Best Sports Medicine Colleges In California

It is unavoidable to sustain an injury while participating in sports or exercising. In light of this, a sports medicine professional or doctor continues leading the sports officials list.

Although their job seems straightforward and uncomplicated, you can only excel in your profession by earning a degree from one of the best Sports Medicine Colleges.

You may study theory and practice, hone your research techniques, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and get complete knowledge by enrolling in any of California’s top sports medicine colleges.

With a sports medicine degree, you can prepare for additional degrees while also receiving training for a career in health, sports, or science. It will also show you how to learn in-depth information about the human body and its physical capabilities.

This article lists the top 8 sports medicine colleges in California 2023 that provide a range of degree programs in sports medicine to relieve you of the hassle of selecting which suits you.

Sports medicine: What is it?

Sports medicine is recognized as a subspecialty of medicine that concentrates on physical fitness, injury prevention, and treatment.

Acute injuries, including fractures, sprains, strains, and dislocations, are among the physical problems that sport medicine doctors or experts typically treat.

Additionally, they deal with degenerative illnesses, excessive chronic injuries like tendinitis, and tiredness syndrome.

Why are Sports and Exercise Medicine Beneficial?

It is impossible to overstate the advantages or significance of sports medicine. As time passes, more individuals participate in sports or fitness activities to make a living or stay in shape.

This is due to their realization of the value of physical activity and exercise for maintaining good health. In the course of this, they sustain injuries, including sprains, strains, lacerations, fractures, dislocations, and abrasions, which are painful and uncomfortable.

Sports medicine specialists can help reduce these aches and discomforts and aid in preventing some of these injuries.

Some of the benefits are;

  • Uses Contemporary Treatment Methods:

Sports medicine experts implore using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge methods and approaches to recover function in affected regions. These recuperation solutions are simpler and quicker.

Modern reconstructive surgical techniques and regenerative medicine procedures like platelet-enriched plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy are available today.

  • Enhances athletic performance:

Professionals in sports medicine frequently play a significant part in creating training plans specific to each athlete’s demands, advantages, and disadvantages.

These experts can evaluate an athlete’s anatomical strengths and weaknesses, suggest training regimens, and point out opportunities for development thanks to their expertise and equipment.

  • Damage reduction and new injury prevention:

Sports medicine doctors or experts are often thoroughly aware of how athletes use their bodies during practice and competition since they employ current method alternatives.

As a result, they give patients professional guidance and recommendations on preventing injuries and re-injury in an area that has already been harmed.

In addition, they do physical activities before participation to ensure that their patients are prepared to resume activities, which helps professional athletes and amateurs make crucial “play-back” decisions.

  • In-depth Treatment:

Physicians specializing in sports medicine are qualified to treat athletes, fitness professionals, and those leading active lives.

They collaborate closely with orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists to create treatment regimens suited to each patient’s individual requirements since they are aware of the effects of sports and exercise on a patient’s body, such as concussions and repeated movement problems.

Sports Medicine Colleges In California
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What are majors in sports medicine?

Specific aspects of sports science, exercise physiology, orthopedics, biomechanics, sports nutrition, and sports psychology are combined with general medical science in sports medicine.

Medical doctors, surgeons, athletic trainers, sports psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, coaches, dietitians, and personal trainers are just a few of the disciplines or specialists who can join the sports medicine team.

What are the requirements for sports medicine education and training?

With a degree in sports medicine, you can find employment in the clinical, academic, or service sectors.

You must first finish a four-year bachelor’s degree program, spend four years in medical school, complete three years of MD/DO residency training, and then apply for a one- to two-year sports medicine scholarship.

You will require a lot of training even if you are not a medical practitioner. For instance, obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a comparable discipline is a prerequisite for becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer (CAT).

You must demonstrate your capacity to identify, assess, avoid sports injuries, and properly treat them to get certification.

What to Take into Account When Selecting Sport Medicine Colleges in California

Before applying to any institution that provides sports medicine as a student, it is imperative that you do sufficient research to ensure that you meet the prerequisites and standards.

●       Job Opportunities

The first thing you should consider while picking a career is your job options. For scholarships, the same holds true. What opportunities are there for you to get work right away following graduation?

●       Where is the school located?

The price of education may vary depending on where a school is located. For instance, you will pay more in tuition as an international student than a state resident. Therefore, you must consider distance while choosing the institution you will attend.

●       The relevance

Practice is another factor. Sports medicine is a field where real-world experience is crucial. Does the selected school have the necessary expertise, or does it fall short?

●       Required Academic Qualification

The degree needed for a career is an additional factor. Is an associate’s degree enough? You may need to add to your field your bachelor’s degree.

Sports Medicine Colleges In California

The following is a list of the best sport medicine colleges in California, in no particular order;

1. Stanford University

The largest athletic conference in the nation is held at this university, which is also the top research center in the globe.

This is due to their dedication to success in science and athletics, which is most evident at the Stanford University Sports Medicine department, where the two coexist.

Stanford University provides extensive 24-month graduate employment through the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) and the Department of Sports Medicine in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery (DSM – DOS)

This exceptional program in sports medicine offers unheard-of educational opportunities, not merely for master’s degrees but also the certification of sports coaches in cutting-edge clinics.

