school to the commitment to providing the best healthcare services possible to numerous patients.

These professionals have to do a lot every day to ensure they stick to the ethics of saving humanity in a noble style.

Are you curious about some of the troubles these healthcare professionals face with patients every day?

This article highlighted a couple of challenges from the pool of many doctors have to contend with daily to deliver their job.


Challenges doctors face with patients

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You might think burnout isn’t work-related per se, but the truth is that many medical doctors face this from time to time due to working for several hours.

Though feeling fatigued is one of the effects of holding such a lofty position in the lives of humans. But burnout affects doctors’ performance significantly.

The stress of working as a doctor is so much that many of these professionals have committed or attempted suicide.

In the US, the suicide rate among female healthcare professionals is 2.3 times the national average, while that of their male counterparts is 1.4 times higher. This further emphasizes the tolls working in this sector takes on doctors.

It’s not surprising to see many doctors working as many as 80 hours a week. This is the reason why burnout is a household name in the medical field today.

That’s why you find some doctors tendering their resignation letters due to their inability to balance work-personal life.

The use of Technology 

Another challenge doctors are facing in the present day lies with engaging the patients with technological usage.

The healthcare Internet of Things market is expected to hit a multi-billion dollar industry that has taken over the health sector, all thanks to technological dynamism.

This means that doctors are now on their toes by understanding how different patients use Technology.

The pressure to also ensure patients are updated on ways to actively engage tech tools that will improve the patient’s health.

Many doctors also face a serious challenge with the implementation of Technology at the healthcare facility.

The truth is, adapting any technology is always a learning curve, but some doctors quickly can quickly grasp the usage of the complex interface while others may struggle to do this.

So as a doctor, you’ll need to adapt as soon as possible regarding the use of these technologies to keep pace with your colleagues, else you may be left behind, which you’d not like to happen.

Pro-active Patient 

Another challenging moment doctors may face is the pro-active patients. These are the type of people that have spent quite a bit of time online knowing what’s wrong with them. So when a doctor meets a patient like this, it could get really awkward.

When such a patient tries to explain every symptom he’s been experiencing and is very sure of these signs, all you need to do is keep your cool and respect their research.

They are just concerned about the condition and decided to go the extra mile to know about it.

Always be considerate of whatever they have come up with, even if they are missing the right diagnosis.

This is actually challenging but respecting their opinion and letting them have a say in the treatment process goes in a long way to timely recovery.


You’ll have to learn how to handle the challenge of pronouncing the patients name correctly to ensure you have a cool relationship with them.

You’ll find some patients to be very rude when you ask them to kindly pronounce their name so you can call them appropriately too. But it’s better you ask than calling the names incorrectly.

When you call a patient’s name incorrectly, he may feel you care less about him, which could affect the patient’s attitude to the treatment. Because to them, you’re saying, “you’re a stranger in this facility, and I don’t care about you.”

And as a care provider, when you go through the challenges of learning your patient’s name and pronouncing it correctly, it sends a powerful message to the patient’s subconscious that you surely care and provide him the necessary help to get through the struggle.

Foot Pains 

Another challenge every doctor faces is the issue of foot pains due to several hours of standing and attending to patients.

This is a daily routine practice for every doctor as the work requires that you stand all through the days across patients, listening to how they’re feeling and moving from one ward to another.

You’ll notice the unwanted aching in your feet, but when you take time out to look after it and rest as well, it’ll subside, and you’ll begin to feel normal. It’s going to be a cycle, so getting used will be your greatest doing.

Non-complaint patients

There are patients that always make it difficult for the doctors to assist them because they aren’t compliant.

This is a category of people you should expect as a medical practitioner.

And this means these patients would waste a larger chunk of your time trying to persuade them to take the recommended treatments.

It also means you’ll need to learn to be patient and calm in such a scenario because, mostly, this could be very frustrating.

Final thoughts 

You’ll be bound to face challenges in every professional career you choose, and more so, being a doctor. These challenges could be tough depending on how you’re able to manage it, but they are not insurmountable.

If you learn to see through the flames in the midst of these tests working with numerous patients, you’ll get to learn some important life skills that will assist in your career progression.

Opportunities such as improved patient interactions, communication, and technical know-how will be harnessed when you face these challenges head-on.

Frequently Asked Questions on Challenges Doctors Face with Patients 

Below are some of the challenges every doctor tend to face while working with patients in any healthcare facility:

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What’s challenging about being a medical doctor? ” answer-0=”There are a ton of challenging things about being a medical doctor today, but one that stands out is burnout, considering the nature of the work. This has become a critical issue that needs urgent and responsible steps to ameliorate. These professionals are always concerned about their patients and how they are feeling at the expense of their own health. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What qualities should an intending doctor have?” answer-1=”If you’d like to become a doctor, you’ve got to have a couple of qualities as a person. These characteristics are being empathetic, personable, approachable, patient, charismatic, enthusiastic, and whatnot. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What makes a successful doctor? ” answer-2=”To be a successful doctor, you must be resilient and committed to your studies while in college, as medicine is a very tough programme that drills any students who follow it. Also, you need always correctly diagnose patients while also giving correct medications and treatments. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What’s the main role of a doctor?” answer-3=”As a medical doctor, you must be ready to care for the health and safety of your patients. You also must be ready to work with your colleagues to deliver quality healthcare to the people who need it. You need to also contribute meaningfully to discussions that rotate around improving the quality of services you render at your healthcare facility. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”What rewards are there for a doctor?” answer-4=”Looking after patients morning and night isn’t all about the paycheck for many doctors, but the fulfillment that comes with helping an almost-lost soul to have another shot at life again. This is one of the major rewards of being a medical doctor. The feeling that comes with rescuing victims from their sad state to laughing and all smile-state is satisfying for doctors generally. And this is another reward associated with being a medical professional. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Why is doctor-patient communication important? ” answer-5=”There have been a ton of studies conducted around the subject of the physician-patient relationship and its effect on the health outcome of patients. These studies have established the positives of this cordial relationship between doctors and patients via active communications. These communications have been reported to yield patient satisfaction, which has led to improved healthcare outcomes among patients. ” image-5=”” count=”6″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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