2. University of California – Los Angeles

The UCLA Sports Medicine Fellowship in Orthopaedic Surgery is approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), allowing the qualified graduates to afterward sit for the Sports Medicine sub-specialty board certification examination run by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

For each student to experience each block twice during the fellowship year, the program is divided into two “blocks” that each last three months.

Also included in the program’s goals are the development of clinical skills to support excellence in the prevention and management of sports-related injuries, the expansion of knowledge of basic science principles relevant to sports medicine, the enhancement of technical skills necessary for advanced surgical intervention, and the maturation of understanding of the physician’s role in the treatment of elite athletes.

3. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is home to several departments, including the Department of Athletic Medicine, whose mission is to establish a fair environment for all athletes to obtain the finest medical care for sports-related injuries.

It also strives to address every athlete’s physical and emotional health requirements. For students enrolled in the doctor of chiropractic program, SCU provides three separate sports medicine pathways: The Chiropractic Sports Medicine Residency, Sports Medicine Track, and Sports Medicine Honors.

4. University of California – San Francisco

The UCSF Sports Medicine and Shoulder Fellowship aim to give future sports medicine surgeons, physicians, and scientists the finest training possible.

The training program is helped by having a core faculty with a stellar reputation who offer cases with a high volume and high level of complexity for the elbow, knee, shoulder, and HipHip to develop each fellow’s operational skills to the most significant level while also offering mentoring to encourage progress as clinicians, researchers, and educators.

The curriculum lasts a year and consists of three rotations of two months each. Along with primary sports medicine arthroscopic operations, the students will experience complicated cases in the knee (revision ACL, multi-ligament recon, meniscus transplant, osteochondral transplant, cartilage implantation, osteotomy, patellar stability), Hip (arthroscopic femoroplasty, acetabuloplasty, labral repair/reconstruction, endoscopic gluteus/hamstring repair), shoulder (revision rotator cuff repair/reconstruction, open shoulder stabilization/Latarjet procedure, primary/revision shoulder arthroplasty), and elbow (arthroscopy, Tommy-John surgery, reconstruction). They are also one of the few schools with a juvenile sports medicine background (including pediatric ACL recon).

5. University of California-San Diego

The Division of Primary Care Sports Medicine (PCSM) at UC San Diego meets the requirements of athletes of all ages and skill levels. They are among the most famous and established PCSM programs in the country.

The division comprises eight faculty doctors among San Diego’s and Southern California’s Top Docs. They teach up to five sports medicine fellows annually as part of their educational goal, and they have more program alumni than any other program in the country.

Each year, more than 15 sports medicine fellows are trained through the didactic program in sports medicine, which also works with the US Navy and local organizations in San Diego and Riverside counties.

The division of PCSM continues the reputation of UC San Diego as a premier research institution by offering the highest instruction and clinical care to patients while employing Sports Ultrasound to carry out several cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.

6. University of California – Irvine

UCI exposes students to the discipline of sports medicine for primary care. Athletes’ medical requirements will be met in various clinical settings, such as outpatient clinics, training facilities, and sporting arenas. These settings will include diagnosing and managing musculoskeletal injuries and other medical issues.

For fourth-year students engaged in the undergraduate medical education program at the UCI School of Medicine, this two to four-week course is designed (external parties must seek consent from the course coordinator before enrolment).

This program aims to help participants gain knowledge of the most frequent illnesses that sports medicine doctors see and to effectively convey clinical information to patients about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sports-related injuries.

  1. University of California – Davis

In the field of sports and musculoskeletal training, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Department at UC Davis has long been a pioneer. The fellowship complies with the American Board of Medical Specialties in Sports Medicine standards and participates in the NRMP match program.

The one-year program focuses on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of sports-related and associated musculoskeletal problems. Additionally, it aims to build a stimulating and demanding training environment that supports medical professionals’ wellness, excellence in compassionate clinical care, and growth of their professional skills.

8. University of California – Berkeley

This three-month course at UC Berkeley covers a wide range of topics relating to athletic participation and athletes, including exercise physiology, exercise, and health, sports injuries (cause, assessment, treatment options, and current topics).

Women’s issues in sports medicine, dietary habits, drug use, and abuse, exposure to environmental variables including heat and altitude, introduction to career possibilities in sports medicine, introduction to design and evaluation of clinical, and introduction to environmental factors such as heat and altitude.

Summary of Sports Medicine Colleges In California

There are many good reasons to think about getting a sports degree in California, including the availability of numerous highly regarded colleges and the opportunities for cutting-edge study, research, and development in exercise science and sports medicine.


  1. Which colleges offer the top programs in sports medicine?
  • Bethel College.
  • College of Idaho.
  • Iowa University.
  • Howard University.
  • Michigan University.
  1. Who earns the most in sports medicine?

Orthopedic surgeons earn almost $195,000 annually, making them the top-paid professionals in sports medicine. This equals almost $16,000 a month.

  1. How much money does a sports physician make in California?

In California, a sports medicine doctor makes an average yearly salary of $204,190.


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